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Petition to San Juan Unified School District, Rio Americano High School

Abolish Rio Americano High School's Dress Code

Equality is the newest trend, so shouldn’t that extend to high school dress policies? Boys are free to show up to school in “chubbies” and “bro tanks”, flaunting their thigh tanlines, nipples, and excessive amounts of armpit hair. If one of the main reasons why girls can’t dress comfortably is because it is distracting to boys to show skin, is it not distracting to girls to have someone’s underarm squirrel in their face?  It is unfair and unjust to tell girls they can’t show their skin because of another person’s preference. The last year should have taught the world one big lesson: it is a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body, and school policies should follow that. Each day that the current dress code stays in place we are telling the young women of America that their bodies are not meant to be seen and are furthering the insecurities that are already embedded in the teenage years. If we are so set on teaching girls to love themselves and love each other, then we should allow them to do so at all times, including on school campuses. High school is a time to explore who you are and find different ways to express yourself; the dress code infringes on teenager’s right to the freedom of expression. The double standards have run too deep and there is no way to balance the way a girl dresses to that of a boy, so the only solution is to redesign the dress code. -Rebecca Smith and Molly Odell  

Molly Odell
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Petition to Corey Davis, Liberty County School System, Bradwell Institute, Board of Education, Students, Parents

Change Bradwell from 7 Period Schedule back to 4 Block Semester Schedule by 2018-2019

Many of my fellow peers, parents of the Liberty County School System and teachers have complained about how Bradwell Institute and Liberty County High School serve on two different schedules. Liberty having a 4 block semester schedule while Bradwell has 7 classes a day. Bradwell has switched to this schedule just last year in the 2016-2017 school year, and it has had negative outcomes for the students and the teachers. Students have stressed more about work than usual. Studying for 7 classes a day is not easy. Teachers have not had time to teach their respected subjects under a 50 minute window. Liberty has 4 classes a day per semester for 90 minutes. Teachers have more time to teach and students have more time to learn and finish their daily tasks. Also with our credits, with the 4 block schedule we had a total of 8 classes and we earned 8 credits at the end of the year. With the 7 classes however, we only earned 7 credits at the end of the year. This schedule took away that one credit we could have earned. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, board members, and all fellow Liberty County citizens involved in the school system, please support me on this by signing this petition to switch Bradwell from its 7 class schedule back to its original 4 block semester schedule like it used to have. We want to ensure that there is equality and balance between the two high schools. We want the students to have equal education using the same methods. Please support me on this.

Corey Davis
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