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Petition to Gold Trail School District #74

Remove the Racist Posters in Gold Trail #74

If you have signed the hardcopy version of our petition please do not sign the online version, you can only sign once! This poster is up in ALL schools in School District #74.  Five-year-olds to 18-year-olds are seeing these posters with no explanations.  Racism needs to acknowledged but at an age-appropriate level and this is not it.  These posters were NOT directed at adults but at school-age children with no discussion. Please sign the petition to have the posters removed, thank you. In January 2018 a decision was made by three administrators to display racist posters in Gold Trail SD#74. While their intentions may have been innocuous, they failed to analyze the impact these posters would have on school children; particularly students with white skin and of mixed race.  After displaying the posters, Ms. Downs indicated to a parent that she had seen systemic racism; teachers placing students in remedial classes based purely on race and not on academic assessment.  Even if teachers were able to do this, why did she target students? We want to see the removal of all posters referring to “white privilege” and “racism” from all schools in the district.  The posters are racist, discriminatory, and divisive.  The district should take into account ALL races and never make one race feel superior over, or inferior to, another.  No child should be shamed because of the colour of their skin. These administrators became aware of this anti-racism “Poster Project” due to roadside billboards in Saskatchewan. The billboard messages were directed at adults, yet Ms. Downs, Ms. Minnabarriet, and Ms. Mountain felt the messages were appropriate for school children from kindergarten through to Grade 12. We do not agree; in fact, we strongly disagree. This message is one which should be properly discussed, be age appropriate, and not created to appear like a social media meme without explanation.  The posters are influencing all our YOUNG students and causing a huge divide in our school district that Ms. Downs and her employees fail to acknowledge. Contact Teresa Downs and the school district to express your opinion at and or call Toll Free: 1-855-453-9101 Please sign the petition to have the posters removed, thank you.

CARS Coalition Against Racism in Schools
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Petition to Jag Badwal; Vic Fedeli

Justice for Patrick Brown

To our fathers, brothers and sons,  We stand by you!  Nowadays, a woman can accuse a man of pretty much anything and without evidence, he is then automatically presumed guilty as charged by society; Just like the case of Patrick Brown and the sexual misconduct allegations. What happened to Patrick Brown is wrong; A hard working, humble, kind, successful MAN who dedicated his entire life to be where he is, who has always worked tirelessly to help the people of Simcoe county and Ontario in general; Had his entire career and life destroyed in a couple of hours because of two anonymous sexual misconduct accusers who went to the media instead of the police and who went to the media ten years after the alleged incidents but only five months before elections and decided to remain anonymous.  He was convicted without a trial. Patrick Brown was advised to take a leave of absence until allegations are dealt does one deal with allegations that are not reported to the police and strictly reported to the media? How does one "deal" with allegations that are not a criminal matter and that have no way to actually "deal" with them? What exactly does "deal" look like?  What happened to Patrick Brown can happen to any man; this is now about every MAN; and to you women out there, this can happen to your father, your brother, your son or your husband.  These trendy continuous sexual allegations (that aren't dealt with through the court system) are putting actual victims of sexual assault in danger; Actual victims/survivors are NOT going to be taken seriously anymore.... Many men have had their lives destroyed because of false sexual allegations; many have had to pay for lawsuits, many have had their freedoms restricted due to false sexual allegations.....or even worse many have been denied bail, jailed .....awaiting trial! Because when you are a man, you are guilty until proven innocent.  but IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE because men have rights too.  We will stand with Patrick Brown.  We will stand for men's rights under the name of Patrick Brown. We will make sure that false sexual allegations are seriously punished because of what happened to Patrick Brown.  We will bring justice to MEN again because of Patrick Brown.   Thank you,  #justiceforpatrickbrown #istandwithpatrickbrown #J4PB  #EQUALRIGHTS  UPDATE: what do we want? we want Patrick Brown reinstated! Why? please read the updates below    contact us at: Please note that the above paragraph include a combination of quotes and comments from numerous people who are supporting the "Justice for Patrick Brown" movement.   

Hafsa Morchad
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Petition to The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Justin Trudeau

Ensure Equity in Canadian Spousal Processing Times

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau and the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, The processing times between visa offices for spousal visas varies considerably. This seems to be especially true of the Accra Visa Office which appears to lag c behind other visa offices, especially those in developed countries. We believe that additional resources should be assigned to offices such as the Accra Visa Office to ensure that applications are processed efficiently regardless of their location. Processing times for applications should be consistent. Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees equal rights. In this case, we believe that equal means that everyone should have a similar experience during the processing of spousal visa applications.   Yet those of us relying on offices such as the Accra Visa Office do not feel that our applications are being treated equally, especially when we consistently witness other visa offices processing applications much faster.  Those of us where applications are going through a visa office in a developing country are not have the same experience as those being processed through a developed country, even though we pay the same amount. Not only are our applications taking  longer to process, the political climate in many of the countries served by the such visa offices prevents most of us from being with our spouses during the processing time. Visa offices with the faster processing times are also those where the applicants have more freedom to move between countries during the processing period. Applicants from developed countries are usually freer to enter Canada before an application is submitted, may are able to stay in Canada while their applications are being processed, and may even be able to work.  They are also freer to visit with their spouses during the processing of their applications. But many of the countries that are served by the visa offices in developing countries also have travel warning advisories. That is, our government is warning us not to travel to these particular countries, these countries where those we love are living.  Those of us sponsoring spouses and children from less developed countries already feel a greater pressure to prove the genuineness of our relationships. Going into the process we already feel that our relationships are seen as being ingenuous and we have to work harder to prove visa officers wrong. The irony is, however, that the genuineness of our relationships may be more difficult to prove simply because of where our spouses reside. Our inability to travel back and forth as freely as citizens sponsoring spouses in developed countries creates barriers in our abilities to prove that our relationships are genuine.  For some of us, visiting developed countries can be extremely dangerous.  But visa offices have an expectation that proof of a genuine relationship includes extensive or frequent visits with our spouses. So in what should be the happiest times of our lives and marriages is in fact stressful and full of uncertainty.  We hope for the best, but spend much of our time preparing for the worst.  We lack control over the process especially given the limited information on the progress of our application that we receive.  Also messages in the online applications aren’t kept up-to-date, or are inconsistent.  And we fear for the safety of our loves ones every day. We have noticed also that applications aren’t always processed in the same order in which they were submitted.  We have no understanding of why and question what is wrong with our application that someone else was approved even though their application was received weeks or months after ours. Canadian politicians speak to the importance of family unification.  Yet those who apply under economic streams are often processed faster than those applying under family streams.  This ‘may’ be due to improved application processes.  But the perception is that Canada cares more about the economy than family.  And yet there are so many financial benefits in having families unified quickly. Newcomers to Canada are expected to abide by the values of Canada, which we believe to be demonstrating fairness, respect, equality and equity. Our expectation is that our government demonstrates the same values when delivering services. While we do acknowledge and appreciate that considerable work has been achieved to reduce overall processing times of spousal visas, and while we understand that some processes are out of the control of the Canadian government, resources should be in place to ensure fairness, respect, equality and equity in the  processing of applications. We need to not only reduce the processing times, but also reduce the gap in processing times between visa offices to ensure fair treatment of all current and future Canadians.

Nikki Alabi
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