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Petition to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

Stop People Getting Away With Sexual Harassment on Instagram

Instagram is supposed to be a safe place to share images and updates about your life, and for many it is also a platform to inspire and to earn a living. Unfortunately, the app is full to the brim with people (particularly men, but also women) who think it is acceptable to send unsolicited photos of their genitalia to people who haven't asked for it as well as other forms of sexual harassment such as stalking, verbal abuse and demoralisation. As someone who gets sent at least one unwanted 'dick pic' a week, I know how terrible, disgusting, and dirty this kind of treatment can make you feel. I use Instagram to lift people up and to promote empowerment, yet the app doesn't support me when I am made to feel otherwise. It is widely known that it's incredibly hard to get Instagram to actually take action against people who partake in this kind of behaviour. Instagram MUST make it easier for people to be reported when it happens, yes you can report the picture, but to report it you actually have to sit and look at the picture/message that you don't want to read. And in my experience, Instagram have not once removed a man's profile when I have reported a dick pic I've been sent, now that says something right?! In fact, more often than not, when people try to take it into their own hands to name and shame the person who sent the photo/messages, the victim is the one who gets their account taken away.  As a forward thinking platform, Instagram needs to stop being complicit in these kinds of actions, people's complaints must be taken more seriously, and Instagram need to find a way to prevent people who do these behaviours from continuing. Join me and sign this petition to start standing up against sexual harassment and get Instagram and Facebook to start taking these actions more seriously.

Hannah Rose Cluley
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Petition to Tobias Ellwood, Right Honorable Alistair Burt

Make visa rules the same for Palestinians and Israelis.

Israel has occupied the West Bank (and Gaza) for over fifty years. They are running it through fierce military rule and constantly expanding settlements which provide Israeli-only housing in new towns, built on Palestinian land in defiance of international law. Countries like the UK ask them to stop settlement expansion but this is not listened to. The Israelis are violating Palestinians' human rights in a systematic way while creating a parallel, privileged life for Israeli settlers. The difficulties that Palestinians experience is in the public domain - family separation, denial of travel, child imprisonment, the Separation Wall, military violence are just some of them. The systematic separation and imposition of differences on ethnic grounds can be compared to apartheid. Meanwhile,  UKBA rules reproduce the apartheid system drawn in Palestine by the Israelis although these have no basis in international law. The UKBA  gives privileges to an Israeli living in a settlement on Abu Dis land (for example) but a difficult situation for the Palestinian living a mile away. The UKBA even makes a different system for Palestinians given Jerusalem residency by the Israelis and those given West Bank IDs. We argue that while Israel holds on to Palestinian land and builds on it on defiance of International law, the UK should either treat Palestinians like Israelis (no visas needed for UK) or Israelis like Palestinians (long, expensive and complicated UK visa system). The aim should be to end the apartheid situation, and the UK should have no part in upholding it.

CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association)
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Petition to Johann König, Jakob Haupt, David Roth

BERLIN, let's discuss! Dandy Diary's and König Gallery's racist and fetishized party!

As a member of the Asian Community, it has been brought to my attention that there is a need for an open discussion about racism, fetishization and cultural appropriation. Recently, an image was used by Dandy Diary to promote an event for Berlin Gallery Weekend hosted by König Gallery and funded by YSL Beauty. The image and text written are offensive, racist, a fetishization and of cultural appropriation. I ask for Johann König (König Gallery), a YSL Beauty representative, Jakob Haupt and David Roth (Dandy Diary) to host an event that allows them to openly discuss and debate the grounds of the material chosen to promote the event. They have currently taken down the image and apologized for "hurting our feelings". I want to educate the people within the society we live in so that one realizes that it is not as simple as "hurting our feelings". It's about how clearly unaware the people who work within one of the most culturally important contemporary art galleries in Central Europe allowed for an event like this to be promoted.  The initial response to community concern about this event was “What’s the big deal?! It makes Asian women look sexy!” Fetishization is the combination of sexual prejudice and power. Through this power, you define what is the "other" in society. You define our worth... but what is worth when all you see is my outer-being. So, I ask for your support to request that Johann König, YSL Beauty, Jakob Haupt and David Roth organize a time and space for an open discussion and debate about this issue. 

Vicky Truong
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Petition to Sarah Newton MP, Jeane Freeman MSP, Adam McVey

Let Us In - make changes so that wheelchair users can be part of society

Wheelchair users are being discriminated against every day, in all walks of life - education, work, homebuilding and social life. They are being denied access to buildings, venues and premises that other people in our society enjoy.This is happening because business owners don’t provide wheelchair access, which could be as simple as providing a ramp, temporary or, if possible, permanent.Non-wheelchair users are often unaware of the obstacles wheelchair users face. Wheelchair users may want to join in with things but are being denied the opportunity to. The world puts up so many barriers and you don’t realise it until you’re in that world. And it is a very different world.For instance, going to the theatre is an experience enjoyed and cherished by many families, especially during the festive season. However, like many other activities, theatres and shows often fail to be wheelchair accessible.Although the accessibility of venues has improved, wheelchair access is often forgotten, or indeed never thought about.I acquired my disability nearly 8 years ago now, and was plunged into a World that I didn’t know existed. I found that I couldn’t go here, couldn’t go there, couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that. It’s torture.The Equality Act describes disability as a ‘protected characteristic’. However, the Act is neither monitored nor enforced. If I think someone is in breach of the Act, it is up to me personally to raise a court action. As the majority of wheelchair users will be surviving on DLA/PIP, this means that this is outwith the realms of affordability for most of us. Is it deliberately cost prohibitive? This Act is nothing more than lip service – a façade to wrongly give the impression that the Government gives a damn.I was concerned about the number of premises which appeared to be inaccessible in the City Centre of my home town of Edinburgh, so I undertook my own accessibility survey. The results revealed some gobsmacking figures. I surveyed 130 properties on Lothian Road/Bread Street/Grassmarket on the West side of the City Centre. A massive 95 (72%) are NOT wheelchair accessible. This is Edinburgh, home of the Edinburgh International Festival and World famous Hogmanay celebrations and Scotland’s capital city, in the 21st Century. It’s appalling. This means that I would have to raise 95 court actions! Everyone who asked what I was doing during the survey made the same comment – “I thought everywhere was/had to be accessible now/these days”.I am not niaive to believe that this situation is confined to one City. The issue exists in every village, town and City, UK-wide.Wheelchair access needs to be a pre-requisite of planning permission for old AND new buildings. Inaccessible premises change ownership, undergo extensive refurbishment and re-open as ‘newly opened’ businesses, and are still inaccessible! How is this being allowed to happen?I came across a BBC News article, dated October 2004, talking about how proprietors of buildings would adapt to incorporate changes which meant that buildings had to be wheelchair accessible from that date. Some business owners have spoken to me about funding, to help meet the cost of adaptations. This was available initially, but has been withdrawn.Please join with me by signing this Petition and asking Sarah Newton MP, Minister of State for Disabled People, Health and Work and Jeane Freeman MSP, Scottish Minister for Social Security, to make Councils responsible for enforcing wheelchair accessibility for all public buildings in their ward. I also include in the recipients of this petition, Adam McVey, Leader of the City of Edinburgh Council, in the hope that he will adopt a totally wheelchair accessible Edinburgh and share best practice with Councils across the UK.  #LetUsIn

Shirley Todd
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