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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Ontario Ministry of Education, Mitzie Hunter, Doug Ford

End Discriminatory Funding for Catholic/Public/Independent Schools in Ontario

The current school funding system in Ontario provides full funding for the public system and one private group and no funding for other independent schools. These other schools meet the same provincial requirements (and in many cases exceed them), and reduce the number of students in the public system. Catholics have the option of paying taxes and educating their children in the system of their choice at no additional cost. There is no reason to give that option to one group, at the exclusion of others. The result of this is that many families (including mine), pay their taxes and pay additionally for their children to attend an independent school. Many of these families, and the schools they attend, are not wealthy at all. This petition is not asking for funding for elite, private schools for the wealthy - simply to end an unjust funding practice. Many of these families take on debt and make significant financial sacrifices for their children to get the education they are seeking, while schools may also operate on a very tight budget. Many independent schools in other provinces receive some provincial funding.* However, Ontario has instead opted to give full funding to one group, at the expense of all others. The UN declared this is discriminatory in 1999,** and it needs to change.   Please equalize funding for all schools effective immediately, along with any possible back pay to make up for the many years of imbalance. As long as the Catholics receive any funding, all other schools that meet provincial requirements must receive the same (up to a certain, reasonable cap, based on public school spending/capita and other relevant criterion). If Catholic school funding is adjusted, the other schools must match accordingly. If no other private schools receive funding, then all funding should be removed from the Catholic board. Why is this important? * * **

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Petition to The RT Hon Penny Mordaunt MP

Don't Let A Vulnerable Trans Woman Be Sent To A Men's Prison

OUR AIM Action for Trans Health London are calling on the public and the Minister for Women and Equalities to help ensure an at-risk trans woman facing several years in a male prison is recognised as a woman and given the care and support she needs. Because no woman should be sent to men's prison, and being trans doesn't change that. OUR SUPPORTEE: Due the targeting of trans women facing prison time by TERF hate groups, we will not be disclosing any details that will give away this woman's identity. We can disclose that she has been living as a woman for several years and has medically recognised intersex characteristics. She has also been undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Our supportee also has medically recognised mental health illnesses and has been receiving long-term acute inpatient treatment. She currently resides in assisted living for mental health patients, however like many other trans people has had a limited support network, limited financial access and daily experiences of transphobia and mental health prejudices. She had been supporting herself with sex work, however has expressed this was due to employment barriers. This is an extremely at-risk, vulnerable woman. Allowing her to be sent into an environment that has been acknowledged as extremely dangerous specifically for her is wrong. PRISON FOR TRANS WOMEN: Despite recent validations of trans identities from the medical community, the British Judicial system is still behind in recognising the legitimate needs of trans people. Amnesty International have identified that individuals with LGBT or perceived LGBT identities in prison populations are at high risk of violence, sexual assault and torture at the hands of other inmates and prison officials. It has been recorded that transgender women in male prisons are 13 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than in the general population, with 59 percent reporting sexual assaults. Currently, the law requires a Gender Recognition Certificate to be held by a transgender person in order for their gender to be recognised when their prison accommodation is being determined. However, the process is slow and can be expensive. With funding, we can acquire this for our supportee and also provide support and pay fees to ensure this process does the minimum harm to her. We are raising funds for our supportee here: No-one should be forced into this situation and you can help prevent it. Please sign and share generously. If you would like to help beyond making a donation or are interested in supporting Action for Trans Health, you can contact us via the links below.

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