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Petition to american citizens, Republican National Committee, Democratic National Committee

It’s time to get rid of America’s Broken Two-Party System!

Our political process and government is broken, beyond repair. People are dying daily from pandemics of police abuse, Coronavirus, economical hardship, and the two main political parties are more interested in winning the next elections than actually saving and protecting American lives. It’s time for change. It’s time for another Citizen and Civil Rights Movement that will lead the way for a new alternative to the political party system that the Republicans and Democrats have monopolized and dominated for nearly 200 years. This partisan duopoly, which has led the nation to where we find ourselves today, is a divided and dysfunctional country that 80% of Americans feel is spiraling out of control. The police, government, and our political process must work for all of their Citizens, not just a select few. Now is the time to take action because the people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. People are in the street protesting daily; now more than ever is the time to reset, renew, and restore our constitutionally-based Republic to make sure that our representative government works for all of us; that it works for the George Floyd’s of the world, so that it will work for all Americans - including Blacks, women, LGBTQ, Latinos, and Asians. All ages, genders, races, colors, religions, and sexual orientations along with the working and middle-class whites. We need to begin to understand that we will never change things by just protesting and fighting against the symptoms of the existing political party system while allowing the real cause of all of our problems to continue to exist. To change something, we will need to build a new model that makes the old model obsolete. We must, at this time, begin to demand justice and equality for all of us, not just from the streets, but more importantly, from the voting booth, so that our government, politics, and policies change to work for us, instead of against us. This can only happen if we unite and begin to fight for the change that we desire to see in America. To accomplish this crucial objective is why we are introducing the PartiExit Citizen Rights Movement! So please sign and share this petition with all of your friends and families. To get involved, to support us, and for more details, please visit our website at, read our manifesto, and follow our 5 Step Action Plan.

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Petition to Phil Murphy

Equity in Education Requires More Than a Laptop

Now is the time to stand in solidarity to ensure all children receive an equitable education. Allowing schools to remain closed will only create a greater gap in students' education, especially those living in high poverty areas. The injustice needs to stop. And it starts with us taking a stand to ensure that all children are given the same educational opportunities regardless of their race and/or socioeconomic status.  While the idea of big businesses offering low cost internet may seem like an easy fix, it does not even begin to solve the deeply rooted problem of inequality in our society today.  Too many students are being left out, and simply giving them a laptop will not solve the problem. Many children rely on school for much more than an education.  Studies have shown that economically disadvantaged schools need to focus more on the development of positive teacher-student and peer relationships. This is just one of many reasons’ students need to return to the classroom. Being on the front lines as an educator is an honor, and it would be an injustice to all students if they did not receive the free appropriate and equitable education. Not returning to the classroom in September would be detrimental to students' education. There is only one best practice to educate our most vulnerable population, and that is in the classroom. Students need their classroom, classmates, and teachers. They need the opportunity to have a positive learning environment.      

Children's Rights to Equitable Education
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Petition to Sampson County Board of Commissioners


Standing just outside the entrance of the Sampson County Courthouse, in Clinton NC is a monument dedicated to the “Confederate Soldiers” this is a taunting image of tyranny and social injustice. Reminding people of color that there was a point in history when they possessed no rights, were enslaved, their women were raped and men could be murdered at will. This symbol is not only a reflection of the unforgivable past but also a modern means of intimidation and causes one to question whether they will have a fair trial or even find justice as they enter the courthouse. The Sampson County Board of Commissioners has the authority to remove this object according to the law. This provision of G.S. § 100-2.1(a) specifically applies to “a monument, memorial, or work of art owned by the State.”  If a monument is owned by a city, county, or other political subdivision of the State with corporate powers to own property—or if a monument is privately owned and placed on public property—then there is no requirement to seek approval from the North Carolina Historical Commission.  In signing this petition you join us as a community in taking a stand against systematic racism and social injustice that has plagued our city far too long! We demand "JUSTICE" and we demand "PEACE"! Now is the time to move forward so that we can change the climate of racial tension and bridge the unity of our community as we heal and build a brighter future working closer together as one people!

Bishop Darue Bryant
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Petition to Pennsylvania Governor, United States Department of Labor, Pennsylvania State House

“Show Your Paystub Act”

You have an African American employee who’s been with a company for five years. Let’s call her, Towanda. She has her licensed/certification for the job, but yet they pay her $16/hr (She’s desperately in need of a job, so she takes it). Moving forward, the company was short staffed, so they hired Karen. Karen’s pay was $20/hr. The company uses Towanda to train Karen (who had little experience by the way). Two years later, Karen’s bumped up to Supervisor and a salary increase (Remember, she has no licensed/certification). Towanda was never offered any pay raises, incentives, bonuses, etc., throughout her five years. We have to change this narrative, please. It’s real life and it happens too often. Let’s make a policy where if any employee or employees that chooses to step forth to their superiors and demands answers, that he or she will be protected (no retaliation). Karen wanted so badly to step forth to her manager and ask, “Why is Towanda getting paid $16 an hour and she’s been here longer than I have? And she trained me and all the new employees!” I ask you to protect Karen because not all Karen’s are bad (as the media portrays). So, please sign this petition. There’s plenty of Karen’s who wants justice for all the Towanda’s over the world. But they are afraid of the retaliation that comes with stepping up for what’s right. This goes for all the Brad’s too. You play ball with Tyrone, you two are roommates and now coworkers. Will you speak up for Tyrone once you find out he’s getting paid less than you? Well, now’s the time Brad. Employers: PLEASE STOP HAVING YOUR EMPLOYEES SIGN AGREEMENTS NOT TO DISCUSS PAY!  *I do not own the copyrights of any of the following photos in this petition.* Credit: Google - Images: “Work Conversations”

Bobbie James
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