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Petition to Minister of Justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas

For the French Civil Code to allow Consanguineous Marriage

Cher Monsieur Jean-Jacques Urvoas Aujourd'hui, la loi française permet des relations consanguines mais pas le mariage consanguin. L'inceste entre adultes consentants est légal, mais la loi française est discriminatoire envers les personnes incestueusement orientées dans les relations avec les adultes en les empêchant de se marier même s'ils ont des enfants. C'est injuste et nuisible. Liberté, égalité, fraternité est le français pour «liberté, égalité, fraternité», et la devise nationale de la France, mais où est l'égalité si les gens ne peuvent pas se marier et d'autres minorités sexuelles? Les gens de CIAO peuvent avoir des enfants et eux aussi doivent être protégés et ont les mêmes droits légaux que tout le monde. Les personnes de la CIAO et leurs enfants ne doivent pas être victimes de stigmatisation sociale ou d'incestophobie institutionnelle et ne doivent pas non plus être privées des droits que d'autres ont en relations consensuelles pour adultes: le droit de se marier et le droit d'avoir une mère et un père qui sont Légalement mariés. Toutes les personnes de la CIAO ne veulent pas se marier, mais ceux qui le souhaitent devraient être autorisés à. Refuser de leur permettre de se marier est une violation de leurs droits civils, et de les traiter comme différents des autres personnes est de les discriminer. En tant que ministre de la Justice, pourriez-vous, s'il vous plaît, initier la réforme des lois françaises afin que, à l'avenir, les personnes qui souhaitent se marier puissent le faire.Votre aide dans cette affaire sera appréciée.Je vous remercie beaucoup au nom des personnes de la CIAO partout aujourd'hui et à l'avenir. Cordialement, Richard Morris Dear Mr. Jean-Jacques Urvoas Today, French  law permits consanguineous relationships but not consanguineous marriage. Incest between consenting adults is legal but  French law discriminates  against incestuously oriented  people in adult relationships by prohibiting them from  marrying, even if they have children. This is unfair and  harmful. Liberté, égalité, fraternité  is French for "liberty, equality, fraternity", and  the national motto of France, but where is the 'égalité'  if CIAO ( Consensual Adult Incest Oriented )  people cannot marry and other sexual minorities can? CIAO people may have children and they too  need to  be protected and have the same legal rights as everyone else. CIAO people and their children should  not be subject to social stigma or institutional  incestophobia and nor should they  be deprived of rights that others have who are in consensual adult relationships : the  right to  marry, and  the right to have  a mother and a father who are legally married to each other. Not all CIAO people may want to marry, but those who wish to should be permitted to. To refuse to allow them to marry is a breach of their civil rights, and to treat them as different from other people is to  discriminate  against them.  As the Minister of Justice, will you please initiate the reform of French laws so that in future CIAO people who wish to marry are able to do so.Your help in this matter will be most appreciated.Thank you very much on behalf of CIAO people everywhere today and in the future. Yours sincerely, Richard Morris

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Petition to Nigel Scullion

Close the gap between the treatment of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians in court.

While the Australian government has indeed put in place a plan to Close The Gap between Indigenous & Non-Indigenous well being, not all areas of human well being have been taken into account. While general health, education and employment have been considered, law & justice has been neglected.  Though Aboriginals represent only 3% of the total population of our country, more than 28% of Australia’s prison population are Aboriginal. The reason for this is not due to the Indigenous people's unjust actions but rather due to the words and actions of the Australian legal systems. Court systems are considerably much more favourable towards non-Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal people across Australia are 14. 8 times more likely to be imprisoned than non-Aboriginal people. In WA, the figure is 20 times. This is an unacceptable set of statistics in such a well off country so proud of its development and status as a first-world country. We are often referred to as Australia; The Lucky Country, but can a nation really be called lucky if not every resident is lucky? Can a nation really be called lucky if it disregards the health of its original custodians and leaves their appalling issues of bias in the legal system out of a Government plan to help them? You can do your part in closing the gap between the Indigenous and the Non-Indigenous. By signing this petition, you may not feel like you, as an individual have achieved much, but you have in fact brought us one step closer to attracting the attention of government officials and. You have contributed in a cause greater for yourself. Every signature counts.

Anna Yamashita
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Petition to Premier Mark McGowan

Petition the State Government to change the extreme marijuana laws in Western Australia…

While alcohol and tobacco are sold within a kilometre of every home in the state and alcohol is advertised to my children, Marijuana is still extremely outlawed… While Alcohol and Tobacco have massive death tolls, there is no death toll for Marijuana. The social consequences of Marijuana are minimal in comparison, proven in many places worldwide… While other minority groups, from alcohol drinkers and tobacco smokers to Gay lobbyists, have their rights met. Marijuana smokers are still raided, arrested, charged, sometimes strip searched, dragged before the courts and given a criminal record to make it harder to get a job…When will our rights be met also? If the Government took control of Marijuana and turned it into an industry that creates revenue, it would create Western Australian jobs and small businesses and it would take a huge chunk out of the bikies black market. If the Government were to copy the Amsterdam model, it would give weed smokers their rights like everyone else already has and we wouldn’t need to deal with those in the black market. Last time I was in Amsterdam, it wasn’t the weed smokers that were visible but rather the drinkers on almost every corner. Weed smokers are invisible in comparison… At the very least, this new government needs to seriously consider decriminalising Marijuana if they can’t bring themselves to do away with these gross double standards of hypocrisy by legalising marijuana and taking control of it so weed smokers have there rights also, in a society that boasts equal rights… This Petition has nothing to do with medical Marijuana and everything to do with Equal Rights…This is about the right to use Marijuana recreationally… Please consider our petition that we have been petitioning for since I was born, in the 60’s…It’s time to give us our rights also, like everyone else already has…  

David Stone
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