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Bring back low middle east ping in BR game modes for Pakistani Fortnite players

All the Pakistani Fortnite players were joyously celebrating the release of the middle east server earlier in August because this introduced significantly lower Ping for players from Pakistan (around 60ms on average in public matches). This was due to the low latency provided by Mumbai servers that were recently added to the game. There is a server that is run by Google Cloud Platform in Mumbai that gives around 60-70ms of latency. This server was present in both BR and Creative modes. For some reason on the 27th of August, 2019 this server was no longer selected. Instead, Pakistani players now connect to the AWS servers in Mumbai which have staggeringly high latency values at 150ms and in some cases 270+ms. To make matters more complicated Pakistani gamers can still enjoy 60ms in Creative but not this ping in BR. This change is completely unacceptable and was done for no reason. Please let's all rally together and ask Epic Games to look into this issue and fix the networking error that's arisen from this change! If we continue to stay silent then this issue will receive no attention and eventually Pakistan will fizzle out from Fortnite's long term expansion plans! Before anyone else suggests that these are due to other reasons or this is personal, I have investigated all the logical paths that anyone should take when there's high latency. The unfortunate truth is that no ISP is allowing connectivity to the GCP server in BR because the option simply isn't there.

Afraz Khan
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