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Petition to U.S National Park Services, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Protect the NPS C&O Canal and Potomac River from a Fracked Gas Pipeline.

We need your help to stop this project! Sign our petition by November 18! We call on the National Park Service (NPS) to deny TransCanada a right of way permit across the historic C&O Canal! TransCanada has requested Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authority to begin construction on other sections of the pipeline not under the jurisdiction of NPS. Potomac Riverkeeper Network and other water advocates are concerned because horizontal drilling for a gas pipeline has never been used to cross the Potomac. There is great uncertainty regarding the effect of this drilling technique on the region’s Karst geology that has significant influence on the hydrology of our drinking water sources. The public needs NPS to protect our historic treasures such as the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. Please sign our petition to urge the National Park Service not to issue a Right of Way permit for the Potomac Pipeline Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project. Remember, if approved, this pipeline would be the energy source for the controversial Rockwool USA insulation manufacturing plant. Stopping the Potomac Pipeline will prevent: Risk of pollution to the PotomacRisk of impact to the C&O Canal from a blow outRisk to destruction of historical propertyRisk of pollution to thousands of private wellsRisk of destruction to personal propertyRisk of continuous threat of a natural gas explosion On November 19, 2018, we will be presenting this petition at a press conference in Hagerstown, MD. Let’s have thousands of signatures, so sign this and encourage your friends and fellow clean water advocates to do so, too!

Upper Potomac Riverkeeper
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Petition to Laurie Cumbo, Eric Adams

Save The Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Action Alert :  Come out on Tuesday, March 13 - 7 pm - Community Board 9 General Board Meeting Hearing, at MS 61 - 400 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn N.Y. 11225 __________________________________________________________________ In the above photo the orange buildings are developments being proposed.  The big one the right would be the largest residential development in Brooklyn if built. This is an update to the original petition! Please Support Our Fundraiser! In 1991 The Brooklyn Botanic Garden "BBG" got a rezoning along its perimeter to protect itself against tall buildings that would cast shadows and destroy the visual integrity of the Garden. In 2017 a developer, Cornell Realty, wanted to break the height limits of 6/7 stories (60/70 feet) and build buildings as high as 23 stories (230 ft) which is over a 300% increase. We organized and pushed back, got over 5,000 people to sign our petition, so the developer withdrew the application with the promise of coming back when he got local elected support. Now a year later an even larger development is being proposed by developer Bruce Eichner, who wants to build 42 stories in a height limited zone of 6/7 story, that is even closer than Cornell Reality to BBG. Now that Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo is no longer facing an election year, (this is her last term) and the developer Eichner has been reported to have given money to all of the local elected officials it appears that he will not be withdrawing his application. In the meantime, Cornell Reality is simply waiting in the wings to see what happens so that he too can re-apply with his application. Please sign our petition and let our Elected officials know that we care about our sunlight, our air, our public spaces and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  Tell them to say NO! to this development.  Let them know that we will fight this both in the streets and in the courts.  That we vow to only support elected officials that support our causes and protect our public assets. Help us preserve and protect this valuable public greenspace, where over 900,000 people a year visit! If you want more information about this, please go to Or call (718) 703-3086. Further Things You Can Do to Support Please support Our Fundraiser. We need to prepare our own Shadow Study and prepare for a legal challenge.  For more information please click here. Please write an email to Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo telling her to say NO to this proposed development at Come to The Community Board 9 meetings on this Rezoning Proposal and Say No! Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 7 pm - Community Board 9 Land Use Committee meeting - at Carroll Community Garden Center, across the street from 890 Nostrand Ave.  bet. President and Carroll st. Tuesday, March 27 , 2017 - 7 pm - Community Board 9 General Board Meeting,  at MS 61 - 400 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn N.Y. 11225 Volunteer Your Time!  Call (718) 703-3086 - Find Out What Else You Can Do!  Please make a Donation

FLAC - Flower Lovers Against Corruption
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Petition to Wayne Stenehjem

Tell North Dakota’s Attorney General - Protesting isn’t a crime.

On January 19, 2017, Marcus Mitchell was shot by a sheriff's deputy in the eye with a pellet, and had an officer kneel on his neck while protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. He was protesting with Water Protectors. After he was shot and restrained, he and 20 other people were arrested. He may never fully recover from these injuries. Marcus has suffered irreversible loss of his senses on one side of his face, and has had severe damage to his spine. His treatment at the hands of law enforcement officers is one of many stories to come out of recent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tell Wayne Stenehjem, North Dakota’s Attorney General, to throw out this case and stand up for protester rights. While the officers involved in this incident don’t seem to be facing any repercussions for their actions, Mitchell is now being tried for trespassing, which carries with it time in prison and a $6,000 fine. Prosecutors are alleging that Marcus trespassed onto a bridge when it was closed to the public, and blocked law enforcement from their attempts to clear people from it. His trial date is set for November 8th, but the Attorney General Stenehjem could throw this case out tomorrow. Tell the North Dakota Attorney General that protesting is not a crime. Protesting and the right to assemble are protected by the First Amendment, but this case could set a dangerous legal precedent for North Dakota, and future cases involving the right to protest in the U.S. Making protesting a criminal offense is un-American. This case should be thrown out. Sign on and support the right to protest. Hundreds of protesters, and even journalists, have been arrested during Dakota Access pipeline protests with charges of ‘blocking a road’ or ‘trespassing’. Marcus's trial is coming up. Send the message loud and clear to North Dakota's Attorney General, that charges like this threaten free speech and put so many people -- regardless of their politics -- at risk. People shouldn’t be tried in court for exercising their Constitutional right to show up and stand up on issues they care about. Sign on and tell Attorney General Stenehjem to throw out Marcus’s case.

Jay Treat
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