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Petition to Laurie Cumbo, Eric Adams

Save The Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Action Alert : The City's and Developers Motion To Dismiss ! Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at 9:30 am  Location Brooklyn Supreme Court, Rm 456, Judge Boddie The City and Developers are demanding that the case be dismissed because they are now claiming that Cornell Realty, who's name is on all of the legal documents, wasn't the applicant for this rezoning.   On Tuesday the Court will be conducting a Bond hearing to determine how much we should pay for a Bond, because the developers can not build, while the case is going on. Please come out and Support Our Efforts! __________________________________________________________________ In the above photo the orange buildings are developments being proposed.  The big one the right would be the largest residential development in Brooklyn if built. This is an update to the original petition! Please Support Our Fundraiser efforts! In 1991 The Brooklyn Botanic Garden "BBG" got a rezoning along its perimeter to protect itself against tall buildings that would cast shadows and destroy the visual integrity of the Garden. In 2017 a developer, Cornell Realty, wanted to break the height limits of 6/7 stories (60/70 feet) and build buildings as high as 23 stories (230 ft) which is over a 300% increase. In December Laurie Cumbo approved this project and we filed a lawsuit against it and got a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) until our Hearing set for May 3rd, 2019.  An even larger development is being proposed by developer Bruce Eichner, who wants to build 42 stories in a height limited zone of 6/7 story, that is even closer than Cornell Reality to BBG. This development is currently being "assessed" by our City government, elected officials and concerned residents.  This is the most crucial time to put political pressure on the city, so you support is really needed at this time. Please sign our petition and let our Elected officials know that we care about our sunlight, our air, our public spaces and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  Tell them to say NO! to this development.  Let them know that we will fight this both in the streets and in the courts.  That we vow to only support elected officials that support our causes and protect our public assets. Help us preserve and protect this valuable public greenspace, where over 900,000 people a year visit! If you want more information about this, please go to Or call (718) 703-3086. Further Things You Can Do to Support Please support Our Fundraiser. We need to prepare our own Shadow Study and prepare for a legal challenge.  For more information please click here. Please write an email to Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo telling her to say NO to this proposed development at Come to Town Hall Meeting Being Conducted by Council Woman Laurie Cumbo Thursday, December 13- 6 pm - Medgar Evers College Preparatory school 1186 Carrol St, Brooklyn N.Y. 11225 Volunteer Your Time!  Call (718) 703-3086 - Find Out What Else You Can Do!  Please make a Donation New Directions in Healing is taking contributions on our behalf and all of your donations are tax deductible.  

FLAC - Flower Lovers Against Corruption
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Petition to Eric Garcetti, Paul Koretz, jill werner, Lisa Chapman, RAP Board members, Michael Shull, Jasmine Shamolian, Eric Mellem

Westwood Park's grass field is being replaced by an unnecessary 2nd synthetic soccer field

Dear elected officials, Westwood park is the only green area in the westside area (90024-5) where the neighboring residents can escape from their daily busy city life and have a moment of peace there . Previously this park had been neglected. Drought made it even worse and we thought once that we are loosing our park. Trees were dying, grasses were disappearing and poor maintenance were obvious everywhere. Recently ,especially for the last 2 years, we saw new changes, new trees, a new dog park, a new grass field, a cleaner look and a new management who was working hard to make our park look like a real park again.  We surprisingly got a newsletter on April 24th stating that our neighborhood park is drastically changing and per its advisory board our grass field which was recently revived is turning into a synthetic soccer fields plus an outside public toilet ! We don’t know who suggested this project but whoever did couldn’t care less about this park, its green space and the people and children who live in this area and their opinion. From what we hear, nobody visiting this park really likes this change.  We undersigned names opposing this soccer field project and believe that its absolutely unnecessary for our community due to the following reasons: The park already has a fenced synthetic soccer field which is locked to the public and can only be used by reservation. The grass field is the only remaining open green space which makes this park to still look like a park not a sport complex where kids and families enjoy playing and spending their time there. We don't know who is behind this project but this is a clear violation of the neighboring tax payer’s rights to change their park to something totally different without even asking their opinion first. As far as we know this project is so awful that even the park director and her staff were opposing It. We think our grass field should be revived and better maintained and not being destroyed or replaced by an unnecessary fenced synthetic fields, like the current soccer field, which reminds you a prison with restricted access and not a park. We want to keep this open space for our children and the families and don't know any other park in LA where its artificial spaces are more than the greens let alone unnecessary extra soccer fields. We urge that this project to be STOPPED immediately and reviewed by the city planing experts and community members before any new changes happen. If there is a donation for this project, the money can be spent on making this park a better place and not destroying its beautiful nature. Thank you 

Nick P
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Petition to Fort Lauderdale Mayor and City Commissioners

Save Fort Lauderdale: Fix our Infrastructure and Protect our Waters

A PETITION TO THE MAYOR AND THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE The undersigned residents of the City of Fort Lauderdale hereby request that the City of Fort Lauderdale (“City”) immediately  cease and desist approving and issuing any further building permits for the construction and development of commercial, industrial and multi-family buildngs (the term “multi-family buildings” shall not include detached or semi-detached single-family dwellings and townhouses, but shall include rental apartments, condominiums, co-ops, homeowner associations and other forms of multi-family residential and mixed use buildings exceeding three (3) stories in height or containing, as to each such building, more than ten (10) dwelling units) unless and until: (a)   the aging, worn-out and insufficient water, sewer and storm drainage systems of the City (“City Infrastructure”) have been replaced and upgraded to properly serve the current needs of the City’s existing residential dwelling units and commercial buildings in the City, as well the anticipated future construction and development of such units and buildings; (b)   the City enacts appropriate ordinances to impose and collect significant development impact fees (comparable to those currently imposed by Miami-Dade County on development within the county) on all future construction and development of commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings within the City prior to the issuance of building permits for any such development.  Such pre-development impact fees shall be imposed and collected to assist the City to fund and off-set the cost to the City of the additional expenses for improvements and upgrades to roads; water, sewer and storm drainage lines; fire, emergency and police services; and parks, recreational and educational facilities, which additional expenses will be necessitated by such developments; (c)   all of the City’s budgeted funds that, in prior years, have been earmarked for the upgrading and repair of the City Infrastructure, but have been surreptitiously re-assigned to other less-needy and discretionary projects, have been restored in full to the budgets of the City Infrastructure; and (d)   the City stops the pumping and dumping of waste water and construction debris into the canals, waterways, rivers and storm drains in the City.

Kevin Cochrane
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