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Petition to @AltYelloNatPark

Sign the National Parks and Forests Protection Pledge

                    Pledge your vote to protect our national parks                                                  Sign the Pledge We the undersigned pledge our votes to defend our national parks. Not one more inch of our national parks or forests will we relinquish to the corporate greed of corrupt politicians or the oil and gas industry. The Anti Parks Caucus. AKA the Federal Lands Action Group or FLAG is a group of radical politicians generally funded by the energy sector, whose stated goal is to strip mine, drill for oil, frack and otherwise permanently damage our national parks and forests. They are presently forwarding legislation that would result in the wholesale destruction of these last wild places. We the undersigned pledge our votes against corrupt politicians who act as sponsors for the oil and gas interests, rather than respect the will and determination of the people in protecting these last wild places, for future generations. We pledge our vote in opposition to the reelection of the following energy industry representatives Rep Rob Bishop Utah, Sen Lisa Murkowski AK, Rep Mark Amodei NV, Rep Diane Black TN, Rep Jason Chaffetz UT, Rep Paul Cook CA, Sen Ted Cruz TX, Sen Steve Daines MT, Rep Jeff Duncan SC, Rep Paul Gosar AZ, Rep Raul Labrador, Rep Doug LaMalfa CA, Sen Mike Lee UT, Rep Steve Pearce NM, Rep Ted Poe TX, Rep Chris Stewart UT, Rep Greg Walden OR, Rep Don Young AK, Sen Orrin Hatch UT, Sen Jeff Flake AZ, Sen John McCain AZ, Ryan Zinke ?, Rep, Doug Lamborn CO, Rep Scott Tipton CO, Rep Mike Enzi WY. We are the Alt US National Parks, and with your help, we intend to preserve our national Parks and Forests, for future generations.  
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Ominous Ann
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Petition to John McCain, Mike Enzi, Robert Pittenger, Kyrsten Sinema

Kill the US $1 dollar bill with The US $1 dollar coin here in America!!!

I want both houses of Congress(Senate and House of Representatives) to replace the US $1 dollar bill with the US $1 Dollar coin. Take the old $1 dollar bill out of circulation. Everyday we don't do this, is waste of tax payers' money on the old $1 dollar bill that has outlive its usefulness.I would also like to demand that we stop minting pennies and get them out of circulation and i want to see half dollar coin come back and now I want the US $2 dollar bill replaced with a new $2 dollar coin. "Sixty-one percent of Americans back a switch to the dollar coin when they learn about the savings. That is one reason why Congressional advocates for responsible government spending, such as Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Senate Budget Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY), and Representative Robert Pittenger (R-NC) and Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have introduced legislation to implement at least $57 billion in cost savings throughout the federal government, including eliminating the dollar note and replacing it with the more sustainable and efficient dollar coin, through the USA Act. It is important to recognize that this change in our dollar currency is long overdue. By one estimate, Congress has already missed out on over $2.6 billion in savings by not converting to the coin back in 2011. The missed savings grows larger every day, despite repeated calls from Congress' own budget watchdog, the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Over the past 25 years, the GAO has urged Congress to make the switch ten times due to the billions the federal government would save." We have to act know and if your interested in learning more about dollar coins please visit other industrialized nation has made the switch its time for America do the same thing. Dollar coins last 30+ years while a dollar bill only 2-4 years and dollar coins are recyclable because they can be melted down and mint new coins.   

Emran Ismail
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Petition to California State House, California State Senate, California Governor, Ben Allen, Steven Bradford, Al Muratsuchi

PREVENT Mass Casualties in the South Bay - Please Forward

ALERT: This affects residents in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Gardena, Carson, Lawndale, Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Wilmington, L.A., Lomita, Rolling Hills, San Pedro, Palos Verdes Estates, West Rancho Dominguez, and Long Beach, California. Torrance Refining Company (formerly ExxonMobil ) in Torrance and Valero in Wilmington are the only two refineries in CA that use toxic and volatile forms of hydrofluoric acid (HF) which can have deadly cloud-forming behavior. All other CA refineries use a much safer alternative — sulfuric acid. PBF and Valero must stop using HF and switch to a safer alternative. This can be mandated by an AQMD rule or state law.  A refinery shutdown is not required.   According to an EPA "worst case" scenario previously prepared by ExxonMobil prior to the refinery sale, the release of 50,000 lbs of their "Modified" HF (MHF) could result in a ground-hugging HF cloud drifting with the breeze 3.2 miles into surrounding areas at concentrations high enough to cause serious and irreversible injuries with short term exposure (and possibly fatalities). If released in an explosion, fire, earthquake, or terrorist attack, MHF could cause mass casualties in surrounding communities.    Alarmed?  It gets worse.  * The Torrance refinery doesn't have 50,000 lbs. They have 250,000 lbs of MHF. Furthermore, ExxonMobil's estimated 3.2 mi. toxic distance is too low because they gave too much “credit” to MHF’s supposed ability to reduce HF cloud size. The actual risk zone is 15 miles. Thanks to an analysis by the local citizens group Torrance Refinery Action Alliance (TRAA), the EPA is now investigating ExxonMobil's scenario, and the SCAQMD is considering the adoption of a rule to ban it.  * During the February 18, 2015 explosion at the Torrance refinery, a flying 80,000 lb. piece of equipment hit just 3 ft. from a tank containing 50,000 lb. of MHF. Federal safety officials said the surrounding communities "dodged a bullet."  * On Sept 6, 2015, a leak of MHF from the Torrance refinery occurred. No sirens sounded, and the Torrance Fire department was notified only later by email.   * A key volunteer, Dr. S. Hayati with the grassroots Torrance Refinery Action Alliance (TRAA), recently uncovered the fact that in 1998, Mobil officials, Torrance Fire Department Chief R. Scott Adams, and possibly other city officials secretly approved  the reduction of a key safety chemical that was supposed to make deadly HF safer in case of an accidental release. Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Hayati, the Chemical Safety Board has stated its intent to investigate MHF. The South Bay should not accept the status of “sacrifice zone” for the benefit of PBF in Torrance and Valero in Wilmington. How much are more than a half-million Californians worth?   As a critical and time-sensitive public safety issue, we call on California lawmakers to immediately introduce legislation to BAN and REPLACE the use of MHF and HF at California refineries! California Governor Jerry BrownPhone: (916) 445-2841Fax: (916) 558-3160email: California State Senator Ben Allen Capitol Office (916) 651-4026District Office (310) 318-6994email California State Senator Steven Bradford Capitol Office (916) 651-4035District Office (310) 514-8573email California State Assembly Al MuratsuchiCapitol office (916) 319-2066District Office (310) 375-0691email: Join your concerned fellow citizens:

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Petition to Jesús Aguirre

Landmark Park Threatened by Government Sell Out

Petition Superintendent Jesús Aguirre of Seattle Dept of Parks and Recreation to do the right thing and obey the law protecting Volunteer Park by not transferring land from open space use to museum use.  According to: Save Our Parks Initiative 42, Ordinance 118477: All park land shall be preserved for park, boulevard or open space use and cannot be sold, transferred or changed from park use to another use, unless: a)      The City holds a public hearing on the necessity of the transaction, and b)      adopts an ordinance finding the transaction is necessary because there is no reasonable and practical alternative and c)      The City receives in exchange a piece of land or facility of equivalent or better size, value, location and usefulness in the vicinity. (January 1997) Also to change the zoning code to make this expansion legal would set a very dangerous precedent – Allowing a zone code change for a specific use that takes parkland for other uses undermines the City Ordinances and Landmark status protection of parkland. The Dept of Seattle Parks and Recreation has turned its power for the protection of Volunteer Park’s well-being over to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, which leases a park building and is part of Seattle Art Museum. SAAM/SAM is a separate non-profit entity and is not Volunteer Park, who is owned by city tax payers… their interests are not same. Legally, in 2008, Seattle citizens, in a Parks and Green Space Levy, allocated $9 million (about 40% of the total cost) for the renovation and upgrades for the landmark building that SAM leases from the Park for the Seattle Asian Art Museum.  The project didn’t proceed because of the recession. With very little public knowledge in subsequent years, the original $ 29 million renovation proposal became a $49 million renovation and expansion proposal with no justification from SAM why the extra space was needed. And SAM has failed to meet the requirements of full public disclosure and approval for early building design. The Seattle Dept of Parks and Recreation has dropped the ball by failing to require SAM to prove there is no reasonable and practical alternative to the expansion of SAAM and the taking of parkland from park use. If you open the door to take parkland once it will happen again… SAM will be back wanting more parkland for expansion in another ten years. There are alternative ways for the museum to have the upgrades it needs, which should be thoroughly considered before any taking of parkland. Volunteer Park is not only a City designated landmark, but is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Its designers, the Olmsted Brothers, in 1910 expressed their opposition to erecting buildings in parks, for the reason that "The landscape ceases to be a naturalistic park landscape, and becomes a building landscape." Part of the proposed expansion is 40’x80’and 50’ high with windows that will be flooded with artificial light and will dominate all the pastoral views of the east-side of the park. The natural open space will be lessened with this expansion. There will be a dominate environment of concrete, glass and light with eyes peering out the windows watching the park goers. The beloved, private and quiet, nature sanctuary atmosphere will be gone along with many of the big trees that will die from the stress of the construction process.  On darker days, evenings and nights, especially in winter, the artificial light through the museum windows will be unnatural and unsettling to park goers as well as nearby homes. For many park goers, the side that will be impacted is their serenity and favorite side of the park. There are far more people daily, using and loving this quiet side of the park than will ever go into the museum. Please help stop the selling out of our landmark park.  For more info visit: And visit: - Redesign SAAM Expansion to Contain the Footprint.  

Protect Volunteer Park
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