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Petition to US Senate, Rand Paul

Save the "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge" From Greed

In the early 1970s we had tremendous Republican and Democratic Party environmental leadership that resulted in the most sweeping environmental legislation ever put forth on the face of planet earth. Our then President Richard Nixon, in keeping with the pulse of the nation signed into law landmark legislation that will be his outstanding legacy. WHAT HAPPENED?! If the pace of that legislation, EPA est.1970, Clean Air Act amnd. 1970, Clean Water Act 1972, Marine Mammal Protection Act 1972, Endangered Species Act 1973,  had continued through ensuing administrations until today, we would be living in a world facing a different outcome to the one we face. With accelerating environmental deterioration and an uncertain worldwide climate future; it is time to demand that our Congress and Senate pick up the environmental banner that was dropped after the Watergate Scandal, and once again begin to actively repair the earth we are destroying. Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the already existing environmental legislation from greedy predators is the first step in moving forward to a cleaner more sustainable way of living. Once we protect the environmental legislation we have, we can begin to propose new and more aggressive legislation to advance protection for the future. WE BORROW THE EARTH FROM OUR CHILDREN!! We owe it to them to take action now. REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS FIND YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL ROOTS which were once a bipartisan standard, and make the ongoing protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge a bedrock of a new environmental legacy that our children can be proud of.

Frank Escalona
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Petition to City of Mountain View Council, City of Mountain View Community Service Director, City of Mountain View Planning Director

Prevent the removal of a Grove of Heritage Redwood trees located at 575 Sierra Avenue

A magnificent grove of Heritage Sequoia (Redwood) trees at 575 Sierra Avenue in Mountain View is to be cut down. This lot was purchased by a developer with the purpose of developing it into a single family home. As part of the development plan the developer is asking for a permit to remove every tree from the lot. This is a total of nine (9) trees. Seven (7) of these trees form a grove of 80+ ft tall healthy Heritage Redwoods. These trees are the tallest and most visible in the area and are a true asset to the community and the city.  Their destruction for the sake of a single family home is unacceptable especially when some modifications to the home’s design could save many of these trees Most folks believe that the City’s heritage ordinance would protect against such action. Unfortunately, this is not the case by default. The reason is that development request go through the City’s Planning department and as long as the developer’s plans adhere to the FAR requirements, they get a green light. This is different from when an existing home owner wishes to remove a tree. In this case, the request goes through the City’s Parks and Recreation department who, as many homeowners wishing to remove a heritage tree can attest, strictly apply the heritage tree ordinance.

Ross Dargahi
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Petition to Bruno L. Pigott, Robert A. Kaplan

Please Hold U.S. Steel Accountable for Clean Water Act Violations

The Great Lakes are a critical contributor to Indiana’s economy, environment, and quality of life. Our precious Lake Michigan provides drinking water, recreational opportunities, as well as many jobs to our region. It also is the lifeblood of the Indiana dunes and our National Lakeshore—the reason for our precious landscape to exist as it does, and the reason so many of us choose to live here. Save the Dunes is committed to Lake Michigan and the Indiana dunes’ protection, but we need your help.  The U.S. Steel Portage Facility violated the Clean Water Act last April and again in October when it illegally discharged wastewater containing hexavalent chromium into Burns Waterway near Lake Michigan. The toxic and carcinogenic hexavalent chromium, made famous in the movie Erin Brockovich, shut down public beaches from Gary to Michigan City for several days, closed public drinking water intakes, and endangered aquatic life. Many residents were unaware of the spill or found out well after the fact, suggesting that there is room for communication improvements. Unfortunately, these are not U.S. Steel’s only recent violations of the Clean Water Act. Other violations unrelated to hexavalent chromium, but still violations that threaten our Lake Michigan, have taken place. Over the last five years, U.S. Steel has violated the federal Clean Water Act over 50 times— many being repeat violations. Certainly, enough is enough. Our communities must insist that U.S. Steel make real changes to its maintenance and operation practices in order to stop putting Lake Michigan and public health at risk. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) have the authority and responsibility to address these issues, and are currently pursuing action. Yet, it is critical for us to speak up and let these agencies know just how much we are counting on them to take strong, meaningful action and hold U.S. Steel accountable for its violations and to ensure U.S. Steel’s compliance in the future. Northwest Indiana residents and visitors must take action and let the U.S. EPA and IDEM know that we want accountability. Therefore, Save the Dunes requests that residents and lovers of Lake Michigan and our National Lakeshore raise our voices by participating in this petition to U.S. EPA Region 5 Acting Administrator, Robert Kaplan, and IDEM Commissioner, Bruno L. Pigott, asking to firmly hold accountable U.S. Steel for its actions now and in the future. Lake Michigan, the Indiana dunes, & our National Lakeshore are counting on you to raise your voice. Please sign your name to the petition!

Save the Dunes Conservation Fund
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Petition to Joe Donnelly

Expose political meddling in Williams Dam hydropower license & wildlife decisions

Few Hoosiers know that the state DNR owns an ancient, crumbling dam on the East Fork White River. Williams Dam was constructed circa 1912 to generate hydropower, which ceased in 1948. It blocks fish passage, including threatened and endangered species (such as the lake sturgeon and fanshell mussel), to nearly 5000 square miles of watershed. After numerous schemes to reactivate the dam were proposed and rejected over many years, the state finally concluded that the best course of action was to remove the dam "Due to its deteriorating condition, the high cost of reconstruction, and the negative environmental impacts posed by the dam..." (DNR letter to Senator Lugar, April 4, 2004.) When the administration of Mitch Daniels and Lawrence County's own Becky Skillman took over, however, a new scheme was proposed under the guise of "green energy" for Crane Naval Weapons Station. Thus began a long federal-state process to obtain a hydropower license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (docket # P-13346), a process unknown to all but a handful of Hoosiers, even though the public owns the dam! When this "good ol' boy deal" was revealed by the applicant (Free Flow Power, aka Paynebridge LLC, now "Rye Development") in December 2013, it was a "done deal" that they wanted to trot out to their financial backers. Although key deadlines had passed, FISH petitioned to intervene in the process, and raised numerous environmental and legal objections. FERC denied our intervention, but was otherwise mostly silent on the matter for nearly five months. We assume that they were considering the law. On Aug. 13, 2014, the head of the Lawrence County Economic Growth Council wrote a letter to Congressman Todd Young on behalf of Free Flow, complaining that "this project is having trouble in getting a license issued from the (FERC) Federal Energy Regulatory Commission... they are dragging their heals [sic] and as a result might cause a derailment in the total project."The next day, Congressman Todd Young intervened in the licensing process by firing off a letter to FERC's Congressional liaison, expressing his "interest" and telling FERC to "review and extend every consideration" to his "constituent", with the Aug. 13 letter attached. Twenty-five days later, FERC issued a 50-year license to Free Flow Power to reconstruct Williams Dam and generate power with it. In their rebuttal to the comments of FISH and others, FERC made various errors and questionable statements. Furthermore, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service had the legal right to require in the license that fish passage be installed, which they failed to do! When questioned about that by phone, a USFWS regional official exclaimed "WHAT endangered species?" Letters and petitions to USFWS Director Daniel Ashe went unanswered. The applicant subsequently received a 2-year extension to begin rebuilding the dam. We don't have much time to correct this problem, and it's high time we do it! Therefore we are petitioning U.S. SENATOR JOE DONNELLY to: Obtain, and make available to the public, documentation and statements from FERC and the DOE Inspector General (and other relevant parties) which may reveal evidence of political meddling or undue influence, particularly by Congressman Todd Young and/or his staff, and its effect upon FERC's processing of the Williams Dam Project application (FERC # P-13346), and upon FERC's Sept. 8, 2014 order issuing a 50-year license to the applicant; Determine what other violations or poor practices may have occurred among the various federal agencies affected by or involved with this application, particularly those leading to the decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to neglect its duty to prescribe the construction, operation and maintenance of fishways in this project; Take urgent action on the request, by signers of this petition, that steps be taken to fully insure the health and integrity of the East Fork White River ecosystem, particularly by allowing or installing fish passage on the river at Williams, Indiana.  

Fishable Indiana Streams for Hoosiers, Inc. (FISH)
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