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Petition to Dave Eggers, Pat Gerard, Janet Long, Charlie Justice, Karen Williams Seel, Kenneth T. Welch, Jay J. Beyrouti


On July 12, 2018, the Local Planning Agency UNANIMOUSLY denied the request from Bayou Development Inc. who wants to build a 3-story 40-foot high 121,920 S.F. Self Storage on 5-acres of land between the Sutherland Bayou Boat Ramp and Missouri Avenue.  Over 2,674 people signed petitions (online and hardcopy), wrote emails and/or attended meetings to express their opposition to this change in zoning from Residential, which allows up to 25 homes on the parcel, to Light Manufacturing and Industrial, to allow for the building of a large Storage Facility. HOWEVER, the final decision will be made by the Board of County Commissioners on August 21st, 2018 (at the Assembly Room, 315 Court Street, 5th floor, Clearwater).  At this meeting, the community will ask the County to purchase the land for a passive park. The proposed gigantic building would forever change the small town community feel of Old Palm Harbor, Crystal Beach and Ozona.  There are no other 3-story Industrial Building along the PinellasTrail from Dunedin to Tarpon Springs. If this is passed and built, it will set a precedent for all types of industrial properties to be built on residential properties in the future. Only residents within 600 feet received a mailed, written notification of these proposed changes. (The County did post it in the paper and does have small signage on the parcel.)  We believe that the larger community should be made aware of this pending change since it could have a detrimental impact on our community.  We would like to see the County purchase the property and turn it into a passive park. The community is encouraged to attend this final meeting.  The community is still encouraged to email letters and comments to ZONING@PINELLASCOUNTY.ORG or fax letters to 727-453-3256 by August 7, 2018.  You must Reference: Case No Z/LU-12-06-18   Contact the Planning office at 727-464-3583, if you have any questions.  #nostoragebuilding

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Petition to Tony R. Buffington Jr., Phyllis J. Randall (Chair), Ralph M. Buona, Suzanne M. Volpe, Ron A Meyer Jr., Geary M. Higgins, Matthew F. Letourneau, Kristen C. Umstattd, Koran T. Saines, Clidd Keirce, Fred Jennings, Kathy Blackburn, Jim Sisley, Tom Priscilla, Eugene Scheel, Jeff Salmon, Ad Barnes, Dan Llyod, Loudoun County PC

Preserve Aldie's Old Carolina Road

- Tuesday July 3rd 5pm business meeting - Call 703-777-0200 to reserve a time slot to express your concerns to the Board of Supervisors. The more people we have signed up for this will help explain our cause to the Board of Supervisors before next weeks vote. - Tuesday July 11th 6pm Board of Supervisors meeting - The Board of Supervisors will be VOTING on the SPEX at this time  Locations for both meetings will be at the Loudoun County Government Building in the Board of Supervisors Room. We are residents of what the County describes as the Aldie Mountain Village community and are writing to express our serious concerns regarding application number SPEX‐2017‐0029 submitted by the St. Pope Cyril Coptic Orthodox Church (the “Applicant”) to build a structure and church facility on Old Carolina Road in Aldie, Virginia. We believe the facility as proposed is incompatible with our community and should not be approved in its current form for the following primary reasons: SCALE ‐ The proposed size of the 27,000 SF mega church structure is 6 to 10 times larger than any other buildings in the area, which are primarily residential homes; further, the church will support 600+ congregants and be serviced by a well and drain field. This is in stark contrast to the existing church in the area, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, which supports 150 congregants in a 5,000 SF structure with well and septic. CONDITIONAL APPROVAL ‐ In the special exception application, the mega church has proposed unrealistic operating hours. Parking and septic field designs, as well as the traffic study, assume just one 3-hour church service ONLY on Sunday, an additional 1 hour Sunday school and administrative use during the week. At the church’s present Chantilly location, services occur nearly every day of the week (see enclosed copy of their May 2018 schedule). The church’s move marks an expansion of the congregation; therefore, it seems illogical to believe that activity will be so heavily cut back. This fact raises serious safety concerns regarding the validity and applicability of any investigations or designs created under the assumption of limited operating hours. TRAFFIC ‐ Even considering the proposed operating schedule, increased traffic congestion will cause safety issues at the intersection of Old Carolina Road (a two-lane, country road) and RT 15. The non-signalized intersection has a limited line of sight and the 55 mph speed limit of RT 15 already makes it difficult to turn. We fear the added traffic congestion from the mega church will compromise the safety of the intersection. ENVIRONMENTAL ‐ The Applicant’s proposed septic system is designed to accommodate only the peak usage of their Sunday services and Sunday school. This system will not be able to properly support the facility if they were to at all expand their operating hours, let alone to match the worship schedule at their current Fairfax County location. ADDITIONAL COMMUNITY INFORMATION – Our area serves a number of other uses, some of which contribute to our community and some of which do not. Old Carolina Road already supports Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA), a no‐kill animal rescue that is on 10 acres with over 100 dogs & two large catteries. It is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays only. Old Carolina Road has become famous through various cycling publications as a cyclist’s haven. Every weekend our roads are filled with numerous pelotons. This adds another layer of complexity to additional development on the road. The property adjacent to the Applicant’s land to the south currently houses a landscaping company. This land has been in violation of zoning laws for the past four years requiring significant time from our county attorneys and zoning staff, a burdensome cost to taxpayers. Thank you for considering our concerns. The precedent of allowing a mega church in a small village setting will not only impact our village but every other village in western Loudoun county.

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