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Petition to Tony Evers, Gwen Moore, Tom Barrett, Preston Cole

Banning Single-Use, Plastic Bags

Paper or plastic. In Wisconsin, growing up I heard this statement quite often while waiting at my mom’s side at the grocery store. Forget about department stores, you were always given a plastic bag. There didn’t seem to be another option for toting your belongings around unless you were lucky enough to have a bag with you. My mom always carried several canvas bags as long as I can remember. But, what is the problem here? We know that plastic is flooding our earth;  it cannot be denied at this point. We see plastic bags tumbling down the street, stuck in a gutter or tree, floating in our waterways, it is around us all the time. We understand that plastic bags are there for a reason: to carry our items until we get home, to get shoved into another plastic bag, to be used as a liner for our garbage, and then to be thrown out. Right. Right?  I think this is wrong. We have many options available to us as consumers to carry our goods from point A to point B. Options that are sustainable; such as, reusable bags, paper bags, compostable bags, cardboard boxes, and much more. These mediums are simple and inexpensive ways to say no to single use, plastic bags and say yes to a better world. Yes, a better world. While a large portion of plastic and landfills ends up in the ocean, these plastic bags stay in our world due to the nature of the plastic they are made from: light and thin. This plastic easily clogs the sorting machines at recycling plants, they effortlessly float away into the air, they drop into our lakes and rivers, and potentially break down finding their way inside the bellies of wildlife; ultimately, killing them. According to experts, the lifespan of plastic is anywhere from 450 years until never. Yes, never. There is no end date for plastic. The world changed when plastic was invented and now we are paying for it.  Reusing plastic bags is a start. Return clean bags to the store you found them, drop them in a box for collection, or keep them as a garbage receptacle. This is what we know to do. But what if we stop the problem before it starts? Will you join me in this movement to stop the production of single use, plastic bags? Let’s start here, together. Future generations will thank you and me for our bravery and care today. Thank you for your time and consideration, Concerned Citizen

Megan Gajewski
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Petition to Sec. Gen. of the United Nations: Mr. Antonio Guterres

Demand world leaders protect and restore forests worldwide

We need to achieve a safer level of CO2! 350 ppm (parts per million) is the upper safe limit & at this time we are now above 410ppm which is decidedly unsafe i.e. the increase in storms, melting of ice shelves, floods, land/mudslides, global heatwaves etc. Scientists have now declared trees THE state of the art technology in sequestering CO2! Add to that the facts that trees/forests are the planets air conditioners and healthy forests normalise climatic patterns. They also state that if forests worldwide were to be restored those forests would sequester a decades worth of  CO2.  Forests are also: 1. integrated ecosystems and home to the highest concentration of biodiversity on earth! 2. major players in the carbon and water cycles that make life possible as well as playing a key role in the local water cycle by helping to keep the balance between water on land and water in the atmosphere. 3. play major roles in combating climate change – sequestering CO2, cooling the planet, normalising climatic patterns as stated above, providing natural habitat for wildlife. 4. Stop mud/landslides and protect water tables. 5. provide oxygen In light of the dire conditions of forests worldwide (thanks to the Bolsonaro's of the world) and the environmental affects of forest destruction, we include in our demand the banning in perpetuity of logging, oil drilling, the building of dams, gas exploration, cattle ranching, soy production, palm oil, agriculture (destroyed rain forest land only yields 3-4 years of agriculture), GMO’s and all other actions that cause destruction of existing temperate, boreal and rain forests around the world with full protection, whereby replanting programs and projects will be implemented, to conserve,  protect and restore (CPR) as well as teach about the importance of forests.  Time is critical but there is still a window of opportunity to turn this mess around and keep global temperatures below the 2˚C rise that so threatens life on our planet. Fighting climate change must include the restoration and protection of rain forests around the world for now and future generations. All life, including the lives of our children and grandchildren deserve a living, breathing and healthy planet! This petition is unique in that it does not demand a portion of a forest be protected but all forests in their entirety be protected and restored. Make your demand known by signing and sharing. This petition with all signatures will be hand delivered to Sec. Gen. of the United Nations: Mr. António Guterres. Thank you, Leora Rosner  

Growing Air Foundation
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Petition to Donald J. Trump

Our Rainforest has been burning for 3+ weeks! Tell Trump & United Nations to Intervene.

The rainforest has been burning for 3+ weeks! No one is doing anything to stop it. The rainforest is responsible for 20% of the clean air we breathe, it’s the lungs of the planet. Right now there are over 73,000 fires engulfing trees and animals, the smoke and fire can be seen from outer space. Much of the worlds medicine base comes from the rain forrest, its a complete ecosystem that will be gone if we humans do nothing to stop it. We need to do strategic cuts to slow the fire and plan other ways to stop it at any means necessary. 3 football fields of rainforest are being lost every minute! This is a catastrophic situation and we need to demand action. We the people of earth can achieve many wondrous things if we could only unite. Lets start here and demand The President of the United States address the United Nations and declare this a global emergency. The word must get out. Its sad that you can Google “Amazon Fire” and you get a dozen adds for a stupid tablet. People help me help us, this can be the beginning of great unity and empowerment to mankind to begin to fix what we have broken. We are hurting mother nature and she will shake us off like a dog does water after getting a bath if we are not tending to her needs. Earth needs our help! I don’t know about you but I enjoy life and we need Earth healthy to continue doing so. Please share this so we can take a stand and force Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro to take action. His supporting of loggers, miners and farmers has put our planet in danger. I plead for your help, all you have to do is sign and share. I beg you. Our children deserve a chance to live and to learn and to achieve. Lets show them we are not quitters and that we love them soo much that we would do anything to preserve this planet that was once so vibrant with life. We can restore the earth to its once paradise like state. Do not wait, please sign and share this with as many people possible the least we can do. We are not helpless if we use our voice! Demand Action!

Dave Blair
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Petition to United Nations, United Nations Environment Program, Antonio Guterres, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, Inger Andersen, matthew billot


THIS IS A GLOBAL STATE OF EMERGENCY AND IT GREATLY INVOLVES YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES AND ALL OF HUMANITY!  The Amazon rainforest is in a critical state of collapse as a record number of fires (over 74,155, an  85% increase since 2018) have been burning for over 3 weeks (as of the writing of this petition) - and the Brazilian government is allowing it to happen! This isn't just an environmental issue, this is a humanitarian issue! The Amazon (known as the lungs of our earth) provides the planet with over 20% of its oxygen, and is an essential, irreparable link that holds our global ecosystem within balance. It is now emitting the most carbon dioxide since 2010, and climbing! What's even worse is that these fires are all created by man due to deforestation for agricultural interests, encouraged by Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, and anonymous groups trying to remove indigenous populations from their lands in order to enact oil drilling.  Scientists say there is only 5% left, before the amazon will reach the tipping point and its ecosystems begin to irreparably collapse. “The fires have led to a clear spike in carbon monoxide emissions as well as planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions, posing a threat to human health and aggravating global warming” worldwide (The Washington Post). So what can we do?  Dramatic and swift action needs to take place, and the ones who have the power to take this action is the United Nations (UN).  From their website, the UN states it “can take action on the issues confronting humanity in the 21st century, such as peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, gender equality, governance, food production, and more. This situation checks almost all boxes.  More specifically the UN could: #1. Send in immediate humanitarian support to all the indigenous and local groups who have lost their homes and way of life. #2: Coordinate a large scale effort with Brazil and neighboring countries to fight the fires in the most high risk areas, such as those affecting indigenous, animals and the most fragile ecosystems.  #3: Create economic sanctions on Brazil that would illegalize the cutting, selling and buying of timber and meat produced in the country.  Jair Bolsonaro is clearly only focused on short term economic gains, therefore #3 could in fact bring the government to the table of diplomatic resolution and help safeguard this vital life force, for us all.  If a government does not take measures to protect natural resources that have a direct affect on the livelihood and well being of the entire planet and all its inhabitants, it should lose its privilege (not right) to govern over those resources. We the people, and Earth’s collective ecosystem (plants and animals), have the right to live in balance. That balance should not be determined by the greed of a handful of individuals in power.  Please sign this petition and urge the UN to take action on behalf of humanity, it’s inhabitants and this world. Share this petition on your social media platforms, and encourage everyone else to do the same! Our combined influence can create the momentum needed to make a difference.  Let’s use the power of influence: for powerful, positive change.  Sign now, this one is more than worth it.

Alexander Mendeluk
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