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Petition to Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles City Council, Gilbert Anthony Cedillo, Paul Krekorian, Bob Blumenfield, david ryu, Paul Koretz, Nury Martinez, Monica rodriguez, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Curren D. Price, Herb Wesson, Mike Bonin, Mithcell Englander, Mitch O'Farrell, Jose Huizar, Joe Buscaino, Department of Parks and Recreation County of Los Angeles, John Wicker

Convert Some Municipal Golf Courses in Los Angeles to Community Parks

We the people of Los Angeles move to petition LA City Council to convert the municipal golf courses currently dominating the landscape into public parks that could profoundly enrich our community virtually overnight. What makes a city great? Famous urban hubs around the world like London, New York, Chicago, and Munich boast numerous parks and nature areas for travelers and city-dwellers alike to find a quiet reprieve. Making such public treasures available is a sure way to strengthen our sense of community (and even contributes to a healthier population by encouraging more walking!) Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL stretches 3.19 square miles Hyde Park in London covers 350 acres Central Park in New York City covers 1.32 square miles The Death of Golf With prohibitive costs and the popularity of golf already in decline, why do we continue to allow so many high-maintenance golf courses to monopolize access to our land? Environmental Benefits According to Audobon International, the average golf course uses 312,000 gallons of water per day, which is roughly equivalent to the usage of 780 4-unit families. With over 90 golf courses in LA alone, the negative impact of these water-guzzling wastelands cannot be overstated. By transforming municipal golf courses into public parks, their maintenance would be subject to direct government oversight which would curb some of this excessive water usage. Community Enrichment And while there are plenty of public hiking trails in Los Angeles, this is not a comparable experience to enjoying a public park. For one thing, a park is much more family-friendly than a hiking trail - Have you ever tried pushing a stroller up a mountain? Replacing municipal golf courses located in key areas would afford residents more easily accessible zones of calm to escape the bustle of the city. You can see for yourself how many golf courses there are in LA in Google Maps - but imagine for a moment what it would mean for our community if even just some of these were converted into public parks: The sounds of children laughing and playing, the magic of bumping into a friend in passing, the energy from street performers practicing their craft… Just remember: Golf courses are for the few elite, but a park is a place where we can all go to indulge in the essence of our city. Ready to speak up and make your voice heard? Here are 3 things you can do right now to make a change that will better our community and profoundly reduce water usage. 1) Sign this petition. If you support the abolishment of municipal golf courses in Los Angeles in favor of converting them into parks, creating a rich new space for public use and saving thousands of gallons of water per day, sign this petition! 2) Write directly to your local city council member. This map will show you where the district boundaries are so you can write to the appropriate city council member. Or, you can simply go here to fill in your address to determine your district automatically. 3) Start your own petition. Do you have additional demands not covered by our petition? You should speak up and start your own petition. Here are some tips: Who to petition? Department of Parks and Recreation County of Los Angeles. How to start a petition? Write your petition title (This is the first thing people will see about your petition. Get their attention with a short title that focuses on the change you’d like them to support). Choose a decision maker (This is the person, organization, or group that can make a decision about your petition. will send them updates on your petition and encourage a response.) Explain the problem you want to solve (People are more likely to support your petition if it’s clear why you care. Explain how this change will impact you, your family, or your community).     List of Municipal Golf Courses in Los Angeles: Name: Alondra Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 16400 S. Prairie Ave, Lawndale CA 90260 Name: Balboa Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 16821 Burbank Blvd CA 91436 Name: Chester Washington Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 1818 Charlie Sifford Dr, Los Angeles CA 90047 Name: Debell Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 1500 E. Walnut Ave Burbank Ca 91505 Name: Diamond Bar Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 22751 E. Golden Springs Dr. Diamond Bar CA 91765Name: El Cariso Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 13100 Eldridge St. Sylmar CA 91342Name: Encino Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 16821 Burbank Blvd Encino, CA 91436 Name: Hansen Dam Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 10400 Glenoaks Blvd Pacoima, CA 91331 Name: Harding Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr Los Angeles CA 90027 Name: Knollwood Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 12040 Balboa Blvd, Granda Hills CA 91343Name: La Mirada Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 15501 E. Alicante Rd. La Mirada CA 90638 Name: Mountain Meadows Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 1875 Fairplex Drive Monoma CA 91768Name: Whittier Narrows Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 8640 E. Rush St. Rosemead CA 91770 Name: Los Verdes Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 7000 W. Lod Verdes Dr. Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90274 Name: Los Amigos Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 7295 Quill Dr Downey, CA 90242 Name: Lakewood Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 3101 Carson St Lakewood CA 90712Name: Wilson Municipal Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr Los Angeles CA 90027Name: Woodley Lakes Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 6331 Woodley Ave Van Nuys CA 91406Name: De Bell Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 1500 E Walnut Ave Burbank CA 91501Name: The Links at Victoria Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 340 E. 192nd Street Carson CA 90746Name: Marshall Canyon Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 6100 N. Stephens Ranch Rd La Verde CA 91750Name: Meadowlark Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 16782 Graham Street Huntington Beach CA 92649Name: San Dimas Canyon Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 2100 Terrebonne Ave San Dimas CA Name: Griffith Park Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr Los Angeles CA 90027 Name: Armand Hammer / Holmby Pony Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 601 Club View Drive Los Angeles CA 90024 Name: Roosevelt Executive Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 2650 N. Vermont Ave Los Angeles CA 90027 Name: Maggie Hathaway Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 1921 West 98th Street Los Angeles CA 90047 Name: Los Feliz Municipal Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 3207 Los Feliz Blvd Los Angeles CA 90039 Name: Westchester Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 6900 W Manchester Ave Westchester CA 90045Name: Rancho Park Golf ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: P.O. Box 64266 Los Angeles CA 90046Name: Rancho Park 3 Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: Bell Gardens Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 8000 Park Lane Bell Gardens CA 90201Name: Compton Par 3 Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 6400 E Compton Blvd Compton CA 90221 Name: Rio Hondo Country ClubType: MunicipalWebsite: 10627 Old River School Road Downey CA 90241 Name: The Lakes at El SegundoType: MunicipalWebsite: 400 S Sepulveda Blvd El Segundo CA 90245 Name: Alonda Park Par 3 Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 16400 S Prairie Ave Lawdale CA 90260 Name: Alonda Park Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 16400 S Prairie Ave Lawdale CA 90260 Name: Sea-Aire Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: doesn't have websiteLocation: 22730 Lupine Drive Torrance CA 90503 Name: Montebello Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: doesn't have websiteLocation: 901 Via San Clemente Montebello CA 90640 Name: Don Knabe Golf Center and Jr AcademyType: MunicipalWebsite: 13717 Shoemaker Avenue Norwalk CA 90650Name: Pico Rivera Municipal Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 3260 Fairway DriveName: Iron-Wood Nine Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: 16449 Piuma Avenue Cerritos CA 90703 Name: Harbor Park Golf CourseType: MunicipalWebsite: N Figuerora Place Wilmington CA 90744  

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Petition to Michael Surbaugh, BSA Innovation Team

Ask Boy Scouts of America to Promote Responsible Pet Ownership

The Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) Reptile and Amphibian Study Merit Badge requires scouts to “Maintain one or more reptiles or amphibians for at least a month. Record food accepted, eating methods, changes in coloration, shedding of skins, and general habits; or keep the eggs of a reptile from the time of laying until hatching; or keep the eggs of an amphibian from the time of laying until their transformation into tadpoles (frogs) or larvae (salamanders).” As an employee at a zoological institution, I find this requirement to be irresponsible. Instead of asking the boys to make an informed decision about a pet and care for it over its entire lifetime, the requirement implies that animals can be kept a short time and disposed of. Furthermore, if scouts choose the latter option, once the baby reptile or amphibian hatches, there is no mention of continuing care. Any animals released into the wild will likely be invasive and may damage local ecosystems and spread disease to native species. While there is an alternative to the requirement (scouts can visit a captive reptile or amphibian once a week for three months and make observations), it is cost-prohibitive for scouts to attend facilities that exemplify excellent care like zoos and aquariums. Potential "free" locations like commercial pet stores may not provide accurate or sound information about the reality of the expense and time commitment required for acceptable animal care. I am asking all animal-lovers, scientists, serious herpers, environmental educators, and anyone else who is concerned about the BSAs implication that pet ownership is anything less than a life-time commitment to join me in petitioning them to make the following change to the Reptile and Amphibian Merit Badge Requirements: 8. Do ONE of the following: a. Research common reptiles and amphibians that are kept as pets. Pick one you would like to learn more about and speak to a professional caretaker such as a zookeeper, aquarist or a responsible hobbyist or read a book about the best practices required to ensure a long, healthy life for your chosen species. Find and record the following information: How long does your chosen species typically live, and what is its maximum size? What diet is required, including any supplements, live food, or fresh produce needed for optimum health? What is the minimum size enclosure needed for the animal? What substrate, hides, and other equipment are required for the best care? Will your chosen species need a larger home as it grows over time? What are the ideal temperature and humidity ranges for the animal? What equipment is required to maintain them? What is the initial cost of the equipment and the animal? What are the long-term costs and time commitment of caring for your chosen species over the course of its entire life? Locate a local veterinarian that can care for your chosen species and ask about common health problems and potential costs involved for medical care. Report what you have learned to your merit badge counselor and explain why or why not you would like to keep the species as a pet and how you plan to ensure it gets the best care if you acquire your chosen species.       b. Choose a reptile or amphibian that you can observe at a local zoo, aquarium, nature center, or other such exhibit (such as your classroom or school). Study the specimen weekly for a period of three months. At each visit, sketch the specimen in its captive habitat and note any changes in its coloration, shedding of skins, and general habits and behavior. Find out, either from information you locate on your own or by talking to the caretaker, what this species eats and what are its native habitat and home range, preferred climate, average life expectancy, and natural predators. Also identify any human-caused threats to its population and any laws that protect the species and its habitat. After the observation period, share what you have learned with your counselor. The BSA is generally a very responsible organization, and I feel this change is in keeping with their values of being trustworthy, kind, and conservation-minded. Please join me in urging the BSA to make this common-sense change to an outdated requirement.

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