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Petition to Laurie Cumbo, Eric Adams

Save The Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Action Alert :  Come out on Tuesday, March 13 - 7 pm - Community Board 9 General Board Meeting Hearing, at MS 61 - 400 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn N.Y. 11225 __________________________________________________________________ In the above photo the orange buildings are developments being proposed.  The big one the right would be the largest residential development in Brooklyn if built. This is an update to the original petition! Please Support Our Fundraiser! In 1991 The Brooklyn Botanic Garden "BBG" got a rezoning along its perimeter to protect itself against tall buildings that would cast shadows and destroy the visual integrity of the Garden. In 2017 a developer, Cornell Realty, wanted to break the height limits of 6/7 stories (60/70 feet) and build buildings as high as 23 stories (230 ft) which is over a 300% increase. We organized and pushed back, got over 5,000 people to sign our petition, so the developer withdrew the application with the promise of coming back when he got local elected support. Now a year later an even larger development is being proposed by developer Bruce Eichner, who wants to build 42 stories in a height limited zone of 6/7 story, that is even closer than Cornell Reality to BBG. Now that Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo is no longer facing an election year, (this is her last term) and the developer Eichner has been reported to have given money to all of the local elected officials it appears that he will not be withdrawing his application. In the meantime, Cornell Reality is simply waiting in the wings to see what happens so that he too can re-apply with his application. Please sign our petition and let our Elected officials know that we care about our sunlight, our air, our public spaces and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  Tell them to say NO! to this development.  Let them know that we will fight this both in the streets and in the courts.  That we vow to only support elected officials that support our causes and protect our public assets. Help us preserve and protect this valuable public greenspace, where over 900,000 people a year visit! If you want more information about this, please go to Or call (718) 703-3086. Further Things You Can Do to Support Please support Our Fundraiser. We need to prepare our own Shadow Study and prepare for a legal challenge.  For more information please click here. Please write an email to Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo telling her to say NO to this proposed development at Come to The Community Board 9 meetings on this Rezoning Proposal and Say No! Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 7 pm - Community Board 9 Land Use Committee meeting - at Carroll Community Garden Center, across the street from 890 Nostrand Ave.  bet. President and Carroll st. Tuesday, March 27 , 2017 - 7 pm - Community Board 9 General Board Meeting,  at MS 61 - 400 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn N.Y. 11225 Volunteer Your Time!  Call (718) 703-3086 - Find Out What Else You Can Do!  Please make a Donation

FLAC - Flower Lovers Against Corruption
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Tell Congress not to cut funding that protects family farmers & hungry Americans!

The Farm Bill is the most important and comprehensive piece of food and farm legislation in the United States. In 2018, family farmers, the environment, and all Americans could suffer major losses if the Farm Bill is not adequately funded and passed this year. We’re asking Congress to pass a Farm Bill in 2018 that helps all Americans, and to provide sufficient funding so that the programs actually work. The Farm Bill is critical to family farmers and ranchers because it covers: Programs that help keep food producers on the land during times of environmental and economic uncertainty Trade relationships and food exports Federal loan programs that help food producers access financial resources necessary to maintain their operations Programs to ensure the future of American agriculture by training and supporting beginning and socially disadvantaged producers The Farm Bill isn’t just for farmers – it affects consumers, rural communities, and the environment too: Helps farmers implement practices to mitigate and adapt to climate change Funds essential programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that make food affordable for vulnerable populations Backs programs that help rural communities thrive by bolstering economic growth and improving quality of life. But the success of the Farm Bill depends on two things: funding and timing. If Congress fails to pass the Farm Bill within the year, many of these important programs are at risk of expiring, leaving family farmers and hungry Americans without crucial support. Even if it is passed in 2018, if the programs don’t receive adequate funding, they won’t be able to do what they’re supposed to do - secure our nation’s food supply and natural resources, support our rural communities, and feed our hungry. Sign this petition to ask for a Farm Bill that’s fully funded and passed on time – and join Farmers Union to fight for a food system that works for all of us.

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Petition to Ms. Martinez

Stop Red Pandas From Becoming Endangered

Red panda populations are on the decline in the wild. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species classifies red pandas as "vulnerable," and estimates that their numbers may have decreased by as much as 40 percent over the last 50 years due to massive habitat loss in their native Nepal, northern Myanmar (Burma) and central China. Poaching and human encroachment are also to blame. Red panda pelts can be found in many local markets in China, where the species is most aggressively hunted. Like almost all endangered animals, loss of habitat is one of the main reasons for red pandas' dwindling numbers. Red panda habitats, namely Himalayan forests, are being cut down at an alarming rate each year. Usually, these forests are cleared due to logging operations or to convert the forested area into farmland where crops can be grown and cattle can graze. Poaching is common enough to be a severe problem for red pandas. Their bright, reddish fur and striped tails make them prime targets for those who would sell their pelts for profit. In certain rural areas, hats made from red panda fur were traditionally worn as good luck tokens for special occasions. Some people insist on carrying on this tradition, despite it being illegal. Poachers also kill red pandas due to the mistaken belief that certain red panda body parts have medicinal properties. Red pandas are appealing animals. They're widely considered to be cute and personable. While it is good that people are fascinated by red pandas and want to learn more about them, there is also a downside to red pandas' popularity: namely, people who like red pandas so much that they want to keep them as pets. While it may seem fun to keep a red panda as a pet, it is horrible idea because red pandas are not domesticated animals. Unlike dogs or cats, they have not been bred to deal with the stress of captivity. This stress usually leads pet red pandas to become fearful and aggressive toward their owners. Unlike domesticated animals, they cannot be properly trained and require a highly specialized diet. Most pet red pandas die due to a lack of proper care. Since all pet red pandas are illegally stolen from the wild, the illegal pet trade has had a devastating effect on red pandas' wild population.

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Petition to World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund MUST protect more species than just charismatic megafauna!

With Earth Day coming up, many humans around the world are donating so much to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, which touts itself as the largest conservation organization in the world. But do not let this arrogance and self-pride fool you. The WWF is massively biased, that its members dedicate their heart to popular but clichéd species, such as elephants, rhinos, tigers, orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, polar bears, pangolins, dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks. In fact, most of these species are classified as only Vulnerable(VU) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN). In great contrast, Critically Endangered(CR) species that are at a MUCH greater risk of extinction, from the pygmy hog(Porcula salvania) to the Chinese giant salamander(Andrias davidianus) to the American burying beetle(Nicrophorus americanus) to the ploughshare tortoise(Astrochelys yniphora)to the Antiguan racer snake(Alsophis antiguae) to the delta smelt(Hypomesus transpacificus) and to the Asimina tetramera, are not even featured on the World Wildlife Fund's priority species and are left to die and be forgotten. The WWF MUST recognize this blatant hypocrisy and extend its care to more species, and feature more than just charismatic megafauna on its website. The World Wildlife Fund's species are also what most would describe as "cute," or "beautiful," which can dangerously mislead people away from protecting uninteresting but equally important species, such as the Widdringtonia wallichii(Clanwilliam Cypress) and the Russian desman(Desmana moschata), as well as result in extremely disproportionate funding, compassion, and care. Appealing to the general population's interest in certain species also distracts people from the true importance of organisms, such as their niches and intrinsic values as living and deserving kindness.  Please sign this petition and show the World Wildlife Fund that you care, and that it is imperative they feature more priority species. While it is impossible to care for ALL endangered species, there are still some that require the utmost attention, once again, from the Hainan gibbon(Nomascus hainanus) to the Macedonian lacewing(Pseudochazara cingovskii) to the spotted handfish(Brachionichthys hirsutus) and to the Araucaria muelleri.   

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