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Petition to Judith Enck, Walter Mugdan, Lisa Jackson, Bob Martin, Glen Logan, Andy Hobbs, Samuel Thompson, President of the United States, New Jersey Governor

Save Ringwood State Park! Don’t let Ford Motor Company use it as a toxic landfill!

Save historic Ringwood State Park! Don’t let the government give it away to a notorious polluter! Tell our elected officials and the United States Environmental Protection Agency to require Ford Motor Company to clean up and restore this beloved jewel of the New Jersey State Park system, ensuring it remains as beautiful parkland - and not to a toxic waste landfill threatening the health and safety of the disadvantaged Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe. For background, as part of the cleanup of the Ringwood Mines/Landfill Superfund Site in Ringwood, New Jersey, the polluter, Ford Motor Company, is trying to take back State parkland so they can use it as a toxic dump for their poisonous sludge and drums of leaking chemicals. Ringwood State Park and the neighboring Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe homeland is dotted with former iron mines that once provided iron used in the construction of the United States Capitol Dome and the George Washington Bridge going into New York City. Yet recent testing shows these abandoned mines are leaking, and that the cancer-causing witches brew of toxic sludge and benzene could potentially impact the water supply for over 1 to 2 million people in this watershed! Unfortunately, Ford has been secretly lobbying behind closed doors with the state and federal governments to allow them to take this historic area so they can continue to use it for toxic waste disposal and long-term containment. The goal of this, of course, is to save this global polluter millions of dollars, with scarcely a concern for its impact on the environment and public health. This land belongs to the public! Don’t let them take our land away! Tell our government to REQUIRE Ford to remediate and restore it completely so we can enjoy a safe and healthy State parkland once again! For more info on this fight, visit: and

Edison Wetlands Association
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Petition to Smoothie King, Wan Kim, Brian Judge, Kevin King

Say No to Smoothie King Styrofoam

I'm a senior and a student-athlete in high school, and I love to have Smoothie King after a workout but hate their Styrofoam (EPS) cups.  I go to my local Smoothie King a lot, (my family might probably say too much!) and every time I finish my smoothie and drop my foam cup in the trash I feel so guilty knowing that its neither recyclable nor biodegradable material, so recently I decided to look a bit deeper into the issue.   Styrofoam is dangerous to the health of our environment and potentially our own health; thus, cities like New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, and countless others have banned the use of Styrofoam products.  EPS - aka expanded polystyrene - (or Styrofoam by its brand name) is made from styrene which is classified as "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen", and workers who create EPS are exposed to benzene, a known carcinogen.  Not only is it dangerous to us, Styrofoam has also been found in several studies in the bodies of marine organisms as a result of its extremely long lifetime. In 2012, Jamba Juice pledged to go Styrofoam-free after a successful petition, and I'm hoping that Smoothie King will have the same foresight as part of their vision to become an "integral part of every health and fitness plan".  Materials that are toxic to our environment and the organisms around us, as well as our own wellbeing, only serve to hinder their mission. Instead, possible alternatives include paper (uses renewable resources such as trees and water and can be made with post consumer material) and other more recyclable plastics, including polypropylene, which Dunkin Donuts has chosen to replace their foam cups with.  In addition, another profitable solution could be the implementation of a reusable cup program, similar to the successful program utilized by Starbucks.  Let's get rid of Styrofoam nationwide.  Join me in saying no to Styrofoam!  Let's opt for products made from renewable resources, or more readily recyclable materials, and choose to reuse.  Watch my short video for more information on the consequences of Styrofoam on the world we live in.  We must take action together to protect our home - there is no Planet B.

Laura Chen
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Petition to Bill Clarkson, Dave Hudson, Harry Sachs, Phil O'Loane, Scott Perkins

Stop the Sale of Mudd's Beautiful Land

Neighbors, Our City Council recently voted, behind closed doors and without a public hearing, to continue negotiations to sell one of the most beautiful pieces of land in San Ramon—the site of the old Mudd's Restaurant. There is no other spot in San Ramon that is so wild and yet so accessible. It is right off Crow Canyon, but when you are there the noise and traffic feel a million miles away. It was bought by the City in 2008 for over $2 million using taxpayer dollars to be a public park, and now they are trying to sell it. Because it has been allowed to go into disrepair, the current appraisal is only $1.2 mil. WE own this land! IF they sell it, the City will only get less than $50K for their investment of $2 mil plus costs like fencing it, removing trees and fixing a mudslide. What will WE get? Another office building, more traffic. What will we lose? 2+ acres of absolutely gorgeous land, peace and quiet, space for our children, pets, an afternoon stroll. The old parking lot alone has 22 heritage trees ranging in diameter from 15"to over 36". It is surrounded on 3 sides by a creek that still is running (with rapids!) in June. And, it adjoins the Crow Canyon Community Garden and picnic area—another 7.5-acres. Put together, we would have a magnificent 10-acre park with a beautiful community center (the architecture of the old Mudd's building is stunning) and shaded BBQ areas. City leaders are saying they have to sell as part of the State unwinding of its Redevelopment Agency. But they don't. They could insist on their rights to keep it, they could buy it back, they could exchange it for another piece of land they own which has no delicate habitats (like creeks) and no mature native trees. It was bought to be a park and should remain a park. Please sign below to tell our Mayor and Council to stop the negotiations and look for alternatives to save this irreplaceable land.  Here's What You Can Do Now Stay informed: click on Settings and tell Change to send you updates about Mudd's as they are posted. Help us get to 3000 signatures by posting the link to this petition on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere, and emailing it to your friends and neighbors. Here is the short link: Thanks for taking a stand to save our city from turning into a concrete jungle. Franette Armstrong Citizen’s Coalition for the Preservation of Mudd’s PS: Scroll down a bit to see all the updates and articles posted!  

Franette Armstrong
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Petition to Sen. Thibodeau and Rep. Gideon Maine State Legislature

Save Frenchman Bay and Acadia National Park Maine from a Mega Cruise Ship Pier!

[ETA 2: Please read our latest update "Some sad news." We will continue to make our voices heard.] [ETA: please read update entitled "Really Great News" before you sign. The Committee voted to continue the discussion on LD#1400 till January. We have time to breathe, but the fight and this petition are no less important.] The cruise ship lines have Frenchman Bay and Acadia National Park Maine in their sights for further development. They would like Bar Harbor, which is the closest town to the Park, to build a pier capable of docking two 1000' long, 200' tall cruise ships at a time. And NO environmental impact study has been done at this time.  As it is now, without a pier, 171 cruise ship visits are scheduled for 2017. 226,000 visitors. That's plenty. We are against LD 1400 in the Maine State Legislature.  It calls for the emergency establishment of a Bar Harbor Port Authority.  A port authority will enable millions of dollars in bonds to be raised in order to finance this $30-40,000,000 project.  In our opinion, development of the pier will demand more and more cruise ships to come into Frenchman Bay, to pay for this infrastructure and as a ROI. The largest cruise ships can carry up to 6,000 tourists and crews of 2000 each. The proposed pier would allow up to two mega cruise ships to dock at Bar Harbor each day, so together they could allow up to 10,000 day tripping tourists per day to land at Bar Harbor. This is in addition to existing cruise ships that already anchor in the Bay--taller than the Porcupine Islands in the Bay, that you see pictures of above. We petitioners hereby express our strongest possible opposition to a Port Authority which--in our opinion--will lead to the development of this up to 1/2 mile long mega pier in Bar Harbor.  And once again, NO environmental impact study is being done at this time. We support ecological sanity for Frenchman Bay and surrounding areas. We believe that more cruise ships would be bad for Bar Harbor businesses, bad for the physical health of Bar Harbor residents, and a national travesty for Acadia National Park, the only National Park in the entire New England region. BAD FOR BAR HARBOR BUSINESSES Large numbers of mega cruise ship day-tripping tourists flooding into Bar Harbor, MDI and Acadia National Park would cause significant disruption: traffic, noise, congestion, lines. These nuisances would result in a worse quality of tourism for the thousands of overnight tourists.  In our opinion, If mega cruise ship day tripping tourists overwhelm Bar Harbor and Acadia, overnight tourists will go elsewhere. Overnight tourists spend locally 10 times more per day than cruise ship tourists, so such cruise ships jeopardize the very lifeblood of Bar Harbor and greater Frenchman Bay: tourism. BAD FOR OUR HEALTH Mega cruise ships are like floating cities. They are significant sources of pollution, especially air pollution from the 24-hour running of electricity generators. Summer time prevailing winds would blow this pollution directly into Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. In addition, more mega cruise ships and the building of the pier would create other pollution, including noise, silt disruption from dredging, and inevitable effluent discharges. The pier will be extraordinarily brightly lit 24/7 for security purposes. In our opinion, the cruise ship industry is not necessarily well known for its ecological stewardship. Our area is well known and treasured for its Dark Skies, itself a compelling reason for many to come to the beauty that is Frenchman Bay and DownEast Maine. A NATIONAL TRAVESTY For more than 10,000 years, humans have visited the coastal edge of Frenchman Bay to gaze with awe at the beautiful island and its mountains. The United States recognized this treasure by creating Acadia National Park, the only National Park in New England. The majesty of a National Park is completely incompatible with even more mega cruise ships, a brightly lit mega pier and thousands of point-specific day tripping tourists. Would anyone favor up to 50 Boeing 757 flights per day to the rim of the Grand Canyon or El Capitan in Yosemite? That is the equivalent of two mega cruise ships docking at Bar Harbor, literally across the road from Acadia National Park. This petition asks the Maine State Legislature to reject LD 1400, whose sole purpose is to create an Emergency Port Authority so that the mega pier can be built for the cruise ship industry. And once again--NO environmental impact study has been done in advance. Thank you for your support in signing our letter. We know so many of you treasure your moments at Acadia National Park and DownEast Maine.

Sarah Steinhardt
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