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Petition to Senator Tommy Morrison (34th Guam Legislature), Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo, Speaker BJ Cruz, Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje, Congressman Rob Bishop, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, Senator Regine Biscoe Lee, Senator Tom Ada, Senator Joe T. San Agustin, Senator Telena Nelson, Senator Michael San Nicolas, Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Senator Frank Aguon, Senator James Espaldon, Senator Mary Torres, Senator Louise Muna, Senator Wil Castro, Senator Fernando Esteves

Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian and Oppose Degradation and Militarization of Native Lands

We, the Guam-based group Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian, are a direct action group dedicated to the protection of natural and cultural resources in all sites identified for DOD live-fire firing training on Guam. We oppose the establishment of any military firing range and align our efforts with other regional movements working to prevent environmental degradation and destruction on sacred and native lands. Our work promotes the continued pursuit for return of ancestral lands. We protest the signing of the Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (INRMP) that would allow the construction of the Live-Fire Training Range Complex (LFTRC) at Andersen Air Force Base.  We vehemently protest the detrimental impacts that the firing range would have on the ancient village of Litekyan (Ritidian), Urunao, and Jinapsan and all of the species, endangered or otherwise,  within the Guam Wildlife Refuge.  We protest the signing of the INRMP for the following reasons: 1.     There is an ongoing Earthjustice lawsuit seeking to set aside the 2010 and 2015 Records of Decision regarding the relocation of the Marines from Okinawa to the Guam because the Department of Defense found no other alternatives for the move and also did not create a single Environmental Impact Statement for various projects it would involve. 2.     Of the options considered, building the LFTRC at the Northwest Field would be the most destructive option to the environment, the natural and cultural resources, and to the communities surrounding the area.  3.     The 2010 and 2015 Records of Decision underestimate or leave out the impacts of endangered species in the Refuge Overlay of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge.  4.     Mitigation efforts are not sufficient to protect endangered species.  Avoidance of adverse effects stemming from the construction and operation of live-fire ranges is the only option. 5.     The LFTRC poses a tremendous risk of contaminating Guam’s primary fresh water resource – the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer (NGLA). 6.     The impact on ancestral and historic sites cannot be mitigated because many of the resources at the site still remain in pristine, undisturbed condition and are still being studied.  Furthermore, Litekyan/Ritidian is a sacred site for native people and a place of spiritual connection to their ancestors. 7.     The construction of the LFTRC constitutes an environmental injustice to the indigenous people of Guam, the Chamorro people, and further disempowers native communities through militarization and contamination of native lands. Please sign our petition to divert the LFTRC and the signing of the INRMP, which would have a devastating impact on the people and land of Guåhan.   For more information, please email:   

Save Ritidian
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Petition to Audubon Soc

Save Colorado Mountain Wildlife

Please help educate the public on caring for our parks, wildlife, forests and mountain ecosystems. While searching for educational links with which to include in a recent letter encouraging neighbors to protect wildlife, I found very little information from the very organizations one would expect to find helpful ideas. In addition, the letter received zero response from our community, so I decided to reach out to those who care.  In just ten years once peaceful areas in the Colorado Rocky Mountains have become polluted with traffic noises, speeding cars, motorcycles, toxic waste due to overdevelopment which causes unnecessary wildlife deaths and the decline of our beautiful Rocky Mountain ecosystem. With the building of more and more neighborhoods comes the use of toxic chemicals such as certain types of paint, paint thinners, deck stain and sealants, insecticides which kill native pollinators such as bees, moths and butterflies and rodent poisons which in turn poison their natural predators, such as the red fox. Mountain trails are commonly littered with plastics, styrofoam, and dog droppings, and dogs are often allowed to bark incessantly and run loose in neighborhoods killing native rabbits, squirrels and other defenseless creatures. In addition, many pets left to roam are sometimes attacked and eaten by larger mammals natural to the environment. The toxic runoff of hazardous chemicals leaching into waterways is poisoning aquatic wildlife and delicate mountain vegetation. All of the above and many more hazardous practices besides must not be allowed to continue in any natural environment. There must be guidelines and new laws to stop overdevelopment, needless fires, toxic waste, and any disregard for wildlife. Help us gain the attention of Colorado politicians, help us educate tourists and people who care to save and restore the balance of nature in the Rocky Mountains. Thank you!

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