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Petition to Hon. George Heyman, Hon. Michelle Munger, Tom Shypitka

No to Bingay Coal Mine!

For info visit: No Bingay Bingay will bring imminent harm to the animals dependent on this vital, wildlife corridor such as Badgers, Big Horn Sheep, Cougars, Coyotes, Grey Wolves, Grizzly & Black Bears, Lynx, Squirrels, plus (58 confirmed) Birds species that breed within these boundaries. Within these locations are Old Growth Forests, important Wetlands and a number of creeks, streams, rivers and lakes with spawning Fish, Amphibians and Reptiles that will ultimately suffer irreparable damage by Bingay coal mine. The proposed Bingay Coal Mine will be 21 km north of Elkford and within the Elk Valley of British Columbia. Selenium levels are 100 to 200 times higher downstream from mountain coal mines. “Clint Muhlfeld,” an aquatic ecologist at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Glacier National Park field office, said “There are several indicators that the Elk River is nearing or has already exceeded a critical tipping point. Selenium is a ticking time bomb, and its effects are being realized all the way down the transboundary river system and into Lake Koocanusa,” Muhlfeld told the Flathead Beacon. At completion, Bingay Coal Mine will be more than a square kilometre in area, and up to 500 metres deep. Before operations begin there must be new road construction plus building railways to transport its coal out of the Elk Valley. There will be constant devastation, noises and chaos to the forests disrupting and deafening every little thing that lives there. Ultimately it will be just another DEAD ZONE. Say NO to Bingay Coal Mine and share, share, share!  

Deborah Jardine
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Petition to Lee Swanson, B.Sc. M.A.

Shediac Bridge Residents Against the Seagull Condo Resort

The purpose of this petition is to clearly voice the will of the community against the Seagull Condo Resort project in Indian Point, Shediac Bridge, New Brunswick. The Beaubassin Ouest permit process asks the residents to voice their concerns but does not ask the residents whether they want this development in their neighborhood. By signing this petition you are expressing your decision against the proposed Seagull Condo Resort project. Subject: Seagull Condo Project Concerns         Please find below a list of concerns raised pertaining to the proposed Seagull Condo Project. 1)       Waste Water Treatment System: The description for the Water Treatment System appears to understate the effluent to be treated by this major residential project. The site would have difficulty qualifying for 3 ordinary residential homes. It seems that 33 condo units, expecting some 66 to 99 occupants, would overwhelm the capacity of this relatively small lot for such a project. The lot is approximately 195mX70m. History has recorded regular high water levels at the entrance to the Shediac River. The design of the “water treatment system” must assure that it is above the 100 year flood level. The Shediac River is not pristine and in fact already contains high levels of coliform bacteria and other contaminants. The location of the “Water Treatment System” proposed for close to the shore at a point where overflow and runoff would settle in the enclosed small cove, cut off by the approach to the nearby bridge. 2)      Domestic Water service: The requirements for potable water for 33 condo units must be accurately determined before any further work is allowed to proceed. Given the proximity of local residences, existing wells would likely be impacted and could even render the closer wells dry. In addition, the draw rate for water for 60 or more people could easily surpass the capacity of the 2 proposed wells and could even draw salt water into the proposed wells and into nearby wells. 3)      Vehicular and pedestrian traffic: Traffic generated by more than 66 residents plus their visitors could cause congestion. i)        Will Parking arrangements be provided for the visitors, especially in the summertime, not to further congest the already narrow Indian Point Rd.? 4)      Boating facilities: Promotional material for the Seagull Project indicates plans for boating facilities. i)        Will this include waste water dumping? ii)       Will fueling services be provided? Many questions need to be addressed including what type of boating and water use is expected. 5)      Noise Pollution/Safety: Such a project might be permissible within a municipality where roads, sewerage and water services would be available. It is a far different matter to have such a project in a rural setting. The safety, security, peace and enjoyment of existing residents and owners must be considered before any further permits are granted. 6)      Project Supervision: Current work should be closely monitored to assure that all demolition waste is disposed of in accordance with environmental laws and regulations along with proper implementation of the waste water management system, wells and building project. 7)      Snow Removal: It‘s a been an ongoing concern about the current issues around snow clearing/removal on the Indian Point Rd. The narrow road has caused some problems with the accumulation of snow such as high banks, a further narrowing of the road and flooding from snow melt during warm periods. There’s a concern that the Seagull Condo Resort development will further encroach on Indian Point Rd. exacerbating the current snow removal problem mentioned above. i)        What is the snow management plan for the Seagull Condo Resort?   It  is respectfully requested that a full Environmental Impact Assessment be required as is provided for in the case of a “major residential development in a rural setting” and that sufficient information be made fully available for full public consultations on this 33 Condo Unit Project. Shediac Bay is far from pristine. Still with efforts such as those by the Shediac Bay Watershed Authority improvements are being achieved. One has to note reports over the summer of 2016 that show less than acceptable conditions. Parlee Beach has been of particular concern. A major residential project in a rural setting can seriously contribute even more damaging impacts on the fragile state of the Shediac River and of the whole of Shediac Bay. Finally, the recreational zoning that allowed for the existing Seagull Motel that has been closed for many years does not allow for a major residential development project. It must be required to follow the process of rezoning so that all aspects can be examined by the authorities and the taxpayers and residents. Simply adding that some “tourists” might also use the Condos does not constitute recreational or similar use.

Indian Point Community Committee
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Petition to Cam Guthrie, Dan Gibson, Bob Bell, Andy Van Hellemond, Christine Billings, Mike Salisbury, Mark MacKinnon, Karl Wettstein, Cathy Downer, Leanne Piper, James Gordon, Phil Allt, June Hofland

Ditch the Single-Use Plastic Bags, Guelph!

Whereas studies by the World Economic Forum, the European Commission, and the United Nations Environment Programme have concluded that single-use plastic bags have negative impacts on the environment; Whereas the Government of Canada signed the Paris Agreement, and most recently committed towards a G7 plastics charter, and cities such as Guelph have the abilities to help relieve the environmental impact in our community and on a global scale; Whereas over a trillion single-use bags are used every year, over 12 billion barrels of oil are processed each year for making single-use plastic bags, and 46 000 bits of plastic are floating around in every square mile of the ocean; Whereas single-use plastic bags can take anywhere from 20 to 1000 years to decompose; Whereas 94% of all birds on the shores of the North Sea showed signs of plastic in their stomachs; and, Whereas cities such as Victoria, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Mexico City, and countries such as Australia, Bangladesh and Rwanda, are establishing bans or have done so already, and have shown that bans have contributed positively to both businesses and the environment; Be It Resolved that we, the undersigned, call upon the Corporation of the City of Guelph to impose a ban upon the distribution of single-use plastic bags from grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants and other businesses within the City of Guelph.

Plastic Free Guelph
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