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Petition to Starbucks, Kevin Johnson

Starbucks, we know you can make a #BetterCup

Our names are Mya and Eve and we are 11-year old students in Grade 6 attending school in Calgary. A science project of ours on single-use disposable cups revealed shocking facts and we think it’s time to act. We surveyed 167 people from different backgrounds to know how many single-use cups they throw away. Our findings indicate that on average, 155 cups get thrown in the trash per person, per year. We also did some research and found that 430 billion single-use disposable cups are thrown in the trash each year around the world, this is about 140,000 each second. We also found that every year, Starbucks distributes over 4 billion single-use cups to customers, which means that 1 million trees are cut down to provide the paper. Most people think that these cups are recyclable, but that’s not always true. In Canada alone, over 1.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year. These numbers are extremely concerning to us. The waste adds to the landfill and much of it gets incinerated which contributes to climate change. We asked people to bring their own reusable mugs; however, when we look around, many people are still purchasing their coffees without bringing their own mugs. We urge Starbucks to lead the way towards a more sustainable future. We know you can do this! We join other organizations, including Stand Earth, and citizens from around the world, to ask you to: Recommit to 100% recyclable cups. In 2008, you had the goal to serve a recyclable cup by 2015. That did not happen and today, billions of your cups still go straight to the garbage. The plastic lining inside your cups makes it almost impossible to recycle with regular paper. We ask you to please develop a cup that can be recycled across North America and around the world with the existing technology in recycling facilities. Recommit to 25% reusable cups. Reusable cups are the most responsible approach, but currently, we have found that you serve less than 2% of your hot drinks in reusable mugs. Please create more incentives and engage more people in this project. Commit to 100% recycled. Currently, 90% of the paper in each Starbucks cup is made from trees that are cut, used once, and then thrown away. We know you can change this. On the path toward 100% recycled/tree-free cups, Starbucks has the opportunity to be a leader and shift toward more sustainable fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Please sign this petition to support our initiative.  For the sake of our forests, our climate, and the only planet we have, it’s time to #BreakFreeFromPlastic and make a #BetterCup. We love our earth, our home. Thank you!

Gina Ko
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Petition to Don Iveson, Scott Mckeen, Andrew Knack, Bev Esslinger, Jon Dziadyk, Aaron Paquette, Sarah Hamilton, Tony Caterina, Ben Henderson, Tim Cartmell, Michael Walters, Mike Nickel, Mohinder Banga

Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban in the City of Edmonton

Free plastic bags are polluting the world's oceans, our rivers, our landscape and our food chain. As responsible earthlings, we need to reduce the number of bags making their way into the waste stream and the environment. Single-use plastic bags waste valuable resources, cause pollution when they are being manufactured, and are a sad legacy for future generations. The City of Edmonton prides itself on its 'world class' recycling program and does a good job diverting 'waste' to be reused or broken down to use the resources. Would it not be wiser to reduce the amount of waste going into the waste stream than having to spend resources coping with the volume of the waste stream? Can we not do better? I call upon you, and every other Edmontonian, to sign this petition so that our councilors and mayor may see that there is a lot of concern by the citizens of our city to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags being used in our city. Plastic bags are one of the largest components of plastic contaminants in our oceans. When plastic bags make their way into our waterways they break down to small micro-plastic particles that get into the food web. Plastic does not disappear.  Let's be responsible earthlings and citizens of our planet and stop polluting our common home. It is time that Edmonton joins the many municipalities, states, and countries across this planet that have banned the use of single-use bags. We have started a Facebook group to rally around and to bring together people to work on this campaign. Please consider joining our Facebook group.  

Michael Kalmanovitch
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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Its time to seek justice in Canada. Get rid of of the Tar Sands!

I am deeply concerned about the Tar Sands being a huge environmental destructor. The tar sands have literally ruined forests, polluted streams, killing wildlife, and have created a higher level of aboriginals with cancer. I have a deep concern with the Tar Sands, and these are the reasons why. Fort Chipewyan lies north of the oil sands, and they have had an increase of cancer in their people and more and more of their people die from it each year. I have noticed that the Chippewans  that were interviewed in the documentary Tipping Point, talked about their health worsening since the oil sands have been there.  I urge you to help bring justice back into Canada. I am a person who really cares about the Boreal Forest, along with the thousands of other people, but listen. It is being clear cutted by the hectares for the operation of the Tar Sands. The Tar Sands are polluting the environment that is destroying every wildlife that's in it. The  oil that comes from the Tar Sands have killed practically all the fish in the waters near the Tar Sands, the rest of the fish that are living are mutated. Studies have shown the fish that are in the waters there have had high levels of lead, bitumin, and oil in them. Studies have also shown that the snow that lies on top of the river in the winter, contains a really high level of oil, and lead. This lead and oil that is caused by the Tar Sands have killed many birds, as well as many types of fish. This land is very important to the aboriginal people, and the Tar Sands are destroying it.  I urge you to help challenge this injustice that is happening in Canada. It is a leading source of air pollution in North America. It has increased global warming and is ruining this earth for generations to come, for our children and the children after them.  We as people have two choices in life. To seek justice in Canada, for the better of this country, or just to sit and see it crumble in problems. It is up to us to bring back the order and justice in Canada, and we as people by signing this petition help bring back the justice that is needed in Canada.  So please, help bringing justice in Canada by signing this petition, and help stop the oportation of the Tar Sands

Tanner Bergsma
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Petition to Maurizio Bevilacqua, Tony Carella, Mario Ferri, Gino Rosati, Sunder Singh, Marilyn Iafrate, Rosanna DeFrancesca, Sandra Yeung Racco, Alan Shefman, Steven DelDuca, Daiene Vernile, Bill Mauro, Kathleen Wynne, Francesco Sorbara, Mélanie Joly, Wayne Emmerson, Nathalie Des Rosiers, Chris Ballard

Say NO to the Development of The Country Club Golf Course (Board of Trade)

The Country Club (formally known as The Board of Trade Golf Course) is a golf course set amongst the rolling hills of the Humber Valley within the heart of Woodbridge, Ontario.  Recently, a proposal to develop a hundred acres of the golf course with over 600 mixed homes, including townhomes, was revealed to the public. The Country Club opened in 1965 and was originally known as the Board of Trade Golf Course.  The course is an 18-hole championship course designed by the much-admired Canadian architect Howard Watson.  Later, Arthur Hills, Arnold Palmer's most famous design partner, modified the golf course.  Throughout its time, The Country Club was host to many prestigious amateur and professional tournaments, such as the 1967 Carling World won by Billy Casper, and the 1986 du Maurier Classic, at the time an LPGA major championship, and the Canadian Amateur Championship. The Country Club is a vast green space that is a part of the Humber River Valley system and a natural heritage site of the local community.  It is a place of beauty in all four seasons, providing beautiful vistas along the winding bends of Clarence Avenue.  It is a refreshing urban oasis for all, with wetlands in adjoining valleys and habitat for all sorts of wildlife, including many species that are at risk, such as the Bank Swallow, Eastern Wood-Pewee and endangered bat species, to name a few. This vast green space is a serene setting that gives a sense of well-being and calm in our busy lives.  There is growing evidence that we gain specific physical and mental health benefits from living in clean, healthy ecosystems and from having access to natural areas and biodiversity.  While mental illness is one of the leading causes of disability in Canada, the destruction of this magnificent green space irreversibly takes away one of the most effective treatments of stress and anxiety known to mankind! The City of Vaughan protects its architectural heritage, its century homes such as the Wallace House on Woodbridge Avenue, and celebrates its rural past with its Agricultural Fair in the Fall.  Its Regional Official Plan also prohibits development of the green lands within the city, for which this golf course is a part!  The proposed development of The Country Club disregards this natural and historic heritage.  The development will add some 2000 new residents, 1200 additional vehicles, and all sorts of service vehicles to the already congested local streets.  Several thousands of healthy, mature trees that populate the golf course will have disappeared as the current bylaws that protect them will certainly have been defiled. The beauty, heritage, and legacy of the Woodbridge core will be gone forever! This petition calls upon the City of Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Councillors, York Region Chair Wayne Emmerson, the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, Member of Provincial Parliament for Vaughan Steven DelDuca, Provincial Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Nathalie Des Rosiers, Provincial Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Chris Ballard, Provincial Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport Daiene Vernile, Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs Bill Mauro, Member of Parliament for Vaughan-Woodbridge Francesco Sorbara, and Federal Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly to oppose the development of The Country Club by recognizing how invaluable it is to our cultural and natural heritage. SIGN THE PETITION TO OPPOSE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE COUNTRY CLUB  (THE BOARD OF TRADE GOLF COURSE)!

Keep Vaughan Green
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