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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, New York State House, New York State Senate, Catharine Young, John Flanagan, Jos_ M. Serrano, Dan Quart, New York Governor, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Kathy Hochul, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, John E. Brooks, Todd D. Kaminsky, James Sanders, Jr., David Carlucci, Jamaal T. Bailey, New York, Fred Thiele Jr.

Amend the New York State Constitution to recognize legal rights for nature

We call upon the State of New York to amend its constitution to recognize legal rights for nature. Please support this initiative to ensure that we leave a healthy planet to future generations! Our flawed legal system treats nature as property. We injure both nature and people by treating the natural world as a resource to fuel incessant economic growth. And our environmental laws merely slow but never reverse the degradation. Nature sustains all life -- including our own. To protect it, we must elevate its status under the law.  There is a global movement to recognize legal rights of nature. Already, two countries and dozens of municipalities worldwide recognize nature's rights. Some governments and courts even recognize certain rivers as legal persons, including in New Zealand and Colombia. Rights for nature means inalienable rights, legal guardians, and restoration to health. This is the next great rights-based movement. Rights of nature follows in the footsteps of other rights-based movements that transformed society -- including universal human rights, women's rights, the abolishment of slavery, civil rights, and others. Even corporations have rights, so why not nature? New York State can be a model for the country and world. New York has long been a leader in the environmental movement, from the New Yorker publishing Silent Spring in 1962 to protecting the Hudson through landmark legal victories to the hosting the People's Climate March in 2014. By becoming the first state to recognize nature's rights, New York will inspire other governments to do the same.

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Petition to Edward Bastian, Delta Air Lines, Mike Hhogan, United States Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, J.E. SullivanJ.E. Sullivan Administrative Law Judge, Leah Sirmin, Oscar Munoz

Ban Air Fresheners on all United States Airlines

As of now passengers don't have any rights in terms of allergies and taking air transportation. I am creating this petition so that new laws can be implemented giving those that suffer from allergies, chronic illness, and asthma the ability to fly without fear of hospitalization, illness, or death. It has been confirmed that United Airlines and Delta Airlines (among others) push artificial scent through their ventilation system. These fragrances include lavender and chamomile among other non-confirmed scents. Although these can be calming to some to those that have life threatening allergies and illnesses such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) this could result in hospitalization or death.  15% of the population in the United States have MCS, 50 million people also have allergies, and 25 million people have asthma. With these statistics, it is clear that allowing airlines to have scents pushed through their ventilation systems, sprayed on the plane, or in the bathrooms is a clear health risk. While the airlines can not control what passengers might be wearing in terms of perfume, they do have control over the use of fragrances by their crew. Based on these facts and statistics it is clear that a passengers health is more important than adding scents to the plane. Immediate removal of all artificial fragrances on these air craft carriers would stop Immediate removal of all artificial fragrances on these air craft carriers would stop unnecessary spending for the airlines based on the cost of the air fresheners. This would also allow for more passengers to fly without fear of illness, and without needing to wear a face mask to filter the scents.  If the crew and pilot make passenger safety their top priority then this should also include their health as well. Symptoms An allergic reaction to artificial scents can present in a multitude of symptoms, according to National Institutes of Health. The most common symptoms include skin rash, burning sensations in the eyes or throat, headache, hives, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, chills and difficulty breathing, anaphylaxis, and extreme vertigo. Those exposed are told to seek immediate medical attention especially if the person exposed needs to use their epi-pen.   If this were your child, your husband, your wife, or your grandparent would you want them to risk their life while flying? Many people with MCS and allergies live inside of their homes, without ever leaving because they fear that they might be triggered which many are every single day. While traveling is a privilege we need to make sure that those who do travel, the 75+ million people living with severe allergies are safe.

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