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Petition to Taylor Energy

Demand Taylor Energy plug this 14-year old oil spill

It’s the largest oil spill you’ve never heard of. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan sank an offshore oil rig owned by Taylor Energy. It’s been oozing oil into the Gulf of Mexico ever since. Soon it will surpass Deepwater Horizon as the worst offshore oil spill in American history. Taylor Energy has plugged one third of the wells, but has left the rest to leak into the Gulf. Now they are trying to get back $450 million they put into a trust and walk away from this crisis. Tell Taylor Energy to plug this oil spill, today. Adding insult to injury, the Trump Administration is planning to expand offshore oil leases along hurricane prone coasts. Spills like this could be our new normal if companies aren’t pressured and held accountable for negligence. Tell Taylor Energy to put a plug in it, this oil spill cannot continue. Located just 12 short miles off Louisiana’s coast, the Taylor Energy spill has been leaking roughly 10,000 to 30,000 gallons of oil everyday for 14 years. It’s spilled as much as 153 million gallons of oil to date. For perspective, Deepwater Horizon spilled between 134-206 million gallons of oil over an 87 day period. This September, the Department of Justice even had an independent study done to better understand the scope of the spill. It found that Taylor Energy had significantly underreported on the extent of the oil spill and overall damage. There’s a deadzone in the Gulf of Mexico that’s size of New Jersey. It’s the largest deadzone ever recorded. Offshore oil spills create fish die offs. It also harms Louisiana’s coastal economies like tourism and fishing. Pollution like this decreases the oxygen in waterways, suffocating all life in the Gulf. Demand Taylor Energy clean up this mess, plug this oil spill.

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Petition to Dianne Feinstein, Kamala D. Harris, Jerry Brown, Boeing, Senator Henry Stern, Barbara Lee, Mohsen Nazemi, Julia Brownley

No more kids with cancer: clean up the Santa Susana Field Lab

When my daughter Grace Ellen was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, at age four, I thought that our family had the worst, most devastating luck. But after spending months in the hospital with her, we learned that she was one of 50 children who may have been poisoned by one of the worst nuclear meltdowns in America. Sign to demand that the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) safely and completely clean the Santa Susana Field Lab and prevent any more children from getting cancer. Grace Ellen’s form of cancer is incredibly aggressive. At age four she was put on several clinical trials, had ten times the normal amount of chemotherapy, and spent two years fighting her cancer. A year and a half later her cancer came back. Today she’s inpatient again, having finished more radiation and intense chemotherapy, and is healing from a bone marrow transplant. She’s addicted to morphine, unable to eat or drink, and is fighting for her life in the hospital isolation floor. It haunts me to know her cancer might have been avoidable. She, like the other 49 children, grew up within 20 miles the Santa Susana Field Lab, land which was developed in the 1940s to conduct nuclear research. In 1959 an uncontained partial meltdown of a sodium reactor caused such a devastating radiation leak that many consider it to be the worst nuclear disaster in U.S. history –and it was completely covered up for years. Our community has up to 60% higher cancer rates, we have decades of EPA reports to prove it. But the Boeing Company, who partially owns the site, is proposing that the land be open to families for recreational use, even while the disaster has still not been cleaned up. It is the Department of Toxic Substance Control’s job to clean up this mess, but they aren’t taking any meaningful action. Instead they released an Environmental Impact Report that proposes to leave vast amounts of the radioactive and carcinogenic waste on site permanently.  They know our children are sick and dying, but Boeing doesn't care. They care about stockholders and profits more than people, and the government isn’t doing anything to stop them. I will protect my children even if I have to tear down mountains with my bare hands – and I am one of many parents fighting for our kids. To win this, we need our nation to stand with us to demand that DTSC clean up this disaster once and for all. Will you join us? #SantaSusana

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Petition to The Brazilian Government

Stop the Absorption of Brazil's Ministry of the Environment by the Ministry of Agriculture

International Opposition to the Absorption of Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment by the Ministry of Agriculture Jair Bolsonaro is currently taking steps to close down the Ministry of the Environment and merge it with the Ministry of Agriculture. Not only will this have a devastating impact on the livelihoods of small and mid-sized farm owners, it will also give carte blanche to large companies, both domestic and international, to destroy the most biologically diverse territories in the world. The world climate report already warned us this year that we have about 20 years left before the complete destruction of the earth if we do not reverse our reckless “development” of ecologically sensitive lands. The environmental impact of Bolsonaro’s decision is not only a threat to Brazilians, it is a threat to every single human being on earth, as we all depend upon the restoration and preservation of the Amazon in order to avoid a total collapse of the earth’s biosphere.  By signing below, you are stating that you are vehement opposition to ending the autonomy of Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment. Please share this petition with others in your circles.  Oposición internacional a la unificación del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente con el Ministerio de Agricultura en Brasil. El presidente electo de Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, está tomando medidas para cerrar el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y unificarlo con el Ministerio de Agricultura; esto no solo tendrá un impacto devastador para la vida de los pequeños y medianos propietarios de fincas, sino también dará la bienvenida a grandes empresas, tanto nacionales como internacionales, con el fin de destruir los territorios con mayor diversidad biológica del mundo. El informe de la ONU sobre el clima mundial ya nos advirtió éste año que nos quedan aproximadamente 20 años antes de la destrucción completa de la tierra si no revertimos nuestro "desarrollo" imprudente de las tierras ecológicamente sensibles. El impacto ambiental de la decisión de Bolsonaro no es sólo una amenaza para los brasileños, es una amenaza para cada ser humano en la tierra, ya que todos dependemos de la restauración y preservación de la Amazonía para evitar un colapso total de la biosfera de la tierra.  Al firmar abajo, usted se opone a acabar con la autonomía del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente de Brasil. Por favor comparta esta petición con otros.    

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Petition to Andrew Wheeler

Save the Clean Air Act and the air that you breathe!

As Americans, we don’t expect to be poisoned by the air we breathe. However, a proposed regulatory change could do exactly that, and allow for the lawful release of potentially toxic chemicals into the air.  This ruling should have all Americans concerned! The EPA has submitted a proposed regulatory change, titled “Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Revisions to the Refrigerant Management Program’s Extension to Substitutes”.  This regulatory change, if allowed to pass, could negatively affect the laws for working with refrigerants, which are chemicals predominately used by Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration “HVACR”, and home appliance (refrigerator, freezer, etc.) technicians. Technicians are required to be certified to purchase and work with refrigerants used in home appliance, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. These refrigerants, which are chemical substances, can be poisonous to humans, and harmful to the environment. Thankfully, technicians are required to capture the refrigerants to ensure they are not released into the air. However, if this new regulation passes, this can all change. After decades of improving the quality of the air we breathe, these newly proposed regulations will turn back the clock. For countless Americans, this could mean the difference between life and death. The solution is simple, tell the EPA you do not want them to pass “Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: Revisions to the Refrigerant Management Program’s Extension to Substitutes”.  However, the deadline for submitting comments is November 15, 2018.  Submit your comments at: There is also a bi-partisan bill in the Senate, S. 2448, the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act of 2018. Contact your state Senator and ask them to support it. While there are a great many things that divide Americans, clean, toxin-free air, should not be one of them. Tell the EPA to keep refrigerant in the hands of trained professions, inside of your air conditioner, and out of your air!  

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