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Petition to Waltham City Council, Mayor Jeannette A. McCarthy

Ban Plastic Bags in Waltham, MA

Boston has just recently taken the steps to ban one-use plastic bags in the city. Since Waltham has just given each household a recycling bin I believe the next step in fighting for our environment would be to ban plastic bags from our own city. Not only has Boston taken the action to ban plastic bags but other neighboring cities such as Watertown, Natick, and Newton have begun taking actions like Plastic Bag Reduction. Plastic bags are polluting the Charles River, our yards, streets, and parks and they are also not biodegradable. "Plastic bags are the biggest contaminants in the Recycling Industry today and shoppers have become pretty dependent on them. It’s tough to break a long-standing habit, but plastic bags are a hazard. They cause serious jams with the sorting machines, they take many years to break down, they get ensnared in the trees and, worse yet, they often wind up in the ocean where sea mammals mistake them for food and eat them. This is often fatal for the sea mammal. Plastic bags have become a serious environmental problem that the whole country is struggling with" (Waltham City Website). If Waltham was to make the decision to ban plastic bags we would be keeping our environment clean while also sending a message about the importance of environment protection. I hope you take a moment to sign this petition, Thank You! 

Emma Cardarelli
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Started 3 weeks ago

Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Tell Congress Clean Energy Jobs Are Not Bargaining Chips

Changing the tax code should not mean sacrificing American competitiveness, innovation and the incredible growth in clean energy jobs, currently helping to bolster our economy. Yet the tax reform legislation Congress is considering right now could seriously damage the jobs in solar, wind and energy efficiency – putting our future and the jobs of 3 million Americans at risk.  We cannot pay for tax breaks for the rich with the jobs of million of folks working in clean energy. Please sign this petition to tell Congress: Wind and Solar Energy: Do not repeal or change the previous agreement to extend and phase-out the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy and the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy.  Tax Equity Markets: Preserve the most common way of financing lean energy projects worth billions to state economies and millions of jobs by changing the current base erosion anti-abuse tax (BEAT) language in the bill and giving clean energy developers time to plan.  Other Renewables: Honor the previous agreement to extend the ITC deal to other clean energy technologies like geothermal energy and fuel cells. Energy Efficiency: Reinstate energy efficiency tax credits that support millions of jobs in construction and manufacturing Do not repeal an electric vehicle tax credit that saves consumers money at the pump and encourages innovation for American car makers Renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors create American jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. They save money for consumers and businesses alike. They drive innovation and competitiveness in our economy. Join E2 and help us tell Congress that America’s 3 million clean energy jobs are not bargaining chips to help pay for its misguided tax reform package. Lawmakers need to know that any legislation aimed at growing jobs and expanding business opportunities must include policies that provide certainty for these growing industries.

E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs)
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Started 1 month ago

Petition to FedEx, United States Postal Service, United Parcel Service,, eBay, Etsy

Support Plastic-Free Shipping & More Sustainable Alternatives

With the increased use and power of technology, people are able to communicate, share, sell, and purchase products globally. Now more than ever, we as consumers need to be conscientious of the effects of our choices. Online shopping is becoming more popular now than ever, and with this the use of shipping and delivery increases as well. Speaking as a consumer and a supporter of many online businesses, I hope these companies who provide goods and services will explore shipping alternatives that are plastic-free for the good of the environment.It is worrisome to order a small item online and see it arrive in excess plastic packaging. This was brought to my attention when a small business owner wrote about the materials used in their packaging: recycled paper tape, tissue paper, cardboard, and other forms of paper.These materials are entirely possible to be used in shipping and packaging- and they keep items just as safe, if not safer than the plastic packaging that many companies use. This will make a huge difference for our world and our environment. Every person’s garbage adds up, and as online shopping increases, our waste also increases. Shipping companies can offer these paper alternatives to their clients. Online companies that host small business owners and sellers can offer these suggestions to their users.At the end of the day, this would be the decision of the business owners themselves, but as I customer I would feel more confident in shopping at and supporting a business that offers this shipping & packaging alternative. Having an option available during checkout, offering incentives to businesses, or having sellers post this information in their description or product page would give consumers the ability to make environmentally conscious choices. This is a valuable alternative to explore and an important change to look into. This will reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic being used and being introduced into landfills and our environment. 

Sal C.
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