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Petition to Roseanna Cunningham, Jo O'Hara, Nicola Sturgeon

Save the Scottish wildcat by protecting Clashindarroch Forest!

The Scottish Wildcat is one of the rarest animals in the world; there are only 35 of them left on earth. A third of them live in the publicly owned Clashindarroch Forest in the Scottish Highlands, but they are in danger from logging by the Scottish Government’s Forestry Commission Scotland. If this doesn’t stop immediately, the wildcat will become extinct. I’ve always loved cats, and these wildcats - often dubbed the ‘Tigers of the Highlands’ - are particularly special to me. I'm a filmmaker and got to really know about them 12 years ago filming them for a wildlife documentary. Learning they were truly on the verge of extinction I knew I had to act and, with some expert help, I set up a project to protect and conserve them called Wildcat Haven. But now I need your help to keep them alive. Wildcat Haven have found 13 wildcats in this forest. It is their last and only known major stronghold and breeding site. But logging is taking place in the middle of kitten season, disturbing wildcat mothers, which could make them abandon or even eat their young. The logging will tear the wildcat population apart, and threaten many other rare animals that live in the forest alongside them. Please sign our petition urgently calling on the Scottish Government to immediately halt the logging and exploitation of Clashindarroch Forest to ensure the iconic Scottish wildcat survives. You can stay up to date on this campaign and the organisation that discovered these wildcats and wants to protect them, Wildcat Haven, at and also on

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Petition to 李嘉誠 , Li Ka-shing, A.S. Watson Group, Dominic Lai, CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, 長江和記實業有限公司 , PARKNSHOP, ,

Enough with the excuses, PARKnSHOP. We want change.

Dear PARKnSHOP,  Plastic has been an issue for a long time. Thankfully, over the past 6-12 months major stores are starting to take the leap into more and more sustainable packaging. With stores such as UK based Iceland pledging to remove all plastic packaging from their own products [1] and stores dedicating entire aisles to plastic free products [2] I am saddened to hear that you do not want to meet and discuss this issue in person and that you do not seem to be taking the growing trend of plastic free packaging seriously. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the lack of transparency between yourselves and us, the consumers, who have repeatedly voiced our concerns regarding plastic waste in Hong Kong. On 4 May 2018, at 12:18, I received an email from yourselves stating: We are aware of the use of plastic wrapping at supermarkets and we have been trying to strike the right balance between food quality, food safety and environmental concerns. We have urged our suppliers to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging and explore environmentally packaging materials. Yesterday (16 July 2018), You went on to state: For those fruit and vegetables shipped from overseas which need adequate protection to ensure the product quality, we are actively working with our suppliers to seek ways to reduce the plastic packaging without damaging the quality. And, for those highly vulnerable products that need extra protection, we are exploring with suppliers to use recyclable packaging materials. While you state you are ‘discussing’ this issue with your suppliers, I believe that it is simply unacceptable to continue to use this excuse, as you are quoted in a Hong Kong Free Press article [3] dated 25 February 2017 saying you [have] been urging suppliers to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging and explore environmentally friendly packaging materials The article went on to quote PARKnSHOP stating: We have also set up an internal task force to review the packaging of our fruit and vegetable products, and discuss ways to reduce packaging from different aspects. And this excuse goes even further back. A South China Morning Post Article [4] dated 19 May 2016, over two years ago, includes another worryingly familiar statement:  In general, organic fruits and vegetables are pre-packed to prevent cross-contamination with conventional products...We are reviewing the range of organic fruit and vegetables with a view to reducing packaging. How much longer will you continue this facade of ‘environmental awareness’? In your most recent email, you shared a link to your environmentally sustainable practices, including the promotion of ‘reduce, reuse & recycle’. [5] May I mention that a large percentage, if not all of the plastic packaging brought up in previous news articles, as well as a fair amount of Hong Kong citizens, is actually non-recyclable, in Hong Kong at least. I feel that mentioning this to somehow make up for the fact you have outright ignored our requests and responded with the same generic email for years, shows that you do not really care about your customers’ concerns. We, the consumers, hope that in the coming months you will be willing to being more transparent with your actions, and that we can work together in improving the environment as well as helping PARKnSHOP work on developing an eco-friendly image. I look forward to hearing back from you. [1]…/iceland-vows-to-eliminate-pla [2]…/worlds-first-plastic-free-ais [3]…/hong-kongs-over-packaging-pro…/ [4]…/campaign-launched-reduce-plastic-wra [5]

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Petition to Pakatan harapan, people of malaysia, rulers , Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Environment NGO, Minister of NRE Malaysia, Forestry Department of Malaysia


Stop destroying forests in Malaysia Three main reasons why Malaysian forests are destroyed: Forests are logged because timber is big business, so every tree represents money. Forests are cleared for plantations, agriculture, mining, dams and other economic development. Forests are severely affected by infrastructure (roads, railways) and urban development (industrial plants, factories) projects. Deforestation in Malaysia is a COMPLEX problem.The solution, however, is SIMPLE. 1. Ban all logging activities in MalaysiaWe suggest a moratorium on all logging activities, including land-clearing, throughout Malaysia for at least 10 years to allow our forests to recover; 2. Reuse existing non-forest land in MalaysiaInstead of clearing forested land, reuse existing non-forest lands for plantations, agriculture, and other development; 3. Re-gazette all existing forest reserves as national or state parksTrees in existing forest reserves are NOT protected but RESERVED to be used at a later time. We need to re-gazette forest reserves as state and national parks that are protected by law so that the biodiversity and wildlife are conserved. 4. Reform laws associated with the exploitation of natural resources and the protection of the natural environment.Existing laws that govern the use of natural resources and outline protections for the natural environment are often inadequate or have loopholes that are easily EXPLOITED. These laws need to be reviewed thoroughly and amendments are passed to address these loopholes and to ensure that the environment is protected properly. We need to speak up to protect Malaysia’s forests. WE NEED YOUR HELP!By protecting our forests, YOU are protecting: YOUR LIFE – Trees supply oxygen, something you need to survive. Also, many medicines and cures come from nature; YOUR WATER – The forests are water catchment areas that supply water to everyone in Malaysia; YOUR FUTURE – The forests affect local weather patterns and regulate the climate. Floods, drought, and landslides are often signs of a poorly managed local environment. DON’T BE PART OF THE PROBLEM. BE THE SOLUTION.SIGN THE PETITION NOW! We, PEKA Malaysia, are trying to get as many like-minded Malaysians to sign this petition so that we can highlight this issue to our government. Only with your support can we engage the Malaysian government in meaningful discussion to actually bring about a real change for our natural environment. Please get your family, your friends and other Malaysians to sign this petition. Stand up together to protect the natural environment we live in. DEFORESTATION IS DRIVEN BY GREED NOT BY NEEDS. END LOGGING IN MALAYSIA TODAY, END DEFORESTATION IN MALAYSIA TODAY!

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