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Petition to Kmkno (Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative), Justin Trudeau, Keith Irving, Chuck Porter, Bernadette Jordan, Iain Rankin, Keith Colwell, Randy Delorey, TONY INCE

Oppose the construction of Man Camps in Mi'kma'ki! (Nova Scotia)

** An elder of Mi'kma'ki has called for us to come together and set a goal with this petition to reach 2310 signatures. This number represents the 231 Calls for Justice presented by the Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) multiplied by ten. Let's answer this elder's call to action and circulate this petition widely. ** A proposed build for a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Plant in Nova Scotia is being put forth by an Albertan energy company and is the cause of great concern for folx living in Mi'kma'ki. Pieridae Energy is asking for nearly $1 billion dollars in financial support from the Canadian Government.  If this is built, Nova Scotia's greenhouse gas reduction targets will not be met and there will be extreme upheaval and damage to our land and waterways, affecting all walks of life with these harmful environmental impacts.  The proposed build will also require the construction of "man camps" to accommodate numbers up to 5000 coming into Mi'kma'ki. This could put the people of Mi'kma'ki in great danger; with the increase of rotational workers coming in and out of province this could affect community spread of covid19 alone. More importantly, there has been no real and earnest investigation by the Canadian government regarding the ongoing violence towards Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Women+, Girls+, Two-Spirit Persons, and Relatives continue to be murdered and stolen, and much of this evil is perpetuated by camps exactly like the one proposed. These are the ideal situations for abusers to sexualize and abuse women+ and girls+, especially in a system that leaves Indigenous Peoples largely unprotected.  Please add your name to this petition to show that you directly, strongly, powerfully oppose man camps in Mi'kma'ki. Indigenous Lives are Sacred! All Eyes On Mi'kma'ki!  #mmiw #mmiwg #mmiwg2s #mmir #mmip #AllEyesOnMikmaki #ProtectIndigenousLives  *Photo of Ducie Howe (left) and Tara Lewis (right) -- photo captured by Joey Brooks* *Information in large part taken from the "Mi'kmaw opposition to the Goldboro LNG Project is growing" Article published in the Halifax Examiner* 

Hannah Cameron
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Petition to Maurizio Bevilacqua, Tony Carella, Mario Ferri, Gino Rosati, Linda Jackson, Marilyn Iafrate, Rosanna DeFrancesca, Sandra Yeung Racco, Alan Shefman, Hon. Doug Ford, Hon. Francesco Sorbara, Hon. Michael A. Tibollo, Hon. John Yakabuski, Hon. Jeff Yurek, Hon. Lisa Mcloud, Hon. Steven Guilbeault, Clemente Messere, Wayne Emmerson

Say NO to the Development of The Country Club Golf Course (Board of Trade)

The Country Club (formally known as The Board of Trade Golf Course) is a golf course set amongst the rolling hills of the Humber Valley within the heart of Woodbridge, Ontario. Recently, a proposal to develop a hundred acres of the golf course with over 1215 units, including 475 single detached homes, 124 townhomes, and 2 six storey mixed use buildings of 616 units, was revealed to the public. The Country Club opened in 1965 and was originally known as the Board of Trade Golf Course. The course is an 18-hole championship course designed by the much-admired Canadian architect Howard Watson. Later, Arthur Hills, Arnold Palmer's most famous design partner, modified the golf course. Throughout its time, The Country Club was host to many prestigious amateur and professional tournaments, such as the 1967 Carling World won by Billy Casper, and the 1986 du Maurier Classic, at the time an LPGA major championship, and the Canadian Amateur Championship. The Country Club is a vast green space that is a part of the Humber River Valley system and a natural heritage site of the local community. It is a place of beauty in all four seasons, providing beautiful vistas along the winding bends of Clarence Avenue. It is a refreshing urban oasis for all, with wetlands in adjoining valleys and habitat for all sorts of wildlife, including many species that are at risk, such as the Bank Swallow, Eastern Wood-Pewee and endangered bat species, to name a few. This vast green space is a serene setting that gives a sense of well-being and calm in our busy lives. There is growing evidence that we gain specific physical and mental health benefits from living in clean, healthy ecosystems and from having access to natural areas and biodiversity. While mental illness is one of the leading causes of disability in Canada, the destruction of this magnificent green space irreversibly takes away one of the most effective treatments of stress and anxiety known to mankind! The City of Vaughan protects its architectural heritage, its century homes such as the Wallace House on Woodbridge Avenue, and celebrates its rural past with its Agricultural Fair in the Fall. Its Regional Official Plan also prohibits development of the green lands within the city, for which this golf course is a part! The proposed development of The Country Club disregards this natural and historic heritage. The development will add some 4000 new residents, 2500 additional vehicles, and all sorts of service vehicles to the already congested local streets. Several thousands of healthy, mature trees that populate the golf course will have disappeared as the current bylaws that protect them will certainly have been defiled. The beauty, heritage, and legacy of the Woodbridge core will be gone forever! This petition calls upon the City of Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Councillors (Gino Rosati, Mario Ferri, Linda Jackson, Marilyn Iafrate, Tony Carella, Rosanna DeFrancesca, Sandra Yeung Racco, Alan Shefman), York Region Chair Wayne Emmerson, the Premier of Ontario Doug Ford, Member of Provincial Parliament for Vaughan Michael Tibollo, Provincial Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry John Yakabuski, Provincial Minister of the Environment, conservation and parks Jeff Yurek, Provincial Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport Lisa MacLeod, Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark, Member of Parliament for Vaughan-Woodbridge Francesco Sorbara, and Federal Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault to oppose the development of The Country Club by recognizing how invaluable it is to our cultural and natural heritage.   SIGN THE PETITION TO OPPOSE THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE COUNTRY CLUB  (THE BOARD OF TRADE GOLF COURSE)!

Keep Vaughan Green
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Petition to Donna Reid, Steve Clark, Kathryn McGarry, Elaine Brunn Shaw, Kirstin Jensen, Stephanie Bellotto, Michael Devine, Michael Mann, Jan Liggett, Pam Wolf, Shannon Adshade, Scott Hamilton, Nicholas Ermata, Luca Bucci, Deanna Friess, Malcolm Duncan

Help Save the Village of Blair From a Development on Heritage Conservation Lands

On April 6, 2021, the residents of the Village of Blair in Cambridge, Ontario learned that Cambridge City Council had voted unanimously for the approval of a one million square foot warehouse development to be built at the corner of Dickie Settlement Road and Old Mill Road in Cambridge.  The Village of Blair has a tremendous history, dating back to the early 1800’s, and is the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe and Neutral Peoples. The area is an environmental sanctuary of protected heritage and conservation lands. The ecosystem is home to 24 different habitats and over 4,000 species of flora and fauna, with many ranked "significant" or "at risk" regionally, provincially, nationally, and globally. The people of the Village of Blair, in partnership with local environmental and charitable organizations, have worked with care and tireless energy to protect and preserve the sensitive environment of this historic area. In 2002, the City of Cambridge designated Blair Village as a Heritage Conservation District. The Blair Village Heritage Conservation District Plan ensures that the community of Blair remains a village in character, form and function. The Plan also includes policies to: -Protect the area from suburban development-Protect and enhance the area's natural environment-Protect and enhance the area's heritage features-Promote the area's village design-Ensure new developments fit the village's protected design The new development is about to be greenlit by way of a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO). A MZO is a ruling made by the Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister, allowing for land developers to expedite their development projects with no chance of appeal by municipalities, citizens or environmental groups.  Since the Fall of 2020, Minister Steve Clark (the current Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister) has issued over 33 new MZOs. Fourteen of the MZOs were issued in 2020 for residential and mixed commercial/residential projects, and another six were issued for industrial and commercial projects. The new warehouse will have a minimum of 100 trucks coming and going daily (approximately 1 truck every 15 minutes) and 700-1,400 employees working out of the facility. As a result of the large increase in automotive traffic volume and frequency, the massive development is a significant threat to the surrounding habitats and wildlife. The development will inevitably give rise to a huge increase in light pollution and noise, thereby negatively impacting the natural environment as well as the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. As well, the development will create a disturbance to area residents and will place a strain on the existing local infrastructure. Land development and job creation are both instrumental to the continued growth and success of our region. However, when the interests of the environment, citizens, and community stakeholders are prioritized without consultation, and due process is circumvented in order to expedite economic development, we cannot standby and allow such violations of democratic foundations. No matter what side of the Canadian political spectrum you are on, bypassing due process for corporate benefit goes against the democratic fabric of our society. The use of an MZO in this case is an abuse of power and must be stopped. Furthermore, alternate sites and land are widely available in the area, with pre-existing infrastructure and mass opportunity for rezoning or repurposing existing buildings/space.  Take a stand with us. Help us rally support to counter the unjust decisions made and actions taken, as this goes against both our rights and our collective goal of protecting and preserving the environment.

Paige Burchell
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