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Petition to The Honourable Catherine McKenna, The Honourable Rochelle Squires

A Joint Environmental Review of a Proposed Frack Sand Mining Operation in Manitoba.

Canadian Premium Sand (formerly Claim Post Resources Inc.) is proposing to operate a frack sand open pit mine and processing facility in Northeastern Manitoba and once fully operational this proposed mining operation will be producing approximately 1 to 2 million tons of frack sand per year over the life span of its open pit mine. This proposed frack sand mining operation, once fully operational, will have a number of adverse health effects to those living near and or working at the proposed mining location. The processing of the frack sand will require the use of large volumes of freshwater and may have impact to the quality as well.The proposed mining operation may affect Section 35 Rights and also have adverse impacts along any proposed route the company intends to haul its processed frack sand from the location of the mine to Winnipeg. Based on similar frack sand mines in operation in the United States, there is a potential that 500 trucks per day will be required to transport processed frack sand from the proposed mine location to Winnipeg, to be then transported by rail to markets throughout North America. The adverse effects are especially so if the company determines that Hwy. 59 is the preferred route, as there are tens of thousands who travel to and from the East Beaches communities on the East side of Lake Winnipeg throughout the summer months to enjoy their summer properties and even more who come to enjoy the various beaches in the region for the day. Therefore, with the potential adverse effects to human health, to freshwater, the possible impacts to Section 35 Rights and for expected increases in traffic fatalities and accidents due to the potential increase in traffic flow, we are requesting that the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Manitoba Minister of Sustainable Development undertake a joint federal/provincial environmental panel review process with respect to this proposed frack mining operation in accordance with the Canada - Manitoba Agreement on Environmental Assessment Cooperation.

Don Sullivan
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Petition to Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Board and Shoreline Management Policy

Keep Lake Huron Coasts natural for healthy habitat and enjoyment

Lake Huron is the third largest freshwater lake in the world and provides habitat and  drinking water to millions around the lake. Tourists and families visit for the beaches, swimming driving  economic benefits and recreational enjoyment. Unfortunately , high and low water levels and lack of understanding about lake water processes causes fear and reactionary steps to protect shorelines from storm water erosion processes. These armour stone walls have consequences and are not long term solutions to the Lake Huron water forces. In fact there is a lifecycle to the wall when it does fail. In the intervening period, when wave forces touch the wall, there is scouring further deepening the near shore beach, causing progressively worse wave forces. For the public, this means shoreline walking is blocked, sand is washed away , sand replenishment is blocked and the historic natural sand beaches and adjacent natural features and habitat are lost. Shoreline protection devices should be an exception not a common practice with consequences and accountability for impacts to habitat and upstream/downstream lake shore features. - we need more education and awareness, stringent coastal engineering studies to mitigate design and coastal impacts when used, sand replenishment and habitat protection.

Marcia Crockett
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Petition to HWFN Chief & Council

Halt The Madness HWFN Chief & Council

We as members of Hollow Water First Nation who live both on and off reserve are deeply concerned about the impacts to our Section 35 Treaty Rights and with the possible social, economic and environmental costs of the proposed frac sand mine and processing facility to be located adjacent to Hollow Water First Nation reserve. We are also concerned with the recent signing of a Participant Agreement between Chief and Council of Hollow Water First Nation and Canadian Premium Sand Inc.,as members of Hollow Water First Nations we were never consulted nor did we give our consent to such and agreement. Furthermore, as members we were not consulted nor did we give our consent to the signing of the recently re-affirmed MOU between Hollow Water First Nation Chief and Council and Canadian Premium Sand Inc. Furthermore, we require that any future Agreements or MOUs between Chief and Council of Hollow Water First Nation and Canadian Premium Sand Inc. Be subject to community input and to a community referendum. Therefore, as members of Hollow Water First Nation we ask that Chief and Council immediately halt any further meetings with Canadian Premium Sand Inc. and or with their representatives, pending a referendum by membership and results are provided to the community. We further ask that any further meetings between Chief and Council and Canadian Premium Sand Inc. are held in public, on reserve and with full community participation.

Lisa Raven
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