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Petition to Paula Fletcher, Gord Perks, John Oswald

Protest unfair garbage-collection fees in Toronto

The City of Toronto is phasing out fee rebates for homeowners who have small or medium-sized garbage bins over the next few years. The stated aim is that garbage collection will then be fully funded by user-fees. When the phase out is complete, however, homeowners who have small and medium-size bins will pay substantially more for garbage/recycling collection on a per litre basis than people with large and extra-large bins—as much as 2.5 times more. Households with extra-large bins will be paying $1.38 per litre of waste, while those with small bins will pay $3.46 per litre.  How equitable does that sound? If we follow this logic, filling stations should charge people who drive fuel-efficient cars more per litre of fuel than those who drive gas-guzzlers. City Council focuses on the gross cost of each bin size, but the per litre cost is inequitable. We suggest you look at the costs, calculate the increases and decide for yourself. The numbers are available on your utility bill and on the city's Solid Waste Management Services website along with options for garbage collection. If you agree the rebate phase-out is unfair, please sign our petition, contact your councillor and talk to your friends and neighbours.  If you'd like to contact us, we can be reached at  Cooper Langford (Leslieville) and Lies Lambermont (Leslieville)  

Cooper Langford
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Petition to Mayor Rob Burton

Get Oakville to Declare a Climate Change Emergency

We are facing a climate catastrophe. Leading scientists have warned that we have 11 years to take emergency action on climate change, or we face the gravest threats to our local and global environment. This includes worsening risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. We must act urgently, starting by having Oakville immediately pass a motion declaring a climate change emergency. We call on the town of Oakville to join an increasing number of municipalities across Canada such as Burlington, Hamilton and Kingston in recognizing the urgency for drastic and unprecedented action regarding climate change. We urge Oakville to recognize that climate change is today's crisis, not tomorrow’s. Canadians have one of the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world, and Oakville is no exception. The Town of Oakville must work tirelessly towards reducing emissions because if we let global warming go beyond 1.5°C, coral reefs will be completely eradicated, populations of insects that pollinate plants will be decimated, and ice-free summers in the arctic will be commonplace. Humans have already caused irreversible climate change, the impacts of which are being felt around the world.  But it’s not too late. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report says that limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C may still be possible - but it requires ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities, civil society, the private sector and local communities. Locally, we have already experienced some effects of climate change. These effects, as well as new threats, will increase at an accelerating rate within the next five to ten years until they far surpass the scale which most people currently envisage. Threats that Oakville faces include: Extreme temperatures in the summer and winter, at first threatening the elderly and homeless, and then the population at large, especially those around the poverty line. Massive property and infrastructure damage, as well as injuries and loss of life due to floods, tornadoes, ice storms and other extreme weather patterns. Profound economic stress from repairing climate change damage, as well as from disruptions to economic activities caused by extreme weather. Pressure on communities and infrastructure due to the influx of climate change refugees from both within our borders, and abroad. Increased health issues from decreasing air quality, water quality and introduction and proliferation of new and old diseases (such as the Emerald Ash Border and West Nile Virus). The time for radical change is now. Action to address the multi-faceted threats that face our city, country and the international community needs to be accelerated. Oakville needs to add its voice to other municipalities across the world in demanding that world leaders act in meaningful ways immediately to combat this grave global threat and to use its unique position to be a leader in municipal carbon reductions with aggressive targets. We do less than necessary at our own peril. Please sign my petition calling on the Oakville Town Council to declare a climate emergency and take urgent action to do its part in avoiding a climate disaster for all of us, and for generations to come.

Andrei Adam
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Petition to Justin Trudeau


Over the last few decades, straws have become a consequential issue for our environment. In Canada alone, we throw away a whopping 57 million straws every single day. Being one of the most short-lived products to ever be created, most end up in landfills or polluting our oceans, which critically threatens marine life. Countries all over the world are beginning to pick up on this alarming problem, and are tenaciously finding ways of eliminating this unnecessary plastic, as well as other micro-plastics and nano-plastics. As Canadians, we believe it's imperative to set an example, and join in on this common-sense initiative. Justin Trudeau was recently asked about banning single-use plastic straws. "We know that macro-plastics like straws are a significant challenge in the ocean, but we also know that both micro-plastics and nano-plastics represent a real challenge to ocean ecosystems," he told a news conference at the Canadian High Commission. "We are very much looking for approaches that are going to be both substantive and impactful in the way we move forward — not just as a single country, although Canada has the longest coastline in the world, but hopefully as a global economy." While he was less than noncommittal on the question of plastic straws specifically, it's essential that we rise and show our support for the ban of single-use plastic items as a whole. Justin Trudeau, help us take this first, but vital step in ridding our oceans of single-use plastics, so we can catch up to the rest of the world, and create a greener tomorrow for our future generations.

One Two Terra
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Petition to All Canadians

A ban on plastic campaign signs for the 2019 Canadian Federal Election.

When we hear the term single-use plastic we tend to think of things like straws, plastic cutlery or shopping bags but it has become an unseen part of how we live.  The vast majority of signs used in election campaigns today are made of coroplast or a similar product. It is lightweight, can be easily printed on and is relatively cheap to purchase. Unfortunately, like too many of our contemporary products, it is also made of plastic and has a shelf life of at best 6 months (or 3 elections). More typically the sign is disposed of after just one election period of about two months. This is single-use plastic.  I understand that these plastic election signs can be reused or recycled but we need to get beyond that mindset. Even if something can potentially be reused or recycled that is no guarantee that it will be. The first "R" we need to embrace is Refuse. We need to stop using plastic signs. There is no need. Our federal government has even recognized the need to Refuse single-use plastic; calling for a ban on them by as early as 2021 (classic non-determinate political talk). We can do better. I'm sure we can ask them to walk the walk and call for a ban on all plastic signage in this year's federal election. It’s about doing the right thing, the right thing for our environment, and the right thing for the future generations that will be cleaning up the mess we leave them. So let's make this happen, call on Government to follow your lead. No plastic signage in the 2019 federal election.

Phil Dupasquier
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