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Eat One Less Burger a Week

It may seem hard to reduce the amount of meat you eat on average, but its about as easy as signing this petition. All it takes is a little awareness and a simple decision to find a better alternative. About two years ago, I made the decision to become a vegetarian. I was hesitant at first because I thought it would be more effort than it was worth. But after doing research and lasting the first month, I realized it wasn't so hard to change my diet. I hope by creating this petition it can motivate other people to change their diet, if only a little. All you have to do is make a commitment to reducing the amount of beef you eat in a normal week. This could mean ordering a salad or chicken sandwich when you would normally get a Big Mac. Changing your diet this way has many benefits and I'll link some resources below which give even more information on the topic. Most importantly this diet change can help improve your health, positively impact the environment, and decrease animal cruelty. By signing this petition, I urge everyone to strive to reduce their meat consumption if only by one burger at a time. Useful links: Harvard Health Study: Cutting Red Meat for a Longer Life Top 10 Reasons to Decrease Red Meat Consumption Should You Eat Less Meat? Why Reducing Meat Consumption Is the Easiest Step Everyone Can Take to Fix Our Broken Food System Animal Cruelty is the Price We Pay for Cheap Meat

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Save the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea, California's largest lake, is rapidly drying up. Starting this year, 2018, the largest rural to urban water transfer will exponentially accelerate the rate at which the sea shrinks, exposing acres of dry lakebed. The exposed playa, containing 100 years worth of farm chemicals, could become airborne, sending billowing clouds of toxic dust towards major population centers in the Southwest. Located in a desolate pocket of Southern California's Colorado Desert, the plight of the sea is largely ignored. According to countless studies and experts, without a new water source, Southern California will soon face serious public health risks due to degraded air quality. The region would face loss of extensive wetland habitat, massive animal die-offs, economic distress, decreasing water levels, dangerously high salinity levels and massive exposure of shorelines containing harmful PM10 dust. Particulate matter (PM), or particulates, are microscopic solid matter suspended in Earth's atmosphere. They have impacts on climate and precipitation that adversely affect human health. PM10 particles (on the order of 10 micrometers or less) can penetrate the deepest part of the lungs such as the bronchioles or alveoli, and can cause asthma, lung cancer, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and death. THE SOLUTION: to execute a long-term restoration of the Salton Sea region through ocean water import to cover playa and maintain shoreline water levels. The Salton Sea is 230 feet below sea-level and only 100 miles north of the Pacific Ocean. That means it's one of the few places on earth that ocean water will flow by gravity. The plan is to connect the ocean to the Salton Sea via a downhill, gravity-fed, canal which will in turn, when combined with water turbine and other local technologies, generate enough power to desalinate that water as it flows inland, solving the freshwater crisis in the southwest. The Salton Sea is at a tipping point. We're at a place where we could either have a beautiful example of what we can do as humans beings coming together with solutions in mind; a place for people and animals to live healthy for many years, or we can see an absolute environmental disaster. OUR GOAL: Petition California's executive and legislative bodies, including Governor Brown to incorporate a long-term ocean-water import solution beyond simple mitigation projects in order to permanently stabilize the lake level. Will you help S.O.S? ("Save Our Sea")

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