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Petition to Steve Robinson, Hon Jacklyn Trad, Ted O'Brien, Fiona Simpson, Mark Jamieson

Stop the Coolum Sandmine!

We are a coastal town on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We do not want to see the proposed sand mine go ahead in Coolum Beach. There are many reasons why the location is completely inappropriate, however our top 4 are as follows: Our town relies heavily on tourism, it is a small coastal strip and the land in question sits at the very entrance to Coolum Beach. Not only this traffic traveling from the airport North to Noosa will be greeted with a visual eyesore as their introduction to the Sunshine Coast. The Coolum Beach State Primary School sits on the opposite corner of the proposed site. Over 1000 of our local children attend this school on a daily basis. They would be subjected to any noise and dust produced by the mine. They would also be affected by the coming and going of trucks outside their school, especially during peak traffic times (before and after school) when there is already bumper to bumper traffic. The residents of Coolum Beach will be directly affected by the mine. Particularly the ones with homes overlooking the the mine. The sight, noise and dust will be intolerable. We have concerns for the health of our community. Our property prices will decrease and sales have already begun to be affected with talk of the mine. The environmental implications are extensive. Throughout this parcel of land there are waterways with extensive mangroves and vegetation. The water flows directly into the Maroochy River, but also into our local Stumers Creek which in turn leads to the ocean. In addition to this the land is flood prone and floods yearly. With the creation of pools for the mine there is concern this will encourage flooding and that the water will not be clean. There is also the question of what else lies in the sand (ie. Acid Sulfate) that will be disturbed creating an imbalance in the natural ecosystem.

Stop the Coolum Sandmine
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Petition to Josh Frydenberg

Palm Oil Promise, Sustainable Palm Oil Labelling

Up to 300 football field sized patches of land are cleared every hour to make room for palm oil plantations.  This is an almost unthinkable amount, anyone who has ever been to a rainforest or even a forest will know that even in a centimetre there is a tremendous amount of life, yet alone in 5364 meters squared. This has had a devastating toll on all wildlife, however, it has especially affected the orangutans, whose population has declined by 50% in the past 10 years. There are only 6,300 Sumatran orangutans left. It is estimated that 1,000 orangutans are killed a year, a major factor in these deaths being forest clearing for palm production. In 2006, at least 1,500 orangutans were clubbed to death by palm workers. (Source). This also has a devastating toll on the environment for every hectare cleared up to 6000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is released. In Indonesia, a current 6 million hectares have been cleared a further 4 million is proposed. This is an inconceivable amount of carbon dioxide polluting the earth’s atmosphere. As well as this in Indonesia, the palm oil industry is responsible for about 5,000 land and human rights conflicts. Nearly 45 million people live in the forests of Indonesia. In 2011, Wilmar (one of the world’s largest palm oil producers) bulldozers ransacked an entire village, destroying 40 homes to clear 40,000 hectares of land for a palm plantation (Source). The way in which the promise would work would be a government regulated background check in order to determine whether or not the palm oil used in a substance is sustainable. The way in which this will work is by pressuring the government to make this happen, campaigning for results.

Palm Oil Promise Australia
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Petition to Minister Steven Miles

Please help stop a new Coal Mine near the Great Sandy Strait in QLD.

Hello All, I want to tell you about a new mine called Colton Coal mine which will be just 2klms from a town called Aldershot, home to about 1000 people. They objected to polluted mine waste water being discharged directly into the Mary River upstream of the Great Sandy Strait, and to the negative impacts of coal dust and noise on their health and well being.The township is entirely dependent on tank water collected from their roofs for drinking, and they are worried about the impacts of coal dust pollution on their drinking water. Unfortunately, despite the strong case put forward by Aldershot residents, the Land Court recommended that the project should proceed. That means the final decision now rests with the Minister for Environment, Steven Miles. The Mary River is threatened by the open cut mine. It could have devastating effects on the ecology of the river, which is home to rare and threatened species,( including the iconic Mary River Cod ) and on the internationally listed Great Sandy Wetlands, a sea grass environment that supports dugong, dolphins, prawns and fisheries. It is a nursery grounds for the rich diverse sea life that is the backbone of the regional tourist economy, and is also a vital summer stopover for migratory birds from the northern hemisphere. Minister Miles and his government have committed to work towards the nomination and listing of the Great Sandy Strait as a World Heritage site.  It would be ridiculous to put that global recognition at risk by turning it into a drain for dirty waste water from the Colton coal mine. The current proposal is so appalling , that it doesn’t even require the mining company to clean up its mess – it will be allowed to leave behind a gaping hole or ‘final void’ as they are known, over 100 hectares in size, which equates to a hole in the ground approx 3.5 klms long and 80 mtrs deep that will be at risk of over-topping during rain events or of leaching polluted wastewater. We also cannot forget about Climate Change and the seriously negative impact burning coal has on our beautiful planet. The planet that provides all of us with every breath we take, every mouthful of food we eat and every drop of water we drink. We are ruining this planet for all living things that depend on it and it desperately needs to stop !!! I ask you to please sign this petition to very strongly urge the Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Steven Miles to reject the mine proposal outright or to amend it to prevent any pollution risk to the Great Sandy Strait and to protect the people of Aldershot. Thanks very much for your support ! Lise Blackgrove

Lise Blackgrove
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