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Petition to Geoffery Cox QC MP

Inquest to find if air pollution caused my daughter's death

My beloved daughter Ella died in February 2013 - aged just nine years old. At the time we were told she died because of her asthma. But new evidence has come out linking her death to illegal levels of air pollution - so I’m calling for a new inquest into her death. I’ll never forget the day we lost Ella. It was in the early hours of the morning on the last day of term. She had already picked out her outfit for the end of term disco. But just a few hours later she suffered coughing fits followed by several seizures. She was hospitalised and we lost her. She never made it to the party. Ella was born healthy. She was an active and happy child - cycling, skateboarding, playing football and excelling at swimming. She dreamt of becoming a pilot. Then when she was six she developed asthma, and the frantic hospital visits began. An inquest in 2014 into her unexpected death concluded that Ella died due to a severe asthma attack followed by a seizure, possibly caused by an allergic reaction to something in the air. But the exact cause has remained a mystery. Since then, coverage of the UK’s toxic air pollution increased and I began to think this could be the missing link. New medical research shows that Ella’s frequent hospital admissions were linked with spikes of illegal levels of air pollution around our home near the south circular road. Her final hospital admission took place during one of the worst air pollution episodes in our local area. A renowned medical consultant studying our case found there was a “real prospect that without illegal levels of air pollution Ella would not have died”.  This isn’t just about Ella. Air pollution causes around 40,000 premature deaths per year in the UK (1), and levels of nitrogen dioxide have been illegally high since 2010 in the vast majority of urban areas in the UK (2). The government has been taken to court three times over the illegal levels of air pollution in the UK and lost each time. And yet still the authorities are failing to act. A new inquest wouldn’t just help me get answers about my daughter’s death. Linking air pollution to her death would be a legal first and would make the government look at how to learn from this to avoid future loss of life. It would pile pressure to clean up our toxic air and make sure what happened to Ella never happens to another child. Please sign to call for a new inquest into Ella’s death  (1) (2)    

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah
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Petition to Camden Council, Georgia Gould

Stop using toxic ‘Roundup’ weedkiller in Camden

We are asking Camden Council to follow other councils, stop using the controversial weedkiller glyphosate (Roundup) on our pavements, green spaces and estate gardens, and employ safe and environmentally friendly methods of weed control instead. Many Camden residents are concerned about the use of this weedkiller as a spray in areas where we spend our time, and where our children and pets may come into contact with it after spraying on paths and pavements. There are many health concerns about glyphosate, as well as concerns about its effects on wildlife. In 2015 the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. Several countries across the world have banned or severely restricted the use and sale of this weedkiller, including France, and there is a European Citizens Initiative to call for an EU-wide ban. In the UK a number of local authorities have already restricted its use in their operations, including Aberdeen and Edinburgh in Scotland and Hammersmith and Fulham in London. Many safe alternatives are available to control weeds on paths and pavements, including alternative sprays such as simple vinegar, which do not carry any suspected risks to human health. What do we want? We are simply asking the leader of Camden Council to consider the concerns of citizens in Camden, to work with council contractors to stop the spraying of glyphosate in Camden, and use safe and environmentally friendly methods of weed control instead. Please join us and sign our petition now.

Kirsten de Keyser
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Petition to Lindsay Baker

Help make WeWork plastic free by the end of 2018

WeWork has made repeated public promises to use "zero plastic" yet their offices are filled with single-use plastic cups for water and beer.  WeWork’s website claims that they have already introduced compostable cups, but we spoke to over 50 WeWork members across the UK and Ireland and almost everyone reported that plastic cups are in use at their WeWork location. WeWork currently has over 250,000 global members across 21 countries. If each member uses just one cup per day, this means that over 3,500,000 plastic cups are being used at WeWork offices around the world each month. The story doesn’t stop there. According to WeWork’s own growth estimates, they will have 765,000 members by the end of 2022. If WeWork practices go unchanged, more members means a lot more plastic. If they grow at this projected rate while relying on single-use materials, then by 2022 WeWorkers would use 153,000,000 plastic cups per year.  WeWork has managed to innovate and grow at an incredible pace. The company was founded at a single location in New York in 2008 under the name Green Desk, but they quickly shed their environmental focus and prioritised fast growth and low costs. Today WeWork has offices in 90 cities and is valued at over $16 billion - the 11th most valuable start-up in the world. We believe that if WeWork is serious about their commitment to zero plastic, they have the resources and logistical firepower to eliminate plastic cups from their workspaces in a matter of weeks.  Sign the petition to help make WeWork plastic free by the end of 2018.  If new companies with young, educated customers don't lead the way, then who will? This campaign is being run by the #plasticpromises collaborative, a team of people working together to help businesses eliminate their plastic use.   *This is a very conservative estimate which is supported by the data collected when we surveyed over 50 London based WeWork members.**Photos were taken at WeWork Aldgate Tower, WeWork Tower Bridge and WeWork Southbank Central April - June 2018.

Plastic Promises Collaborative
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