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Petition to Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church University to switch its energy supplier to 100% renewable's

Petition to get Canterbury Christ Church University to switch its energy supplier to ensure that it is on a Tariff using 100% renewables rather than the 50% fossil fuel mix which it is currently on.  According to the university's publically available Sustainability Annual Report 2017-18: "In September 2017, following a review of the University’s energy procurement it was decided to move away from fixed term contracts for gas and electricity (normally 12 or 24 months duration) to a flexible tariff." The University is now part of a customer portfolio for its gas & electricity procurement, BiU (British Independent Utilities) were selected on a three year contract to act as the University’s energy procurement specialists for gas and electricity.  However, according to the annual sustainability report, this means that, whereas: The University’s previous electricity supply contracts had been on a “blue” tariff (Energy generated from renewables and nuclear), with the BiU contract the University are on a standard “brown” tariff with electricity generated from a number of sources such as coal, natural gas and nuclear (see photo for current energy mix). Fig. 24: The University Energy Mix through BiU  This means that where the university used to have nearly all its energy from renewable sources now it has over 50% of its energy coming from gas and coal power.  According to the annual sustainability report: should the University wish to return to a “green” tariff... based on the University’s consumption... the premium would be in the range of £4,200 to £6,600 per annum.  The report goes on to say that: "Consideration should be given to how the choice of tariff potentially effects the University’s “green” credentials" Please join us in signing this petition to ask the University to ensure that its energy supplier is using 100% renewables and avoiding all fossil fuels. 

James Harding
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