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Petition to Roseanna Cunningham, Jo O'Hara, Nicola Sturgeon

Save the Scottish wildcat by protecting Clashindarroch Forest!

The Scottish Wildcat is one of the rarest animals in the world; there are only 35 of them left on earth. A third of them live in the publicly owned Clashindarroch Forest in the Scottish Highlands, but they are in danger from logging by the Scottish Government’s Forestry Commission Scotland. If this doesn’t stop immediately, the wildcat will become extinct. I’ve always loved cats, and these wildcats - often dubbed the ‘Tigers of the Highlands’ - are particularly special to me. I'm a filmmaker and got to really know about them 12 years ago filming them for a wildlife documentary. Learning they were truly on the verge of extinction I knew I had to act and, with some expert help, I set up a project to protect and conserve them called Wildcat Haven. But now I need your help to keep them alive. Wildcat Haven have found 13 wildcats in this forest. It is their last and only known major stronghold and breeding site. But logging is taking place in the middle of kitten season, disturbing wildcat mothers, which could make them abandon or even eat their young. The logging will tear the wildcat population apart, and threaten many other rare animals that live in the forest alongside them. Please sign our petition urgently calling on the Scottish Government to immediately halt the logging and exploitation of Clashindarroch Forest to ensure the iconic Scottish wildcat survives. This petition was launched by filmmaker and Wildcat Haven founder Steve Piper and received 511,000 signatures, at the end of 2019 it was passed to Wildcat Haven CIC who supported the petition throughout, to take the campaign forward with legal action. You can stay up to date on this campaign and the organisation that discovered these wildcats and wants to protect them, Wildcat Haven, at and also on

Wildcat Haven
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Petition to Everyone


BOYCOTT BRAZIL TO SAVE THE AMAZON  "A boycott is by far the most effective approach, because it instantly destroys the economic driver of deforestation: profit"  The Amazon rainforest is under grave threat - now even more than ever. The Brazilian government is stimulating illegal land clearance. Ecological destruction is happening at a gigantic scale. Indigenous people are being killed and displaced. Trees are being cut at an already disastrous and still ever increasing rate, driving the extinction of untold animal and plant species. The elimination of the Amazon cannot be undone. The removal of immense areas of rainforest will reduce global absorption of CO2. This will accelerate the already very serious climate emergency we are in, putting the survival of humanity in question. But... there is one easy and quick way to stop and revert the destruction. And it depends on each and every one of us... This is by hitting the criminals where they feel it most: in their wallet. A global boycott of Brazilian products, especially meat, leather,* timber, soya, coffee, maize, sugar, palmoil** and all other products linked to the Amazon destruction, will have immediate effect and stop this monumental crime in its tracks. The time for petitions and political pressure has passed. If everyone globally immediately stops consuming and buying Brazilian meat and other 'dirty' products it's for sure they will have to stop this monstrosity. Spread the word. The solution is easy and fast: BOYCOTT BRAZIL TO SAVE THE AMAZON  Check every product you buy for its provenance and don't buy Brazilian products, in particular meat or any other products linked to the Amazon destruction. Request your shops, retailers and providers, industry and politicians, to stop buying Brazilian products until the Brazilian government makes fundamental changes (for details see PART TWO of this petition, directed to the Brazilian government, below). Stop the destruction of the Amazon. BOYCOTT BRAZIL TO SAVE THE AMAZON  Please help us spread this campaign among your contacts and social networks.. Send it to 'famous' people and influencers. Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.. We need to remain anonymous for security reasons, so we fully rely on you for sharing.. Our identity is not important, it's our joint ideas and positive energy that matter. Help us succeed to save the Amazon.. --- PLEASE AFTER SIGNING COME BACK HERE  to also sign and share PART TWO of our Petition: PART TWO adds specific demands to the Brazilian government to restore the institutions that protect the Amazon. SIGN AND SHARE PART TWO as well to put extra pressure on the Brazilian government..  We're already being mentioned! *It's working! ** Update : As if the destruction of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has not been enough now there are plans by Ecuador and Peru to open up an area the size of Italy for oil drilling... Boycott Brazil, and Ecuador and Peru, to save the Amazon!  Politicians are listening!   #BoycottBrazil 

Boycott Brazil
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Petition to The Chief Executive of the Lake District National Park Authority

Protect the Lake District's World Heritage status

The Lake District risks losing its UNESCO World Heritage status. One of the most beautiful and distinctive stretches of land near Little Langdale in the UK is being ruined by 4x4 cars and motorbikes that are devastating tracks, have forced a sheep farmer out of the area and are violating the terms of its World Heritage status. We have to save it. We are a group of local residents and walkers. Some of us have lived here all our lives, and for the sheep farmers among us this land is our livelihood. It’s truly one of the most beautiful and serene landscapes in the country - and it’s heartbreaking to see the damage now being done to it. The noise of these vehicles can be heard for miles in the valley, ruining the peace and tranquility of the area that were key reasons for it being recognised by UNESCO. The off-road vehicles have caused so much damage and interruption that a local sheep farmer has had to pack up and leave - and others could follow. This stretch of land near Little Langdale was owned by Beatrix Potter and handed over to the National Trust in the 1930s and 40s to preserve it for future generations. Letting off-road vehicles ruin its beauty and tranquillity is doing a great disservice to her legacy. The Lake District National Park Authority has the power to stop this. We are calling on them to protect this incredible UNESCO World Heritage site by imposing a Traffic Regulation Order to stop 4x4s and motorbikes from doing any further damage. Please sign our petition to help preserve the Lake District’s natural beauty and World Heritage status by protecting it from 4x4s and motorbikes

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