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Petition to Mayor, Linda Hepner, TransLink Minister, Peter Fassbender, Councillor Tom Gill, Councillor Bruce Hayne, Councillor Vera LeFranc, Councillor Mary Martin, Councillor Mike Starchuk, Councillor Barbara Steele, Mayor, Ted Schaffer, Councillor Paul Albrecht, Councillor Jack Arnold, Councillor Dave Hall, Councillor Gayle Martin, Councillor Rudy Storteboom, Councillor Val van den Broek, Councillor Judy Villeneuve, Councillor Dave Woods, Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation

Change the proposed Surrey LRT to SkyTrain

In 2012, TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation released the Surrey Rapid Transit Study analysis, which looked at 14 alternatives for building rapid transit South-of-the-Fraser. The best of these alternatives was "RRT1A", which combined a SkyTrain extension to Langley with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to White Rock, Newton and Guildford. RRT1A served all of the proposed transit corridors, met all capacity requirements, and had the most transportation benefits of any alternative. Instead, Surrey has decided to pursue a street-level Light Rail (LRT) system - even though it was not considered the best alternative. The study actually found that building an LRT would result in a net loss to society, rather than a net benefit. The LRT alternative did not have a positive benefit-cost ratio, and would not cost less to build than the RRT 1A alternative - instead costing more to operate in the long term. A street-level LRT is not the system that will serve Surrey best in the future. With its total costs now topping $2.6 billion, it will be the most expensive mistake in our region's history. SkyTrain for Surrey's campaign vision is to see an Expo Line: Langley Extension on Fraser Highway and a Bus Rapid Transit system on King George Blvd & 104 Ave, instead of a street-level LRT. Passengers boarding an extended Expo Line at Langley Centre Station would reach Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver in less than 60 minutes. Why we oppose LRT: CLICK HERE // Our Vision: CLICK HERE

SkyTrain for Surrey
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Petition to Minister Environment of Nova Scotia, Minister McKenna

Save The Northumberland Strait - Protect our Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout

Today we have about 25 Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon bearing rivers that dump into the Northumberland Strait, not counting tributaries. The Strait is a main passage for our Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon as well as a place to feed and get energized prior to entering the rivers. However all this is at major risk with the proposed 90 million litres of effluent to be pumped into the Strait a day. The effluent at the outflow of the pipe is going to come out at 25c in the Winter and 37c in the summer! These temps will dramatically change the diversity and make up of this sensitive and important marine ecosystem. This will increase the overall temperatures of the Strait over time due to the high volume of effluent being pumped a day. The water temperatures are not the only concern. The makeup of the toxic chemicals that will be part of the effluent pose major threat to marine life. The current mill infrastructure cannot handle the new proposed effluent makeup because it will be to corrosive to their internal setup and that pumping it into the Strait is the most economical option for the Mill. This is info that has been communicated by the Mill in several public forms. The other obvious threat to the Strait is the colour and clarity of the water will change. The effluent due to its makeup will change the colour of the water at the outflow of the pipe which is positioned a few kms offshore and directly into the Strait. At millions of litres a day, this will impact a very large area and ultimately change the natural state of the ecosystem. These are only 3 points of a concern from a very long list that is pipe will cause. Sea Trout and Atlantic Salmon are not the only species at risk here. Herring, Gasperaux, Smelt, Eels, Whales, Atlantic dolphins, Tuna, Mackerel, Striped Bass, etc etc etc - all will be impacted by high water temps, toxic chemicals and water clarity. Please sign this petition to show your support that you are opposed to the Northern Pulp's Effluent Pipe being placed in the Northumberland Strait. To be clear, we are not promoting the closing of the mill; instead pursue other options to deal with the Pulp waste versus polluting this valuable Marine ecosystem.

Northumberland Strait Sportfishing Northumberland Strait Sportfishing
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