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Petition to Mayor, Linda Hepner, TransLink Minister, Peter Fassbender, Councillor Tom Gill, Councillor Bruce Hayne, Councillor Vera LeFranc, Councillor Mary Martin, Councillor Mike Starchuk, Councillor Barbara Steele, Mayor, Ted Schaffer, Councillor Paul Albrecht, Councillor Jack Arnold, Councillor Dave Hall, Councillor Gayle Martin, Councillor Rudy Storteboom, Councillor Val van den Broek, Councillor Judy Villeneuve, Councillor Dave Woods, Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation

Change the proposed Surrey LRT to SkyTrain

In 2012, TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation released the Surrey Rapid Transit Study analysis, which looked at 14 alternatives for building rapid transit South-of-the-Fraser. The best of these alternatives was "RRT1A", which combined a SkyTrain extension to Langley with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to White Rock, Newton and Guildford. RRT1A served all of the proposed transit corridors, met all capacity requirements, and had the most transportation benefits of any alternative. Instead, Surrey has decided to pursue a street-level Light Rail (LRT) system - even though it was not considered the best alternative. The study actually found that building an LRT would result in a net loss to society, rather than a net benefit. The LRT alternative did not have a positive benefit-cost ratio, and would not cost less to build than the RRT 1A alternative - instead costing more to operate in the long term. A street-level LRT is not the system that will serve Surrey best in the future. With its total costs now topping $2.6 billion, it will be the most expensive mistake in our region's history. SkyTrain for Surrey's campaign vision is to see an Expo Line: Langley Extension on Fraser Highway and a Bus Rapid Transit system on King George Blvd & 104 Ave, instead of a street-level LRT. Passengers boarding an extended Expo Line at Langley Centre Station would reach Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver in less than 60 minutes. Why we oppose LRT: CLICK HERE // Our Vision: CLICK HERE

SkyTrain for Surrey
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Petition to Sarah Guillemard, The Honourable Marc Miller, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett

Prevent Disastrous Intentional Flooding of South Indian Lake Indigenous Lands!!!

SAVE THE LAND, LAKES & PEOPLE OF SOUTH INDIAN LAKE from continued ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION! #WATERISLIFE Manitoba Hydro, a crown corporation, flooded and destroyed the land at O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation/South Indian Lake in 1974 when they diverted the Churchill River to generate Hydroelectric power.   In doing so, they caused immeasurable environmental devastation to the lands, rivers, and lakes- destroying entire ecosystems and polluting aquatic and non-aquatic wildlife.  The socio-economic effects of this mass destruction in the name of progress have been immeasurable to the community's Indigenous people and are still being felt today.  In 1973, Manitoba Hydro was granted an Interim Licence that allowed operation and fluctuations of 2 feet over a twelve-month period, much like fluctuations in nature. Manitoba Hydro has not followed the terms of the Interim Licence since 1979! Manitoba Hydro has deviated from the Interim Licence, called the Augmented Flow Program (AFP), which allows 6 additional inches of flooding, 1 foot of further dewatering, and 4.5 feet of lake fluctuation. This operation is devasting and unnecessary for current Manitoba needs! Regrettably, on May 13, 2021, the Minister of Conservation and Climate, Sarah Guillemarde, granted MANITOBA HYDRO a final licence for the Augmented Flow Program.  Augment just means increase or raise, and they have raised water levels greatly- causing MASS ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION! What is truly problematic is that the Minister falsely stated in a press release that the decision was made after “decades-long consultation with Indigenous communities.” Consultation is meaningless if it is done merely as lip service and a formality. Consultation must actually be implemented and this has not been the case. What would we like to see happen?Ultimately, we want the province of Manitoba to rescind their issuance of a final “licence to destroy” to Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba Hydro is a crown corporation and is owned by the province, which puts the province in a serious position of conflict of interest. In order to do the right thing, they must recuse themselves and have a neutral, third party examine the issue, following actual, meaningful consultation and implementation of Indigenous people’s concerns. Now, we are calling upon the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to intervene. This is not solely a provincial issue because it involves Indigenous lands and Indigenous peoples!!!! Manitoba is required under the Constitution of Canada to conduct a section 35 consultation regarding the Churchill River Diversion Final Licence issuance regarding potential impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights. Once again, despite fictitious claims to the contrary; this did not happen! Chief Shirley Ducharme of South Indian Lake has been very clear on her opposition to this project. She has called repeatedly for meaningful consultation and action. It doesn’t seem like Manitoba Hydro is listening to her and it’s unfortunate. We'd like to see Manitoba Hydro engage in meaningful consultation with South Indian Lake, Split Lake, Cross Lake, and other impacted First Nations. A community member in South Indian Lake who led the consultation process has said repeatedly and publicly that he’s frustrated he went through the process of engaging community members, but that Manitoba Hydro rejected the views of the community and there has been no follow-up. When the Minister issued a Final Licence to Manitoba Hydro without the required meaningful consultation under Sec. 35 and more importantly, Accommodation of the impacts on Aboriginal & Treaty Rights as required by the Canadian Constitution of 1982- she did so in violation of the Constitution! In sum, please support us by signing this petition and asking MP Marc Miller and MP Carolyn Bennett to rescind  Manitoba Hydro's issuance of a final license to destroy the land, water, wildlife, and Indigenous peoples in Northern Manitoba!  The honour of the Crown is at stake and our rights as Canadians are collectively being violated! The provincial government of Manitoba MUST NOT get away with these vile actions! Kinanaskomitinawaw (thank you, with extreme gratitude) for your support! We must protect our environment and preserve it for future generations to come!

Angela Levasseur
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Petition to John horgan, Justin Trudeau, Geroge Heyman, Jonathon Wilkinson, Parks Canada

Help create “Great Bear Rainforest National Park” before its too late!

British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest has been dubbed one of the wildest places left on earth. It is home to rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, ancient forests and of course, BC’s massive costal temperate rainforest and it is the largest of its kind in the world. With a variation of species such as wolves, cougars, birds, fish, deer, elk, Orcas, whales, and the most famous of them all, the Spirit Bear, “the rarest bear in the world.        However, despite its significant importance to the world, the Great Bear Rainforest is extremely threatened. The main threats to this unique ecosystem are: rampant clearcut logging, fish farms, the new CGL Pipeline and tankers, and possibly new oil pipeline.          My proposed National Park Reserve, would encompass 5 main islands as well as a good chunk of marine area. The 2 main islands are Pitt Island and Princess Royal Island (which has the most Spirit Bears on Earth). The land portion i am hoping to get set aside is around 4,700 km2 with the marine area being another 1,300 km2. These would make a total park size of nearly 6,000 km2 making it the largest national park in BC.         I would also propose to leave a channel out of the park, so to allow ship traffic to Kitimat.          As you can see the Great Bear Rainforest is a place like no other, sadly the government does not understand this. So it is our job to show them! By signing this petition, you are helping to preserve not only the Great Bear Rainforest, but BC’s future with it. Help save one of the natural wonders of the world and by doing so, helping to stop BC from destroying the “Amazon of the North”! Thank you, and lets hear it for Great Bear Rainforest National Park!!!           

Troy Patterson
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