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Petition to City of Fredericton

Let's Make Fredericton a Green City

What's the Recycling Situation in Fredericton? The City of Fredericton currently does not offer curbside recycling collection to multi-unit residential buildings.  Instead, they require residents of these buildings to drop their recycling off at one of three designated recycling depots. Fast Facts: The City of Fredericton says “an effective recycling program can divert 30-40% of a household’s waste from landfills,” but the City’s diversion rate is only 19%.  (Public Safety & Environment Committee Garbage and Recycling Program Review, 2017) Without an effective recycling strategy, the City diverts 522.8 tonnes of recyclable materials from apartment complexes to landfills annually.  (Statistics Canada, 2014 & 2016) Among Canadians with access to curbside recycling collection, over 90% reported recycling regularly.  (Statistics Canada, 1994-2006) Each residence travelling to a recycling depot negates the purpose of recycling.  Transportation accounts for almost half of toxic air pollution, more than a third of greenhouse gas emissions, and almost 20% of toxic water pollution.  (David Suzuki Foundation, 2014) Urge City Council to: Pass a by-law to provide recycling pick up from all multi-unit residential buildings in Fredericton.   Ensure that recycling pick up from all residences in Fredericton includes plastics, paper, cardboard, recyclable glass and compost.

St. Thomas 2017 Human Rights Capstone
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Petition to Karen Ras

Save Lorne Park from Unmanaged Growth

As you know, Lorne Park is a unique neighourhood with distinguishable homes surrounded by mature trees.   A recent development proposal on 1190 and 1200 Lorne Park Road has raised a lot of concerns.   We want to ensure that we save the local neighbourhood on Queen Victoria Avenue, Lorne Park Road and Garden Road from negative impacts from this proposal.  (The local community is not opposed to development in general in this location but are against this proposal as it currently stands.) We believe that the current proposal suggests removing several mature trees, (some which are over 80 years old) which will take away from the character of the neighbourhood.    Replacing them will take 50-60 years before they are as large as the other trees in the area.   This proposal also suggests similar looking homes vs. the distinguishable homes in the surrounding areas.  The proposal doesn’t consider existing by-laws in terms of homes being too close to the road vs. the other homes in the area.  The proposed development is not sufficient to build the amount of proposed homes and will add approximately 28 more cars to the traffic flow issues currently experienced in the neighbourhood.   The first town development in the area, which cut all mature trees but one & looks like a sub-division, and frankly doesn't fit with the neighbouring properties.  We hope the city doesn't proceed with another mistake like that.  The proposal also suggests building twice as many homes as suggested by the by-laws as well.  The proposal offers NO environmental benefits for the neighbourhood. - The proposal should only have five detached homes to keep with the character of neighbouring homes  - The proposal must not cut down any mature trees.  The city must have an independent arborist vs. relying on the developer’s arborist on the health of the trees. - The proposal must comply on existing by-laws on the number of homes being built with appropriate set-back to the road.v s. the suggested 14 homes, which are very close to the road (which exceeds the number of homes suggested by the City of Mississauga's by-laws)- The proposal must ensure the homes don't exceed the height of neighbouring homes. If we don't stop aggressive developments like this, we will see more encroachments further into the community taking away the character away from the neighbourhood.  Please sign and share the petition to ensure that Mississauga City Council pushes for managed growth, while protecting our neighbourhood.

Gautam Malkani
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Petition to Surrey City Council, Concord Pacific, Rancho Management

Fight Light Pollution in Surrey - Turn off Fountain Uplighting

We object to the uplighting at 13696 100 Avenue, Surrey, BC, Canada. The uplighting is polluting to the night sky, detrimental to nocturnal species and harmful to human health.  Currently, the coloured lights point straight up towards the sky and are turned on 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. We ask that the lights be turned off immediately and indefinitely. We have 3 main areas of concern: 1. Human Health Studies have shown that exposure to artificial light at night is damaging to human health.  Living in an area with light pollution disrupts our circadian rhythms, and is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression, reduced immunity, and sleep deprivation.  It also results in delayed bedtime and wake up time, shorter sleep duration and increased daytime sleepiness, which is a threat to human safety during the day.  Constant exposure to bright light at night can also accelerate vision degeneration.  Overall, quality of life is decreased for people living in areas with light pollution. 2. Native Animal Behaviour Light pollution is also harmful to nocturnal animals. It affects normal circadian behaviour, reproduction, and predator-prey interactions. Many species can no longer survive in our cities because light pollution has taken away their dark sky habitat and driven out the smaller animals that they normally eat. 3. Safety However, light is a necessary human tool for safety and navigation at night. Well designed lighting should be aimed down towards the ground to get more of the light where we need it to navigate and to see potential threats. Aiming light into the sky does not aid with any human nighttime functions, and can in fact increase glare and decrease visibility for people navigating around it. Considering the negative effects to the night sky, nocturnal animals, and human health, we ask that the lights at 13696 100 Avenue, Surrey, BC be turned off immediately and indefinitely. We hope that this case will serve as a first step in establishing regulation for light pollution in Surrey. To learn more about light pollution, check out the International Dark Sky Association's website:  

Laura Stepney
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