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Petition to Mayor, Linda Hepner, TransLink Minister, Peter Fassbender, Councillor Tom Gill, Councillor Bruce Hayne, Councillor Vera LeFranc, Councillor Mary Martin, Councillor Mike Starchuk, Councillor Barbara Steele, Mayor, Ted Schaffer, Councillor Paul Albrecht, Councillor Jack Arnold, Councillor Dave Hall, Councillor Gayle Martin, Councillor Rudy Storteboom, Councillor Val van den Broek, Councillor Judy Villeneuve, Councillor Dave Woods, Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation

Change the proposed Surrey LRT to SkyTrain

In 2012, TransLink and the Ministry of Transportation released the Surrey Rapid Transit Study analysis, which looked at 14 alternatives for building rapid transit South-of-the-Fraser. The best of these alternatives was "RRT1A", which combined a SkyTrain extension to Langley with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to White Rock, Newton and Guildford. RRT1A served all of the proposed transit corridors, met all capacity requirements, and had the most transportation benefits of any alternative. Instead, Surrey has decided to pursue a street-level Light Rail (LRT) system - even though it was not considered the best alternative. The study actually found that building an LRT would result in a net loss to society, rather than a net benefit. The LRT alternative did not have a positive benefit-cost ratio, and would not cost less to build than the RRT 1A alternative - instead costing more to operate in the long term. A street-level LRT is not the system that will serve Surrey best in the future. With its total costs now topping $2.6 billion, it will be the most expensive mistake in our region's history. SkyTrain for Surrey's campaign vision is to see an Expo Line: Langley Extension on Fraser Highway and a Bus Rapid Transit system on King George Blvd & 104 Ave, instead of a street-level LRT. Passengers boarding an extended Expo Line at Langley Centre Station would reach Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver in less than 60 minutes. Why we oppose LRT: CLICK HERE // Our Vision: CLICK HERE

SkyTrain for Surrey
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Petition to Minister Environment of Nova Scotia, Minister McKenna, Jonathan Wilkinson

Save The Northumberland Strait - Protect our Fisheries, our Tourism and our Health

Today we have dozens of rivers that dump into the Northumberland Strait not counting tributaries. The Strait is a main passage for our a lot of marine species including Waterfowl. It is a place for them to feed, rest and live. However all this is at major risk with the proposed 90 million litres of effluent to be pumped into the Strait a day. The effluent at the outflow of the pipe is going to come out at 25c in the Winter and 37c in the summer!! (The natural water temps of the Strait reaches 15C in the summer ) These temps will absolutely change the diversity and make up of this sensitive and important marine ecosystem. This will increase the overall temperatures of the Strait over time due to the high volume of effluent being pumped a day. The Effluent is going to be fresh water. The Strait is comprised of salt water and species that require a specific level of salinity. At a rate of 70-90 Million litres a day, the salinity of the Strait will change as the waste continues to accumulate over time. This will impact Wetlands, all species that use the Strait as well as the food sources within. The makeup of the toxic chemicals that will be part of the effluent will also pose major threat to marine life. The communications officer for Northern Pulp has said a few times that the current infrastructure of the mill cannot handle the new proposed effluent makeup because it will be to corrosive to their internal setup and that pumping it into the Strait is the most economical option for the Mill. However, there are many scientific documents that show the risk and harm that will come from this. Furthermore, the effluent would contain chlorines, dioxins, metals, among other toxic constituents and will contain 935kg of solid materials per day. All of these can bioaccumulate, having catastrophic effects on marine life. Laboratory studies using individual chlorinated organic compounds that are commonly discharged from bleached pulp mills have demonstrated effects such as deformities, as well as embryonic and larval mortalities in fish. These chronic effects will jeopardize the future of many fish species and damage the integrity of the ecosystem. It is documented that Dioxins contaminate fish and shellfish because fish act like sponges for Dioxins, accumulating them at 25,000-50,000 times the concentrations present in their environment. It also is reported that fish species 250 miles away from the source have been impacted. The other obvious threat to the Strait is the colour of the water will change. The effluent due to its makeup will change the colour at the water at the outflow of the pipe which is positioned a few kms offshore and directly into the Strait. At millions of litres a day, this will impact a very large area and ultimately change the natural state of the ecosystem. The Strait already has several large dead zones due to nutrient overloading from many sources. It cannot handle any additional pressures. Boat Harbour, once a very healthy estuary and wetlands is an official environmental disaster due to the mills current waste process. The NS Government is mandating that it be stopped by 2020 and cleaned up. However, the option Northern Pulp came up with is to dump it into the Northumberland Strait! The NS Government is supporting this and is ok with a Class 1 Environmental Assessment. This is nothing more than a 50 day review and some public consultations. The provincial government is supporting this since they have an Indemnity Agreement with Northern Pulp. We need Federal involvement and a full Environmental Assessment completed to ensure that the proper scientific testing is done and risks highlighted. These are only a few points of a concern from a very long list that this pipe will cause. Our wetlands and surrounding marine habitat are not the only things at risk here. Atlantic Salmon, Trout, Herring, Gasperaux, Smelt, Eels, Whales, Atlantic dolphins, Tuna, Mackerel, Striped Bass, etc etc etc all will be impacted by high water temps, toxic chemicals, changes in salinty and water clarity. A final decision on this pipe proposal is going to be made by the NS Government and Northern Pulp by July We are running out of time for important groups to provide their input on this.  Could we please count on you to request a full environmental assessment to ensure the proper testing and studies are completed to protect the Northumberland Strait? A lot is at stake here and once it starts, the damage will be irreversible.  

Northumberland Strait Sportfishing Association
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Petition to Premier Doug Ford

Let these birds live. Stop Ontario's war on Double-crested Cormorants

ProblemOntario introduces an open season hunt on nesting birds.Urgent - We need MASSIVE opposition. Ontario’s Conservative Premier, Doug Ford is using Trumpian tactics, has put this in with several other outrageous new laws so as to overwhelm the electorate and has quietly introduced this proposal just before the holidays to avoid scrutiny.Don’t let this happen! Complain about this loud and long and often, PLEASE. It is a major disaster.Please sign our petition. And please continue reading.Nowhere in North America are sport hunters permitted to shoot at close range nesting migratory birds and their chicks while still in the nest, but that is exactly what Ontario’s Conservative Premier Doug Ford is proposing for Double-crested Cormorants and it needs to be stopped now. Premier Doug Ford intends to change the law in Ontario, to allow sport hunters to ‘spoil’ the birds after being shot. Meaning both parents and chicks can be blasted out of their nest and left to rot. Currently it is illegal to ‘spoil’ game species. Technically, the hunting of wildlife isn’t supposed to be for the sheer thrill of killing. Carcasses, in theory, are to be used. Doug Ford is waiving this provision and will allow hunters to shoot up colonies at their pleasure in an open season that will run from March 15 to December 31, every year. Hunters can kill off an entire colony and their chicks in a matter of minutes. A government cull of nesting cormorants in 2003 at Presqu’ile Provincial Park saw two government sharp shooters kill over a thousand birds in one day. So let’s not kid ourselves - Doug Ford wants to kill off these birds in Ontario and it can be done quickly. This proposal was written almost verbatim by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and is part of their PRIORITIES FOR THE NEW GOVERNMENT agenda. There are no restrictions.There are no restrictions on the number of hunters that can attack a colony anywhere, anytime including one of the largest colonies on the Great Lakes located in Toronto at Tommy Thompson Park. As long as sport hunters remain in their boats, and do not step onto the shore, there is nothing restricting them from coming close enough to shoot nests from below, killing adults peacefully tending their young and the chicks. The enjoyment of Toronto Harbour will be reduced by the presence of gunshots and flying bullets and dead birds floating to shore. This is no joke!This proposal is deceitful.Landowners have always had the unrestricted ability to kill cormorants if they were perceived as ‘nuisance’ on their private property and science from across numerous jurisdictions including Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry concluded that the presence of cormorants indicates an abundance of fish. The problem is that sport and commercial fishers are too greedy to share the resources with any species seen as a direct competitor. Almost all Double-crested Cormorant colonies contain several other colonial waterbird species such as Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Common Tern, Caspian Tern, Black-crowned Night Herons, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, White Pelicans, who will also be disturbed during their breeding season by this hunting activity. When Ontario Parks began culling cormorants at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, they lost the ONLY Great Blue Heron breeding colony on Lake Ontario which was embedded among the cormorants for protection against predators. Doug Ford is a ‘text book’ psychopathic bully that has shown little empathy for the most vulnerable in our society both people and wildlife. Let’s stop this him NOW before he decimates waterbird colonies across Ontario. The policy to kill cormorants during their nesting season can be found here: note: It is impossible to monitor this hunting activity as proposed. The same promise to monitor the Spring Bear Hunt never materialized and young cubs are dying at the hands of sport hunters as the mother bears are killed in the spring hunt. The Ontario govt. has NEVER produced a report to date. They can’t and they won’t. They want them dead in the water - literally. For more information on Double-crested Cormorants please link here: You !!!!!SolutionPersonal story

Peaceful Parks
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Petition to Steve Clark, Rod Phillips, Todd Smith, Doug Ford

Stop Bill 66 - save our environment and clean water

To quote Edward Keenan in the Toronto Star on December 8th: "Open for business - at what cost?" If you care about species at risk, biodiversity, wetlands, clean water, mitigating damaging floods in the GTA or young children, you want this bill stopped. Bill 66 allows Ontario municipalities to approve developments on environmentally important land, including the Greenbelt and the Oak Ridges Moraine, WITHOUT EVEN A PUBLIC NOTICE OR HEARING. And it removes safeguards on clean water (remember Walkerton?) and allows unlicensed day cares to care for THREE children under 2. Ford promised during the campaign "to protect the Greenbelt in its entirety" but clearly his prior commitment to developers (at least some of whom funded his campaign) is all that matters to him. I volunteer for environmental protection, because I care about the future our young people will have to live in, and nothing matters more for that future than the environment. Without clean water to drink and air to breathe, what else will matter? Please sign this petition. Please call, write to or meet with your MPP to end this bill, especially if you supported the current provincial government. Make it known that you want the campaign promise kept. Removing red tape is about paperwork and expedited bureaucracy, not about endangering our safety and our future. This bill is not about removing red tape. Here's the link to the summary, which has links to the actual proposed legislation: Thank you. And thank you on behalf of all the birds, animals and plants that live in the areas that could be destroyed forever. You can't reverse development or easily restore natural areas that have been devastated.

Jane Garthson
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