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Petition to Daniel Schwartz

Tim Hortons, we know you can make a #BetterCup!

After big announcements from Starbucks and McDonald’s to invest in developing a fully recyclable and compostable cup to help our planet, it’s time for other fast food and coffee giants to follow. We are Mya, Eve and Ben! We’re young environmental activists from Calgary. Earlier this year, Mya and Eve teamed up with environmental organizations to ask Starbucks to use a #BetterCup. Our petition was part of our 6th grade science fair project, and it worked! Starbucks is investing US$10 million in creating a fully recyclable and compostable NextGen cup, and McDonald’s is partnering with them too. Ben also successfully petitioned Starbucks to phase out plastic straws by 2020. We’re so happy and inspired to see big companies make commitments to reduce plastic waste. We know it will help our oceans and forests, and the fight against climate change.    Now, we’re working together to ask Tim Hortons to join Starbucks and McDonald’s in committing to using a #BetterCup. We see so many people buy coffee at Tim Hortons every day and we also see their cups on the streets and in the garbage. It is estimated that a total 600 billion single-use cups wind up in landfills each year. Our planet and our oceans can’t take any more waste! We think it’s time for Tim Hortons to join the movement towards a more sustainable future. Together we ask Daniel Schwartz, CEO of Restaurant Brands International — the owners of Tim Hortons, Burger King and Popeye’s — to join the #BetterCup movement by investing in and using the NextGen cup! So many people love Tim Hortons coffee in Canada and we know they can be leaders by making this important environmental commitment. Please join us in asking Tim Hortons to be a leader and make a #BetterCup! Together we can make our future greener. Thank you for your supportMya, Eve and Ben. -- You can check out our successful Starbucks campaigns here:- Starbucks, we know you can make a #BetterCup- Starbucks, Design and Use Fully Biodegradable Straws

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Petition to Marc Garneau, Catherine McKenna, Justin Trudeau, Johnathan Wilkinson

Save the Orca Families from Extinction!

Our oceans are the home to families of orcas who are now hungry and living in noisy and polluted waters. The Southern Resident killer whales (orcas) are endangered and require immediate protection, or they will disappear forever. These iconic, intelligent beings live in family pods their entire lives and contribute to the fragile balance of marine ecosystems. There are now only 75 Southern Residents remaining and the time to act is running out. This petition urges Fisheries and Oceans Minister Johnathan Wilkinson and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to take immediate action and implement an emergency order  to protect the endangered Southern Resident orcas who live off British Columbia and Washington State. They are responsible for taking action to implement an emergency order under the Species at Risk Act for these orcas who have been facing imminent human threats to their survival and recovery. They can make a difference and save the orca families from extinction! The three major causes of their rapidly declining population is lack of food, vessel traffic/harassment, and pollution. The emergency order should:  Guarantee Safe, Abundant, and Healthy Food - Moratoriums must be implemented to rebuild the presently broken ocean food chain. Harmful fish farms, that threaten wild salmon, must be closed; Stop Vessel Traffic Noise and Harassment; Prevent and Clean up Pollution;  Enforce Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) - MPAs must restrict activities, such as fishing, that interferes with and threaten orca’s lives. They must be increased in Canada and the US;  Stop Invasive Experiments and the Cumulative Impact of Research on Orcas - As other orca populations are also at low numbers all satellite darting (spearing) and skin biopsies, that permit a pathway for infections and cause deaths, must be stopped. The Southern Resident orcas are counting on us to take action. Please sign and share this petition to ensure their survival.  You have signed this petition and you want to take further action? You can contribute to protecting these orcas through making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through  Paypal.

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Petition to Lawrence MacAulay

End food waste in Canada!

French | English Every year, $31 billion of food ends up in a landfill in Canada alone. This isn't just stale bread and mouldy produce. This is good to eat food of all sorts. Produce, dairy, grain, protein, and everything outside of those. Yet, nearly one million Canadians rely on food banks each month, and about four million Canadians are "food insecure", of which 1.5 million are children. In 2015, the French government passed a law forbidding supermarkets from wasting and deliberately destroying food that can still be eaten. Instead, supermarkets have since been required to donate all unsold food products to charity such as food banks. A similar anti-food waste law can and should be implemented in Canada, nationwide. As it is, Quebec is now requiring that all supermarkets give unused food to foodbanks. Doing the same on a federal scale is not inconceivable. It is doable, and it is already being done in communities worldwide. In addition to the people who would be positively affected, food waste contributes greatly to climate change. Reducing food waste would benefit our environment. This petition urges the Govenment of Canada through the Hon. Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture, to create a federal program to combat food waste. The program will: Bar supermarkets from intentionally destroying and wasting unsold, still edible food Require Canadian supermarkets to give unsold, still edible food to Canadian food banks Require Canadian supermarkets to give wrongfully packaged or damaged, still edible food to Canadian food banks The law passed in France began with a simple petition not much different from this, on this very website. That petition received over 200,000 signatures. Our goal is to obtain 100,000 and to gain national attention to this very real issue. With your support, we can make a difference, and we can show our government what matters to us.  We need you. We need your voice. We need your support. Please sign and share this petition to bring change and to bring this law into Canada! Use the #WhyWasteFood and #FoodDeservesBetter when sharing or discussing this campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! -- Learn more: A $31B problem: How Canada sucks at reducing food waste Man who forced French supermarkets to donate food wants to take law global Help the environment, reduce food waste

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