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Petition to Planning Minister and Member for Richmond, Hon Richard Wynne, Minister for Energy, Environment, Climate Change The Hon. Lily D'Ambrosio MP

Stop the Destruction of the Yarra River Bank

PLEASE DO NOT SELL THE PUBLIC LAND OF WALMER STREET TO A PRIVATE DEVELOPER FOR CAR TUNNELS. THE SALE OF WALMER STREET DISADVANTAGES ALL MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC WHO USE THIS AREA. See  (blog post for May 9th: "Plan for Walmer Plaza") for the plans for "Walmer Plaza" and council comments. The plans involve RAISING Walmer St by 2 metres, to accommodate the two car tunnels, installing steps up to "upper plaza" and removing the bike/disabled ramp. It will be replaced with a series of long, narrow, two way, 360 degree switchback shared paths, at several different gradients. SOMETHING STINKS ON THE RIVER BANK, AND IT ISN'T THE RIVER. Two developments, 607- 627 Victoria Street (540 dwellings, 508 car spaces, 10-11 levels, 22 meters from the river) to be called The Park House. and 647 -649 Victoria Street (amended plans show 9 levels, plus three basement levels. 102 apartments, plus retail. To be called Walmer House. New mandatory setback still only 25 metres from river. The river itself is only 26 metres wide at this point) linked by PUBLIC LAND which is to be sold to SALTA for two car tunnels, which will take up two thirds of Walmer Street, for access to car parks under the two Salta developments. Almost 700 cars from the two developments will be using the tunnels, creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in the narrow space left. The parking plan which affects 647-649 has been submitted as part of 607-627, so developer did not have to address parking issues for 647-649 at VCAT. Essentially, they avoided any question of access or parking for this development. The proposed tunnels under Walmer Street will necessitate serious works to the stormwater drain in one of the few remaining basking spots for Water Dragons and Eastern Snake Neck Turtles. The basking spot will be  most likely be either adversely affected/destroyed The public bike ramp that is currently in this space is not shown on any of the sets of plans, for either development. The historic Skipping Girl Vinegar Sign will also be blocked from view from the city (western) side by the proposed height of 647-649, and also by the proposed development at 607-627.  The much photographed view of the Skipping Girl Sign from the Walmer St Footbridge will be gone. Why is it proposed to give public land to this developer so that they can increase their development footprint and their potential profit while seriously and permanently destroying the public amenity of the Yarra River Corridor? This developer (SALTA) is so avaricious that they want to take up public land for the entrance to their development in order to maximise space in their developments, and therefore their profits. How is it possible for a public road and part of the publicly owned riverbank to be subsumed into the amenities of a private development? How is it possible for our elected representatives/politicians to allow public assets to be poached by private developers? Ministers Wynne and Neville, please refuse this public land grab. The history: Salta applied for a permit for 647-649 Victoria Street Abbotsford, before Christmas 2015. Salta went to VCAT in January, under section 79 - that Council did not make a decision fast enough. At VCAT, SALTA's lawyers gave notice of NEW PLANS. The new plans can be downloaded from City of Yarra website. The new plans do not address any of the issues which concern us as users of the Yarra River. ***Plans appear to have changed again since VCAT. ***NOTE: Council would have refused the permit, and mounted an opposition to the development at VCAT. Melbourne Water also opposed the development. VCAT backs large developers in 76% of cases, and did so once again in the case of 647-649. The opportunity to comment on 607-627 was advertised for two weeks via a small page on development hoarding. The plans available show that two tunnels take up  over 2/3 of Walmer Street; Walmer Street is being lifted 2 metres, necessitating steps where there were no steps; and the perfectly functional publicly funded, publicly owned, bike/disabled ramp is gone. The developer is landscaping the (flood prone, unusable for building) area in front of the development, which will benefit the residents of the development. In return they are receiving immensely valuable Crown Land of Walmer Street, with plans that impact upon and disadvantage the public. What is wrong with this picture? In the five years from 2013 more than 40 large development projects will add more than 7,000 new apartments to the City of Yarra, turning it into a dormitory suburb, rather than the eclectic mixture we have enjoyed in the past. There is NO shortage of housing in The City of Yarra that would necessitate the sacrifice of our precious public assets and amenities like the Yarra River. There has been so much development in Abbotsford that it has been put on a list of "high-risk" suburbs by banks, damaging the property values of everyone who lives here. New research indicates that there will be a massive oversupply of 123,000 apartments in Melbourne by 2022, just six years away. There is no justification for any more massive apartment developments on the Yarra River bank. DEAR MINISTER WYNNE, PLEASE SAVE WHAT IS LEFT OF OUR YARRA RIVER CORRIDOR! SAY NO TO SEAGULL DEVELOPERS. PLEASE DO NOT REWARD GREED AND DISREGARD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.  DO NOT GIVE PUBLIC LAND TO PRIVATE DEVELOPERS. SAY NO. NO MORE MASSIVE DEVELOPMENTS ON THE YARRA RIVERBANK. Please Minister Wynne, place your support behind the people. You were elected by the people. The people have consistently begged past Planning Ministers to reject these types of developments, and we have been consistently ignored and overruled. Many extremely unsuitable developments have been approved, even though the sensitive Yarra River Corridor is being irretrievably damaged. SAY NO to GREEDY developers on the Yarra Riverbank, and the granting of public land for private profit. We ALL have the right to object to the development of our Yarra Riverbank, because we all have the right to enjoy the unspoilt amenity of the Yarra River and it's banks. Obtrusive developments which encroach on the rights of the many for the profit of a few are absolutely contrary to the fair and decent shared enjoyment of our precious public amenities and environmental assets. This development deeply and permanently affects the visual amenity and the tranquility of the area. It blocks light and overhead space from the path below, overwhelms the space and affects the enjoyment of the river and riverbank for all users. It will irrevocably change the Yarra River bank. SAY NO. NO MORE DEVELOPMENT ON THE YARRA RIVERBANK. Please sign this petition to stand up for the vulnerable Yarra Riverbank, and send a message to our elected officials that the vast majority of residents of Melbourne and Victoria do not want this type of development along the Yarra Riverbank. Go to to find out more about this, and to see more pictures. * PETITION WAS AMENDED to remove City of Yarra Council AS DEVELOPER BYPASSED COUNCIL  

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Petition to Luke Donnellan, Luke Donnellan MP, Vince Punaro

Build the Calder Bike Path

“We’ll build the paths to get the bikes off the road and out of the traffic, making life easier for cyclists and motorists alike.” - Daniel Andrews MP.Currently there is NO SAFE ROUTE for Sunbury and Macedon Ranges residents to get to and from Melbourne by Bike. The main corridor used by commuter and recreational cyclists involves a portion of the Calder Fwy between Organ Pipes Rd and Kings Rd. VicRoads has seen fit to erect several signs on both sides of the freeway indicating cyclists should use the freeway shoulder, however at the Calder Park Drive exit the shoulder ceases to exist.  The space is instead used for a high speed slip lane.  What then for cyclists heading north?  You're on your own apparently, just dice it out for a couple of hundred metres with high speed freeway traffic.  For one commuter cyclist recently it meant a trip to hospital with a concussion and several broken bones after being hit from behind by a car, followed by months off work for recovery. How long until the unthinkable happens and lives are ruined as a result? For a small investment a path can be built on the North side of the freeway, completely eliminating this dangerous bike-car interaction. This needs to happen sooner rather than later. Luke Donnellan: For these people who are trying to do the right thing by leaving the car at home and riding to work instead - Give them a safe option.Detailed proposal can be found here:Proposal PDF

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Petition to His Excellency Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar, Mrs. Minister Hakima El Haite, Mr. Franck Bainimarama, Mr. Inia Seruiratu

Exit Coal Now !

Exit coal now ! (please scroll down for translation in French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish) Recent studies* have shown that coal-fired power plants cause the premature death of tens of thousands of people each year in Europe, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Furthermore, they are the biggest single group of CO2 sources that can be PHASED OUT within a dozen years or so (12 years in Europe and North America, 24 years worldwide), since alternative sources of clean, affordable, low-carbon electric power are widely available (depending on local conditions : renewable and/or nuclear power). We, ExitCoalNow (ECN), a worldwide coalition of NGOs and citizens, hereby urge world leaders to require each country to move towards an exit from coal as an electric power source, by 2040 or earlier, and 2030 or earlier in Europe and North America. Furthermore, for the sake of public health and climate change urgency, the most advanced countries will strive to beat those deadlines and reach that goal by 2025. --- Purpose of the petition : The grounds for action are not only climate change mitigation, but also public health, since coal-fired power plants are among the most serious root causes for respiratory illnesses, cancers and premature deaths in many countries. Furthermore, the use of coal for electric power production, added to other coal usage, amplifies environmental damage due to overmining, wildlife and landscape destruction, water and soil pollution, etc. We met the UNFCCC climate leaders at COP22 in Morocco, November 2016, and will meet again at COP23 in Bonn in 2017 to ask them for their support in turning the decision to stop building and operating coal power plants into a priority at the international level, within the application framework of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Furthermore, we hereby respectfully request the organization of either an official or informal event at COP23 or COP24 with the COP22/23/24 President and Climate Champions, or their representatives, for them to receive the signed petition from participating ExitCoalNow members. Petition Site: the petition will be hosted on An informative petition web page will be created later with translation in several languages, updated data, texts and graphs. List of countries and states which have pledged to phase out coal by 2040 : - not committed yet to save their own and neighbouring people's lives... and still failing to crack down on CO2 emissions: Germany, USA, China, Japan, Poland, India, Australia, The Netherlands ... Worldwide list of coal power plants : ExitCoalNow (ECN - ) is a global network of non-profit organizations with the common goal of ending the use of coal a an electric power source. ECN was founded in 2016 by SOP : Saving Our Planet - First partner organizations: more are listed on IAHV : International Association for Human Values EFH : Energy For Humanity SLC : Sauvons Le Climat STC : Save the Climate *Reference on coal plant damage and how to replace them quickly: - from WWF, in English : Europe’s Dark Cloud - How Coal-Burning Countries are making their neighbours sick - from SLC, in French : La Place du Charbon en Europe     TRANSLATIONS of the english petition text – FR : sortons du charbon maintenant ! Des études récentes* ont démontré que les centrales électriques au charbon sont la cause de dizaines de milliers de morts prématurées chaque année en Europe, et de centaines de milliers dans le monde. De plus, elle sont le groupe le plus important de sources d'émissions de CO2 qui peuvent êtres arrêtées en une douzaine d'années (12 ans en Europe et Amérique du Nord, 24 ans dans le monde entier), puisque des sources alternatives d’électricité propre, peu onéreuse et bas-carbone sont largement disponibles (en fonction des conditions locales : énergies renouvelables et/ou nucléaires). Nous, ExitCoalNow (ECN), une coalition mondiale d'ONG et de citoyens, prions instamment les dirigeants du monde d'engager chaque pays vers la sortie du charbon comme source d'électricité, au moins avant 2040, et avant 2030 en Europe et Amérique du Nord. Par souci de santé publique et d'urgence climatique, les pays les plus avancés s'efforceront d'anticiper ces délais et d'atteindre cet objectif dès 2025.  – ES : ¡ salir del carbón ya ! Estudios recientes* han demostrado que las centrales electrícas que usan carbón como combustible causan la muerte prematura de decenas de miles de personas cada año en Europa, y centenas de miles de personas en todo el mundo. Además, es el grupo más grande de fuentes de CO2 que puede eliminarse gradualmente en unos doce años (12 años en Europa y América del Norte, 24 años en todo el mundo), ya que las fuentes alternativas de energía eléctrica, limpia y asequible, de bajo carbono están ampliamente disponibles (dependiendo de las condiciones locales: energías renovables y/o nucleares). Nosotros, ExitCoalNow (ECN), una coalición mundial de organizaciones no gubernamentales y también de ciudadanos, por lo tanto instamos a los líderes mundiales de cada país a comprometerse hacia la salida del carbón como fuente de energía eléctrica, para el año 2040 o antes, y para el año 2030 o antes en Europa y América del Norte. Por el bien de la salud pública y para responder a la emergencia del cambio climático, los países más avanzados deben esforzarse por superar esos plazos y lograr ese objetivo para el año 2025. – DE : Kohle Ausstieg jetzt ! Nachhaltige Studien* haben gezeigt, dass Kohlekraftwerke vorzeitigen Tod von Zehntausenden von Menschen jedes Jahr in Europa verursachen. Sie sind für hunderttausende von Toten weltweit verantwortlich. Außerdem stellen sie die größte CO2-Quelle dar, bei der innerhalb von einem Dutzend von Jahren ein kompletter Ausstieg möglich wäre. In Europa und Amerika wäre ein Kohleausstieg nach 12 Jahren, in der ganzen Welt nach 24 Jahren durchaus realistisch. Denn es gibt alternative Quellen für einen sauberen, erschwinglichen, kohlenstoffarmen Strom. Je nach örtlichen Gegebenheiten können erneuerbare Energien und / oder Kernergietechnologien die Kohle ersetzen. Wir, ExitCoalNow (ECN), sind eine weltweite Koalition von Nichtregierungsorganisationen und Bürger. Wir setzen uns dafür ein, dass Weltmarktführer und alle Staaten sich für den Kohleausstieg engagieren. Dies sollte bis 2040 oder früher weltweit und 2030 oder früher in Europa und Nordamerika erreicht werden. Im Interesse der öffentlichen Gesundheit und des dringend zu lösenden Problems des Klimawandels sollten sich vor allem Industrieländer bemühen, dieses Ziel bis zum Jahr 2025 zu erreichen. – IT : Abbandonare il carbone ora ! Recenti studi hanno dimostrato * che le centrali elettriche a carbone causano la morte prematura di decine di migliaia di persone ogni anno in Europa, e centinaia di migliaia di persone in tutto il mondo. Inoltre, esse sono il più grande singolo gruppo di fonti di CO2 che possono essere gradualmente eliminate entro una dozzina di anni o giù di lì (12 anni in Europa e Nord America, 24 anni in tutto il mondo), dal momento che fonti alternative di energia pulita con prezzi accessibili, a basse emissioni di carbonio elettrico sono ampiamente disponibili (a seconda delle condizioni locali: rinnovabile e / o energia nucleare). Noi, ExitCoalNow (ECN), una coalizione internazionale di organizzazioni non governative e dei cittadini, con la presente vogliamo sollecitare i leader mondiali nel richiedere che ogni nazione si muova verso l'uscita dal carbone come fonte di energia elettrica, entro il 2040 o anche prima, e entro il 2030 o prima in Europa e Nord America . Inoltre, per il bene della salute pubblica e per l'urgenza del cambiamento climatico, i paesi più avanzati si adopereranno per battere queste scadenze e raggiungere questo obiettivo entro il 2025. - RU : Срочно отказаться от угля ! Согласно долгосрочным исследованиям*, сотни тысяч человек ежегодно погибают из-за электростанций, работающих на угле. Кроме того, сжигание угля приводит к максимальной эмиссии углекислого газа по сравнению со всеми остальными источниками электроэнергии. Однако, именно от этого источника энергии технически и практически можно было бы полностью отказаться. Такой процесс длился бы в Европе 12 лет, а во всём мире 24 года. Ведь есть же альтернативы энергии, которая экономически доступна и не приводит к фатальным количествам углекислого газа. В зависимости от местных предпосылок, уголь можно бы заменить возобновляемыми источниками электроэнергии или атомными технологиями.  Мы, ExitCoalNow (ECN), объединяем сеть неправительственных организаций и гражданских инициатив. Мы выступаем за то, чтобы ведущие компании и все государства нашли путь отказаться от угля. Этот процесс должен быть завершён во всём мире до 2040 года, а в Европе и Северной Америка до 2030 года. В интересах здоровья людей и насущной проблемы климатических изменений необходимо, чтобы развитые страны поставили себе цель полного отказа от угля до 2025 года.

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