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Petition to Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Sean Spicer, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Melania Trump

Keep the United States in the Paris Agreement before official withdrawal

The United States withdrawing from the Paris Agreement on global climate change will have dire affects for the citizens of the United States as well as citizens of the world. A petition to the White House has been started, please sign: Formal withdrawal from the agreement would occur in November 2019 and the United States should remain in this agreement for a number of reasons, including:  1) The Climate The goal of the Paris deal is to limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius and keep the planet from warming to a level which would cause irreversible consequences to human societies and our planet. The agreement helps to set a framework in place for countries to reach their targets and raises funds to to assist less developed nations to invest in green technologies. All contributions and limits are determined by each individual country. There are no consequences if the country does not meet their target and the countries try to achieve their targets in good faith. There is no threat to our sovereignty and no way of gaining a better deal since the treaty is voluntary. It should be noted that the United States produces nearly one-fifth of all global emissions and is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.  2) US Leadership and Foreign Relationships The Paris Agreement will be happening with or without the United States. The only countries in the world not involved are Syria and Nicaragua; there is no possible renegotiation.  Trump exiting the agreement has created immense criticism from other countries, and fostered the path for the EU, China, and India to lead the clean energy revolution without the United States. It is unknown how this may affect the US future trade talks with other nations, but it surely will not improve our position. 3) Global Economy According to researchers at Berkley and Stanford, if warming continues and we have not adapted, global incomes will drastically decrease paralleled by a widening of global income inequality. Additionally, the renewable energy sector is booming with over a 25% increase in jobs in 2016. Regardless of Trump policies, job losses in fossil fuels will continue to decline, in addition to increasing usage in the global economy of renewable sources, rather than fossil fuels. The policies Trump wants to institute may have short term gains, but might come at a cost in the green energy sector which may provide more long term sustainable jobs.    These are a few of the many reasons why the United States should remain in the Paris Agreement. The duty of the president is to protect the citizens of the United States and this is a clear threat to our future. Please sign this petition to encourage President Donald Trump to remain the Paris Agreement.     

Nicholas V.
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Petition to Municipality of Osnabrück (Stadt Osnabrück)

Save the Wagenburg Osnabrück, our home!

The WabOS (short for Wagenburg Osnabrück, meaning “wagon burg” / “trailer park”) is an alternative community project existing at the address Am Hirtenhaus in Osnabrück (Germany) since 1997. We are (+/-) 10 people of differing ages, who live in trailers reconstructed by ourselves, at a site that represents an urban green oasis. Here, we try a different form of community living, without the social isolation and separation that prevail in the nowadays society, also because of conventional residential circumstances. Together, we organize events and parties, and we take decisions according to the principle of consensus. Each voice counts in an assembly where everyone is considered. The site is leased from the Municipality of Osnabrück by the means of our legal association WabOS e. V. The site is not developed, meaning that we produce our own solar energy and use collected rain water, except for the little amount of drinking water that we have to get from elsewhere. Although we are living here for 19 years by now, the town's council is currently planning to convert our home into a residential building plot. Just a short while ago we had to be fearing the (im-) possibility of a removal of our wagenburg in the frame of the construction of a beltway that had been among earlier plans. Now, the menacing situation has gotten into a new shape: while the Western beltway has been a politically highly discussed topic, the council's parties however seem to agree regarding the plans of residential building, as allegedly, more residence areas are needed. Meanwhile, they overlook that we already constitute such (affortable!) space for living, and that in this town as much as elsewhere, there is a sufficient number of empty dwellings. That's why it becomes clear that the council has no social motivation, but that it is rather the quite high prices of plots in this part of the town that entice them to sell the ground. Local policy's self-made constraints of a continuous generation of population influx in order to gain euros for the city treasury do not aim to assure every inhabitant of the town has a place to stay. This political attitude, whose only objective is the valorization of assets, virtually turns us into second class citizens and shows that there is ever less space left for so-called subcultures. The site in question offers a diverse habitat to animals, plants and humans, shaped by ancient house gardens, a formerly managed meadow with scattered old fruit trees of different sorts (“Streuobstwiese” / traditional orchard) and a precious (mesophile) grassland. Our wagenburg is excellently integrated into this landscape without endangering these biotopes. It is ever more important to develop strategies that counter the consistent extermination of ecological niches and the on-going destruction of our environment and that hence should also imply ideas about new forms of housing and living, such as ours. We, as the WabOS, want to stay at home at this beautiful place and are going to advocate the preservation of the site. Support us with your signatures, that we are going to hand over to the Municipality of Osnabrück!

WabOS e. V.
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Petition to Mr. Gajender Singh, Dr. G.V. Reddy, Ms. Timmie Kumar, Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky, Elefanten in Not

125 Jaipur Elephants MUST GO to Sanctuary

The estimated 125 Elephants misused in the tourism industry in Jaipur should be moved to a sanctuary. ELEPHANT RIDES MUST STOP NOW ! And here is why:  Please watch the film WHERE THE ELEPHANT SLEEPS. The links to the long and short version of this film by Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky is on the bottom of this page. Where the Elephant Sleeps can also be watched here on the Peta Blog: Objective: In collaboration with Help in Suffering (HIS) in Jaipur, WRRC in Bangalore, and my organisations Elefanten in Not (Elephants in Need)  Switzerland/Germany we are more than happy to give suggestions for the urgently needed change in Hathigaon, Elephant Village, Jaipur. We have expert assistance and specialists in Europe and all over the world, who can put the 16 points mentioned below into reality and help with the setting up of the same.   1. Elephants are social animals. They should have an enclosure where they are housed together, CHAIN FREE and  having options to move about and socialize with each other.  2. At night, elephants could be housed in separate stalls but able to see and touch each other. In short, they should be able to make contact with one another.   3. Elephants' diet at Hathigaon is extremely faulty. They are given only starch and sugar and are forced to eat by beating. They should be able to eat when and what they want to eat. There should be provided with plenty of green grass fodder, roughage and appropriate rations. They should NOT be forced or beaten to eat, as is the standard practice now. ( Experts suggest that the elephants suffer from depression and mental health issues and going off food is the first sign of this malaise). They need a varied, natural diet and not just cane sugar.  4. Elephants love to have dust bath, mud bath and water bath. They make friends, and they love to play in the mud which also protects them against sun burn and fly bites.  5. The elephant shelters need to be enriched with devices and toys for their entertainment and mental stimulation.   6. Foot baths should be constructed in the facility. This is extremely important for their foot care and hygeine. Foot treatment, vaccinations, health checks, blood tests  as well as medical treatment should be done on a regular basis.  7. The lake in Hathigaon should provide clean water. The elephants need to have access to the lake on their own and take a bath when they please.  8. Elephants love to find shade under big trees, NOT small bushes which just give the appearance to tourists that they live in a green environment. However, planting of 15-20 foot saplings is a MUST and should be well protected and watered, enabling them to grow as fast as possible.    9. The mahouts need to be well paid well and should be able to stay with their elephants. They need constant monitoring and education about positive training, using only voice command and violence free upkeep of the pachyderms.  10.Tourists should watch the elephants from outside the enclosures only. They should not be allowed to touch the elephants, give them baths or feed them out of routine. They can support the center with a ticket to buy at the toll gate. A guest book for the visitors can also be maintained where they can leave comments… Donations should be handled by authorized personnel only.  11. NO RIDES should be allowed anymore. Elephant saddles are history and have nothing to do on an elephants back. They can be used to exhibit fabrics for interested buyers.  12. Regarding the facilities, there should be a school for the children of the mahouts, and an elephant veterinary station. Restaurant facilities for the tourists can be handled by the families of the mahouts.  13. The stalls where the elephants are kept now are faulty, badly designed and cause maximum harm to the elephants. These stalls can be used as food storage areas.   14. At the end and very best, the system should be set up and inspections must be done on a regular basis. The team of veterinarians and caretakers should be chosen independently.  All attempts by private individuals, professionals or groups to make personal money out of this facility should be discouraged. The system should serve the elephants only.  15. Elephant dung is already being used in Hathi Chaap Paper. It can also be used as a manure to grow vegetables like pumpkins, squash that can be used as an organic attraction for restaurants.   16. There should be no breeding of elephants allowed at Hathigaon. Rajasthan is an alien hostile habitat for elephants and the objective would be to phase them out gradually.  Hathigaon Management should be strictly under the control and monitoring of the Forest Department. The elephants entire management regime should be controlled by the Forest Department & selected NGOs for assistance. The Tourism Department position would be one of facilitating the tourists into visits and paid excursions against strictly implemented Standard Operating Procedures laid down by a joint management team of Forest Dept. & NGOs.   Where the Elephant Sleeps (99 min) Where the Elephant Sleeps (40 min)     

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Petition to Peter Feldmann, Roland Beck, Peter Mensinger, Claus Möbius, Eugenio Munoz del Rio, Michael Paris, Cornelia-Katrin von Plottnitz, Michael zu Löwenstein, Klaus Oesterling, Peter Beuth, Olaf Cunitz, Hans Joachim Viehl, Dr. Renate Sterzel, Markus Frank, Dr. Bernd Heidenreich, Prof. Dr. Felix Semmelroth, Uwe Becker, Rosemarie Heilig, Wulfila Walter, Sarah Sorge, Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Stefan Siegler, Dr. Lutz Raettig, Christian Setzepfand, Oliver Bierhoff, Rainer Koch, Jan Schneider, Reinhard Grindel

Erhalt der Galopprennbahn Frankfurt

Erhalt der Galopprennbahn Frankfurt-Niederrad Bürgerinitiative Pro Rennbahn Neuigkeiten in Niederrad: Renn-Klub Pressekonferenz am 19.01.2016: siehe Artikel in (Link/Artikel siehe auch unten) 20.05.15 19.00 Uhr (Einlass ab 18.30) Podiumsdiskussion der Tageszeitung FNP im Zelt auf der Frankfurter Rennbahn: Gäste Hr. Frank "DFB" Sportdezernent, Hr. Sandrock, Generalsektr. DFB zum Thema "Verkauf der Niederräder Rennbahn" Alle Unterstützer sind herzlich eingeladen, sich an dieser Diskussion zu beteiligen-die Bürgerinitiative Pro Rennbahn freut sich über rege Beteiligung aller Freunde und Mitstreiter! 05.05.2015 Sitzung d. 10. Akteneinsichtsausschusses der Stadt Frankfurt betr. "Rennbahnareal" Wo: Rathaus Südbau, Bethmannstr. 3, 3. OG, Sitzungssaal 310 (Besuchereingang Bethmannstr. 3, Frankfurt) Wann: 16.00 Uhr Alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger sind eingeladen, an dieser öffentlichen Sitzung teilzunehmen (und Fragen zu stellen) Kommt alle vorbei! 02.05.2015 REITER-DEMO vor der DFB-Zentrale (Otto-Fleck-Schneise 6, FFM) Unterstützer mit und ohne Pferd kommen am Samstag, 02.05.15 zur DFB Zentrale (15.15 Uhr, Dauer ca. 1 h) Presse ist auch vor Ort. Bitte unterstützt uns und bringt Banner mit! Danke-bis dahin! Bürgerinitiative Pro Rennbahn Februar 2015: Die Petition läuft natürlich weiter! Hier haben Turffreunde aus Deutschland und aller Welt die Möglichkeit, sich ebenfalls für unser Anliegen einzusetzen! Der Druck auf die Politik wächst und wächst.. Januar: Die Bürgerinitiative erzwingt den Bürgerentscheid. Termin: 21.06.2015! News: Pro Rennbahn sammelt über 18500 Unterschriften für das Bürgerbegehren in Rekordzeit! 02.11.2014 Bürgerinitiative startet Bürgerbegehren für FRANKFURTER Bürger-alle Infos und Unterschriftenliste zum direkten Download auf der Website: und auf ACHTUNG: Alle Turffans, die außerhalb Frankfurt wohnhaft sind, unterzeichnen bitte diese Petition-Vielen Dank! 25.10.2014 Die Petition wird fortgesetzt-jede Stimme zählt, um den Druck hoch zu halten! #dfbmonokulturverhindern #sportlichevielfalt #savefrankfurtracecourse #prorennbahncontradfb International Horseracingfans, dear Friends: Save the renowned Frankfurt racecourse please sign the petition, or this racecourse will be levelled and destroyed for an other usage: a football centre!  (text of the petition in English please look below!)* Der Galoppsport darf nicht ins Abseits geraten, es gilt Traditionen zu wahren und zu schützen-Deutschlands Turffreunde zeigen mit dieser Petition, dass Sie den Fortbestand der Galopprennbahn in Frankfurt wünschen, Arbeitsplätze sichern und den Frankfurter Bürgern und Gästen aus aller Welt ein besonderes Highlight erhalten möchten. Warum sollte die Rennbahn zugunsten einer anderen Sportart weichen-dies ist weder hinzunehmen, noch in irgendeiner Weise nachzuvollziehen. Lagebestimmung: Die Galopprennbahn soll geschlossen werden. Diese Petition soll dazu beitragen, ein Umdenken zu bewirken. Lösungsmöglichkeiten zum Erhalt (Beispiele): Errichtung des DFB Zentrums auf einem Alternativ-Grundstück!  Eruierung von möglichen Synergien Wer soll angesprochen werden: Oberbürgermeister der Stadt Frankfurt, politisch Verantwortliche Dieser Sport ist ein Kulturgut  und außerdem als Basis zur Zucht selbstverständlich unabdingbar. Der Erhalt der existierenden Rennsportbahnen ist daher eine Verpflichtung der Politik-schließlich ist die Abhaltung der Rennen kein Selbstzweck, sondern Arbeitsplatz und Ausbildungsplatz vieler, vieler Aktiver, Freizeitvergnügen für Menschen aller Alters-u. Einkommensschichten. Eine Konzentration auf einige wenige Bahnen verhindert für viele Galoppsportfreunde eine Teilnahme. Dies muss auf jeden Fall verhindert werden. Der Traditionssport "Galopp" darf nicht ins Abseits geraten. An alle Unterzeichner: Website der Bürgerinitiative: Pro Rennbahn-Die Rennbahn muss bleiben Soziale Medien: Verbinden wir uns via Facebook, denn Einigkeit macht stark: Verbinden wir uns via Google + Folgen Sie uns auf Twitter:   *INTERNATIONAL HORSERACING FANS! PLEASE HELP US TO SAVE THE FRANKFURT RACECOURSE PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION: IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL RENOWNED TRADITIONAL IMPORTANT RACECOURSE-it should not be destroyed and levelled for other usage (e.g. German Football Association Training Centre) THIS RACECOURSE IS 150! YEARS OLD! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The text of the petition will be delivered directly to the mayor of Frankfurt! (text of the petition in English: please look below)**  

Oliver Pohl
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