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Petition to Agnès Buzyn, Bruno Le Maire, Ms. Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Ajit Pai, Nicolas Hulot, AGNES BUZYN, Bruno LE MAIRE

Protect the health of millions of mobile phone users

ES / CR / FR / IT / HB / GR / ÁR Dear Friend, The Phonegate Alert team has just written to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Mr. Nicholas Hulot, the Minister for Solidarity and Health, Mrs. Agnès Buzyn, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Bruno Le Maire, to give them formal notice to act urgently to protect the health and safety of millions of mobile phone users in France and to put an end to the law of silence that the lobbies of this very powerful industry want to impose on us with the complicity of the European authorities. We are asking the Ministers to recall more than 250 of the best-selling mobile phone models on the French and European market, which must either be withdrawn from the sector through a free exchange procedure, or be the subject of a free software or hardware update by the manufacturer. This is a new step in the fight we have been waging over the past few months with the public authorities, government agencies and mobile phone manufacturers. Your mobilization and support for the association are essential so that we can put all our forces into this crucial battle to defend your right to information on the acute and chronic overexposure suffered from having been exposed to the radiation of our mobile phones for more than 20 years, the consequences to our health, in particular that of children, and our ability to continue our work of investigation and counter-information without risking lawsuits, and perhaps worse, huge fines. After years of intensive lobbying in the European institutions, the biggest multinational mobile telecommunications companies have achieved their ultimate goal: to prevent NGOs like ours from investigating the toxicity of their products and revealing their disastrous effects on the human health of citizens who are the primary victims. Since 12 June 2018, multinationals have the legal right to block access to data showing risks to our health of their products, and can sue anyone who would venture to disclose the true levels of exposure of these mobile phones, tablets or other connected objects.  Big multinationals would like to forever prevent the revelation of scandals such as Dieselgate which echoes in all particulars that of Phonegate. Read the article co-written with Master Karsenti and published in the Mediapart guest blog. The aim of the telephony industry lobby is clear: to ensure by all means at their disposal that the Phonegate scandal will never be known to the general public. And for that, the industrialists have an unstoppable weapon:  the direct ownership or control of most of the major media. But thanks to you, and the committed citizens of many countries who stand by our side, we will resist! ► After a fierce battle of nearly two years with the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR), which is in charge of controlling mobile phones on the French market, we had the Agency make public the results of very important tests indicating the brands and models exceeding the regulatory exposure thresholds that the Agency wanted to keep secret.  We obliged the Agency to be totally transparent by setting up a dedicated data site where any consumer can access the real level of his exposure. ►Just recently, following our action with the public authorities, we have taken an important step forward by having the first mobile phones removed from the French market, through free exchange for users, as well as updates for eleven other mobile phones. Watch Dr Arazi’s interview by French journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin. ► We are directly involved in raising awareness of Phonegate’s public health issues among international scientific bodies, by testifying in the United States before the U.S federal health agency of the National Toxicology Program in March 2018, and by writing to the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to request an urgent change to the regulations governing the placing on the market of mobile devices in the United States. ► We are bringing together on an international level, an advisory committee of scientists on this subject and are approaching associations of independent scientists and civil society organizations. ► We are carrying out campaigns targeting journalists all over the world, which have made the Phonegate scandal known in more than 20 countries. ► We have launched a first wave of alert and mobilization on a national scale, to warn citizens of the dangers of keeping their mobile phone in contact with the body. ► We have participated with the #StopSecretdAffaires collective in a major media alert campaign on the risks to freedom of information. ► We are assembling a team of specialized lawyers and jurists to identify the judicial means to launch legal actions on a large scale in France, Europe and internationally, in order to force the public authorities to act.  We are also launching group actions to enable each affected consumer to be heard and have his or her damages remedied. We are one of the rare associations to fight, in a free and independent way, with no financial or corporate interests, to ensure the defense of citizens and not to cede to the power of big multinationals which decide that they can make the rules and favor the dominance of their devices over our health and that of our children – and this without being accountable to anyone, protected by regulations made to measure. Your support is essential to enable Phonegate Alerte to carry out its daily work of investigating industrial tactics, informing citizens on a large scale, counter-lobbying with the authorities and mobilizing the general public, withdrawing millions of mobile phones that present a high risk to health and supporting millions of sick victims of overexposure to the radiation of our smartphones, electrohypersensitive persons (more than 3 million in France, 300 million worldwide) and millions of people suffering from various pathologies, including the most serious ones, malignant brain tumors (glioblastoma). I invite you, if you wish, to sign our petition to help Phonegate Alert intensify its actions in the months to come. We need to assemble all our forces to fight against lobbies and the passivity of the public authorities, to prevent them from imposing the law of silence that would put an end to our work of counter-information on what looks like one of the biggest industrial and health scandals of the 21st century. All help is welcome to assist us in standing up to lobbies, and guarantee our most basic rights in the future to be informed about the mobile phones, tablets, and other connected objects that we use daily and give to our children, and their impact on our health. Thank you in advance for your commitment and support. Yours sincerely, Dr. Marc Arazi President

Alerte Phonegate
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Petition to Kids&Us schools

Plastic-free material at Kids&Us

The Kids&Us directors ask the head office to take action and make changes. Kids&Us is a huge company with an annual turnover from 10 to 50 million Euros. It has the resources to ban plastic use in its pedagogical material (books and bags wrapped in individual plastic bags) and yet, nothing has been done ! This is what we are asking :  Dear Kids and Us head office, The Kids and Us school directors and teachers who signed this petition ask you to support alternatives to plastic packaging, and help protect our environment.We have to do our bit for the environment. But the plastic that so many of your products are wrapped in – from books to bags – is polluting our oceans and our countryside. Greenpeace estimates that a truckload of plastic enters our oceans every minute – that’s 12.7 million tonnes every year. So much plastic packaging can be replaced with something much less harmful – like cardboard, paper, or newer compostable packaging. And so much could be simply ditched altogether! That’s why we are asking you to ditch the plastic and make some simple changes. – Ditch unnecessary packaging– Replace unavoidable plastic with less harmful packaging– Work with suppliers to take plastic off the shelves for good We want to show our children and students the way – please, give us alternatives to plastic packaging. Best wishes,  

Kids&Us school directors
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Petition to Jim Watson, Roger Chapman

Reinforcement of Ottawa's Smoke-Free Bylaw

Ottawa's Bylaw 2001-148 on Smoke-Free Public Places needs to be enforced properly, with enforcement agents starting to fine smokers who aren't complying strictly to the By-Law. As an introduction to this petition, I will be taking facts from Second-Hand Smoke FactsSecond-hand smoke (SHS) is the smoke exhaled by a smoker as well as the smoke from the burning tobacco. It contains more than 4,000 dangerous chemicals, 70 of which cause cancer. There is no safe level of exposure, even outdoors. Exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS) can be as dangerous on restaurant patios, the beach or park as it is indoors. Cigarette butts can also contaminate sandboxes and beaches. Studies show that smoke-free spaces can dramatically reduce heart attack rates and respiratory illnesses. Smoke-free spaces can: protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of SHS help smokers to quit encourage former smokers to remain smoke-free protect children from starting to smoke by providing good role models reduce litter The citizens of this city's daily commute is still far from being smoke-free. A lot of signs are placed, even next to bus stops and on them, and nobody seems to care, comply, and some even defy the rules by smoking right in front of the signs or 1 meter from them instead of 9, vape on the bus, or keep blatantly smoking in front of OC Transpo's shelterless stops, forcing the non-smokers to stay away from them or to deal with the exposure. That includes vaping. The City should be issuing ads on the bus teaching people about the risks of second hand smoking, along with the fines, and that campaign shouldn't have an end date, but be an ongoing one, as it puts everybody's health on the line. Vaping should be included. Since the start of this By-Law, and although it is written on the Ottawa Public Health website that the change will be made gradually, it isn't coming fast enough, and fines have to be issued immediately. The citizens of Ottawa are also worried about cigarette butts, since we are living next to the Ottawa River, and that a single cigarette butt can contaminate up to 500 liters of water, and people keep throwing them on the ground, instead of disposing of them in public ashtrays, who need to be in higher numbers. If you just look at Sparks Street, in front of the entrance of the Department of Justice of Canada, the flower pots are mainly used to store cigarette butts, and it contaminates the soil as well. The citizens of Ottawa are asking for: immediate fines; the By-Law to be amended as it pertains to second-hand smoking near shelterless bus signs; ads to be published on buses about the By-Law and the fines related to it without an end date; a way to recycle cigarette butts; an increase in public ashtrays starting downtown and spreading outwards gradually (along with the distribution of pocket ashtrays to smokers if possible); and an amendment to the By-Law in fining those who litter by throwing their cigarette butts on the ground and in pots to preserve our nature. The citizens of Ottawa would like to thank you in advance for your support in that matter.

Bastien ZARA
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