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Petition to Prime Minister of Republic of Vanuatu, Minister of Climate change and Environment of Republic of Vanuatu, Leader of opposition of Republic of Vanuatu, Mayor of Port-Vila, Mayor of Luganville, Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade

Vanuatu: No plastik bag, plis.

Vanuatu: No plastik bag, plis.(Text in English, en français mo long bislama lanwis)Pétition lancée par Georges Cumbo, Christelle Thieffry, Myriam Malao et Marcel Melthérorong (Vanuatu citizens). Facebook : No plastik bag, plis.Plastic bags are polluting our oceans, killing tens of thousands of birds and marine animals each year. They are typically used once or twice for short time before they become waste, and often litter. Banning single-use plastic bag in our islands is crucial because plastic pollution in the ocean is especially hard to address.It is time to value the use of re-useable shopping bags and local baskets.For these reasons and many others, I, the undersigned, am in support of a bylaw to effectively ban the use of single-use plastic checkout bags in Vanuatu. Les sacs plastiques polluent nos océans. Ils tuent des dizaines de milliers d’oiseaux et d’animaux marins chaque année. Ils ne sont utilisés qu’une ou deux fois pour un court moment avant d’être jetés.L’interdiction des sacs plastiques à usage unique dans nos îles est vitale car la pollution des océans est une problématique très concrète.Nous pensons qu’il faut aujourd’hui absolument privilégier l’usage des sacs réutilisables et des paniers locaux.C’est pourquoi, je demande via cette pétition une loi interdisant la distribution de sacs plastiques à usage unique au Vanuatu.Ol plastik bag oli mekem polusen insaed long solwota blong yumi. Oli kilim ded fulap taosen  pidjin mo animol blo solwota evri yia. Yumi yusum singol yus plastik bag wan o tu taem, sot taem no mo, be afta oli stap olsem doti insaed lo envaromen blo yumi.Stopem yus blo singol yus plastik bag long aelan blong yumi hemi wan namba wan prioriti from se plastik polusen insaed long solwota hemi wan bigfala problem blong yumi evriwan.Naoia hemi taem blo yusum re-yusable bag mo lokol basket.From hemia, mi sanem petisen ia mo mi mi askem wan loa we bae i stopem yus blo singol yus plastik bag long Vanuatu.

Georges CUMBO
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Petition to Donald Trump

Make our planet great again

Donald TRUMP, president of the United States of America, confirmed his plans to withdraw USA from Paris climate agreement which aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades. 194 countries finally agreed to take care of our home, planet earth. Every single country united to fight for a better future. Every single country except two. Syria and Nicaragua were the only countries who did not join the Agreement. Today, one other country decided it did not agree to save our planet. The USA, by voice of its president Donald Trump, decided to leave Paris agreement. The USA, by far the most polluting country in term of greenhouse gas emission by inhabitant, decided against billions of human lives, hundreds of billions of animal lives, billions of billions of lives to come, not to reduce its greenhouse gas emission. And Why? Because of a short sighted vision on money making. President Trump does not see all the green energy jobs that could be created and compensate the loss in gas and coal production industry. My initial reaction was shock, indignation, and anger, hence my choice to fight with the means I have. And I enjoin everyone to follow me. I want everyone to think before buying anything from USA. Please refrain from it. Boycott it, just buy local. You will save gas emission by avoiding long distances transport. You will show your dissatisfaction and fight for Earth. If each and everyone of us spends less money on American brands, it will showcase how important the Paris agreement is to the world. To us. To our kids. Please make your money matter. Avoid buying American brand. Try buying local. Sign this change and share it with everyone. We should have millions of signatures. Make our planet great again!

Kilian E.
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Petition to Ecodit, Association for Forest Development and Conservation (AFDC), Environment Protection Committee, Friends of Horsh Ehden, Greenpeace USA, Cheyenne Yammine, Sierra Club, National Audubon Society, World Wildlife Fund, Earth First!, The Nature Conservancy, Emirates Environmental Group, Friends of The Earth Middle East, Greenpeace International, Greenline Association Lebanon, Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), Friends of Nature, Committee of Friends of Arz (Cedar) Forest, Greenpeace Lebanon, Greenline , Saveguarding the Environment Committee, T.E.R.R.E , Al Mada, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), Ministry of Environment - Republic of Lebanon, Ministry of Public Work and Transport - Republic of Lebanon, Ministry of Energy and Water - Republic of Lebanon

Kornet Al Sawda : Saving the highest mountain peak in the Middle East

Green Lebanon, we used to say.  Why are we using the past tense ? Lebanon's nature is mesmerising: heaven on earth some would say.  Home. Is it still home though ?  Helplessness and despair of Lebanese communities is making us lose our beautiful country one day at a time. However, we don't have to. We should fight against our learned helplessness. We can change our destiny, we can change the capitalism and corruption that are making us lose our country, our home. What we need, is for us to stick together as communities. Let's share our resources and make a change.  ________________________________ A 500 million dollar project was put in place by Realis Development (owned by the Ghanem family) to build a luxury resort at Kornet Al Sawda ("the black peak"), the highest mountain peak of the Middle East .(reference: ) The greed of our own citizens, is slowly throwing our nature away.Maybe someday, the cedar on our flag will become nothing but an old memory of where we came from. But for now, we will not let this happen.Together, let's stop this project.

Cheyenne Yammine
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Petition to Teri Holzberg, Enid Weisman, Denise Landman, Howard Weinberg, Robert Shelley, Enbar Cohen, Marc Narotsky

Aventura Styrofoam Ban

The production, use, and disposal of Polystyrene (a substance morecommonly known as Styrofoam) causes adverse environmental and healtheffects. These impacts are of considerable concern, as, according to theEnvironmental Production Agency, Styrofoam is the fifth largest source ofhazardous waste in the United States PRODUCTION  Styrofoam is composed of Benzene and Styrene, both of which are known human carcinogens.  90,000 workers are estimated to be exposed to Styrene every year. This exposure causes a variety of mutations to the central and peripheral nervous systems.  Benzene and Styrene have been linked to incidences of both Parkinson’s disease and leukemia. The production of Styrofoam is energy intensive, creating large amounts of greenhouse gases. These problems rank the environmental production costs of Styrofoam as second worst in the U.S. by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.  Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), used in the production of Styrofoam, result in air pollution, causing damage to the ozone layer. They are now known to be 3-5 times more dangerous than originally believed. USE Microwaving Styrofoam causes the release of toxic chemicals, whichposes a threat to human health.DISPOSAL Polystyrene is not usually recycled due to its lightweight nature andthe high economic cost of transporting and degreasing thepetroleum-based material.1,2 25-30% of landfills are dedicated to plastics, including styrofoam. Polystyrene takes at least five hundred years to decompose. Styrofoam is the primary source of urban litter. Styrofoam is the main pollutant of oceans, bays, and other UnitedStates water sources. Styrofoam causes choking and starvation in wildlife   Information was taken from :    SIGNING THIS PETITION WILL SHOW THAT WE CARE ABOUT OUR ENVIRONMENT AND OUR HEALTH. HELP BAN STYROFOAM ! Besides,Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Surfside, North Bay Village, Bal Harbour and Bay Harbor Islands have all passed ordinances banning these products in their city facilities and beach! Let's follow their example.

Sarah Belfer
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