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Mumbai’s climate and ecology in danger.

Mumbai, the city of dreams in India , while blessed with wealth is very poor in one aspect, Open spaces. The only relief this densely packed city has are, Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) and Aarey Forest. These lush green oases in a sea of grey, not only tackle pollution and floods but also help bring down temperatures. But unfortunately Mumbai stands to lose this forest due to various upcoming projects. The first of these, which will open up this green lung to commercialization, is a car shed for the upcoming Mumbai Metro 3, which is being funded by the Japanese company, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with 57% of the project cost , which is about  2,036 Million $.  A car shed is nothing but a parking lot and service area for metro trains. JICA Dear reader, in this day and age when the world is struggling with the devastating consequences of climate change, destroying a critical green lung for a parking lot is irresponsible. 3500 trees are set to be cut and we want the government to rethink the location of the car shed.There are many viable options, mentioned in their own studies, which have no environmental destruction involved.Experts from NEERI and IIT (Reputed organizations in India) have suggested 7 other alternate sites as  options.They have clearly warned of the consequences Mumbai will face in terms of flooding and loss of open space & wildlife, if the depot is built in Aarey forest.Government records show that Aarey is an integral part of Sanjay gandhi National Park and thus protected under forest laws. It has over 5 Lakh trees, it is home to 9 resident leopards and has a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Even today, original adivasis (indigenous inhabitants of this area) live in 27 tribal hamlets in Aarey. It offers a unique experience for urban dwellers to experience nature at it's best. “In the name of development, only tribals suffer” said one of the leaders. The Save Aarey campaign has been requesting the government to relocate the carshed to an alternative location. Relocation will not affect the metro 3 alignment in any way. Common citizens from all walks of life, professionals, students, school children, celebrities have  supported this issue. Inspite of all this the state government is insistent on building the depot in Aarey. And to support this, they have given wrong information to JICA. The Mumbai Metro rail corporation Ltd.(MMRCL) has told JICA that the project site is located in city area and no wildlife is envisaged, while in reality, Aarey is a forest area , housing 76 species of birds, 80 species of butterflies , 16 species of mammals, 38 species of reptiles and 9 leopards, besides 0.4 million trees. By signing this petition, you are asking JICA to review the funding given to the project. According to JICA's environmental and social considerations, it should comment on the issue and By shifting the depot out of Aarey, Mumbai will not only get a metro but also retain its green, open space. And we are sure in consideration of its policies, JICA will also help in putting an end to further loss of land in Aarey to various other big and small projects. Help #SaveAareyForest.

Nirali Vaidya
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Petition to Minister of Environment, central ground water board, Prime Minister, Chief Minister Rajasthan, United Nations Environment Program

Mass death of Migratory birds at Sambhar Lake

Sambhar Lake, India’s largest inland Salt Lake, is today a graveyard for 20,000+ Migratory birds. The lake has been a home to these birds in winter for years. In 1982-83 there were 500,000 flamingos at the lake, in year 2008 just 20,000 and now just a few hundred. The major reason behind this is the continuous exploitation of Sambhar Lake now almost for a decade. Unfortunately very less actions have been taken against it. Article by Environment reporter Bahar Dutt on current conditions: The lake receives it’s water majorly from four rivers Mendha, Rupangarh, Kharian and Khandela and some smaller  tributaries. But due to several dams and anicuts built on these rivers hardly any water reaches the Lake, killing it over the years.  A report by Prof. Abdul A Rahman: And the major threat to the lake comes from the Salt mining mafias. Constantly, about 10,000 tractors (hardly a number above local population) are seen running to and fro from the river carrying massive amounts of unrefined salt. These mafias majorly operate around the Nawa area of the lake. The traditional salt extraction method have now been replaced by 2,000 borewells dug all around the lake. Some of which go as deep as 500 ft below the surface. Sambhar Salt Ltd. a subsidiary of Hindustan Salt Ltd. is the legal incharge of salt production at lake. They state that they struggle to produce 2lakh tons of salt at Sambhar vs 10 times produced by the illegal mafias. A report by Down to earth on Salt mining issues: More articles on the situation: The illegal salt extraction is making the ground water dry, which is again a threat to the Lake, it’s ecosystem and the local population. The continuous illegal salt extraction has increased salt levels and lowered he water levels. Dr. Arvind Mathur, a veterinary doctor specialising in wildlife medicine suggests the cause of death of birds to be high sodium levels in the birds leading to paralysis. The increased salt levels is also affecting their food resources. A study also indicates the harmful effects on locals labourers  working at salt mines. With bare minimum wage doesn’t cover up for health hazards they face. They inhale salt particles in air leading to rise in plasma sodium, which in turn, may increase blood pressure and risk of hypertension. Also with the rate of deterioration and exploitation the lake will soon die leaving the locals unemployed. Earlier petitions have been filled by Mr. Naresh Kadyan and Mr. Vinod Kapur stating the emergency. But hardly any actions were made against the illegal salt miners at Sambhar. With this petition I want to draw the attention of our leaders towards the illegal salt mining activities at Sambhar Lake. Strict actions on these activities are expected with a regular check on them. Removal of the borewells around the lake at once. And no private licenses to be given. Immediate stronger actions to be taken in terms of both research and protection of the Migratory birds. As the current measures are not enough to save them. No concrete reason is released stating the cause of deaths. So better and faster research is required. The salt extraction is to be done only by sustainable means. The traditional way of salt extraction wasn’t a bad one either. It’ll also support the livelihood of locals. A proper study to be done on requirements of the Dams and anicuts made on rivers feeding the lake and water regulation. They’re the lifeline to the lake.  Revival of Sambhar Lake to it’s original state. Proper support for it’s ecosystem.

ambika kaushik
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Petition to SONY, Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, kapil sharma, Colors TV, Environmental Protection Agency

One Environment Protection Awareness Program Should be telecast on Reality Shows

Hello Everyone, My Name is Yogesh Kumar, an Environmental Engineer and I am writing this petition on behalf of all environmental activists that there should be an environment protection awareness program telecast on every reality shows to aware people as there are millions of people who watch TV reality shows. And, As many film makers, actor and actress comes on reality shows to promote their movies, songs and brands why not promote environment awareness to the people "Save Environment" "Save Water" "Fight Against Air Pollution" on television to aware citizen of India that how we can protect our environment. Call environmental activist on reality shows once in a two month to aware people, those who are really doing good to protect and save the environment, we should promote them to awareness in the India. All reality shows promote movies for Making their Movies Blockbusters. Why can't we make our Environment Blockbusters, Why can't we make Environment Pollution Free, There are many activists,scientists who are making many things/devices to save environment, why can't we promote them on television. Govt of India think tank has released report “Composite Water Management Index” in June 2018 and listed Delhi & other 21 cities in India which would run out of Ground water by 2020,One of India’s Largest cities, Chennai, is dealing with acrippling crisis: it has run out of water. Why can't we tell people to use water carefully  conserve water by rain water harvesting, recycle the waste water on television. WHY? Its all about our environment where we live, a healthy world is the future of our children. They should not have to inherit our environmental problems and in order to keep their future bright, spreading awareness is imperative. I appeal to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Kapil Sharma, Sony Tv, Colors Tv and the producers that they should telecast at least a single episode based on Environment Protection Awareness Program and Invite some environnmental activists  Thanking You & Regards Yogesh Kr. An Environmental Engineer

Yogesh kr.
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