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Stop Defacing Mumbai Through LEDs (spirals and butterflies on light poles and trees)

Dear fellow citizens, urban enthusiasts, and concerned residents, We gather today to address a matter that has caught the attention of many who appreciate the beauty and aesthetics of our city streets. The presence of unappealing butterfly designs and spiral lights on otherwise acceptable streetlights in Mumbai has detracted from the visual appeal and architectural harmony of our urban landscape. In an effort to restore the charm and elegance of our city, we are launching this petition to advocate for a more thoughtful and visually pleasing streetlight design that enhances the overall aesthetic experience. Our Goals: Refined and Contextualized Design: We believe in the importance of streetlight designs that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding architecture and urban context. We call for a reevaluation and redesign of the butterfly patterns and spiral lights, ensuring that they complement the city's diverse architectural styles and cultural heritage. By incorporating designs that are harmonious with the local character, we can create a more visually cohesive and captivating urban environment. Light Quality and Warmth: The current butterfly designs and spiral lights often emit harsh and overly bright illumination that detracts from the natural ambiance of our streets. We advocate for a shift towards softer and warmer lighting options that create a welcoming atmosphere, making our public spaces more inviting and enjoyable for residents and visitors alike. Community Collaboration: We believe that decisions regarding streetlight design should be made in collaboration with the local community. We urge the municipal authorities to engage with residents, urban planners, architects, and lighting experts to gather input, ideas, and preferences. By fostering a participatory approach, we can ensure that the redesigned streetlights reflect the aspirations and vision of the people who inhabit and cherish our city. Sustainability and Efficiency: Alongside aesthetics, we acknowledge the importance of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. We call for the incorporation of eco-friendly lighting technologies that reduce energy consumption, minimize light pollution, and promote responsible use of resources, ensuring a greener future for Mumbai. Pilots and Evaluation: To assess the impact and effectiveness of any proposed changes, we urge the authorities to conduct small-scale pilots of redesigned streetlights in select areas of the city. This approach will allow for testing and evaluation, taking into account community feedback, lighting quality, and visual coherence before implementing broader changes. Light Pollution: Light pollution is a significant concern related to streetlight design. It refers to excessive and misdirected artificial light that disrupts ecosystems, harms wildlife, and affects human health. The current butterfly designs and spiral lights contribute to light pollution due to their brightness and lack of proper shielding. Addressing light pollution requires using shielded fixtures, selecting appropriate lighting technologies, and implementing smart controls. By advocating for a redesign that minimizes light pollution, we can create a more sustainable and healthier urban environment for both humans and the ecosystem. By signing this petition, you join us in urging the municipal authorities and relevant stakeholders to reconsider the butterfly designs and spiral lights on Mumbai's streetlights. Together, we can create an urban environment that captivates and inspires, enhancing the beauty and cultural richness of our beloved city. Sign this petition today and lend your voice to the pursuit of a more aesthetically pleasing and visually harmonious Mumbai!

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It must be made compulsory for Corporates to collect their own waste.

Petition to Address Plastic and E-Waste Pollution   Subject: Urgent Action Required to Combat Environmental Pollution   Dear Concerned Citizens,   We, the undersigned, are deeply alarmed by the catastrophic impact of plastic and e-waste pollution on our environment. It is high time we take decisive steps to combat this crisis and protect our planet for future generations. We urge you to sign this petition as a strong collective voice demanding immediate action.   Plastic pollution is a pervasive menace that plagues our land, water, and air. Without proper scientific recycling, plastic does not decompose and continues to contaminate our surroundings. In tandem, e-waste poses another significant threat to our environment. Toxic fumes and chemicals from e-waste endanger our health and pollute our precious resources, including groundwater, rivers, lakes, and the air we breathe.   The consequences of inaction are dire. The health of both rural and urban communities is at stake as polluted water leads to infected crops, threatening lives and livelihoods. Even innocent animals suffer, such as milk-producing cows that ingest plastic bottles and bags, resulting in their untimely deaths. This cruel fate not only affects the supply of pure and healthy milk and dairy products but also highlights the urgent need to address this pressing issue.   We have all witnessed heart-wrenching images of polluted rivers and lifeless animals with plastic-filled stomachs. It is our collective responsibility to find effective solutions to not only reduce and restore, but to eradicate pollution altogether.   While individuals play a crucial role in responsible waste management, it is imperative that large corporations bear their fair share of responsibility as well. These corporate entities are significant contributors to waste and pollution, and it is time for them to step up and fulfill their social obligations.   To ensure a sustainable future, we call for the enactment of legislation that makes it mandatory for manufacturers selling products in plastic wrappers, bottles, glass, or tin to facilitate the collection and responsible recycling of these items. Similarly, household batteries and other forms of e-waste must be collected and returned to manufacturers for responsible recycling.   We propose utilizing the extensive distribution networks of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies for reverse pick-up, making the collection process more efficient and accessible. By leveraging existing infrastructure, we can gain significant ground in tackling this crisis.   We kindly request your support in signing this petition, thereby adding your voice to the growing chorus demanding compulsory collection and responsible recycling of containers and packaging materials by corporate entities. With sufficient signatories, we can push for the transformation of this petition into a law that will bring about the necessary change.   Let us join forces and show our commitment to a cleaner, healthier future. Together, we can protect our environment, preserve our resources, and safeguard the well-being of all living beings.   Sign the petition now and make a difference!

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