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The World needs to change.

Global warming is a continuously increasing environmental issue all over the world. There is no any single country responsible for its causes, all the countries worldwide are responsible for its ever increasing. Actually global warming is a global increase in the temperature of the earth because of our some daily activities. Our various activities heats up the earth which ultimately rises its temperature. Rise in temperature takes place when greenhouse gases (such a carbon dioxide, water vapours, nitrous oxide, methane, etc) trap heat and light from our surroundings and sun. Ultimately, rise in temperature hurts the lives of human beings, animals, and plants. There are many reasons for the increasing global warming however some of the primary and main causes are considered because of the Green House Effect. Green house effect is caused by the green house gases carbon dioxide, chloro-fluoro carbon, methane, nitrous oxides, etc gases. Such green houses gases are generated by our daily activities and get collected in to the atmosphere and form a cover around the Earth which again absorbs hot sun rays and make this earth a burning earth. The absorbed heat remains in the lower circle of biosphere and enhances the temperature level. According to the statistics it has been estimated that by 2050 the rise in temperature of earth would be about 4° to 5°C. In last five centuries, it has raised by about 1°C however half of this warming is raised only during twentieth century. So, the global warming is at peak and alarms us regularly with its bad effects. It is affecting almost all parts of the world and causing sea level to rise, glaciers to melt and many more which covers all the low land islands. It is destroying huge forests, killing algae, acid rain, etc. Acid rain is very dangerous which may destroy anything in touch. Global warming causes natural fires which may wipe out whole forests. Continuous rise in the earth temperature affects agricultural crops, forests, marine life and life growth on the earth. It cannot be solved by the effort of only one country, it needs global effort of all countries to reduces its effects and completely eliminate it. The world needs to change cause if it stays the way it is then as predicted by Stephen Hawking the earth is gonna be inhabitable by the next 100 years so we need to change something to protect our planet.                       Thank you.    

Jagdeep Singh
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Petition to Ms.Matatha Rojas Urrego, Sovan chatterjee, Dr Harsh Vardhan


The East Calcutta Wetlands were designated a "wetland of international importance" under the Ramsar Convention on August 19, 2002. The wetlands cover 125 square kilometers, and include salt marshes and salt meadows, as well as sewage farms and settling ponds. The wetlands are used to treat Kolkata's sewage, and the nutrients contained in the waste water sustain fish farms and agriculture. The land filling and stealing of EKW water body is done by Govt and private parties uncontrolled. Over the years in the last 25 years illegal landfills are on the rise and the wetlands are being slowly assimilated in the mainstream city. This unprecedented land development and urbanization are creating concerns about the impact on the environment including MLW disposal of major part of Kolkata city. Capacity of Dhapa MSW disposal  yard  is over long back and now it is encroaching the EKW water body. In short  time Dhapa dump yard will cover the major part of  EKW but no one is thinking for the loss of  MLW dump yard ie EKW. Government have no realistic plan or program for disposal of  MSW & MLW of the large metropolitan city Calcutta . Municipal Solid waste dump yard can raise vertically like hill as it is happening in Dhapa dump yard. But MLW( liquid) dumping can’t rise vertically and will spread horizontally when filled to its capacity.  In few decades major part of the  EKW will become greater Dhapa and the  problem of MSW dumping will be solved temporarily  This will be  at the cost of MLW disposal  wet land and it will make the city roads filled with MLW when the  drain manholes will overflow making the city not fit for living with associated spread of diseases . State Govt is a part of this stealing of EKW as we can see in different clearances/ decisions including allowing the private party to allow land filling,  stating the insufficiency of present law to stop the land encroachment & development. This will have environmental impact which will affect  the people in this region directly and  indirectly the whole mankind .  We request the GOI, WBGOVT and international organizations to wake up to solve the problem of MSW & MLW of city of Kolkata and save the Ramsar Site- East Kolkata Wetland,  (Ramsar site No. 1208) from vanishing

somendramohan ghosh, Environmentalist
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Petition to Dr. Rakesh Tewari, Shri Madan Singh Chouhan, Shri A.M.V. Subramanyam, Shri Devendra Phadnavis, Shri Vinod Tawade

Enlist Forts of Maharashtra as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The forts of erstwhile Maratha Empire are not just silent sentinels of history, but in essense are a legacy of righteous rule, culture and nationalistic ideals.  History Researchers, fort lovers and heritage activists have been demanding that the premier forts of Maharashtra as well as those in erstwhile Maratha Empire pan India, be converted to UNESCO World Heritage sites. This, will prevent their misuse and defacation as well as be free  unwarranted behavior of individuals and organizations. Besides, most importantly, expertise of internationally esteemed experts will be available for restoration and conservation purposes. The international tourism status will bring employment to local population, local arts and crafts will get international attention, dandpatta and swordmanship of Maratha style will get international attention, besides a host of other benefits including valuable foreign exchange.  Primarily, forts as Raigad, Rajgad, Sindhudurg, Jinji, Pratapgad, Panhala, Vijaydurg, Devgiri and such be included in UWHS. Raigad, Rajgad, Pratapgad and Sindhudurg are the hallmark of the great legacy, foresight and diplomacy, of the Maratha Emperor being witness to the landmark events of visionary and exemplary national leader, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who had visioned these sites more than just the spots of beauty or adventure. He had stated that “ forts not only the kingdom gets its strength but these hill forts are also instrumental in survival, nourishment and well being of our people, particularly in the wake of attack by our enemy”   We urge the Archeological Survey of India and Maharashtra Government to coordinate and bring our invaluable heritage and cultural legacy on UNESCO WHS list. "Maratha forts were not just military fortification but monuments of ways of  living with nature. Though forts would fall under culture, TERRE is proposing it be put under ‘mixed’ category." - Rajendra Shende Former UN Diplomat Director TERRE Policy Center #MaharashtraForts #SahyadriForts #MarathaForts #Forts #Sahyadri      

Aanand Kharde
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Petition to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, managing director - cidco, commissioner - nmmc, urban development department, Gurunath Arse, Chief environment secretary, Conservator of forest, Konkan divisional commissiner, Jayram Gowda, Satish Gavai, Sunil Agarwal, CITIZENS OF INDIA

How much is 198 acres of land worth in prime location of Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai?

 Dear Citizens, Recently there was lot of controversy on sale of Kharghar land of 24 acres estimated at 1700 crore . What will be value of 198 acres on prime location on Palm Beach Road  being handed over to a private builder for residential and commercial development in name of golf course by changing the land use from No Development Zone to Regional Park Zone and Residential Zone ? Imagine the benefit to a private builder on land of 198 acres in Palm Beach Road , Nerul , Navi Mumbai where land has been allotted overlooking all environmental laws . The area is rich in biodiversity, has reserved mangrove forests , wetlands and is the habitat of many bird species including migratory birds like flamingos. Its biodiversity / marine life has been studied by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and TERI who have issued various reports recommending that the area’s biodiversity be preserved. It also helps prevent floods by storing water during heavy rains & high tides. We are surprised that CIDCO proposes to build a Golf Course when it has recently built one in Kharghar just over 10 kms away. CIDCO, as a responsible Planning Body, should preserve the green lungs of the city and ensure residential buildings are not built in area which is a habitat of birds and has protected mangroves and wetlands. This despite supreme court order dated 4th October 2017 . Relevant extract : "We make it clear and reiterate that in terms of our order dated 8th February, 2017, 2,01,503 wetlands that have been mapped by the Union of India should continue to remain protected on the same principles as were formulated in Rule 4 of the Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010." Link to full order : Develop this area as eco tourism spot instead of destroying wetlands for one more golf course and residential towers in Navi Mumbai. We, in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, do not seem to have learnt any lesson from Chennai Floods of December 2015 as we are doing the same mistake as committed by Chennai .As Chennai expanded, more than 150 water bodies were encroached & turned into human habitation.  Let us learn from Chennai's mistake and not repeat them. #WetlandsGoneFloodsOn Thanking you For complaints about wetlands destruction call 1926 or post online complaint on newly launched website Link to our Facebook page : Link to Twitter :   saveNaviMumbaiWetlandsTweets (@sunnyagro):  Link to a short film on this issue by international channel : �This wetland in Navi Mumbai, India, acts as a natural barrier against floods and is home to more than 80 bird species, which is exactly why the Agarwals are doing everything they can to protect it ✊  Youtube link to film : Another very informative film on Citizens initiative & Mangroves warriors . FB link : You tube link:

SaveNaviMumbai Wetlands
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