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Petition to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, managing director - cidco, commissioner - nmmc, urban development department, Gurunath Arse, Chief environment secretary, Conservator of forest, Konkan divisional commissiner, Jayram Gowda, Satish Gavai, Sunil Agarwal, CITIZENS OF INDIA

47 hectares of Mangroves worth crores saved by HC , 35 hectares of wetlands remaining .

 Dear Citizens,  47 hectares of Mangroves worth crores saved by Bombay HC , 35 hectares of wetlands remaining . Imagine the  value of 35  hectares on prime location on Palm Beach Road  being handed over to a private builder for residential and commercial development in name of golf course by changing the land use from No Development Zone to Regional Park Zone and Residential Zone ? Imagine the benefit to a private builder on land of 35 hectares in Palm Beach Road , Nerul , Navi Mumbai where land has been allotted overlooking all environmental laws . The area is rich in biodiversity, has reserved mangrove forests , wetlands and is the habitat of many bird species including migratory birds like flamingos. Its biodiversity / marine life has been studied by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and TERI who have issued various reports recommending that the area’s biodiversity be preserved. It also helps prevent floods by storing water during heavy rains & high tides. We are surprised that CIDCO proposes to build a Golf Course when it has recently built one in Kharghar just over 10 kms away. CIDCO, as a responsible Planning Body, should preserve the green lungs of the city and ensure residential buildings are not built in area which is a habitat of birds and has protected mangroves and wetlands. This despite supreme court order dated 4th October 2017 . Relevant extract : "We make it clear and reiterate that in terms of our order dated 8th February, 2017, 2,01,503 wetlands that have been mapped by the Union of India should continue to remain protected on the same principles as were formulated in Rule 4 of the Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010." Link to full order : Develop this area as eco tourism spot instead of destroying wetlands for one more golf course and residential towers in Navi Mumbai. We, in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, do not seem to have learnt any lesson from Chennai Floods of December 2015 as we are doing the same mistake as committed by Chennai .As Chennai expanded, more than 150 water bodies were encroached & turned into human habitation.  Let us learn from Chennai's mistake and not repeat them. #WetlandsGoneFloodsOn Thanking you For complaints about wetlands destruction call 1926 or post online complaint on newly launched website Link to our Facebook page : Link to Twitter :   saveNaviMumbaiWetlandsTweets (@sunnyagro):  Link to a short film on this issue by international channel : �This wetland in Navi Mumbai, India, acts as a natural barrier against floods and is home to more than 80 bird species, which is exactly why the Agarwals are doing everything they can to protect it ✊  Youtube link to film : Another very informative film on Citizens initiative & Mangroves warriors . FB link : You tube link:

SaveNaviMumbai Wetlands
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Petition to Piyush Goyal, Piyush Goyal

Provision of Dustbin in sleeper and general class in long distance trains #CleanRailways

I am a frequent traveller by Indian Railway's sleeper class and I feel really sad when people throw Eatables wrappers ,polythene bags ,plastic bottles out of windows as a convenient option for a dustbin and dirty both the sides of our railway tracks running throughout our beautiful country. While travelling when I see people throwing garbage and wastes out of the windows I try stopping them and request them to throw  it in dustbins on stations or leave it in the train itself as the Railways staff cleans the compartments periodically in running trains.Plastic bottles can easily be recycled if collected by cleaning staff.But I have seen people are not bothered about this serious problem.Everyday thousands of people travelling in sleeper and general class must be throwing waste through the windows and we are not taking this issue seriously.People are not conscious about difference between bio-degradable and non biodegradable waste. Inside of the Trains and the station areas can be cleaned but the vast area through which the trains run cannot be cleaned. I request you to provide Dustbins in an empty area  under washbasin in all trains in Sleeper and General Class also as is provided already in First class, Second AC and Third AC classes.There should be clear instructions for using them. Also it is seen that the Railway Staff who vacates these bins and cleans the floor etc in AC compartments then throws the garbage out from the doors of the running trains. The staff should be instructed to vacate  the waste at regular intervals of few hours on stations in  bins only. This will help to prevent  piling of junk  in the vast area of running tracks throughout the country and further damage to our environment.  

Vishakha Apte
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Petition to Varun Berry, Ali Harris Shere

Britannia, Stop Using Plastic Trays Inside Biscuit & Cake Packets #PlasticFreeSnacks

Like millions of others, I love Britannia biscuits and cakes. But the melting butter and chocolate leave a bitter taste in my mouth every time I think about the unnecessary plastic waste that is created with every purchase I make. We know that plastic is extremely bad for the environment, especially single-use plastic. A United Nations Environment Program report states that the most common plastics emit traces of two powerful greenhouse gases that lead to further global warming.  But when I read a report by the National Institute of Environment Health Sciences, USA, which says that plastic interferes with our hormonal system leading to infertility and possible cancer, I realized, to my horror, that I and the billions of others on this planet are slowly poisoning ourselves to death. That is why the UN has declared the theme for 2018 as #BeatPlasticPollution and on World Environment Day, India's Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan vowed to eliminate all single-use plastics by 2022, the 75th year of India's independence. Britannia is one of the most loved food and beverage companies in India and it is celebrating its 100th year of doing business.  As per Varun Berry, MD Britannia, “The entire portfolio of Britannia products is going to change because we are changing the logo of Britannia and hence some of the packaging designs are changing and the formulations are changing”.  So, I take this opportunity to invite Britannia to start adopting sustainable packaging. Make the 100th year celebrations count for something unprecedented and lead the way for the rest of the industry to follow. Sign my petition and urge Britannia to stop using plastic trays inside packets and replace them with eco-friendly, bio-degradable packing materials. Companies across the globe are opting for sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives like forming trays with 100% paper, sugarcane bagasse etc. Do you know that: --- India alone generates three tonnes of plastic waste every minute. --- One truckload of garbage is emptied in our oceans every second. --- Plastic packaging makes up to 40% of plastic pollution. Plastic is killing us and the Earth we inhabit! Real danger is staring at our face and now is the only time to do something. Sign my petition and ask Britannia to phase out plastic trays and any unnecessary plastic in packaging by World Environment Day 2019.  #PlasticFreeSnacks #StepUpBritannia #BeatPlasticPollution #NoToPlastic #NoMorePlastic 

Pracheta B
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