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Petition to Bob Miller, Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons , Rodney McMullen, Kroger Customer Service, Kroger Sustainability Department, Safeway Customer Service

Kroger and Albertsons: Get toxic BPA out of canned food

Did you know that eating canned soup or cooking with canned tomatoes could expose your family to the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA)? A recent report released by the Mind the Store Campaign and other NGOs found this hormone-disrupting chemical in the majority of canned foods tested on store shelves. Tell Kroger and Albertsons to get it off their shelves and switch to a safe substitute! BPA has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, infertility, and diabetes.  It’s been removed from baby products and many reusable water bottles but it’s still in the plastic lining of lots of cans. It has no place in our food. Study after study has shown that BPA leaches from packaging into food and gets into our bodies. It’s especially harmful to the most vulnerable among us—young children and babies in the womb. Studies have linked kids’ BPA exposure to obesity, asthma and ADHD. Kroger and Albertsons, the biggest grocery chains in the U.S., have the power and a moral responsibility to get this toxic chemical off their shelves.  Together, they own over 5,000 stores across the country, including subsidiaries like Safeway, Fred Meyer, Acme, Shaw's and Harris Teeter. Kroger pledged to stop using BPA in food cans in 2011 but five years later, it's still in use. Albertsons has also made commitments to act on BPA, but it’s still in their cans. According to the report BPA Buyer Beware, 62 percent of Kroger "generic" cans tested contained BPA and 50 percent of Albertsons and Safeway brand cans analyzed tested positive. Meanwhile, some other leading brands like Amy’s and Con Agra Foods have already completely eliminated BPA from their can linings.  Even small doses of BPA have been found to affect health - it doesn’t belong in the food our kids eat. Tell Kroger and Albertsons to get it off their shelves and switch to a safe substitute! Together we can get big grocery retailers to safeguard our health and get unnecessary toxic chemicals like BPA out of the food supply.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
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Petition to MA Department of Public Utilities

Reject Eversource Rate Increase for Solar Customers

In January 2017, Eversource Energy filed a request to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to increase electricity distribution rates and change its rate structure that will unnecessarily penalize customers who have or want to install solar. This rate change has to be approved by the MA Department of Public Utilities and we ask the DPU to reject Eversource’s proposal for the following reasons: Eversource’s proposal does not account for the well-documented value solar and distributed generation brings to the grid, ratepayers and our state economy. Study after study has concluded that the economic benefits of net metering actually exceeds retail utility costs. These benefits include: reductions in distribution and transmission losses from an aging grid (distributed generation is provided onsite or nearby), the avoided costs of building new power plants (solar delivers the most electricity in the summer, when needs are highest), and leverage against the financial and environmental risks associated with our dependence on fossil fuels (rates are expected to remain high due to the increased demand and exports of natural gas and the 2016 Porter Ranch disaster made clear that pipelines are not without risk). Commercial and residential customers evaluate the return on investment when deciding to invest in a solar array and the proposed rate changes will severely impact the viability of many new solar projects. In the new structure, solar residential customers who install after January 1, 2018 will be subject to a new monthly minimum charge ($10.83) and a demand charge (approximately $2.11 per kW based on monthly peak power consumption). At a minimum, for the average new solar customer, these changes will add $400 per year in unjustified utility costs that they would not typically have to pay. This will be the first mandatory residential application of demand charges, which are based on monthly peak power consumption, and would be difficult for residents to anticipate or manage. Even commercial customers, which have more energy management tools at their disposal, often struggle to manage and budget for demand charges. It is illogical and unfair to impose these charges solely on net-metered customers. Our understanding is that existing net metering customers will also be moved into this rate structure starting in 2020, based on law Chapter 75 of the Acts of 2016, “An Act Relative to Solar Energy.” We firmly believe that any rate change - monthly minimum and demand charges included - should not single out solar customers who install before the rate change is adopted. These customers should be grandfathered into the current rate structure or treated as non-solar customers if a rate structure change is approved in the future. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has made scaling up renewable energy production and encouraging residential energy efficiency to meet the state’s greenhouse gas emission targets central components of its efforts to meet the state’s goals under the Global Warming Solutions Act. At this time, the goal should be the continued expansion of the base of renewable energy production, not penalizing such customers with unjustified changes in the rate structure. We urge the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities to reject Eversource Energy’s proposal and ensure any future rate changes account for the value solar customers add to the electricity grid.

Jillian Wilson
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Save and Protect Your Domestic Wells and Water!

THIS IS A STATEWIDE WATER BATTLE between every domestic well owner in Nevada and the Legislative Commission's Subcommittee to Study Water. This petition is sponsored by The Rural Nevada Domestic Wells Co-operative Inc., Private Well Owners Co-operative of Nye County and by concerned well owners in the state of Nevada. The Subcommittee to Study Water is trying to force water meters on all domestic wells, at the well owners expense, and cut our right to water from 2 acre feet per year to 1/2 acre foot per year. A cut of 75%. Water use would also be limited to household use only, with no outside watering of any kind. No gardens, trees or animals. Domestic well water charges would be controlled by the state with penalties for over use. We will be charged for our own water from our own wells. A State authorized meter reader will come on our properties to verify usage and charges. If you live in an area where water pipes are laid in the ground, the Committee wants to force you to cap your well and hook up to a private water company system, at your own expense. Water speculators are installing pipes to rural areas hoping the State will force well owners to connect. In other words, the State is about to take your right to water away and give them to private companies, and do it at your expense. Water for future developments has been OVER PERMITTED. They want to solve this problem by taking your water and giving it to developers. There won't be any conservation of existing water, just a re-distribution of the existing water to developers and private water companies. Are you willing to give up 75% of the water you already own in order to help private developers and private water companies make vast new profits? Are you willing to allow the State to charge you for your own water that you already own? Are you willing to give up your trees, gardens and animals, so that others can profit from your water? Join us in fighting these proposals by signing this petition so we can stop the government from taking our property. THIS IS A REGULATORY TAKING BY THE GOVERMENT.

Concerned Domestic Well Owners Of Nevada
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Petition to Mark Tupper (Coastal Resources Association), Tom Kenney, Mark Jaworski, Natalie Persky (United Airlines), Marine Conservationist 12, Connie Anderson, Richard Greig, Austin Bowden-Kerby (Corals for Conservation, a Non-Profit Organization), Paul Adler (East Coast Divers Inc.), John Hocevar (Green Peace), Philip DeManczuk (DeManczuk Photography), Steve Mathies, Alek Modjeski (AECOM), Aaron Lawrence GISP, William Street (SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund), Aaron Tam (Reef Check), Mark Mingo (st maarten harbour lagoon authority), David Braun (National Geographic Society), Sarah van Schagen, Gary Swearingen (Wakatobi Dive Resort), Doug Myers, Alex Burns (Bioplex Technologies Inc.), Marine Conservationist 21, Williams Westcot (prime minister exec assistant), Sarah Wescot-Williamas (St. Maarten), Marine Conservationist 40, Marine Conservationist 68, Mike Battles, Catherine McQuilken (The BG Group), Christine Smith (Mosaic Company), Thomas Mastalerz4, Virginia Tippie (Coastal America), Collen Charles (U.S. Geological Survey), Ocean People,,, Dr. Terry Lilly, Julie Wright (Sharklab-Malta), Gary Cecchine, Ph.D. (RAND Gulf States Policy Institute), Diane Buccheri (OCEAN Magazine), Brian Williams (Seagrass Recovery),, Drew Parker (AECOM Water), Eddie Gonzalez, Fionn Farrell, Jolanta Kruszelnicka, Cristina Mittermeier, Tadzio Bervoets, Robert Maylath, Albert Kallio, Ophélie Magras, D. Guggenheim, Carolyn Bakker, Lisa Noble, Justine Mis, Sharon Kwok Pong, Gil Sharell, Alain Jean, Judith Hannak, Holly Greening, Edward Wright, Heather Parker, April Mack, Stephen MacAvoy, James Barnes, Alex Earl, Deborah Kinder, Alasdair Harris, Branson Center, Ben Halpern, Lucila Silva, Marjo Aho, Graham Short, Mike Gadd, Margaret Enloe, Deborah Stakem, Thomas Gray, Johann Mourier, Manish Dohare, Jerome Zeringue, Anita David, Stephanie Bessiere, David Parker, Carey Cothren, Rick MacPherson, Amanuel Ghebrelul Araya, Didier Laplace, Edd Brooks, Simon McPherson, Anne McCarthy, Lizanne Dindial, Elizabeth De Santo, Deborah Brosnan, Onno Gross, Dr. Isabelle Côté, Duane Wilkins, Steve Dial, Nanciann Regalado, Andrea Cooper, Georgina Wiersma, Sarah Laroque, Steve Dubiel, Ingrid Tobar, Nina van Toulon, Doug Heatwole, Rachel-Louisa Gardener, Drew Stephens, Natalia Collier, Carla Wheeler, Dawn Wright, Suzanne Giles Simon, Dee Ferrara, Judy Hatcher, Eveline Henriquez-Dijkhoffz, Mervyn Butcher, Mariah Boyle, Carin Smith, Dennis R. 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Stop the Decline of Coral Reef and Coastal Environments

In the video above, Dr. Austin Bowden-Kerby talks about coral reefs at the frontline in the battle against the effects of climate change. He argues our reefs are the most sensitive system to its effects so if we can save the reefs we can save the planet.  Vic Ferguson, Executive Director of The World Federation of Coral Reef Conservation (WFCRC), shares these same feelings about our coral reefs. The WFCRC is aiming to stop the decline of coral reef and coastal environments. Globally, coral reefs provide habitats for a vast amount of marine species and protect coastlines from storms and erosion. Coral reefs provide pharmaceuticals and have great medicinal value. If we do not stop the decline of coral reef and coastal environments, the jobs, resources and income provided by these environments will simultaneously decline with these environments.  The mission of the WFCRC is Reef Conservation is to advance the understanding, use and conservation of coral reefs and coastal environments through an integrated program of excellence in data gathering/sharing, education, and outreach built upon active and long term partnerships with divers, conservationist, the science community and local island governments and stakeholders. The broad objectives are aimed at developing this effort and sustaining the same effort for long term. It is imperative that we protect, restore, and conserve these biologically diverse marine ecosystems. Please share this petition with your colleagues active in the ocean conservation community.

The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation
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