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Change the Name of the Asian Carp to the Silver Fin

Since the 1970's, Asian carp have rapidly spread throughout the Mississippi River basin, destroying its ecosystem and the industries that depend on it. Now, these fish also threaten the Great Lakes and the $5 billion fishing industry there. Measures have been taken to stop this species' spreading, but these are short-term and still do not solve their replication in the Mississippi. The only way to moderate this invasive species' growth and restore the river to its natural state is to consume them. Asian carp are nutritious, cheap, and abundant. They have high contents of Omega-3 fatty acids and protein, and they can be prepared in numerous ways. The main reason people don't eat Asian carp is because of the stigma against it: carp are considered trash fish bottom-feeders, meaning people would have to be desperate in order to consume it. This stigma has proven to be economically and environmentally harmful, as the carp continues to replicate and take over the Mississippi River. Changing the name to the silver fin would increase consumer demand. It would eliminate the stigma against it, and with its low price and healthy contents, this fish would sell. There is abundant evidence that this method has worked before with monkfish, Chilean sea bass, and orange roughy, and the silver fin could be the next to join this list of fish that become popular with a little name tweak. Unlike most issues, this issue is not political; it is common sense. Join the movement to correct a false stigma against a healthy yet harmful fish species so that we can eat it out of the Mississippi.

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Petition to California Governor

Declare Climate Change a Major Disaster before it's too late

Despite Climate Change having been identified by scientists, leaders, analysts and people from all over the world as “the greatest threat to humanity and life on Earth”, actions taken to address it have been few in number and haphazard in design because Climate Change has not been identified as, and officially declared, a MAJOR DISASTER.  It is very urgent that Governor Jerry Brown, using his legal powers as Governor of California,  issues a CLIMATE CHANGE MAJOR DISASTER DECLARATION and requests Federal funding, in order to unleash all the organizational, structural, scientific and financial State and Federal resources to stop Climate Change and protect Californians’ life and property and our invaluable environment. The incontrovertible evidence is that Climate Change is incrementally increasing the number and magnitude of catastrophic events like exceptional droughts, heat waves, floods, blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, sea level rise, coastal cities inundation, ocean acidification, extinction of plant and animal species, epidemics, disruption of food production and other deleterious events that, combined or individually, have disastrous consequences on our economies and our wellbeing and survival. California has its share of Climate-related catastrophic events, both forecast and current, particularly showing in the 500-year drought that, in 2015 alone, caused a near $3 billion loss for California agriculture, left several communities without water, 542,000 acres lay fallow, 6335 wildfires burned 307,598 acres (including much of the town of Middletown) and destroyed thousands of structures. Also, the pumping of very large amounts of groundwater used to compensate for the lack of surface water is causing the separation of the lithosphere from the ground above, which will lead to earthquakes. In February 2017, the confluence of Atmospheric Rivers, fueled by Climate Change and of infrastructure insufficiently built and maintained to withstand the forces of the new Climate created havoc in California, like in the region of the Oroville Dam where the severe damage to its two spillways caused by the racing waters, put 200,000 lives, thousands of structures and thousands of acres at very serious risk. Climate Change is still being discussed as a tremendous potential threat to our children and grandchildren but, the reality is that Climate Change is already here and that it will get worse if we continue dumping more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Indicators of Climate Change are already in the danger zone. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere, which for 1.3 million years had not been higher than 275 ppm (parts per million) until the onset of the Industrial Revolution, are now above 410 ppm. The global average air temperature is since 2015, 1º Celsius higher than in pre-industrial times, a level that climate scientists consider the gateway to the acceleration of the disruptions of the Climate (1.5 º Celsius for the first half of 2016 and 1.2º Celsius for the whole 2016).  It is now confirmed that 2016 was the hottest year on record.  Without a Disaster Declaration, this greatest-of-threats remains undefined and acknowledged, taking away the focus necessary to effectively deal with it. We say that we are “fighting Climate Change” without having ever declared war. The extent and nature of the problem requires immediate, massive action to retrofit our economy to stop emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and move fast towards a “carbon negative” economy, as well as to make the necessary changes to minimize the damage from Climate Change-related events that are going to unfold from Climate disruptions that have already taken place. To mitigate our Climate Change Disaster, action must be immediate, must be massive and requires a level of mobilization of all our resources similar to what this country experienced during the New Deal and World War II. Individual actions, while useful and necessary, are insufficient. Indirect measures, like taxes on carbon emissions, are beneficial but too slow. Putting off the retrofitting of our economy to address Climate Change is a very dangerous mistake. Factors such as the long residence time of already emitted greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the activation of slow feedbacks (like the melting of the permafrost) will soon make future mitigating actions inconsequential. There is a lot to lose from inaction and a lot to gain from speedy action. Without speedy action, more catastrophes will unfold with a high price in the loss of lives and property and high risks to the economy. With speedy action, life and property will be better protected, California’s economy will experience a boom, California will have access to federal disaster funds that do not require the approval of Congress and California will lead other States and Countries in the highly needed and greatest peaceful cooperation effort ever. Governor Brown, please accept leadership of this massive transformation of California. This life-affirming effort will give us the greatest chance of thriving through change instead of merely surviving change. We are living in extraordinary times, that require extraordinary actions and your extraordinary leadership. References: James Hansen, et al. “Assessing “Dangerous Climate Change”: RequiredReduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People,Future Generations and Nature”. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0081648. December 3, 2013 Alex Park and Julia Lurie. “California's Drought Could Be the Worst in 500 Years. And why it's too late for the rain.” Mother Jones. February 10, 2014. Richard Howitt, et al. “Economic Analysis of the 2015 Drought For California Agriculture. UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences”. August 17, 2015. “Our Earth in 2050. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels double”. greenphysicist2.blogspot.com Marcin Popkiewicz. “If growth of CO2 concentration causes only logarithmic temperature increase - why worry?. April 15, 2014. Larry Elliot. “Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts”. The Guardian. January 14, 2016. Climate Protection Campaign. “Sonoma County Community Climate Action Plan”. October 2008. Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. carbonify.com Emily J. Gertz. “2015 Was the World’s Warmest Year—and 2016 Might Be Even Hotter”. January 20, 2016. takepart.com Fire Statistics. “Incident Information”. CalFire. CA.GOV. January1 - December 31, 2015. Ethan Huff. “How California's extreme drought will lead to a wave of earthquakes”. August 18, 2014. Pau Ratner. 2016 Is Going to Be the Hottest Year Ever (According to NASA, NOAA, & Pretty Much Everyone). Big Think. July 24, 2016.        

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Petition to Residents, Property Owners & Businesses of Lincoln Park

General Iron – Belong in Lincoln Park? Signing This Petition is a "NO" Vote

Background General Iron is an open-air, scrap metal transfer station, located one block west of Clybourn Avenue at the corner of Cortland and Kingsbury in Lincoln Park. The facility is immediately adjacent to the Chicago River. General Iron has been operating at this location for several decades.  Marilyn and Adam Labkon operate the business. What is Scrap Metal? Examples of discarded scrap metal are ordinary household metals (aerosol cans, beverage cans, old refrigerators, air conditioners), electrical metals (wire, conduit, light fixtures), car parts (radiators, batteries, transmissions) construction metals (paint cans, aluminum siding, rebar) and industrial metals (welding tanks). Some metals such as batteries, radiators, transmissions, refrigerators and paint cans contain, or are coated with, industrial chemicals. Where Does the Scrap Metal Come From? From anywhere and unknown origins.  Scrappers transport scrap metal from all over the Chicago metropolitan area to the General Iron facility. From small Scrappers who traverse the city alleys to large semi’s loaded with scrap, if it’s scrap metal, it is likely to be discarded at General Iron. The payment for the scrap metal varies based on demand for the various recycled metal. What takes place at General Iron? Monday through Saturday, General Iron receives tons of scrap metal from both known and unknown sources. The scrap metal is loaded into a grinding machine that grinds the scrap metal into small pieces. The ground up scrap metal is then loaded into a high-speed conveyor belt and thrown airborne onto large piles that extend 70’ or higher. There are several large piles of scrap metal stockpiled at the facility. Eventually, the ground up scrap metal is loaded onto barges and transported down the river to other facilities where the recycling process continues.   Watch General Iron's operations first hand: Why Should We Be Concerned? 1. The origin for a substantial amount of the scrap metal received by General Iron is unknown.  General Iron does not pre-screen the scrap metal for hazardous waste, combustionable materials, toxins or contaminants that may be harmful to the environment (such as lead and acid from car batteries and Freon from discarded refrigerators) before the scrap metal is ground into small pieces and disbursed airborne into large piles. 2. When the ground up scrap metal is thrown airborne, metal dust and unknown coatings/environmental contaminants may be transported by wind into the nearby residential neighborhoods of Lincoln Park; potentially exposing people to unknown environmental contaminants and health risks.    3. When the stockpiled scrap metal is exposed to water or rain, unknown quantities of metal dust and unknown quantities of coatings/pollutants may be washed onto the ground into the adjacent river and city sewer system. 4. When the scrap is loaded onto barges to be transported down the north branch of the Chicago river, it is likely some scrap metal inadvertently has been spilled into the river causing additional environmental concerns.  5. Periodically, fires have ignited in the large scrap piles. Most recently, the morning of Sunday, December 6, 2015 and the morning of Friday, December 11, 2015, the Chicago Fire Department responded to burning piles of scrap metal. The CFD declared the December 6th fire a Level One Hazmat emergency due to nearby Lincoln Park residents and businesses being exposed to plumes of thick, dense smoke and possible exposure to unknown pollutants for a two hour period before the fire was extinguished. 6. From time-to-time, explosions have taken place at General Iron when unknown, highly volatile gases are ignited. 7. The Lincoln Park neighborhood is exposed to significant noise levels from General Iron’s operations six days a week including as early as 5AM on Saturdays. Can General Iron relocate to other parts of the city that is a safe distance from residential neighborhoods? Yes. There are many parts of the city where a scrap metal transfer station can operate safely without jeopardizing the health and well-being of residents who would otherwise live in close proximity to their facility.

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Petition to Commissioner Frank Carollo, Commissioner Ken Russell, Commissioner Willy Gort, Commissioner Francis Suarez, Commissioner Keon Hardemon, Mayor Tomas P. Regalado, Daniel J. Alfonso, Victoria Méndez, Nathan Kurland, Rafael Duharte, Jose Gell, Marlene Avalo, Emilio Callja, Alex Cardenas, Jeanie Hernandez, Marie Louissaint

Save Bayfront Park - Stop Ultra and Rolling Loud!

Bayfront Park is for the enjoyment of residents, not a cash cow for the city! We, the residents of Downtown Miami and its neighboring communities deserve to have daily access to Bayfront Park - our neighborhood park. Instead, since the beginning of 2017, Bayfront Park has been closed to the public or in a state of disrepair for over 100 days because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud.  In recent years, the Bayfront Park Management Trust booked an increasing number of these events in the park. Marked by lengthy set-up and tear-down periods, these events have become larger and much more disruptive to our residential community. In addition to destroying the park's environmental elements, including trees, turf and landscaping, these events regularly force thousands of Downtown residents to flee the area to avoid the unbearable noise, traffic, and alcohol/drug-related violence present at and around these events. Ultra's contract is up for renewal. Rolling Loud's producers announced their intent to return to Bayfront Park next year. Tell the City of Miami, the Bayfront Park Board members and its Chairman, Commissioner Carollo: No More! The park is for the enjoyment of residents, not a cash cow for the city! SAVE BAYFRONT PARK - STOP ULTRA, ROLLING LOUD AND ALL FUTURE MEGA SIZED CONCERTS!

Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance
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