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Petition to Dairy Queen, Mayor Jacob Frey, John Gainor, CEO, Dairy Queen, 7505 Metro Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286.

Ask Dairy Queen to go Eco-Friendly

As a new resident of the Hiawatha Neighborhood in South Minneapolis, I have found joy in walking the trails by the Minnehaha falls. The trees and being nature by the rumbling of the water from the falls and following it to the Mississippi is so enjoyable. The wildlife one can see on the trails includes gophers, squirrels, blue herons, wild turkeys, Eagles, and so much more.  As I have noted I enjoy our trails and love being in nature. What has me concerned is the amount of litter one can find on the trails. It has gotten to the point that I will bring a garbage bag with me to pick up the litter on the trail and shoreline.  This is not to single out one company because there are various amounts of litter from different local companies. One of them being the Local Dairy Queen that is located across the street from Minnehaha Falls. I have found Red Straws next to Dairy Queen cups and also the red spoons. Wildlife is affected by tossing litter and can be deadly to some of our wildlife. This is of course not Dairy Queen's fault. They have been open in this neighborhood for many years.  However, I feel that it is part of being a good neighbor to our neighborhood and also environmentally responsible would be to switch to biodegradable Spoons, Cups, and Straws. Being so close to the park people often enjoy grabbing a frozen treat than going to the falls. Humans are messy, so littering happens. However, if we all do our part we can make a difference. And every little change adds up to a big change.  I am asking the residents and people who care about our environment to ask that Dairy Queen goes to ecofriendly products and especially ones by local landmarks and water sources.  Again my name is Glenn "Jase" Roe and I am a proud resident of the Hiawatha Neighborhood.  Thank you for your time!   

Glenn Roe
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Petition to Planet Fitness Franchising

Demand Planet Fitness Stop Wastefully Polluting

At Planet Fitness's 1,742 locations, all 12.5 million members use paper towels to clean each machine and then immediately throw it away. As a moral and eco-conscious society, we cannot allow a giant corporation to negligently perform such wasteful policies when such an easy solution is readily available. Already, gyms around the nation have made the hygienic, cost effective, and eco-friendly switch to reusable Microfiber or Nanofiber Towels, but one of the largest gyms in the nation refuse to adapt with the times.  One ton of paper towels destroys 17 trees and pollutes 20 thousand gallons of water. That is enough water to sustain a town of 40,000 people. With Planet Fitness's almost 2,000 locations wastefully using tons of paper towels, they destroy hundreds of trees and pollute thousands of gallons of water each year.  Planet Fitness states they use paper towels because it is the most hygienic option, but advanced Nanofiber technology provide 100,000 fibers per square inch allowing a very hygienic and reusable solution to cleaning their machines without the use of harmful chemicals.   If Planet Fitness will not make the minor step to sustainability, then we must demand action. We cannot allow short sighted corporations to wastefully destroy our planet.     Sources:  

CJ Stump
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Petition to Department of Building Inspection

Improve our environment: Say no to illegal dumping

6,800 monthly requests are being submitted to clean up illegal dumping. Yes, that is an average of 267 calls per day for reporting unacceptable trash on the street. Is it the homeless who are trashing the sidewalk? While it is difficult to identify who exactly are responsible, Public Works and the Recology estimates that majority of the dumping comes from the construction industry. Large trash can be very costly to properly dispose, and general contractors and alike tend to resort to these illegal practices. Help protect the environment by telling Department of Building Inspection to enforce a new legislation. More than $10,000,000 is being spent every year to combat this situation, just by city of San Francisco alone. This figure will continue to rise if the legislation does not take further measure. These are the money that could have been allocated for fulfilling better purposes such as improving education system, funding hospitals and low-income assistant programs, etc. Paul Giusti, Recology's regional government and community affairs manager, is calling actions for implementing private surveillance installed in some of the heavily affected area, including District 10 where it sees constant illegal dumping. Public Works is proposing a new legislation that mandates all business owners and contractors to provide verification of disposal receipts to Department of Building Inspection as a condition of the work permits. Requiring these receipts as a proof of proper disposal is crucial to solving this public issue. It takes significant resource to implement a direct solution, but once the funding is approved this implementation can become a reality soon. Tell Department of Building Inspection to take part in implementing this viable solutions and start improving our environment!

Mario Mare
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