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Petition to Reliance Fresh, Mr Damodar Mall, Reliance Foundation, Reliance Retail

Reliance Fresh, Draft & Publish a Zero Food Waste Policy across stores #FightFoodWaste

‘India wastes enough food to feed a state the size of Bihar for a whole year’. This means that just the amount of food that we waste can feed over 11 crores or 110 million people every day for 12 months! Most of us reading this are fortunate enough to have hot nutritious meals. We also celebrate World Food Day and World Environment Day every year. Food Waste is a serious issue and represents serious consequences for a country like India. Over 194 million Indians suffer from hunger and close to 1.3 million children lose their lives to hunger in India every year as a result of food being scarce, unaffordable and inaccessible among other reasons. India produces enough food (Approx 270 million tonnes) to meet the needs (Approx 230 million tonnes) of all the citizens. But 40% of the food grown is lost and wasted. This is why I am urging Reliance Fresh, a national level fresh foods and groceries retailer with hundreds of stores across India, to draft and publish a Zero Food Waste Policy that it will implement across its stores. SIGN my petition and voice your support to #FightFoodWaste. Many times, foods that are perfectly safe to consume (even if past best before dates) and fresh fruit and veg that are not 'looking perfect and fresh' get tossed into the garbage bin or returned to the vendor for destruction. This can be avoided if the company creates a policy and implements steps to donate such food. Foods that are unsafe to consume (those that are past their expiry dates) can always be sent for composting instead of sending them to landfills and further burdening Mother Nature.   Growing fresh food requires plenty of precious environmental resources- water, energy, fertile soil etc. Let us not forget the hard labour our farmers put in! Processing this food into food products and transporting it to our neighbourhood supermarkets also utilises resources and creates a lot of carbon footprint. Neither Reliance Fresh's website nor any of their stores have any information visibly available on the quantity of food waste generated.  The sustainability commitment published on the website of Reliance Industries Limited also makes no mention of how food waste is being managed.   As a customer, I only buy as much food as I need for my family and ensure that food waste is minimal at home. I would expect the brands & companies I invest in, to be equally responsible with respect to their commitment towards our community and our limited natural resources. I am conscious of the reach of Reliance Fresh and also of the work Reliance foundation, the CSR division of Reliance Industries Ltd undertakes. I sincerely hope that they look into this issue at the earliest and commit to #FightFoodWaste across our nation. Given its vast reach and presence, I urge Reliance Fresh to take the lead in fighting food wastage by drafting and publishing its Zero Waste Food Policy. Sign my petition and voice your support to #FightFoodWaste. A well thought out Food Waste Policy when implemented, can not only help save our environment but can also end hunger and malnourishment. Picture Credits: Reuters, based on article.

Shruthi Shankar
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Petition to Jean Kapata, Hon. Lloyd Kaziya

Ban plastic bags in Zambia

Plastic Bags are an environmental disaster. Everywhere you drive in Zambia you see plastic bags polluting the environment. It has got so bad that even our cherished iconic Victoria Falls is suffering with plastic rubbish dumped along all the viewing points and collecting at the boiling point. Africa's environment and its protection should be our number one concern. Plastic bags are killing animals, polluting towns, cities and rivers, causing flooding by clogging storm drains and adding to our current cholera crisis. Simply put, plastic bags are not biodegradable and are leading to our proud country looking like the rubbish tip of Africa.  Even the current drive to tidy up Lusaka since the cholera epidemic is simply a temporary measure and it won't be long before people start again adding to the pollution of the environment. I started this petition because I love this country and I couldn't tolerate seeing plastic bags in our beautiful waters, within our forests and our cities anymore. It's a dangerous form of litter that needs to be eliminated. Get involved by sharing this petition.  We should have a real drive towards recycling too. Lets follow Rwanda's lead and change the face of our country by banning plastic bags. We can use wicker baskets, recycled paper bags etc. Lets put our children and our planet first!. I am directing this petition towards the Minister of Land, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the honorable Jean Kapata and Ministry of Water Development AND Sanitation and Environmental Protection Hon. Lloyd Mulenga Kaziya in the hope that they might take up the mantle and fight for what is right.

Benjamin Bush
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