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Petition to Birmingham City Council

We want Gavin (aka P.G.) to remain busking in Birmingham without the council troubling him

Gavin Edmondson (also known as P.G.) a Wolverhampton born & raised musician has been busking for less than a year in Birmingham in the West Midlands. YOUTUBE VIDEO - P.G. - "Big Shaq Man's Not Hot" (BLINDFOLDED Drum Cover) Clip P.G. got his first proper Drumkit after playing for over 15 years. During his childhood he has struggled so hard to get more than 10 minutes on a Drumkit every 2 weeks on average in Church & in School, especially because he couldn't afford to book a rehearsal studio. As he got older he decided to take multiple chances at trying to get a Drumkit, once he eventually got a Drumkit he took it out on the streets because there was no youth centres, not many places he could go to play his Drums & he's had lack of support growing up. Over a short period of time P.G. has livened up the streets with his performing act on the Drums, he has helped selective people off the streets who don't want to be homeless, he has single handedly brought further financial business to shops (mainly pubs & cafes) because people want to Dance or stand & watch him play while having a few drinks, even if they are having the worst day ever, there are many amazing things he has done, those are just some of them. Unfortunately if P.G. gets one more complaint by one person, the Birmingham City Council will pull the plug on him meaning they will arrest him, seize his first proper Drumkit, give him a fine & give him a criminal record. Meaning that he will not be able to entertain the streets of Birmingham who really want him out there to perform on the streets. P.G.'s busking days in Birmingham is hanging by a thread due to a majority of complaints by a small amount of individuals in regards to Volume/Noise, mainly by those who live in residential flats very close to the High Street & New Street. A few of these individuals have approached him & said publicly that he is "The biggest noise nuisance in the history of Birmingham", as supporters of P.G. we oppose this quote. At the start, P.G. made a few simple errors he did not know about & he is apologetic about it, he then built a great relationship with shops who now love his music & want him out there busking in Birmingham. P.G. & many other people know that if you come to the High Streets or live near it, you're going to experience a lot of things. Volume/Noise has been an issue way before P.G. had stepped on the scene of Busking. P.G. has been seeking advice from Music Shops & Online Sources in regards to reducing the sound of his Drumkit without losing the sound, even getting an Electronic Drumkit would be a bad idea due to unplugging everything if it decides to rain. Him compared to other buskers who use Amplification can turn down their volume easily & have not been for the years they've been busking, protesting etc & getting away with it most of the time. P.G. has been unfairly dealt with most of the time because has done everything within his power, knowledge & spent money he struggled to get on trying to reduce the sound of the Drumkit without losing the sound. He's even had advice from Birmingham City Council but they started giving him warnings while getting close to totally giving up on him & attempting to seize his Drumkit etc. P.G. feels discriminated as a Drummer but also as a person with learning disabilities & health conditions. He has not been busking for more than a year when calculated & he has suffered the most, the quickest & maybe worser than any other busker on the Streets of Birmingham within a year for a busker. Most of it is believed to be unnecessary. To add as well, the police say one thing & the council say another in regards to rules, they don't state everything properly in the rules of doing busking, though P.G. has forgiven the Police Officers for misled information it has put him in a more deeper situation with Birmingham City Council. It is unsure that the Birmingham City Council may be targeting P.G., it would not be surprising, if he is being targeted, it's got to be more than just noise pollution. P.G. has been through so much as a busker til the point where he nearly lost his own life a few times by dangerous homeless people, especially for not giving a dangerous homeless person £10 for claiming to draw a crowd while busking. P.G. told the Birmingham City Council but due to the way the rules are, they can't do much & if P.G. made a formal complaint, the homeless person may set out to harm him after being release from Police custody if the evidence wasn't clear & if nobody wanted to be an eye witness. The main issue is volume & P.G. tried telling the Council that he's not messing them around, he has learning & health barriers, the information on the Birmingham Council Website isn't straight to the point, they haven't done their bit properly especially with training the Police with information & also the blame goes to those who live on the high street knowing there is all sorts of things going on (good or bad). As the people of Birmingham & Supporters of P.G., we want P.G. to remain busking on the streets of Birmingham without being troubled by the Birmingham City Council, we want the Council to make a fresh start & keep P.G. busking on our Streets. In the eyes of the public P.G. has become one of the Best Buskers & Best Street Drummers in the U.K., we feel that as one of the top cities in the U.K., we need this kind of entertainment on the Streets of Birmingham. If the Petition wins, P.G. will be able to busk on the streets of Birmingham without risk & he will be able to continue doing everything he has been doing for the community & open a gateway for more buskers who want to express their gifts/talents through busking... If the Petition loses then P.G. will be at risk of busking on the the streets of Birmingham & therefore will not be able to perform etc. Please share this petition with as many people as you can....

Gavin Edmondson
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Petition to Aiken Promotions, MCD.IE , Promoters

Help get The Smashing Pumpkins to perform in Dublin, Ireland in 2019

"come align for the big fight to rock for you!" To all those sad machines, graceful swans and all us rats that have ever walked in shoes too big feeling the slam of the cage door on their young teen lives. I make an offer to you all to help me get one of the most important, iconic, powerful, beautiful Rock bands back to our Island. Not to serve as some kind of nostalgia, 'memba-berry' festival or to live in the past. But a celebration of the songs that saved our lives, that helped us overcome our struggles, deaths, suicides, depressions, love, life and to live in the present and enjoy the poetry that inspired us to think deeper, to write, to pick up guitars, to become drummers, to become better than our past selves and to hold on and reach out for our brethren.  Why now? Well... The Smashing Pumpkins saved my life. I first heard Bullet in 2000 in the Olympia Theatre. While standing in the circle waiting for JJ72 to perform, this seminal moment in my life was about to happen. Another song ended and their was a tense suction of air as those first lines were spoken. A spark, that broody, hypnotic riff behind a serpentine beat exploding into an anthemic chorus like a defibrillator waking up teens all over the world... I still remember it, I can still feel it, I can touch the image in my mind, I turned to my older cousin who brought me and asked him who that was, "The Smashing Pumpkins" - "Who?".  I was 14yrs old and an angst ridden, anxiety filled, contrarian, idealistic kid who was seeking and imploring the world to fit to his ideals and struggling with all the adolescent emotions of believing, feeling and knowing the world was bearing down on me like a meteorite. I was obsessed. It was an opiate.  The Smashing Pumpkins have reformed with 75% of the original line-up and hit the road touring with a well received tour full of hits, fan favorites, the bands personal favorites and beautiful evocative imagery and production. However, there isn't enough attention or dates on the tour. Why? Billy and the SPS became a laughing stock of the media in the 2000's, critics turned on them for not playing to their ideals, fans moved away; lost, disappointed, expectations burned or some not ready to move on with the band to another plateau. Billy, self-admittedly, helped propagate a negative caricature of himself. The power of clickbait stories with fake narratives and lies were just a never ending losing battle with Billy living under the sword of damocles. The last 18 months I've seen tons of interviews with Billy and he's been completely open and honest about his past, his present and his legacy and beliefs.Billy has always been presented to us by the media as a pretentious narcissist He's stripped back all those mechanisms of defence that he used to fight the media and trolls. He's now a humble, accepting, understanding soul with an insatiable appetite for intelligent discussions on music, culture, politics, religion, to learn and provide guidance, support and help to others.  Lets help them!! Lets support those artists that have gotten us to here. To those who left, its never too late to come back and discover the treasures. To those who never left, I thank you.  To those yet to discovery, I am excited for you! Let's hope for the most beautiful Indian summer for the the SPS. The idea is to get enough signatories to show there's enough support to get own of the promoters to book them.   Please sign, share and feel free to add any personal stories about The Smashing Pumpkins!

Stephen Campbell
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