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End Ticket Scalping in B.C.

One signature can save you hundreds of dollars in the future. All too often, concerts and sporting events sell tickets out in minutes. Not much later you can find the tickets on craigslist and other websites for double to triple what the face value of the ticket is.  This not only damages the entertainment culture of our province, but it also makes it difficult for low income families and individuals to attend events. This practice benefits nobody but the selfish, greedy people who take part in the inflated reselling of these tickets.  As of now, B.C. has no laws preventing the resale of tickets. What we aim to do with this petition, is ask the Legislative Assembly to pass a law prohibiting the resale of event tickets for more than their face value. As well, minimum fines of $500 can help towards paying for enforcement of the new law. Please help by signing this petition!  

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