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Sonic the Hedgehog 3D re-release in 3D and IMAX 3D and 4DX & MX4D Screenings in the future

Paramount should do a 3D re-release of the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie to get people back into theaters when it is safe to (months from now).   You folks at Paramount want to make several sequels to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie anyways. So you might as well do it, since we all know you are going to make the sequels in 3D and 4DX and MX4D Screenings anyways.   The process only takes 1 to 4 weeks to convert the movie from "Monoscopic 2D" into "3D". And it only cost somewhere from $100K to $1 million to convert a movie from Monoscopic 2D into 3D. And preferably get DNEG to be the ones that turn the movie into 3D. You can have the 3D re-release be in 3D and IMAX 3D and Premium Large Screens 3D and 3D D-Box and 4DX and MX4D Screenings. It would be a great way to get people back into the theaters again when it is safe to. And you can make a lot more money off of it. You can release it anywhere from December 3, 2021 or January 7th or 14th or February 25, 2022. And all the kids will drag their parents to see it in theaters again anyways, which makes you guaranteed to make an additional $400+ million in the box office worldwide from a 3D re-release of this movie. Plus lets be honest, this movie was made with 3D in mind, before you cancel it to rush into theaters not to many months past its original release date because you had to redesign Sonic in the movie after that horrible job you did with his previous design as shown in the April 2019 trailer. (Thank you for fixing Sonic's design in the final production of the movie) And this way you will have an reason to fix the lighting issues of Sonic in certain scenes in the movie and any other tweaks you want to do, and maybe even have this 3D re-release be an extended version (maybe over 2 hours long). @sonicmovie #SonicMovie #Sega #ParamountPictures

Shahaneh Limonadi
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Stop excluding America from 3D screenings.

In the United States, we have such things as discount Tuesdays & A-List, where we never pay extra for 3D, and yet despite that, America is one of a few countries that get excluded from 3D screenings of a bunch of movies each & every year, Like Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw and Logan (Wolverine) and The Kingsman Golden Circle and Hurricane Heist, and now Matrix 4 Resurrections (source: Forbes) and The King's Man; just to give a few examples. The fact is there is no longer a need to exclude the United States from 3D Screenings that over 170 other countries in the World get to see in 3D. And furthermore, these movies make less money in the box office, which doesn't sit well for the studios either, for example; Kingsman The Golden Circle was released internationally in 3D and made over $200 million despite not getting release in China for its international box office, but in the United States & Canada was released in 2D only, and it only made more then $50 million in the domestic box office because of it. By including the United States in 3D screenings for 3D movies is beneficial for both the Studio and the consumer. It allows audiences to discover movies they otherwise would have never saw, and thus never would have realize there was such good original unique storytelling that they like & it allows studios to make several hundred million dollars more. IMAX & Dolby don't sell movies, just look at Hellboy 2019, which made around $45 million worldwide including China, or Reminiscence which made $15 million in 180+ countries in 2021. Let alone The Suicide Squad (2021) which made less money then any DCEU movie ever made. 3D does sell movies, as shown by movies like Prometheus & The Mummy 2017 & Godzilla VS Kong & Shang-Chi & Dune & Eternals, which they made half a billion dollars each. Hell, No Time To Die made about $775 million during a Pandemic, mostly from 3D screenings, let alone Spider-Man No Way Home which made about $1.5 billion from 3D Screenings alone. Please stop practicing Crony-Capitalism by removing options, and please start practicing real Capitalism by giving us Movie Goers all the options, especially the 3D Screenings; which should always be an available option for us consumers, if you ever believed in real Capitalism. The fact that a bunch of white people are trying to make it harder to see movies in 3D; when a Black Woman/NASA Scientist: Valerie Thomas is responsible for all the 3D Movies we see today, is very White Supremacy to stop showing movies in 3D, whether that decision is or isn't intentionally "white nationalism" in its nature or not. Please stop feeding white nationalist folks hate for 3D, just because they don't want Black People to have a Legacy, as we've already seen with Trump trying to undo everything President Obama has done. So Please Stop trying to Make 2D Great Again and ditch the past, ditch the Status Quo. Seriously, what is up with you middle-age white people and your Status Quo. #WomensHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth #WhiteSupremacy

Shahaneh Limonadi
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