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Petition to Netflix

Recast the role of Five on Umbrella Academy! Jonson the fish as Five!

Aidan Gallagher is a bad person! Me and my comrades have done research and he has a DISGUSTING “holier than thou” attitude. He attacks anyone who disagrees with him, even sometimes people who DO. his opinions are not necessarily wrong! Caring about the environment and going vegan are important!but he attacks others and shames people who don’t openly speak about the importance of climate change and other environmental issues. He also doesn't understand that some people c a n t go vegan to to health reasons. He spreads false information, too. He has claimed “depression is contagious” and shamed people (especially those younger than him) for reaching out and talking about their problems in private chat rooms, justifying himself because he “ gets sad too”. Aidan has also made flirtatious advances towards MANY his female costars and made claims he and Millie Bobbie Brown Would date if they lived near each other. He has also been seen berating and attacking another person, but switched from defensive to flirting like a switch. Aidan is most commonly known in the media in his role of Five from the Umbrella Academy. On Twitter he has made multiple statements about the relationship between his character and Ellen Page’s. He often says he thinks their relationship was romantic. For those who don't know, they are adoptive siblings, and have been raised as such. Its honestly gross.  Onto the best option for recasting: Jonson the Fish (legal name Jonson Fisk). Jonson is a PERFECT candidate for Five because of multiple reasons. He has an acting range thats positively phenomenal! Ive seen him go from acting exactly like a shark to a sea anemone in SECONDS! He also speaks up for the importance of saving our earth, specifically the oceans! (He lives there, after all) The difference is that Jonson holds fast by his opinions, but instead of attacking others, he listens to their arguments and learns! Jonson is an advocate for mental health and feminism! A true legend. I may be biased, but my comrades and I believe that Jonson is the perfect choice for Five. His experience with being an enhanced member of society is often reflected by the story of the Hargreeves. Jonson never fears to fish-slap people in the face when they wrong those he cares about.    Image credit to the lovely Jazzband Adultmale! (@itssnazzyjazzybro on instagram)

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Petition to Wimbledon Falls CAI

Playground for Wimbledon Falls Neighborhood

Recently the Wimbledon Falls playground was removed do to a failed safety inspection. There were missing support beams, swings were broken, and floor boards were starting to sag. We were also informed that do to budget limitations the playground will not be replaced this year and it remains unclear if it will be replaced in 2020.  I urge you to sign this petition! This petition will represent our community interest in the allocation of our HOA dues and that WE WANT OUR PLAYGROUND ASAP!  Whether you are a young family, single, married without children, or retired with or without grandchildren having a playground in your neighborhood is beneficial.  Having a playground in our neighborhood provides: 1. A safe playing and learning environment for our children. Playgrounds help children to develop gross motor skills that are critical for physical and emotional development.  2. It keeps property values up. People seek and buy houses in neighborhoods with playgrounds.  3. An outdoor space for social gatherings. Play dates, picnics, etc.  4. Location of convenience for outdoor playtime.  Our next HOA board meeting is November 12, 2019.  This meeting will determine our budget for 2020. Signing this petition will provide evidence to the Board the community interest in having a new playground installed ASAP. I will be presenting this petition to the Board at this meeting.  As a mother of 2 young children I thank you for your consideration.  Best Regards, Caroline Polgar, Wimbledon Falls Resident

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Petition to Oakland City Council & Mayors Office


Museum of Jazz & Art (MOja) is planning a new 70,000 square feet Museum, Restaurant, Auditorium, and History-Hope-Heritage educational center overlooking Lake Merritt & plan to restore the existing “Historically Significant” 1310 Oak Street, Fire Alarm Building (without Building demolition).  The parcel is presently owned by the City of Oakland.  For 6+ years we have Researched around the World the best Museum Models & built the best team to implement this Community Benefit Project in Oakland.   BENEFITING THE PUBLIC (Musicians, Artist, Writers, Educators, Activist, Citizens) MOja will: -Serve the Public & Environment  -Educate Communities  -Partner with Schools -Build & Connect Cultures  -Be an Economic Engine  The Lake Merritt Area Plan (Land Use element), an Approved Oakland regulatory document, has noted the 1310 Oak Street Site as the preferred ideal use as public space, educational, cultural use etc. and should maintain contribution to views of the Lake, while highlighting the historic importance to support these existing Cultural facilities: Oakland Museum Oakland Asian Cultural Center & Art Oakland Main Library  Oakland Asian Library  Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium The Black Arts Movement Business District supports the project as a critical Cultural place-keeping strategy to anchor their developing district.  Moving Forward in the words of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  In his Opening Address to the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival: “Much of the power of our Freedom Movement in the United States has come from this music. It has strengthened us with its sweet rhythms when courage began to fail. It has calmed us with its rich harmonies when spirits were down.” ADD YOUR NAME to SUPPORT the MUSEUM OF JAZZ & ART

Penelope Adibe
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