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Petition to FUNimation Studios

Voice Actress, Rachael Messer, for Dragon Ball Super!

It started off with one Instagram/Facebook post (click here to see post) about voice actress, Rachael Messer. Rachael has voiced in animes for FUNimation studios such as Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, Akashic Records, Knights and Magic, A Centaur's Life, and even more. Rachael has also voiced characters in video games like Rebecca Lansing from System Shock, Dire Wolf Tyra and Infernal Seris from Paladins, etc.  Rachael posted a photo on her Facebook and Instagram about how she felt like a Super Saiyan from the Dragon Ball series with her hairstyle. We felt like it was a sign for us to come together and make a petition for Rachael to have an opportunity to voice Caulifla or Kale from Dragon Ball Super. I personally believe that Rachael has the potential and skill set to become one of the women Super Saiyans from the Dragon Ball Super series when the time approaches. She has all this experience so far and we all agree that Rachael has not only the voice but the power and enthusiasm to be a part of the Dragon Ball Super team.  Let's all come together as not only Rachael Messer fans/supporters but as anime fans to try to give this woman a chance to really let her voice shine for FUNimation once again!  Christopher Sabat, Sean Schemmel, and the rest of the FUNimation/Dragon Ball Super team, please give Rachael Messer a chance to audition for Caulifla or Kale! This would be not only an opportunity but a dream come true for this hard-working, dedicated voice actress!  Information on Rachael Messer: Rachael Messer Website Wiki about Rachael Messer Rachael Messer IMDB Rachael Messer Twitter: @rachaelmesser Rachael Messer Instagram: @rachaelmesser         

KC Udarbe
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Petition to FUNimation, Sentai Filmworks, Aniplex USA

Dub songs in singing scenes in anime episodes.

Until Mid Summer in 2016, 90% of the time, Funimation made the effort and negotiations to be able to dub the songs in scenes during episodes where the anime characters actually sang. the more recent being No-Rin, Date A Live II, and even Show By Rock. But since the time Funimation started simulcasting Love Live Sunshine, and more noticeably around the time Funimation partnered with Crunchyroll, even on home video releases starting with Castletown Dandelion, the practice just suddenly stopped, and I was surprised. When I inquired, every time, I was sort of told about funimation not getting permission. But I personally think its all a sham, cause I spoke with a couple of VAs on twitter, and concluded that Funimation decided to stop making the effort and discontinue such practice for the most part because they are too busy and rushed with doing all the increased broadcast dubs and home video releases that they no longer have the time.Funimation just doesn't care as much about dubbing any kind of singing, or even having the English VAs do any singing (mostly the female ones) anymore.Funimation should go back to the practice they were doing in the past prior to summer 2016, and dub songs in singing scenes. The lyrics should be as close to the origional lyrics, or the same lyrics dubbed (with slight adjustments) as the Japanese lyrics. If songs can't be dubbed, then at least the English VA should sing the Japanese lyrics. I want to see Funimation make more of an effort, talk it out with the Japanese companies, come up with a compromise of some sort. Time should be set aside to dub any lyrics, as well as song recordings. Other licensors should look into dubbing songs in singing scenes as well. Dubbed songs will be the same or as close to the English translated Japanese lyrics as possible. As a last resort, the English VAs would sing the original Japanese lyrics. This would better help support the original artists, and increase the chances permission would be granted to dub the songs.

Naftali Poritz
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Petition to Bandai America Inc.

Dub the Tamagotchi anime Internationally!

One of the gadgets many recall from the 90's is Tamagotchi. It's an egg-shaped digital pet that is known worldwide, sold more than 70 million copies, and is essentially the reason why Digimon exists, but Tamagotchi's fame is at it's peak in Japan, with an abundance of merchandise such as color-screen releases, toys, video games, a whole department store, and more notably, an anime, among others. The Tamagotchi anime premiered in Japan on October 2009 and ended on March 2015. It was directed by Pokémon's Joji Shimura, written by Boys over Flowers' Aya Matsui, and was animated by OLM (Oriental Light & Magic). It has 271 episodes and is divided into 4 sagas. Those sagas are known as Tamagotchi!(2009-2012), Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dreams (2012-2013), Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends (2013-2014), and GO-GO Tamagotchi! (2014-2015). It is a slice-of-life anime that stars Mametchi, a veteran inventor, Memetchi, a girl of curls, and Kuchipatchi, a boy of buffets. The three and their friends live their lives in a clean environment, form resolutions to any potential problems, and make time for activities. While this plot seems basic and simple, when you dwell into the anime, you'll find it has adventurous, life-risking, tear-jerking moments, interesting plot-twists, and not to mention, each and every character is adorable beyond words. It's a gem of an anime, and it gave animes like Hamtaro & Doraemon a run for their yen. Outside Japan, however, the anime is unacceptably underrated. It isn't a stranger to dubs, but the dubs it has gotten were very minimal and often leave cliffhangers. For instance, in Australia, only the first 26 episodes [Season 1 and the first episode of Season 2] aired on 9GO! from 2010-2014. Also, The Tamagotchi Friends webisodes are nothing more than cut-up 3-4 minute variants of the first 7 Yume Kira Dream episodes. We Americans look upon Bandai America for international distribution of Tamagotchi's Japanese merchandise and legacy; unlike Bandai Japan, who prioritizes original brands like Tamagotchi and only occasionally focuses on licensed brands, the Corporate Clowns at Bandai America devote themselves to the Power Rangers and other licensed brands, giving little to no acknowledgement for Tamagotchi. For an establishment that calls themselves "Bandai America", this is unacceptable and unprofessional!   November 23rd, 2016 will be a big day. Disney's Moana will be in theaters, Pokémon Sun/Moon will get released in PAL regions, but most importantly, it will mark Tamagotchi's 20-year anniversary. Bandai America needs to halt their Power Rangers circus because their devotion to Saban's property is causing them to sacrifice consumer trust. If they want our trust back, they need to shift gears to Tamagotchi ASAP. They need to let us experience what Japan got to experience. By dubbing the entire Tamagotchi anime in English, Bandai America will once again be a magnet of consumer trust. They can either make the Tamagotchi anime a webisode series like Tamagotchi Friends; that way, The Tamagotchi fans can watch any episode in English anytime they want, OR they can air it on public Television. Suitable networks include Cartoon Network, Sprout, and Disney Junior. Not only would we have a reason to watch the latter two networks, but Bandai America will EARN back ALL the Tamagotchi fan trust they sacrificed. Bandai America, do the globe and yourselves a favor. Give Justice to Tamagotchi, the brand that put your company's name on the map. Give us the anime, an underappreciated TV show that needs global recognition. Trust me when I say this; you'll make the money & gain the trust you want when you prioritize Tamagotchi.  

Timmy Joe
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