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Petition to Central Coast Community Energy

Save Central Coast Solar

RE: 3CE & Utility Proposed Solar Rate Changes Central Coast Community Energy (3CE), your local energy provider, and the IOUs are both taking steps to increase the costs for homeowners and businesses that install solar panels, storage and microgrids.    Tell 3CE: To not change its solar rates until after the IOUs’ solar rates are set this year, To keep its commitment to beat the IOUs’ state mandated rates for solar customers, and To support local customer owned solar, storage and microgrids in 3CE territory.   Please help Protect 3CE Customers' Rights to Go Solar by signing this petition: Dear 3CE Board Member, California is a solar leader. We are asking you to make it easier, not harder, for more people in 3CE territory to go solar, to meet 3CE’s bold commitments to clean energy and to maximize the public benefits of our area’s transition to clean energy. 3CE rates for solar customers must be better than IOUs’ rates.  When 3CE launched service in 2018, it committed to providing solar customers rates based on the existing CCE program rate structure of mirroring the investor-owned utility’s (IOUs) rates and then applying a discount inclusive of relevant fees.  3CE’s proposal to no longer commit to providing solar customers with better rates than the IOUs must be stopped. Utilities are lobbying you, your organizations and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to discourage distributed customer-sited solar by attacking rate terms for solar customers known as “net energy metering” (NEM).  NEM disrupts the utility monopoly and hurts their profits by allowing renters, schools, homeowners, farmers and others to use the sun for their own energy needs and to share it with their neighbors in exchange for a bill credit. NEM is what makes the economics of distributed solar possible. This simple, groundbreaking policy has helped over a million Californians invest in solar. It should be expanded, not destroyed, to help us get to 100% clean energy as soon as possible.  The CPUC is set to review and establish new NEM rates for solar customers this year, and 3CE is trying to change its solar rates before then. 3CE should not change its solar rates until after the CPUC determines the IOUs’ new NEM rates.  The CPUC establishes rate making for solar with input from solar experts, utilities and other interested parties in a process governed by state law.  This CPUC process must occur before 3CE changes its rates for solar customers. CCA’s are not bound to the same rate making restrictions for solar as the IOUs, so it is up to you to protect solar in 3CE.  The IOUs, like PG&E and So Cal Edison, are bound by legal requirements with respect to NEM, as follows: Ensure that solar continues to grow sustainably Include specific alternatives designed for growth among residential customers in disadvantaged communities Ensure that NEM is based on the costs and benefits of the generation facility Ensure that the total benefits are approximately equal to the total costs Any 3CE solar rate changes must be better than the IOUs’ to encourage local renewable energy projects.  As a local, nonprofit organization whose charter includes a commitment to local distributed solar, 3CE should maintain its commitment to be better than the IOUs.   Consumers are watching and counting on you to take our side. Please stand up to the utilities and the dirty energy lobby by keeping distributed solar growing in 3CE. P.S. Please also sign the Save California Solar petition to fight the IOUs’ attack of NEM in California

Micah Breeden
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Petition to Texas State House, Texas Governor, Ron Nirenberg, Sylvester Turner, Steve Adler, Eric Johnson, Betsy Price, ERCOT , Speaker of the Texas House

Improving the Texas energy grid - accountability of ERCOT and the State of Texas

For at least the last ten years, ERCOT, the Energy Reliability Council of Texas, and the private utility companies that it manages, have refused to undertake recommended winterization protocols at their energy plants. Recently they claimed that they were ready for any winter storm. The massive losses of power in our state this week beginning on February 14th and 15th would say otherwise. These outages have been predicted for years, and yet action has not been taken.   The state of Texas, in its attempt to maintain the competitiveness of our deregulated system, has not allowed power generators to invest and improve. There has been little to no infrastructure improvements of our state’s energy grid, and as a result, our grid has revealed its weaknesses in the last week.   Additionally, the state does not maintain capacity markets, which are a way to pay for resources to be available to meet peak electricity demand at some point in the future. These capacity markets also make it possible to keep prices manageable and affordable.   This petition requests that:  1. Previous profit margins for the last ten years for any and all of the private utilities in Texas be reduced and potentially reversed to cover the current costs experienced by the general public. No predatory increases should be passed on to the customer due to their avoidance of recommendations and lack of action.  2. There must be a mandate to winterize all power plants in Texas in future years so that this never happens again.   3. Due to the presence of the word Reliability in the name of ERCOT, if service is disrupted for less than one day due to a foreseeable, predicted problem or failure of management and planning, a credit will be issued to the customer to cover one day of energy usage. If the power outage lasts more than one day, the customer will be credited for the week. There must be accountability and standards that best serve the citizens of Texas.  4. Create a standard of qualifications for those appointed to ERCOT, including identifying a clear distribution of expertise (utility engineers specializing in all power sources, their storage and distribution, software designers, data managers, efficiency managers, grid designers, safety managers, and economic/financial planners, etc). Additionally identify a a focus group/committee made up of Texas residents that are allowed to comment to and partner directly with the board. 5. Money must be allocated by the state to improve the infrastructure of our energy grid. Our current system virtually failed. The threat to our population must be protected.  6. Money must also be allocated by the state to maintain capacity markets and keep costs low for the consumer.  7. Efforts must be made to increase the efficiency of our power plants and bring our systems into the 22nd century. 

Patricia Nicoll
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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer, U.S. Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Congressman Hakeem S. Jeffries (8th Dist. of NY), Councilman Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. (Council Dist 36), Councilwoman Laurie A. Cumbo (Council Dist. 35), Councilman Stephen T. Levin (Council Dist 33), Councilwoman Alika Ampry-Samuel (Council Dist. 41), Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Hold Gas Monopoly National Grid Accountable

National Grid is a gas company with no current competitors and no mercy for the inhabitants of New York and other states. As per the reviews summing up to almost 500, I cannot argue that this company is not deserving of the money that hard-working citizens must cough up for less than subpar service. After researching, not only did I find that there are customers who have been going back and forth with this company for years because of incorrect billing issues and returned payments and overcharges for no apparent reason but that there is a family who just moved into their new apartment with 3 children that haven't had gas because of this company for almost two weeks. An elderly widow in April 2019, had her service shut off without written notice and has called multiple times. Unfortunately, she was met with rude representatives just as I was. She is over 80, alone and has no help. These are just two instances but if you have the time, please look up the numerous reviews and complaints on this company for yourself.  As if this isn't enough, there is already a petition out going against the Williams Pipeline that National Grid so badly wants to build that will not only harm humans but marine life. The pipeline is unnecessary and will be expensive. Who do you suppose these expenses will fall upon?  If you or anyone you know has dealt with injustices from this company please don't remain silent. What we want from this company is to be treated fairly, met with nice customer service and not to be left in the dark. NO ONE regulates this monopolizing company. Instead, they are like children in the candy store with no guidance or limit. Please bring these issues to light and have them investigated for what they have been doing to people since the dawn of their existence. I urge you to take a stand against this company and sign the petition so that hardworking people will receive justice. WE DESERVE BETTER.

davey fleary
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