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Petition to Coinbase, Iota Foundation

List IOTA cryptocurrency on coinbase to save the environment from bitcoin

IOTA is a lightweight energy efficient cryptocurrency, IOTA does not have transaction fees, and transactions confirm in under 10 seconds. Bitcoin has several dollar transaction fees and transactions confirm in about an hour. IOTA uses a fraction of the energy that BTC uses making it the ideal choice for environment. IOTA is even more environmentally friendly than Mastercard. Here are the reasons why coinbase should list IOTA. 1.  A coinbase listing would allow users who wish to invest in altcoins on binance or another exchange the ability to use IOTA instead. This would save the user money, time and be a better choice for the environment.  2. IOTA is in the process of being standardized by the worlds largest standardization bodies IEEE and OMG 3. IOTA is solving the problems of high transaction fees on Ethereum's smart contracts and NFT's, these features are still in development. 4. Some of the largest companies in the world are collaborating with IOTA including jaguar landrover, zebra technologies, Dell, Intel and many others 5. Since IOTA has zero transaction fees new industries that can only be dreamed of right now can become a reality, specifically micro transactions (less than $0.01) which is currently the missing piece to enable the 4th industrial revolution.  In conclusion IOTA solves problems that the current projects listed on coinbase have.  listing IOTA would create new innovation in the crypto industry by bringing more attention to IOTA, decrease the environmental impact caused by bitcoin since it would render it obsolete and usher in the 4th industrial revolution

Aaron Thomas
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Transfer subsidies from fossil-fuel industries to nuclear energy industries

We are a group of AP Government students from Riverview Highschool in Sarasota, FL. We are looking to bring about change in the way our nation produces its energy as a form of political engagement for our class, and we need your help to bring about this change. Our goal is for Congress to move portions of subsidies from oil and gas companies over to nuclear industries, in order to research and build more efficient reactors while reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. Today, our nation is reliant on non-renewable resources to generate more than 70% of its electricity, with nuclear reactors only supplying about 18% and decreasing every year. Nuclear power is safer, and far more efficient in producing large amounts of energy, and would be the most desirable choice in meeting the growing energy demands of the future. As Floridians, we will be some of the first to see the effects of a warming climate, with habitat loss and sea-level rise already beginning to take place, which is why we seek to replace polluting energy sources with nuclear alternatives. Nuclear reactors today are far more efficient than other means of electricity production, with most running at a capacity factor of more than 90% (for comparison, coal burning plants only run at about 40% efficiency). Currently, nuclear power plants around the country are beginning to be shut down due to outdated technology, most of which were built during the 50's and 60's. Our hope is that this petition will shed light on the need for efficient energy sources, and that the health of our planet must be secured for future generations.

Aaron Powers
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