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Petition to Marc Garneau, Catherine McKenna, Justin Trudeau, Johnathan Wilkinson

Save the Orca Families from Extinction!

Our oceans are the home to families of orcas who are now hungry and living in noisy and polluted waters. The Southern Resident killer whales (orcas) are endangered and require immediate protection, or they will disappear forever. These iconic, intelligent beings live in family pods their entire lives and contribute to the fragile balance of marine ecosystems. There are now only 74 Southern Residents remaining and the time to act is running out. This petition urges Fisheries and Oceans Minister Johnathan Wilkinson and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna to take immediate action and implement an emergency order  to protect the endangered Southern Resident orcas who live off British Columbia and Washington State. They are responsible for taking action to implement an emergency order under the Species at Risk Act for these orcas who have been facing imminent human threats to their survival and recovery. They can make a difference and save the orca families from extinction! The three major causes of their rapidly declining population is lack of food, vessel traffic/harassment, and pollution. The emergency order should:  Guarantee Safe, Abundant, and Healthy Food - Moratoriums must be implemented to rebuild the presently broken ocean food chain. Harmful fish farms, that threaten wild salmon, must be closed; Stop Vessel Traffic Noise and Harassment; Prevent and Clean up Pollution;  Enforce Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) - MPAs must restrict activities, such as fishing, that interferes with and threaten orca’s lives. They must be increased in Canada and the US;  Stop Invasive Experiments and the Cumulative Impact of Research on Orcas - As other orca populations are also at low numbers all satellite darting (spearing) and skin biopsies, that permit a pathway for infections and cause deaths, must be stopped. The Southern Resident orcas are counting on us to take action. Please sign and share this petition to ensure their survival.  You have signed this petition and you want to take further action? You can contribute to protecting these orcas through making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through  Paypal.

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Petition to Catherine McKenna, Dr Stephen Lucas

Ban the Sale of Elephant Ivory in Canada #ivoryfreecanada

  Will we be the generation that lets elephants become extinct? A shocking 20,000 elephants are killed every year for their ivory. Scientists and conservationists agree that at this rate, both African and Asian elephants will be extinct in the wild within our lifetime. Even so, at the last IUCN World Conservation Congress, Canada was 1 of only 4 countries to oppose the closure of domestic ivory markets across the globe. Ivory is so valuable on the black market that organized terrorism syndicates such as the Lord’s Resistance Army are committing mass slaughter using helicopters and AK-47 rifles. In 1980 Africa had more than 1.3 million elephants – today it has approximately 415,000. In less than 40 years, 70% of our elephants have disappeared. In 1989, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) made it illegal to sell elephant ivory internationally. But each country makes its own laws regarding the sale of ivory within their borders. When domestic trade is allowed it permits illegal ivory (poached after 1989) to be sold along with legal ivory because it’s difficult to differentiate between old and new ivory without extensive and costly testing. The only way to protect elephants from extinction is to ban ALL elephant ivory trade. China is the largest consumer of ivory in the world. It shut down its domestic ivory trade at the end of 2017. If China can stop their domestic trade, why can’t Canada? On March 1, 2018, the United States lifted the ban on the importation of elephant trophies. If the U.S. cannot protect elephants, there is even more onus on the rest of the world to do all we can to save this iconic species. We feel new legislation can protect both elephants and the indigenous trade of narwhal and walrus. We ask the government of Canada to: 1.  ban all domestic trade of elephant ivory; and 2.  make the import, export and re-export of all elephant ivory illegal. Let’s make Canada one of the many countries changing their laws to allow the survival of the world’s largest land mammal before it’s too late. Sign for an #ivoryfreecanada. Sincerely,Fran DuthiePresident,  Photo Credit: Larry Laverty

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Petition to World Wildlife Fund, Justin Trudeau, Greenpeace USA, United Nations Environment Program, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Justin Bieber, Environmental Protection Agency, City of North Bay, City of North Bay, Doug Ford

Stop North Bay from Bypassing The Endangered Species Act & Developing Protected Wetlands!

The Situation. North Bay City Council has requested the Province of Ontario to exempt North Bay from the Endangered Species Act and to allow the City to open up Provincially Significant Wetlands for commercial development. Why These Specific Wetlands Matter. These wetlands are currently home to an endangered species, the Blandings Turtle, not to mention a valuable asset to the surrounding ecosystem and a historically significant waterway travelled by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Ecologically, these important wetlands are classified as Provincially Significant, which means that this specific area provides invaluable services to our community including carbon sequestration, flood protection, ground water storage, pollution filter, storm buffer, and habitat for plants and animals, including the Blanding's Turtle. This significant area is an ecologically-defined area by scientific criteria. Not an area for land developers or politicans to redraw. Alternatives. There are several viable locations that would be suitable for development. Many citizens want to see the City of North Bay grow, but not at the expense of scientifically-proven significant ecosystems. Surrounding North Bay, there are countless locations that would be suitable for urban development, provided that appropriate sustainable development practices are followed. How to Act Please sign your name to tell the City of North Bay that endangered species and Provincially Significant Wetlands matter to you!  Contact your Member of Parliament. Click here for a Canadian Directory Share this petition on Facebook! Resources Read more here CBC Endangered Species Act What does a Provincially Significant Wetland mean? Learn more here!  

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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Dr. Laura Bourque, DVM, DVSc, MSc, BSc, Stéphane Plourde, PhD, Dominic LeBlanc, Bill Chow, Leda Huta, Dr. Mona Nemer, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Yan Ropert-Coudert, Moira Brown, Whale Biologist and Senior Scientist, Kim Davies, Rob Downie, Kristen Monsell, Megan Leslie, Dr. Bradley N. White, Hon. Andrew Scheer

"Unlikely" is not acceptable. TEST for ZIKV, WNV, SLEV, and Wolbachia.

The US gov't (USAID) along with three other gov'ts plus the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation heavily funds Wolbachia-infected Aedes releases (which I believe to be the root cause of these whales' mortality). This is why NOAA (a US gov't agency) has a HUGE conflict of interest and should NOT even be involved in the investigation alongside the DFO in Canada. Regarding the ban on rescuing entangled whales: it's been months. I can understand a week but these whales are generally docile (not vicious, like a bear). We don't stop rescuing people when firemen or helicopter pilots die in the line of duty. This is akin to impeding an investigation. Perhaps even obstruction of justice. After I was denied access to the NOAA's media conference (re: UME) and my concerns ignored (since April 2017), it's become clear to me that the NOAA should NOT be involved in the investigations into North Atlantic right whale deaths. Here is precisely why: David Gouveia, Protected Species Monitoring Program branch chief, NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Region, clearly stated: "What we might glean from the report: A general cause; commercial gear, fishing interactions."  What's more, the ban on North Atlantic right whale rescues will make pathologists' reports inconclusive. FACT: The evidence that it's ship strikes and entanglements is extremely weak and pathologists have said these could have occurred after death. "Blunt trauma could have been inflicted after death." Source: island/north-atlantic-right-whale-deaths-necropsy-1.4187344  Tonya Wimmer, director for the Marine Animal Response Society, said: "There is nothing on them. There doesn't seem to be anything apparent from the outside." Source: And their low birth rates (which is likely related to Wolbachia infecting their food source*) will not even be looked at in the NOAA's UME. *ADDENDUM September 24th, 2017: Calanus finmarchicus consumes both plant and animal and "takes in" in water (at both ends). Supporting studies: "Results of microplankton counts indicated C. finmarchicus to be omnivorous." Source: An omnivore is an animal that eats both plants and animals for their main food. Omnivory has been observed [in Calanus finmarchicus] (Ohman & Runge 1994, Basedow & Tande 2006). Source: The Biology of a Marine Copepod: Calanus finmarchicus (Gunnerus) states on page 122: "Fox (1952) discussed the oral and anal uptake of water and comes to the conclusion it is not respiratory ... reversed anal peristalsis causes an uptake of water." Calanus finmarchicus may adapt to increasing water temperatures resulting from global warming by slowly shifting its distribution northward to remain in suitable temperatures. Source: Note the word: "SLOWLY" shifting its distribution northward. I believe vertebrates are becoming infected with Wolbachia and it's applicable to baleen whales, some birds, shorebirds, and even humans.  Supporting studies: 1) "Aerial insectivores fell 51 per cent, and shorebird populations declined by 43 per cent, even as waterfowl and birds of prey increased." Source: 2) Sperm counts have declined by more than half for Western men: "Even though we did not study the causes, it's clearly not genetic causes," Levine said. "It must be the change in the modern lifestyle and the environment that we live." Worth repeating: the environment that we live. The study assessing the safety of Wolbachia-infected Aedes releases clearly states: "The different samples collected were meant to represent a full variety of species or "environment" in which Wolbachia could have disseminated. Samples comprised soil samples, plant leaves and roots, earthworms and millipedes, all collected from inside the enclosure." Shocking (to me) is they did not test: birds, bats, Culex mosquitoes, planktivorous fish and other aquatic species. But who funded it? "Financial support: FNIH/Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation/NHMRC." Study source link:   Furthermore, only one Canadian, Matthew Hardy, Aquatic Resources Management Division manager, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, appeared to have any input at the NOAA's media conference. What Canadian pathologists are actually saying: "We want to make sure that what we see is correct, she added ... But Bourque said experts still can't say definitively what killed any of the whales." Source: news/canada/prince-edward- island/pei-right-whales- necropsies-avc-report-1. 4258918 By anyone's math, 13 to 16 whales (that we know of) dying in the span of two months does NOT point to fishing gear, entanglements, or shipping traffic as the root cause of mortality. And the richest people on the planet SHOULD be held accountable for poisoning the food chain with Wolbachia-infected Aedes: Bill & Melinda Gates; Wellcome Trust; Australian, Queensland, UK and Brazilian gov'ts; USAID, Tahija and Gillespie Family Foundations. They are NOT above the law. Canada, let's stop making the little guy (trying to earn a living on the east coast) or the Canadian taxpayer or the cruise line and shipping industries be the scapegoat in this case.

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