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Petition to Richard K. Hanse, Patrick Kennedy, Linda Wilkinson, Michael R. Veeder and Thomas J. Burke

Save Coxsackie Ambulance

Currently the Town of Coxsackie is considering plans to dissolve the Ambulance Service in favor of a non-profit agency providing this critical service. The plan as outlined in a proposal would entail closing both the Town of Coxsackie Ambulance Service and the Greenville Rescue Squad, and having another agency - most likely Greene County EMS Inc. - take over the provision of emergency medical coverage for Coxsackie, Greenville and the Town of New Baltimore. The plan as outlined is a complete overhaul of emergency medical services in these three towns, a step which has not been taken before anywhere else in New York state. Dedicated employees are being given no assurances of continued employment with whatever agency comes next, health benefits will be gutted, and retirement accounts long established will be left behind. All of this upheaval is being billed as the means by which to save $7000. Yes - seven THOUSAND dollars between the three towns. This paltry sum, in exchange for the complete destruction of two EMS agencies with no guarantee of future savings. Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect of this is that it is happening with very little public knowledge. The Town has not discussed this proposal with the very people who will be most impacted - you, the taxpaying resident of Coxsackie. We urge you to sign this petition in order to demonstrate to your town officials that keeping local emergency services local is of importance to you and that you will hold them to account for the decisions they make in the coming months.

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Petition to Texas State Senate, Texas State House, Joan Huffman, Don Huffines, Lois Kolkhorst, Mike Schofield, Dwayne Bohac, Joe Straus, Larry Phillips, Texas Governor, Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, John Cornyn, Michael McCaul


Fire and EMS first responders routinely respond to the same violent incidents that police officers do. While they typically endeavor to await the arrival of law enforcement prior to entering a known dangerous scene, they operate in an extremely dynamic field and even the most innocuous sounding "sick call" can rapidly turn into a violent incident. Evidence of this can be found in two studies (McGuire et al, 2009)* which showed that pre-hospital emergency medical services providers are 7 times more likely to be murdered on duty than all other healthcare providers. It also showed that Fire and EMS first responders are 22 times more likely, than the working public at large, to sustain injuries in a violent assault that leave them unable to return to work for their next shift. There are many other studies that support these findings, as well. I do not see this as only a problem for EMS providers around the nation, it is also a very real problem for me personally. While responding to a night club shooting where law enforcement was inaccurately reported to be on scene, my crew walked into an incident that turned violent in seconds. We were lead to believe that the scene was secure, yet suddenly I found myself face to face with an armed man who stood behind the kneeling members of my crew and individually held a pistol to the back of each of their heads. Had he decided to kill us, we would have had no recourse except to await our turn to be shot. These scenes have played out hundreds of times around the both Texas and the country. Every day that our first responders lives are placed in the hands of agencies who yield to political correctness and financial liability over their right to defend themselves, quite literally brings us one day closer to the next severely injured first responder. Or even worse, the next flag draped coffin. Currently The great State of Texas allows first responders to carry on duty but it also allows for an employer to restrict or prohibit their employees from exercising their right to carry. Most employing agencies prohibit their employees from carrying on the job for fear of liability. This concern is addressed in the language of the proposed bill. A simplified explanation is included below** as well as a link to an informational YouTube video***.   *McGuire et al. "Occupational Fatalities in EMS: A Hidden Crisis." & "The Epidemiology of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Among EMS Personnel"   **On Duty Concealed Handgun License (ODCHL) Proposal I. I would like to propose that on duty first responders (FRs) be permitted to exercise their right to carry a concealed weapon for self defense. A. Currently Texas law grants FRs the right to carry but their employers can restrict or prohibit them from exercising that right. II. I propose increased training requirements, at the candidate’s expense. This curriculum would include the prerequisite of obtaining a standard Texas license to carry and then additional training in the following subjects (est. 40 hrs), to be permitted to carry on duty: A. De-escalation techniques B. Cover and concealment of both person and weapon (tactical thinking) C. Consequences of improper use D. Small arms training: i. Instinctive shooting ii. Tactical shooting iii. Shooting & moving iv. Low light shooting v. Shoot/don't shoot drills "Hogan's Alley" III. Current Texas laws prohibit the carrying of a concealed weapon in several specific locations. A. These exceptions to CHL rights should not be affected by the ODCHL endorsement if the card carrier is off duty. B. While on duty, and functioning under exigent circumstances, the ODCHL endorsement should supersede location restrictions. i. The Supreme Court ruling in 'US vs. Lopez' showed that the states have the right to set where, and by whom, those restrictions can be set or abandoned ii. The exceptions to that rule would be federal installations where 'US vs. Lopez' is not applicable iii. For these rare possibilities, as well as for fire incidents, a secure location should be provided for storage of a firearm. (Approx. $40 per unit retail) iv. The on duty exception for First Responders with an ODCHL would be similar in Tex30.06 to the FR exemption provided in Tex30.05 IV. Agency indemnification/Municipal limitations of liability A. Language should grant first responder employing agencies immunity from civil liability B. Exceptions to this rule include: Negligently failing to reasonably provide for first responder protection. Examples include: i. Failure to send law enforcement on a known dangerous situation ii. Failure to send law enforcement assistance in a timely manner when on scene units request help iii. Failure to provide accurate available information to responding units (ie. Dispatching a fire/EMS unit to a known shooting but sending it as a "Medical Problem".   ***Informational YouTube Video:

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Petition to Pennsylvania State House

Keep the Bucks County EMS Regional Office OPEN!

What's Going On: The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the Commonwealth of PA has notified the Bucks County Regional EMS Office that it will be closed in 2018.  As a result, the EMS agencies in Bucks County would become part of the Eastern PA EMS Council headquartered in Lehigh County.  To date, the Bucks County Chiefs' Association nor (to our knowledge) even the regional office staff have been presented a reason for the closure. Anyone who is not aware, the EMS Regional Office serves as the foundation for EMS delivery throughout Bucks County.  The men and women in this office have been instrumental in putting Bucks County on the cutting edge of EMS delivery in the Commonwealth.  Some of the recent accomplishments of the staff include:  Physician Response Team - This team is one of only a few in the state.  These physicians are specially equipped and trained to respond to complex extractions, mass casualty incidents, and tactical events; Regional Data Collection System - This system allows for comprehensive data analysis and focuses education and improves safety; Regional Medication Exchange System - Implementing this system eliminated the practice of receiving hospitals providing narcotics to EMS squads in the Emergency Dept which is illegal; Mental Health Response Protocol - This was developed from the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for police and has changed the way our providers respond to behavioral/mental health emergencies; Regional Medical Command Credentialing / Authorization Reviews - Bucks County is the only region such in the commonwealth.  This program ensures uniform base competency among Paramedics throughout the region; Regional Bariatric Transport System - Again, Bucks County is the only region in the commonwealth to have a county-wide resource for bariatric support services.  These units have transported countless bariatric patients safely and in a timely manner; Regional Cardiac Arrest Response Project - This project, along with the High-Performance CPR Initiative, has changed the County's dispatch algorithms and provided advanced training for providers.   These accomplishments have led to measurable improvement in survival of sudden cardiac arrest throughout Bucks County; Regional Quality Assurance Program - This program focuses on the retrospective review of patient care to proactively identify trends.  Key improvements metrics are then established and compliance is measured to improve clinical outcomes regionally; Pilot Programs / Protocol Development - Bucks County has been on the forefront of the latest pre-hospital treatments in the Commonwealth.  We have hosted multiple pilot programs and developed protocols over the past decade, some of which have subsequently been adopted into the statewide treatment protocols. None of these programs would have been possible without the leadership and support of the Regional EMS Office.  Bucks County is a unique system and you can be sure that our squads, providers, and ultimately our patients will suffer as a result of this closure!   Just put yourself in the shoes of the family member of one of the patients that were saved by the regional cardiac arrest response project.  Now, imagine if the region had not spearheaded those changes to our response algorithms and that patient had a negative outcome.  Make no mistake, these men and women are saving lives throughout Bucks County just like the EMTs and Paramedics who are responding in the ambulances! What Can You Do: Show your support for the dedicated staff in the EMS Office and write you local State Representative to ask them to keep the Office OPEN!  You can click this link to find your Representative's contact information:; Sign this petition; Share this page with all of your co-workers, friends, family, and co-workers. Continue to monitor this situation for developments and be prepared to continue to show your support for our EMS Office.  

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