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Petition to Unity Through People

East & West 24/7 Metanoia Hospitality Center for the Homeless in Cleveland OH

  MY WHY  "This petition is personal to me because i have been apart of the homeless community for about 10 years now i am only 23 years old i have seen many things and i know that there are not enough useful resources that educate individuals to connect back with their selves to become sustainable. i have watched people freeze in negative temps, people sleep in unsafe environments i know that most everyday people really don't know the severeness of how deadly it is and also mentally emotionally traumatizing living on the streets can be. I personally have dealt with depression, I have been assaulted and chronically sick over the years most people believe that a person living on the streets that you can only be sick during the winter but personally I've experienced and seen other symptoms such as dehydration,sleep derivation,drug overdoses etc I have slept at over night shelters where we are asked to leave at about 6 am when nothing is open and it is below 10 degrees outside just praying that there is somewhere for us to go so my reasons for wanting to do this is the fact that over time these people that are looked down upon are strong but they need more help then what we are getting. We eventually over time became a family to each other because most of us don`t either have a family we can go to or have a family that have abandoned us or we've abandon them. so my reasoning for wanting to do this is because i have a family but i also have my family out here and everyone knows losing someone is damaging and i just refuse to lose anyone else because our "living situation" so I'm ready to stand up and do something about it with me and i hope that your willing to help me in my movement to help us all because i know no one else can help you until you help yourself also'   -DeAnna J Rivers (Homeless Advocate)  "There are large numbers of homeless men, women and families in Cuyahoga County who will not make use of regular shelters and who seek other avenues of shelter. Among the many who live outside the shelter system are the young (many who have aged out of foster care), the old, victims of domestic violence, those living with mental illnesses, the addicted and those who are just plain afraid to come in. Homeless people who are shelter resistant frequently end up staying outside in make-shift camps, abandoned buildings and other less than suitable places of refuge. During the winter, life outside becomes extremely dangerous and often deadly. Frostbite, extreme illness, and other harsh weather problems become a way of life for most." (taken from The Metanoia Project is the template for change within the shelters and the homeless community because they're all about hospitality and investing into the individuals with programs and resources that nurture the well being of the individual through education and love to become sustainable. -Louis Travels Creator of Unity Through People

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Petition to United Nations, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Essential Laws, Resources, and Programs For Many Composite Body-Mind System

The body-mind evolved or is created from many body system spectra to quanta to atoms to molecules to cellular to organisms to multi-organisms to organs to the whole body with embedded sentient characteristics and qualities. And therefore, is embodied or composed of many bodies such as biologic, electro-magneto, electromagnetic, quantum, and emerging spirit-soul. And which is refer to as many composite body system. Please refer to for further details. And enclosed evidence and empirical data as well as complementary information in: And as such would require proper or essential nurturing, development, and care for the parts, sum of parts, and the whole. Present ways of life and practices only cover or are concerned only with the biologic body which is not only totally inadequate but also would lead to false perception and belief as well as harmful ways of life and practices. It is essential that all parts and sum of parts are meaningfully, properly, and mindfully care integrated, nurtured, developed, and care for holistically to best guide and advance individual and collective naturalness traits and potentials, embedded sentient characteristics and qualities, meaningful form-formless or many composite body system transformation, quality life, and well being all the while empower and liberate as well as prevent and eliminate existential risks and difficulties, injustice, and sufferings. Meaningful investments, resources, initiatives, mechanisms, and efforts would also help support inspirations and aspirations for and in pursuit of well being as well as would help establish and advance open, inclusive, knowledge, scientific, evidence, empirical, reason, and well being based societies. And among many other long lasting and invaluable benefits.

Vu Nguyen
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Petition to Kamala Harris

This dance is sexual assault in disguise. Please pass laws that protect human rights!

Twerking / Grinding the unfortunate popular so called "dance" of today has made it's way through all of our social media, clubs, bars, pop culture and to our young kids. It's a sad thing when a dance like this is glorified in our society. Most people find this dance fun and enjoy but there some who are repulsed by it and want nothing to do with it. It's vulgar, it makes the most beautiful girl lose class and self respect in the eyes of others. Self respect is all we have. Respect is everything. Respect is gold. Well it has become so common in our culture that even someone like myself - modestly covered up wearing sweat pants and a polka dot shirt trying not to attract any attention to myself as I visit a local karaoke bar and remained sober as the designated driver. Who would have thought I would be in line excited to put my name in for karaoke when out of nowhere someone came behind me and cornered me to where I couldn't escape as he grinded on me and told me that that was a huge cell phone in his pocket. I couldn't get away from him. He was an employee at this bar, He cornered me and for the first time I felt like a rabbit in shock helpless and like a child as this man overpowered me and left me no escape as he disrespected me with this accepted "dance".  Later that night happened again with an older random stranger a regular at the bar. He was grinding on women in a circle and they were drunk going for it and even twerking getting into but that's not me as I noticed he was coming near me as I had stood by my friend I looked for an escape so I went to the bar thinking he won't bother me I'm sitting here and all those women that love that attention and enjoy that type of degenerate dance he could do his thing and they would do it back.. Whatever I thought but no he came at me staring at me and spend 2 minutes trapping me in my seat as I faced forward at the bar in my seat with no one to stop him and no where to run as he continued to do this socially acceptable dance. I didn't want it.  I had ran away from the scene to the bar, I had not been one of the girls dancing!! My wishes weren't respected. I was violated do you think I want that type of treatment as a woman. I don't care that people may laugh at my not everyone wants to be sexually assaulted by this so called dance. It's not fun it's not something I admire. It's what it is socialized normalised sexual assault and its conditioned society to think they can come up to anyone and do this!  I know I'm not alone and there's others possibly that felt disrespected and feel the way I do. It's sexual assault! It doesn't matter to me if you differ in opinion it's sexual assault and we need legal action to protect all humans from the unwanted sexual assault under the disguise of dance. I will no longer tolerate it in any shape or form. No one has the right to corner you or put themselves on you and tell you things. Women today you have a choice and a voice. We don't need to brush this off anymore this is sexual assault if you do not participate in this dance and it's done against your will. We don't have to tolerate it. I'm fighting to bring awareness of human rights to our own bodies. No one has the right to come against anyone male or female especially as a person minding their own business in line. It's not a joke it needs to stop. Society needs to see it for what it is and be held accountable for it. Not everyone wants to be violated by this "dance" we need to bring laws to protect human rights. It's the culture that made it mean nothing when it is something no matter how innocent it was to you it may not be to another person. That's what people need to realize you are not entitled to do this to anyone just because our degenerate culture normalized it. I will not stand for this in any shape or form or with any depth whether claimed innocent or out of the name of fun. My body not yours!  Thank you!

Princess Faith
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