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Approve industry-changing app for getting paid flexible work experience while studying

What is your university doing to get students work experience in their field of study? They do have a jobs board and, if the student is lucky, they will find a job that is related to the industry that they want to gain experience in. Though, the majority of students end up working in bars and not gaining the experience needed in their industry. Here's a comment from a current London Metropolitan student: "You're right! The hardest thing to do is find a role which is industry related which also fits around my timetable, hence a lot of students end up working in bars and not gaining the experience needed to gain a graduate position once they’ve left university..." - Tisam Job boards offer full/part-time positions that require a huge chunk of a students time, that makes it hard for them to keep up with the increasing amount of exams they have to sit and coursework they have to hand in. Many leave their current jobs because of this and that causes conflict as they got the job to survive and pay the bills. How are they going to do it now? Employers demand that students have work experience to be considered for any job, usually 3-5 years, and with student's spending 3-5yrs studying being told they need another 3-5yrs to be considered for their career job puts them at a disadvantage. Students need work experience but want it to be flexible and have it fit around their busy schedule and not the other way around. Students need work experience that is related to their industry so that they can complete their studies and increase their chances of getting employed at the same time. Currently, it is difficult for a student to achieve 3-5yrs of experience while studying, that’s why we've built an app that does exactly that for all students. It’s called, TiTo - Talent in, Talent out. A platform for students to find projects to work on to gain industry experience and earn money while working to their busy uni schedule. Sign our petition today to get your University to give all of their students, including you, access to TiTo today!

TiTo - Talent in Talent out.
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