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Petition to His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, His Excellency Deputy President William Ruto

Create an Independent Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation in Kenya

This is a petition to the President of Kenya, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and the Deputy President, H.E William Ruto, to set up an Independent Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MoSTI). As Kenyan stakeholders of Science, Technology & Innovation (ST&I), we have noted with concern that matters of ST&I do not realize their full attention in Kenya. This is despite it being the cornerstone of social economic transformation of any country, as observed amongst the Asian Tiger states. Kenya needs ST&I for the realization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Union Agenda-2063. Our Kenya vision 2030, states that ST&I is the backbone for its attainment. Therefore, an Independent Ministry that targets ST&I as the key driver for development is necessary. The current Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) is not able to focus on ST&I issues as its priority is on Education issues. Understandably, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of MoEST is overwhelmed by education matters, and inevitably gives less focus to the ST&I . This has slowed down the implementation of ST&I policies. Consequently, there is slow economic growth and untapped potential as exemplified by many unemployed ST&I graduates in Kenya. Disillusioned graduates are prone to misappropriating their skills as recently witnessed at Kenya Commercial Bank-Thika, where Graduate Engineers applied their engineering skills to rob the bank. Heightened cyber crimes have also been on the rise as happened at KRA and other institutions By signing this petition, we earnestly request The Kenyan Presidency to expeditiously set up the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MoSTI), without further delay. #KenyaNeedsMoSTI

Serah Kahiu
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Petition to Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Government, UK Parliament

Change the law on weekend work

Thank you for taking the time to visit my petition. As the title suggests, employers should have their employees work alternate weekends. One weekend on, One weekend off OR two weekends on, one weekend off.. The reason for this is quite simple, for the duration of my career, I am contracted weekend work, Fridays and Saturdays.. I do of course work through the week too! I am not able to have a weekend off and I am not able to enjoy time with my family UNLESS I use up some of my annual 28 days holiday!  Using holidays for a Saturday night just isn’t feasible because when it indeed comes to family time, I won’t be able to have that 2 week break away because I’ve used it on a Friday or Saturday night 7 months ago. My family mean the world to me. I work 5pm - Midnight almost everyday of the week including weekends!  You might say, “ahh, a 5pm start means you have all day?” Well, no! Finishing at midnight to head for public transport home means I don’t get home until 1am. When I get home, the family are asleep. I then need to have my dinner/tea, catch up on the TV and generally wind down. this can see you going to sleep around 4am most nights which means not waking until around to 12/1pm.. this then only gives you a very short window of only 3 hours to see your family, go shopping and have lunch before leaving for work at 4pm to start all over. Yes, I get a day off, but is one day mid-week sufficient enough to take your family out for lunch, dinner or even a movie? No! it isn’t.  You cannot miss education and any other commitments you may have, however an alternating weekend would allow this for MANY, MANY individuals.

Paul Craig
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Petition to Shri Narendra Modi ji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Govt. of India

Joining not recieved from RRB Guwahati CEN 02/2014 after two year of exam . #WeWantJustice

Hon’ble PM Sir, Most humbly I want to bring to your kind attention about our long suffering. We have been empaneled for SSE/JEs by RRB Guwahati for CEN 02/2014 but we are waiting for our joining for almost 2 years now. The vacancy was announced in Sept 2014, soon after your historic win in Lok Sabha elections. Exam was conducted on 14 December 2014 & 21 Dec 2014 and we had to travel all the way from all over the country for the exam. And our everlasting wait started from there on. On one hand you've gifted several opportunities to Indian youth under Digital India, Make in India, promoting startups and several other programs but we have felt ignored for such long. Our exam results were announced after frustrating one year wait in Dec 2015 and we were called for Document Verification. But this wasn't the end. It took another 3 months to announce final panel which is attached with this grievance and is clearly mentioned in the same that the panel has been forwarded to NFR CPO. But we have come to know from NFR office that the panel is yet to be received by NFR office even after more than 3 months of the panel announcement. I just want to ask why do they publish false intimation and make us wait for such long. How can a simple recruitment process take so long when whole world is moving so fast. RRB Ghy members either don't pick our calls (0361-2540815) or if they do (09957550040-41), they don't tell us anything whenever we seek some information about the recruitment process as of how long it will take. If the vacancies aren't for immediate effect, why is the recruitment process started to give candidates false hope, and unwanted stress and frustration by making such long wait which has already touched 22 months now and still we aren't sure how long will it take for final joining. Recently, DoPT has also announced to complete all the recruitment processes within six months but RRB is defying this rule & has wasted 4 times the stipulated time which has resulted in our mental harassment. We have put so much of our time and effort for this but to no use till now. How can a recruitment process take such huge time in modern technological era of DIGITAL INDIA? As a youth we always have high hopes whenever we choose our leader in elections and hope they will give us opportunities to grow with the country's development and we in turn will work for a better nation. But things like this always demoralizes our spirit and makes us lethargic in approach. I personally have rejected a few job offers thinking this joining is about to come so better not to eat up somebody else's job but alas, I'm feeling cheated and helpless now. And its not only me but many more similar candidates who are waiting. Just for a simple analogy, I just want to ask you a direct question. How would you feel, if after winning the elections, you were made to wait to join as PM for some 2-3 years without intimating you about the delay? I guess your energy definitely would fall. This is really a sad thing to happen with candidates who have just finished their student life. Meanwhile 2 rail budgets have been announced and North East have been promised to be priority but we haven't received the good news we are waiting for, despite our numerous tweets and mails to Honorable Rail Minister and some to PMO too. Most humbly, once again I wish to plead you to look into this matter, not as a complaint from me but as one of your numerous steps for a better and developed India. I know you encourage positive discussions and encourage us to tell our "Mann ki Baat" and you will definitely listen to our grievance soon. Please try to implement a system in which recruitment notification comes with probable result and joining schedule too. And for the time being, please let us know the dates of our joining so that we can remain assured and stress free as we are poor citizens and uemployment like this may lead to starvation for some of us, if not all. For this act of kindness, we shall be highly obliged to you. Thank you With best regards Sincerely yours

Kabeer ssenfr
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