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Petition to Telangana Government, Municipal Commissioner

Change laws for Govt. construction works

With great pain and sorrow, we are writing this petition. The untimely death of Gopishetty Rajinikanth on Saturday, 25th September, 2021 due to slipping into drainage work near Manikonda Golden temple pains us a lot. This is clearly, a failure of the way Govt bodies are working. As can be seen from the video here, there are no barricades around the deep digging work the Govt took up. What concerns us is that if the video of the person falling in the ditch is not taken, then we wouldn’t have known in the first place that this happened due to the deep ditches that are dug for constructing the drainages. We couldn’t have traced reason for the death of this person and the found dead body would have been orphaned forever. What happened in brief:  A person fell into the drainage construction ditch on a rainy day and lost his life A car got stuck in the ditch where there are no sign boards indicating that some construction is going on There are no barricades to stop people going towards the construction site. On day light it is somewhat fine. But when it is raining, and with power outage, this is a disaster as no one knows where the construction site is Govt bodies sleeping the entire year and starting to work exactly in rainy season. They know that there are some drainage issues from past one year. But started to work exactly when rains started The work that is undertaken has been prolonged for more than a month without any proper planning For drainage construction, more than two roads are dug in parallel, choking the movement of people. This is a clear indication of lack of planning on behalf of the Govt bodies Our demands: Increasing the accountability of Govt officers who are under taking such projects: Severe punishment for contractors who are not following the norms while undertaking the construction work. Punishments must include as severe as going to jail for at least one year.(Argument) A person going to jail is far better than a citizen dying for no reason. We all know that with all the norms in place, such construction work poses some risk (take for example HYD metro construction). Without any norms, we know for sure that it leads to disaster like that happened in Manikonda. Work must be completed with-in stipulated amount of time. Updating the norms while taking up public constructions: Boards must be displayed that the work is in progress and appropriate safety measures such as strong barricades around the construction site Alternate routes must be before-hand worked out while starting the work in a particular place so that people can move around without their life being in danger The construction plan must be communicated to the public before hand through notice to the local colony society or through media. There is no use by publishing a notice on the notice board where no one sees. It must be communicated properly to the public.

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Petition to Minister of Civil Aviation of India, Jyotiraditya M Scindia

Sale of Air India – Request for reconsideration – Issues of employees.

To Shri. Jyotiraditya Scindia,Minister of Civil Aviation,Govt. of India,Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan,Safdarjung Airport,New Delhi. Respected Sir,  At the outset, on behalf of employees of Air India, We take this opportunity to wish you all success on your taking over as the minister of Civil Aviation with cabinet rank.  This charter committee of Air Indians has been formed for the purpose of bringing to your kind attention the feelings, problems and grievances of Air Indians, both serving and retired without any affiliations of category, Craft and status and with the sole aim of retaining Air India as a national carrier and as a public sector undertaking under your ministry and also to bring to your kind attention some of the issues that needs your sympathetic consideration. We say and submit as follows: 1We humbly submit at the outset, the objectives set forth in the now repealed Air Corporation Act 1953 and the four principles laid down by the late veteran parliamentarian and then minister of communication late Shri Jagajivan Ram while piloting the Bill in Parliament have been fulfilled during this about 68 years by the two organizations Air /India and Indian Airlines. We justifiably claim that we the Air Indians performed our assigned national duties as a second line of defense, be it in carrying the defense forces to the remotest areas of disturbance in the North – East, evacuating of Indians from the war tone Gulf sector, which is considered as world’s biggest evacuation and now during the pandemic period even risking the life in some cases. 2) Kindly permit us to submit that we the Air Indians shouldered the responsibility of providing a safe, reliable, economical airlines in our country, connecting the remotest areas unmindful of the economical considerations and risks involved in operations such as the one that happened in Eastern sector for FIT 1C-253 in January 1970. 3) However, the introduction of open sky policy, allowing private airlines in the profitable domestic routes simultaneously burdening the nationalized Airlines to operate loss making routes in the name of social obligations, allowing foreign Airlines to land and pick up passengers in violation of bilaterals, purchasing Aircraft far in excess and in violation of Board recommendations allowing private Airlines also to purchase A/C. and allow them also to fly foreign destinations have created excess capacity and Air India suffered in the process. Private players were allowed in the ground handling thus Air India which was earning huge foreign exchange and revenue suffered. Moreover an Agreement known as Air India – SATS was signed and substantial portion of the revenue was transferred to this loss making foreign company at the cost of Air India. The Air Corporation Act 1953 was repealed. Air India and Indian Airlines, the two national carriers were merged first named it as NACIL and after wards registered as Air India. All representations against these moves were ignored. Assurances given in writing to the Union that no privatization of IA will take place was ignored. Assurances given in Parliament was violated. The management completely surrendered its duty to manage and followed the directions issued by the Babus. The decision to sell Air India to anyone has come to us as a shock more so at a time when the company has been showing profit. A glance at the Annual Report of the Ministry of Civil Aviation for the period 2017-18 indicate that the company has earned an operating profit of Rs.298.03 crores as compared to the operating profit of Rs.105.00 crores in the previous year. 4) Honorable Minister Sir, we request you to consider the fact that Covid pandemic has hit the economy world over and our country is no exception. Economic situation has got a drastic and immediate impact on Civil Aviation with domestic and international tourism adversely affected. The Air India will have to face the consequences of shrinking world economy. 5) Sir, you are kindly aware that the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) on 22nd June 2021 has given its Award approving the revival plan of Karlock Capital – Murari Lal Jalam and therefore the Jet Airways is expected to start its operation soon with about 30 a/c as a full time airline. The private Airlines who are already operating are reportedly incurring losses in the last and current financial year. The Air Transport Industry in passing through a critical period already. 6) Sir, during this period of crisis, the Airlines are bound to target against one another. Already there are moves to capture key slots both in profitable domestic routes as well as International routes. The campaign is that the NCLT has ordered that govt. should extend all assistance to the revived private Airlines. In this bargain Air India will stand to lose. 7) The sale of Air India at this critical juncture would only mean handing over the company at a price dictated by the private sector, movable and immovable huge assets including the Air India Hqrs Bldg. at Mumbai, not to speak about the lands and bldgs. in other cities and towns owned by Air India changing hands including the sophisticated training facilities both for air and ground, the latest and sophisticated a/c. and equipment, in fact the entire assets belonging to our country shall be passed on to monopoly capital and there is no guarantee at all that the Purchaser of the Airlines would run the Air India or sell off and disappear. Let us remember that liabilities of Air India has already been absorbed by the State. 8) Sir, the sale of Air India will lead to loss of the carrier to the Nation, appropriation of its assets by the monopoly capital either domestic or international or both.  IN VIEW OF OUR ABOVE SUBMISSION WE, THE AIR INDIANS APPEAL TO YOU AND THROUGH YOU TO THE GOVT. OF INDIA TO RECONSIDER THE MOVE TO SELL AIR INDIA AND ALLOW IT TO BE OPERATED AS A PSU UNDER THE MINISTRY OF CIVIL AVIATION. 9) Hon’ble Minister, Sir, it is our humble submission that arising out of the idea of selling Air India, the management, it is understood, had communicated to the Ministry of Civil Aviation certain issues of employees. However we like to point out that all the issues of importance touching the livelihood of employees have not been addressed. Hence please allow us to submit our following issues of importance for your kind attention so that we get solution to the problems. 10) Medical Facilities: Air India’s medical scheme covers both employees and their families. This is one of the best service conditions available to us. At the time of retirement certain amount is deducted from our final settlement dues. This is not a free medical facility but a contractual obligation. We submit to you kindly ensure that the scheme be kept moving in the same manner as it exists to-day through the medical infrastructure as available to-day in Air India. 11) Passage Facilities: The Present passage facilities available to the employees are arising out of a passage Regulation framed under the Rules by Indian Airlines under the Authority vested in the Air Corporation Act 1953. Sir, this is not a free passage as is made out in some quarters. Employees pay a certain amount for it. Hence we submit that the present passage scheme being a statutory scheme be allowed to be in force and the required legal protection be assured to all Air Indians so that in future the scheme is not watered down. 12) Employment on compassionate ground Pending cases: During this period the management of Airlines stopped the implementation of the scheme of compassionate appointment of the wards/dependents of employees who died while in service. The families of these employees are undergoing serious problems as a result of their only earning member having died suddenly. It is requested that these cases be considered sympathetically and employment be given at the earliest. 13) Non-Implementation of Govt. approved Benefit linked pension scheme: Sir, this pension scheme was duly approved by the Board of Directors and by the ministry of Civil Aviation. However, after implementation the management stopped the benefit, created a complete and total chaos and finally converted the scheme into a contributory which otherwise was a benefit linked scheme. The Bombay H.C struck down the amendment Management appealed to Hon’ble S/c and lost the case as a result same of the employees are getting the benefit while others are denied and employees again approaching the Hon’ble H.C. The Indian Airlines case also is pending. Sir, it is our humble submission to you that the scheme originally approved by the Ministry should be made applicable to all eligible employees and to enable us to withdraw all pending litigations. Sir, many of them aged, some of them are already dead. Kindly consider the miserable plight of the employees and be kind enough for order to implement the approved scheme which is payment of a minimum assured amount of 40% of pay upon payment of certain contribution by employees w.e.f. 01.04.1994. 14) AI Employees P.F. Scheme – misused and mismanaged: Sir, due to the mismanagement of employees P.F. Scheme lost considerable amount. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has already asked for details. This must be investigated. Instead the management are planning the loss to be shifted to the employees a/c. This action will put the poor employees into further difficulty and hardship. The loss should be absorbed by the company and action taken against officials responsible for this loss. 15) Retirement of Employees including Air Hostess: The age of retirement of employees is 58 years at present and be kind enough not to retire them before their age of Superannuation. The retirement age of Air Hostess is also 58 years on par with male cabin crew. Be kind enough to note that the age of retirement of Air Hostesses were brought an par with their male counterpart as a result of long struggle and after the Recommendations of Parliamentary committee and due to the then Prime Minister Late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi ordered to end the discrimination against women. We request you that the ended discrimination should not be allowed to reappear and legal protection should be given to the women employees especially in the category of flying crew that they will retire only at 58 years of age on par with their male counterpart. 16) Financial dues of Employees:-  Hon’ble Minister Sir, the management of Air India should be ordered to settle all the outstanding dues of Air India employees. There are dues of the employees as a result of wrong full double deductions due to contribution towards pension scheme, deductions made twice from 01.04.1994 till retirement for one and the same amount, the last as wage settlement expired on 31.12.2006 and fresh settlement is due wage revision from 01.01.2007 to almost all employees, wage revision is due for 1997-2006 onwards for certain categories such as Flight Engineers, the BPE guidelines and the orders of the Govt. of India on wage ceilings of Gratuity has not been raised from the due date of 01.01.2007, the Ministry approved like in the flying allowance has not been implemented for Indian Airlines Cabin Crew. It is submitted that the management should be asked to expedite the payment of employees’ dues as they are undergoing serious financial problems. 17) Regularization of casual Labours: Sir, there are large number of casual labours all over India in the entire network of the Airlines. They are working continuously for the last 10/15/20 years against sanctioned strength. They are performing duties and functions of permanent employees. The work is perennial in nature. They are denied service conditions of regular employees. Wage increase as per Agreement not being paid and all facilities denied. Sir, the Airports are permanent, the flights are regular, job functions are Perennial but the workmen are casual or fixed term. They had spent half of their life with Air India and need your sympathetic approach. They should be regularized. 18) Fixed Term Employment And Contractual Workers: Sir, as in the case of perennial nature of work being carried out by the casual labours, there are now Fixed Term employees for almost all types of jobs both in Air India and in the subsidiary company of AIATSL in particular. The company has entered into an agreement with SATS for ground handling at a huge cost. Air India has the equipment trained manpower, technical knowledge in flight handling. However at a huge cost of sharing the revenue the arrangement with SATS is made. Sir, fixed term employment is only denying equal wage and service conditions of regular employees. They are young and qualified persons but are subjected to exploitation with different and lower pay & allowances and no service conditions. This is the state of affairs even in the cabin crew. Sir, the entire scheme is against the provisions of Law, the principles of equal pay for equal work, the law relating to contract labour etc., All these aspects need a thorough examination. We request you to please end this scheme, absorb all employees as regular permanent employees of Air India and be kind enough to protect them and their livelihood for which act of kindness, we, the employees of Air India will be thankful to you.  We humbly request you to kindly give us a suitable date to enable the committee to meet you and explain our grievances and issue to you.  Expecting a favourable action and Thanking you        Yours faithfully,        (R. Ramanathan)        Convener, Charter committee of Air Indians,     Fmr. General Secretary, Air corporations     Employees Union    Mobile No. 94899 11722     Email:

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