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We Need A Pelican Emoji ASAP

There is currently no pelican emoji. This needs to be rectified immediately. Let's keep this short and sweet: Pelicans are awesome. They're one of the most recognizable birds on the planet and can be found on every continent except for Antartica. They've been around for 30 million years, eat ONLY meat, and some species still plunge-dive for their food. The chicken, turkey, duck, eagle, penguin & owl all have an's about time we honor the majestic creature that is the pelican with the emoji it so rightfully deserves. Please join me in signing this petition requesting that The Unicode Consortium seriously consider adding a pelican emoji in its next expansion. For an in-depth take on how awesome the pelican really is, give Barry Petchesky's Deadspin piece a read(link can be found below this paragraph). He wrote this shortly after the NBA team, the New Orleans Hornets, changed their name to the New Orleans Pelicans in 2012. At the time, the media was poking fun at the name for not sounding "intimidating" or "tough" enough, but Barry beautiful articulates how fearsome the pelican really is and brings to light some little-known facts about this winged wonder. About the group that can make the change happen: The Unicode Consortium is a Silicon Valley-based group of computer and software corporations and individual volunteers with backgrounds in technology, encoding, and linguistics. The consortium approves about 50-100 new emojis every year, not including the different skin tones, after a thorough application and review process.  In a 2017 interview, president and co-founder of the group, Mark Davis, said that in order to approve a submission, “People need to make a case as to why they think their emoji is going to be frequently used, how it breaks new ground, and how it is different from other emojis that have already been encoded.” According to Davis, there are 2,666 emojis worldwide, with the LOL emoji with tears of laughter being the most popular, according to a July 2017 Facebook survey of its 2 billion monthly users, followed by the heart eyes emoji. Italians and Spaniards favor the kissing emoji. Together, we can get the pelican emoji on the map.

Joe Forelli
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