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Is Jam Your Jam? Help Us Get a Jam Emoji!

It has come to my attention that there isn't a jam or jelly emoji. For some reason, I remember using this emoji in the past. It would be very useful to have such an emoji. A strawberry jam emoji would make the world an all-around happier environment for everyone.  This emoji will be able to add so much emotion to any conversation. Have you ever send a text to one of your friends and wanted to add a strawberry jam emoji, but you were unable to find one? Have you ever been texting your grocery list in emojis to a family member and wanted to add strawberry jam, but then you didn't get any because there wasn't an emojj? If you have, then we are in the same situation.  Strawberry jam is also very beneficial to everyone's mental health. Most people enjoy toast, right? But what makes toast better? Jam, of course! You can't have a peanut butter and jam sandwich without jam, can you? Of course not. Our keyboards need strawberry jam like this petition needs you, desperately. How else will we share the wonders that strawberry jam does for our mood with our loved ones?  Why don't we take this a step further and make all the jams! Perhaps you don't like strawberry? No problem, we have blackberry jam, too! Oh, you're allergic to blackberries? Lucky for you, we have orange jam, as well! You're not a fan of sweet jams? We made pepper jelly just for you! Imagine the diversity in taste that we can express with jam emojis.  Who needs face emojis when you could use jams and jellies instead? I'm in a blueberry mood today, how about you? How are we supposed to properly express our fruitalicious feelings without jams?!  

Heather Hayes
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The flag of Kurdistan Emoji

for PR enquiries contact us at:  More than 50 million Kurds live across the globe mainly in their divided land between Southeast Turkey, Northeast Syria, North Iraq & Northeast Iran. Kurds identify themselves as Kurds and embracing our Identity via our language, culture, art & flag is very important to us Kurds because we have been oppressed, genocided, assimilated, murdered and discriminated for hundred of Years still we never lost hope. Our Kurdish Flag is a Symbol of our existence and represents our Values, Suffer & History which impacted every single Kurd Family in the world. Red: Symbolises the blood of the martyrs & the continued struggle for freedom & dignity. Green: Expresses the beauty & landscapes of Kurdistan. Life & vitality. Yellow: source of life & light of the Kurd People. The sun is an ancient symbol & twenty one sunbeams White: Peace & equality. We live in a modern world were technology is connecting people across the globe and empowering humans to live their dreams. We believe adding the Flag of the Kurd People is a symbol of acceptance, respect & recognition towards the Kurd People who suffered for decades and never had a voice in any global community. Give us a Voice, add our Kurdistan Flag as a Symbol. Kurd People are puzzling their own flag emoji together with coloured heart emojis ❤️ & the sun emoji ☀️  This has to change! Kurds have the right to express their emotions like all other people & a Kurdistan Flag emoji would mean a lot to us and enable us to express ourselves. Many communities have their own symbol in the Keyboard not just countries.  We demand a Kurdistan Flag Emoji. Help us, sign & share right now.          

Bedirxan House of Kurds
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