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We Request That Donald Trump Meet With Elon Musk ASAP (To Discuss Climate Change)

We, the people, request that Donald Trump meet with Elon Musk as soon as possible to discuss the following with open heart and mind:1) The validity of human-induced climate change2) The creation of sustainable energy jobs for working people3) Public health and security benefits of a sustainable economy4) Our role in the world as a potential leader in sustainable systemsWe, of all parties, believe this discussion may provide a vital step toward unity, on these issues, as they offer something to all people and to the planet as a whole. We believe this discussion should take place as soon as possible.Thank you. Is this petition Idealistic? YOU BET. Yet, Trump's view on climate change is a most likely a matter of cognitive dissonance. How do we send information through, when a wall of cognitive dissonance is present? Coming from a community that does not believe in human-caused climate change, two possible ways have made themselves apparent:ONE: When an in-peer-group person affirms the view. While an outsider can put the person on the defensive, an insider is, in a sense, him. For all of Trump and Musk's differences, they are from the same peer group (business, economic, public eye, etc.) They are passing by one another, but recognize that they are wearing the same team jersey (at least in a sense). To break through to Trump is, furthermore, to challenge collective cognitive dissonance, in the same fashion, at the connecting point at which he resonates with his base (including media coverage.) If he re-considers climate change, it has a game changing ripple effect. Any economic argument from Trump (against addressing climate change) can be somewhat softened by the economic success and momentum of Elon Musk's company Tesla (as well as other endeavors). Even from a cold, economic perspective, the damage caused by climate change is expensive, and any serious economic future is in sustainable systems. Considering Trump's cabinet choices, it is valuable to have other in peer-group individuals offer a counter position.TWO: Cognitive dissonance can be eased when the world changes around the person and permeates him or her. Take medical grade marijuana, for instance, that is used to treat seizures. Over the last decade, this community has profoundly softened it's hard world view. Why? The world has changed to such a degree that it has permeated (and altered) the ground these rooted people have their roots in. Thousands, upon thousands, of signatures represent a changing world. If cognitive dissonance is to root-in, we must change the ground. How many people still believe the world is flat? Will enough people really sign this petition? MAYBE NOT. And if that is the case, we will send out ONE single email, to all signers, endorsing the most popular "climate change" related petition, along with a secondary endorsement of #BrandNewCongress, which is a strong non-partisan attempt to get fossil fuel money (and other money) out of politics in 2018. This is one publicly funded campaign running 400 congressional candidates on the same "ticket". Even Noam Chomsky, whose outlook is hardly idealistic, has said "it might just work."But aren't there better ways than signing a petition? YES. Let's do all of these things. Feel free to call your representatives, especially if you are a Republican voter. Feel free to divest your money from the banks that support the Dakota Access Pipeline. Feel free to transfer any stock investments, that contribute to climate change, to a company like Tesla. Feel free to "boycott the economic outposts of empire." Feel free to support Brand New Congress and elect officials that are not bound by fossil fuel money in 2018. (They will be Trump's peer group as well.) #BrandNewCongress will run Democrats, Republicans (and hopefully independents.) Feel free to put solar powered shingles on your rooftop (See Tesla, as well as NO-COST partnerships with solar roof top installers in your area.) Feel free to look ahead to 2020 and help make sure the Democratic Party recognizes this as an anti-etablishment time, and that "politics as usual" is not an effective alternative to Trump. Feel free to support environmental justice endeavors (Yet another area where discrimination meets ecological issues.)YES, a petition, and the energy behind it, is a drop in the ocean. "Yet what is an ocean, but a multitude of drops?" Perhaps it is an investment in critical mass. Thank you for your time.*If for some reason the election flips, we will restructure this petition for whoever holds the office. *Quote is from the David Mitchell book Cloud Atlas

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