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Justice for Sandhya, Indumati, and Jayanti

It was a regular, peaceful Thursday for 45 y/o Sandhya, 35 y/o Indumati, and 21 y/o Jayanti, who were involved in daily their routine of eating banana stock, playing with each other in the mud, etc- but little did they know that their lives were going to be painfully disrupted. On the  evening of 26th of September forest department officers along with 6 Mahouts who were called in from Annamalai Tiger Reserve, brutally and rather inhumanely transferred these gentle animals into a truck- shoving them with an earth-mover, dragging them with ropes, beating them, and using Bullhooks (also known as Ankush) in the process. The incident was nothing less than absolutely traumatic, shocking, and blatantly illegal on various levels; so much so, that the concerned care-takers, who were witness to the incident, were deceptively sent into a quarter and were locked up against their will. As per section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, beating, kicking, or otherwise treating any animal subject to unnecessary pain and suffering is a punishable offence leading to 3 months of imprisonment. Furthermore, the transportation of the 3 elephants was carried out in the violation of the Guidelines for Care and Management of Captive Elephants 2008, issued by project elephant, which is under the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change. Elephants, being a Schedule-I species have been accorded the highest level of protection, under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. Such behaviour meted out towards elephants by government and non-government officials is abhorrent and should be condemned thoroughly. The most immediate step would be the undoing of the seizure and relocation of these elephants- by returning them to the facility they were happily living in, followed by an enquiry as to the methods used by the same. Sign this petition urging Hon’ble MoEFCC Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Shri Thiru Edapaddi K. Palani Swami and Hon’ble Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Head Of Forest Force) Tamil Nadu, Dr. H. Malleshappa (IFS) to take immediate action and suitable measures against the Forest Department officials who participated in the aforementioned unlawful activity, but on an instantaneous basis allow the caretakers that the elephants were familiar with to atleast meet them and comfort them during this turbulent time.

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations
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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, Kumaraswamy, Krishna bhyre gowda, CUPA, PETA India,

Free Durga - An Elephant's cry!

Free Durga - an Elephant's cry!  I am a resident of Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka but not a proud one as I consiously feel cursed by the painful rumbles and whimpering trumpets of an Elephant housed across my residence.  This Elephant Durga was gifted to an infamous temple Durgaparameshwari Temple, Vidyaranyapura by some politically influenced person(unknown) 20+ years ago and Durga has been a resident ever since.  As per my understanding, several attempts have been made to rehabilitate her(Durga) but with no success till date. All/most of the Elite animal rescue organizations across the country are aware of her plight and are turning a blind eye towards this issue. Durga spends most of her life chained up and locked in a 30x40 Shed and has hardly seen the day light except for her walks to the temple and back during the festivals. The mahout is addicted to the city life and follows a strict regime of allowing rich people to visit and feed the Elephant in it's confinement but take it for walks like a few years ago.  We humans have conquered everything but our minds!! Durga needs freedom and not our pampering from across the barricade. Animals belong in the nature, especially the wild ones. Domesticating a wild animal and depriving it of it's natural habitat are two different things by itself and is nothing short of cruelty towards animals and nature. I am just an ordinary guy doing my bit to help rehabilitate an animal which is constantly in pain and far away from it's natural habitat. Let's grow some conscience and show Durga to the freedom she deserves. I have been warned by my well wishers that this is a sensitive matter and might disturb a few politicians, I believe Politicians have a heart too and I am sure they will use their power to free Durga this time around. Please contribute to this cause by signing the petition.

Naveen Subramanya
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