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Petition to Lutron Electronics

Bring Back the Connected Bulb Remote

Smart home lighting provider Lutron makes probably the best, most attractive connected switches on the planet. Their Clear Connect wireless protocol offers superior range and reliability and low time delays. They are the top choice of the premium DIY smart home market. That's why the community was so crushed when Lutron decided to discontinue one of their most beloved products, the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote (LZL-4B-WH-L01). This popular accessory switch did a job that nothing else could - fill the gap in a wall box where a switch used to be, after tying line to load to keep the smart lights always receiving power. It would then control your smart bulb easily and attractively, matching your other Lutron switches. And because it was also a versatile, small, mountable and battery-operated remote control, its other uses were virtually limitless. For those wiring their entire homes with Lutron Caséta products, the loss of the Connected Bulb Remote is particularly painful, forcing users to choose between having consistent switches throughout the home, or having full-color LED lighting. The majority of users undertaking these projects today demand both. The Connected Bulb Remote was by far the best way to get it, and Lutron was the only company offering the integrated experience and the full spectrum of color. Now, no one is. In the nearly one year since the announcement of the discontinuation, no other manufacturers have stepped up to offer anything like this product, even as DIYers and installers clamor every day on forums, Reddit, and on various smart devices and hub enthusiast mailing lists.  The GoControl WT00Z-1 and the ASPIRE 9542 accessory switches are but mere pretenders to the throne and don't offer the same level of functionality or price point. No real replacement for the Connected Bulb Remote is on the horizon. Connected Bulb Remotes are going for as much as $150 each on eBay and from Amazon resellers. The people are desperate. Lutron, please, end this madness, bring back the Connected Bulb Remote, and let us have Lutron switches AND bright, beautiful colors in EVERY ROOM! Thank you.

Larry Fine
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Petition to Apple, Android, Microsoft

Add an isopod emoji.

Isopods are one of the most important organisms in the world. One of their brethren, Giant Isopods, are even more important. So why is it that we don't have an emoji for them, whenever we DO have totally superfluous emoji's like: Cowboy man. Scary mask demon. 2 types of Canadian mounty/British royal guard. A horizontal stop light. A vice clamp. A box containing lowercase and uppercase A B C D.  These creatures, unanimously loved across the world, don't have any representation in the mobile world. The closest we can get is putting something silly, like bug emoji + fish emoji. Isopods are much more than just "silly water bugs, lol, lookin like a godzilla monster down there". They live in the sea, in fresh water, or on land. All have rigid, segmented exoskeletons, two pairs of antennae, seven pairs of jointed limbs on the thorax, and five pairs of branching appendages on the abdomen that are used in respiration. Some species are able to roll themselves into a ball as a defence mechanism or to conserve moisture. There are over 10,000 species of isopod worldwide, with around 4,500 species found in marine environments, mostly on the seabed, 500 species in fresh water, and another 5,000 species on land.  Giant Isopods specifically are great boys. They are important scavengers in the ecosystem, keeping the ocean free of decaying biomatter, and simultaneously keep several specie populations in check. I am rallying fellow isopod lovers, marine biologists, entomologist, and lovers of funny boys to petition the Big Mobile Corporations: Apple and Android, to add some sort of isopod emoji. Useful information:

Ben Helfrich
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