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Petition to Carlos Chacon, Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Save the Las Vegas Alternative Fuel Permit program

In the City of Las Vegas - there are 1000s of people who are dependent on the electric charging stations at City Hall Parking and surrounding areas. People commute everyday from all over to work who depend on these chargers to get home. This year, I bought an electric car as a project to start a car sharing program EVLV - that is dedicated to getting Electric Vehicles in the hands of those who cannot afford to buy one - but would benefit from access.  The Alternative Fuel program helps its users so much with costs of owning an electric vehicle with incentives like "Free Parking" at all the meters around the city, Free Charging for users at city hall (24 hr access). This has helped tremendously because I know that even though I made the decision to invest money in Electric upfront - the possibilities of the long term benefits are endless. The city supplements this program by charging the users a small fee of $20 a year to maintain the program in accordance with the easement agreement with NV energy. Recently the city has gone in a different direction - decided to partner with an alternative partner and small business to put independent solar charging stations around the city. While this is progressive and is positive - canceling the already in place Alternative Fuel program is a step backwards.  Please join me and the 1000s of users who depend on this program to commute to work and help impact the environment of Las Vegas and the world to help save this program and show that we NEED this program to survive. I am one voice - but with your signature we can keep moving forward and continue to making a stride to help the city and its users see the benefits of clean energy.  

Chad Wilson
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Petition to The Parliament of Georgia

Prohibit import and production of cars with internal combustion engine in Georgia

Tbilisi is capital of Georgia. Here lives almost half of whole population of the country, approximatelly 1 500 000 people. Tbilisi is 65th most polluted city from 329 cities of the world. I want to change this. Together we can urge the Georgian parliament to pass a law that will prohibit the import and manufacture of cars with internal combustion engines.Helping Georgia to reduce the air pollution your are helping whole world! Тбилиси - столица Грузии. Здесь проживает почти половина всего населения страны, примерно 1 500 000 человек. Тбилиси является 65-м самым загрязненным городом из 329 городов мира. Я хочу изменить это. Вместе мы можем призвать парламент Грузии принять закон, запрещающий импорт и производство автомобилей с двигателями внутреннего сгорания.Помогая Грузии уменьшить загрязнение воздуха, вы помогаете всему миру! თბილისი - საქართველოს დედაქალაქი. აქ ცხოვრობს საქართველოს მოსახლეობის თითქმის ნახევარი, დაახლოებით 1 500 000 ადამიანი. თბილისი წარმოადგენს მსოფლიოს 329 ქალაქს შორის 65-ე ყველაზე დაბინძურებულ ქალაქს. მე მსურს ამის შეცვლა. ერთად ჩვენ შეგვიძლია მოვუწოდოთ საქართველოს პარლამენტს აკრძალოს საქართველოში შიდა წვის ძრავის მქონე ავტომობილების იმპორტი და წარმოება. საქართველოსთვის დახმარებით - შეამციროს ჰაერის დაბინძურება შენ ეხმარები მთელ მსოფლიოს!

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