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Petition to Hamilton City Council, Rose Caterini

Fix Politics! Bring Ranked Voting to Hamilton

The way we elect people... is a problem.Sure, we've got a long, long history with the Old Election System (first-past-the-post), but there's just no spark.  The magic is gone.  Was it ever really there at all?At any rate, we need to talk. The election system is old, outdated, and leads to shenanigans like strategic voting and vote-splitting.Instead of being forced to vote for people we don't really like to keep other people we reeaaaaally don't like from winning, wouldn't it be better to just vote for people we actually like?Wouldn't it make sense?We need an update.We need a better way, and, well, this is really hard. Oh God... I might cry.Hey? Old Election System? We're not quite sure how to tell you this, but.... Ranked Voting stole our hearts OK?! Ranked Voting is way way WAY better! In this time of political uncertainty, we need this more than ever.  We're not doing this because we don't like you Old Election System.We're doing this for us!  Seriously, it isn't you.  It's us.  (it's totally not us)123Hamilton and Make Your Vote Count! (MYVC) have teamed up to fight for Ranked Voting in the Hammer.And it's gonna be Rankier, aaaaand Votey-er than ever before.Sign your name, and together we'll tell Hamilton City Council to do the right thing and make Ranked Voting happen.  Don't worry, the Old Election System will be okay without us, it will eventually learn to love again. But us? Well us and Ranked Voting, we're going to be a thing and it'll be great  <3  Want to volunteer with us?  We need people to come to our parties.Reach out on twitter, facebook or email us at                                             ~ ~ ~ To learn more about Ranked Voting please check out:  The Shortest, Quickest Explanation of What This Looks Like (Literally 39 Seconds) Dave talking for a solid 10 minutes about how Ranked Voting works The 123Hamilton Website  Some Benefits of #RankedVoting: No more strategic voting No more "splitting votes" on the left, right, or whatever No more negative campaigning Elected officials will actually represent a majority of us Better democracy. Better politics.

Make Your Vote Count!
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Petition to Chrystia Freeland

Support the ERRE Committee's Report on Electoral Reform

ATTN:  Hon. Chrystia Freeland, Member of Parliament for University—Rosedale Dear Ms. Freeland,  We are a non-partisan group of residents in the University-Rosedale riding who recognize that the Liberal Party's pledge in the last federal election to “make every vote count” by ensuring that “the 2015 election would be the last election under First-Past-The-Post (FPTP)” was a clear and explicit promise, and an unmistakably central part of its campaign platform.  Earlier this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Canadians that changing the electoral system is no longer the government’s mandate.  He said that turning his back on this promise was his “choice to make”.  He is mistaken – this is not how democracy works.     Across Canada, nearly 63% of voters in the 2015 federal election cast ballots for a federal party that promised to end FPTP; in the University-Rosedale riding, more than 81% of voters did.  The government and you as a member, Ms. Freeland, have been given a clear mandate by these voters to follow through with your election promise to end FPTP.  The federal government also gave the Special Committee on Electoral Reform (ERRE) a very specific mandate:  “to identify and conduct a study of viable alternate voting systems to replace the first-past-the-post system, as well as to examine mandatory voting and online voting, and to assess the extent to which the options identified could advance the following principles for electoral reform: effectiveness, engagement, accessibility, integrity and local representation.”   The ERRE Committee, in keeping with this mandate, issued a 333-page report, entitled “Strengthening Democracy in Canada : Principles, Process and Public Engagement for Electoral Reform”, which contained 13 recommendations, including that there be a referendum in which Canadians would choose between a form of proportional representation and the current first-past-the-post system.  The Committee arrived at its conclusions after an exhaustive consultation process, in which 57 meetings were held, and testimony from 196 expert witnesses and deputations from 567 open mic participants were heard. The ERRE Committee has done its job.  It is now the responsibility of the government to fulfill its election promise by working with parliamentarians and Canadians to build consensus and decide on a voting system that will replace FPTP.  In May 2017, The ERRE Committee’s report will be voted on in the House of Commons.  We strongly believe, Ms. Freeland, that it is incumbent on you to demonstrate leadership and a renewed commitment to your campaign promise to your constituents by voting in favour of the recommendations in this report.  Sincerely,  Your Fellow Citizens of University-Rosedale**  **NOTE:  By signing this petition, you are also confirming that you are a University-Rosedale constituent.  

David Gonsalves
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