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Petition to Congress, Bernie Sanders, Kamala D. Harris, Ro Khanna, Dianne Feinstein

Petition Congress to make Election Day a National Holiday

Voter participation in U.S. elections is extremely low compared to many other countries around the world. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the last election, 2016, 61.4% of eligible American voters participated in the election. Not only does this mean that our representatives only represent a small portion of Americans, but that many Americans aren't taking advantage of their essential democratic right to vote! One problem could be that on Election Day we are still expected to go to work and school, which can make it difficult for us to get to the polls. This could discourage a lot of people from voting, as they just don't have the time! If you want to vote - no matter if you're Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between - you should still be able to without worrying about other things getting in your way. And, even if you don't want to vote, at the very least it's your choice and not because you were too busy! Even though this doesn't solve the entire problem of low voter participation, it is a step forward in the right direction. We can't fix our voting system overnight, but it takes multiple different pieces in order to build a house. That's why I believe Election Day should be a national holiday. This is because no one should worry about being too busy to participate in their essential democratic right. If you agree that Election Day should also be a national holiday, sign the petition or support Senator Bernie Sander's Democracy Day Bill over here =>

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Petition to Jerry Stritzke, Board of Directors

Tell REI to Bring Back Democratic Elections!

REI Members unite to bring back democratic Board Elections at the REI Co-Op. This year's election is a sham! The four nominees that REI's leadership have "carefully vetted" for members to vote on, already serve on REI's Board. No matter how members vote this year, the election is rigged so that these nominees will be re-elected — regardless if they are unsuitable candidates for REI's "cooperative" business model. Only "Active members" (❋) are eligible to vote, disqualifying millions of members and thousands of REI employees from a privilege that should be extended to all of these folks. Unless you made a purchase of $10 or more in 2017 you are not considered an "active member," nor will you be eligible to vote. Moreover, REI's leadership changed the bylaws of the cooperative without telling its membership! They removed the "write-in" option from the ballot — eliminating all but REI's BOD from nominating candidates. In fact, there is nothing about this year's election that is democratic! Interestingly, a group of REI employees are taking a stand against the way REI's leadership has "co-opted" the Board Elections. They have written well-researched bios for each Board nominee so that members can make an informed decision when casting their votes. They're also proposing something unprecedented this year — they're asking members to cast "withhold votes" for all candidates but one, Steve Lockhart. Should members unite in solidarity with the green vests, REI's Board will have no alternative but to extend this year's election in order to fill three vacant seats. The Board would also have to "rethink" voter eligibility, and add the "write-in" option back onto the ballot. As a proud and concerned member of REI, I'm urging that members take employees' idea a step further — demand that REI's leadership create a committee to oversee its Board Elections. I propose that this committee be comprised of REI members who have signed this petition, with Steve Lockhart as the presiding Committee Chair. He is the only current Board member who is suitable to serve on REI's BOD. It is paramount that an oversight committee be established to ensure that elections will reflect the democratic values the REI Co-Op was founded on. Read the Board nominees' bios Vote in this year's Board Election Look up your member number Send a loud and clear message to REI's leadership — "We demand that our member-owned cooperative hold democratic elections!" Sign and share my petition and tell REI's leadership to stand by the core values of the Co-Op.

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Petition to Brian Kavanaugh, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, John Flanagan, Kathy Hochul, Carl Heastie, Joseph Morelle, Brian M. Kolb, Andrew M. Cuomo, Frederick Akshar, Leroy G. Comrie Jr., George A. Amedore, Jr., Tony Avella, Martin Malave Dilan, Michael Cusick, Thomas Abinanti, Michael Blake, Karl Brabenec, Robert Carroll, Michael J. Norris, David Buchwald, Jeffrey Dinowitz, Sandy Galef, Joseph Lentol, Barbara Lifton, Chad Lupinacci, Tom McKevitt, Clyde Vanel, Latrice Monique Walker, Fred Thiele Jr., Sean Ryan, Kevin Cahill, Didi Barrett, Daniel Squadron, Timothy M. Kennedy, Patrick M. Gallivan, Liz Krueger, Kathleen A. Marchione, James N. Tedisco

Allow NY voters to change party affiliation at least 25 days before any election.

The deadline to change party affiliation in NY State is over 6 months before a Presidential Primary, 8 1/2 months before the state and local primary elections, and in 2016 before the first Democratic Presidential debates, and before any candidate can be fully assessed based on the issues of their platform. Currently in NY, a citizen not enrolled in a political party cannot vote in the major primary elections. This creates exclusion from elections which are paid for by tax paying New Yorkers. It affects everyone in all 50 states because the influence of the US President and members of Congress elected in NY make decisions of national importance. It is crucial that every New Yorker be allowed time to assess the candidates of each party and join the party that they wish to vote in. The current instructions on the official voter registration form already state that party registration can be changed at least 25 days before the election one wishes to vote in, but a little known and not clearly stated law actually prohibits it. Let's make the law match the instructions - it makes sense to do so.

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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Adopt National Rank Choice Voting Once and For All

One of the biggest flaws in the US election system is the underrepresentation of 3rd party candidates. Even when 3rd party candidates do receive many more votes than usual in Presidential Elections, these votes end up just being that votes that were "stolen" from a candidate. This occurred in the Gore-Bush election (Nader received 94,000 votes from voters that most likely would have voted for Gore) and the Clinton-Trump election (some Sanders supporters redirected their votes to Trump). Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is the potential solution to these issues surrounding 3rd party candidates, whether it is an unfair chance at winning or "stolen" votes. Here is how this Voting process works: When the voter comes to the booth, he will have however many options there are people running (as usual). But instead of voting for 1 person, the voter puts his top 2 choices. These votes are counted, and whichever 2 candidates have the most top 1 and 2 votes are the final candidates. Then, these 2 candidates are voted on and voters may only vote for 1 candidate. So what does this look like? Let us say that there are two candidates A and B each with similar platforms, and one candidate C with a different platform. Also, let us assume that 40% of voters will prefer A as their top candidate, 25% for B, and 35% for C. Through RCV voting, C will still win 35% of the vote, even though 65% of voters prefer both A or B over C. Also, all voters are pressured to choose at least one of A or B, and voters who prefer A or B must vote for both A and B to ensure defeat for C. This ensures a higher chance for 3rd party candidates. By the First Amendment, we the people have the right to petition the government, and if this petition is agreed upon by a certain amount of voters, this voting process must be brought to Congress. If RCV voting is passed, 3rd party candidates will have a better chance at victory without interfering with the chances of like-minded candidates, and also our government will be better represented by us, The People.

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