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Petition to Chief Election Commissioner of India

Affidavit of the Status of the Promises Mentioned in the Manifesto of Previous Election

ELECTION MANIFESTO GUIDELINES FOR THE PARTY IN POWER #SaveDemocracy [Basic theme: There should be a provision of submission of affidavit of the status of the promises mentioned in the manifesto of previous election to the election commission by the party in power] 1. Political parties make many unrealistic promises during elections that can’t be fulfilled. 2. Common voters do not understand that the promises are un-implementable and manifestos remain pieces of paper due to short term memory of citizens. 3. The non-fulfillment of poll promises never becomes an electoral issue. 4. Election commission can’t act against parties making unrealistic poll promises and not fulfilling them because the manifesto promises cannot be constructed as “corrupt practices” under the Representation of the People Act though they do “influence” the people and “shake the roots of free and fair elections”. 5. Though election commission has issued guidelines for political parties to state the rationale for the promises in the manifestos and the way and means to meet the financial requirement for them, it does not track the promises. 6. During elections, citizens need to be made aware of the status of the election promises made by the party in power. 7. Accordingly, election commission should issue following guidelines for the party or parties (in the case of alliance) in power: a) While submitting manifesto to the election commission for the current election, the party or parties (in the case of alliance) in power should submit an affidavit of the status of the promises mentioned in the manifesto of previous election. b) The party should publish the affidavit along with the manifesto of current election. 8. Election commission will analyze the information given in the affidavit and classify the promises into 3 categories viz. fulfilled, stalled and not fulfilled. Election commission will then publish the analyzed information along with the affidavit submitted by the party or parties (in the case of alliance) on its website. 9. These guidelines will be helpful to make political parties accountable. I request you to sign my petition and ask the Election Commission of India to issue guidelines for submission of  affidavit of the status of the promises mentioned in the manifesto of previous election to the election commission by the party in power.  

Akshay Bajad
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Petition to Sushma Swaraj

All ministers should have a minimum qualified degree from an approved university

Currently, the political setup in INDIA is that even a person who have never crossed the gates of school can become a minister in a state. This situation must change. Many of these uneducated people are babbling and acting in manner not fit for their position. Even though some of them have the best interests of general public at heart, most don't. Political parties distribute minister seats in exchange for vote banks and promise of Power. Also most political parties make offers before election and conveniently forget them later. This should be considered a breach of contract, and should invoke a relelection whose expenses should be borne by concerned party. In case a candidate selected for a minister post fails to meet the minimum educational qualification, the opposition party can nominate an advisor (of required educational and social qualification) who will benefit equivalent post of personal assistant, and his signature must also be present alongside the minister's.  The candidates for minister must not have any standing police warrants or is under investigation. If such a case is pending, until the investigation is completed by central authority, he may not assume the position. In such cases a candidate must be nominated from the opposition party, as this will favour quicker investigation.  And last of all, all ministers must behave in a manner suited to public appeal. Any one behaving otherwise should immediately be removed from position until a public apology followed with an acceptable response

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Petition to Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

Petition to control the compounding fee hike by Pvt. Schools. Plz sign-in and share others

Esteemed Sir, Now a days the monthly Tuition Fee charges by Pvt. Schools / Education Institutions are very very huge which is non-bearable by Upper Middle Class people to Lower Class People. when the fee charged by Pvt.Schools are started from Rs.40,000/- P.A. from LKG Class student now, his tuition fee will be Rs.2,06,020/- p.a. in class X, and Rs.2,20,000/- p.a. in class XI if it continues with present compounding % Hike rate. In fact, the earning of a genuine white money income person will hike on this rate? or, schools are paying salary to their employees/teachers in this growth rate? Then why there's no any breaking policy in this system? The collections made by Schools in different form (In terms of monthly tuition fees/Book Selling / Annual Function / Smart Class / Activity fees),is really expended in appropriate manner ?? If some developed schools and its each Managing Body would inspected through CBI, the fact would come to public. Is the School Trust is helping to develop the Nation or, they individually developing themselves using Public Money and Property.  !!! First of all I'ld suggest the DAV Public School, Unit-8, Bhubaneswar and its Trustees would investigated through CBI. In fact, Now Schools are enhancing the fees minimum 15% each year (on previous year fees) on compounding way. Moreover when a child jumps from one class slab to other class slab, the hike percentage is crossing 22 to 30% on which coming years hike will be calculated. Plz see the picture above "Tuition Fee matrix" of a School is clearly presented here, when this year LKG going child is paying Rs.36,840/- per annum, it will be Rs.2,06,020 p.a. when he will reach in Class X. and Rs.2,20,000/- p.a. on Class XI. Now all most all citizens even in lower class people wants to give good education to his son/daughter to be at par with competitive educated society. So a lower income citizen also seeking a good schooling for his/her child in terms of sacrificing his life time effort and remaining in hungry also.  But our Education System is like this: The System of govt. Schools affiliated to State Board is very poor and administration is very poor. Teachers in Govt. Schools are busy with hesitation or, pvt. tuition due to failure of State Govt. Mechanism. Now all most all parents are eager to admit their child in CBSE/ICSE affiliated Schools. But it's found very rare Central Govt. Schools and Heavy rush in these schools.  So most of us are compelled to admit their child in Pvt. Schools affiliated to CBSE/ICSE. And all most all such School Management are running their Schools as Business Centre. Neither there is direct control by State Govt. nor by Central Govt. so these school management are free to accumulate their Black money in the name of giving Quality Education. They are exploiting public (those wards are admitted in these schools) in the name of Quality Education, in the name of development of Infrastructure, in the name of salary to the teachers. In practical, is this happening in the hike rate of Fee they are collecting from Parents? Who is looking after this ? They have designed their system to hike the fees on compounding percentage of previous year tuition fee. Cleverly the schools are picking up some parents as PTCC through lottery system each year and very rare meeting with them and object is to pass the fee hike proposal in PTCC Meeting in the end of the education year for coming year. Now Schools are in a trend to hike min.15% hike on last year tuition compounding fees. Also it's 20 to 30% compounding hike when a student jumps from one slab to another class slab. (ie. lkg,ukg: Slab-1 to Std.I-III: Slab-2, Std.IV,V: Slab-3, Std.VI to St.VIII: Slab4, Std.IX & X: Slab5,  Std.XI : Slab6 and Std.XI,Sc. is Slab7) School Authorities are also playing game in this PTCC Meeting keeping in their hand  in different form to  Higher Secondary PTCC representatives as they have in their mind to Quit within couple of years and their child should not targeted by the School. In fact, the compounding fee hike is  coming burden to the parents admitting their child in lower classes. PTCC Members are not acting as Parents Representative but they are playing role to raise their hand being influenced by School. And we must consider,  within a year how outside person can understand the school account system? It's also too much time taking and professionalism required to investigate all those that's why PTCC Representatives compels to sign in the fee enhance memorandum. If such situation continues, time will come when it'll cross the situation like "Farmers Suicide in every state" Now Parents are started suicide for their children. Its colorising as Farmers Suicide now. Is the income of a person hikes in the rate school is taking fees? If it continues what a parent can do for his child for his Higher Studies..? On this situation Younger Generation also refusing to get marry and Lower middle or Middle class people fearing to bring their new generation seeing this Money Exploitation in the name of Quality Education.  Now people have hope only our Honb'le Prime Minister Mr. Narenda Modi who is constantly fighting to eradicate corruption from the country and trying to give good governance to the people of India. Considering the situation repetitive petitions may please forwarded to our Honb'le Prime Minister to form a Central Regulatory Authority to control Pvt. Schools: What'ld be the major responsibilities of such Regulatory Authority? - To formulate Policy for Rationalise Tuition Fee Structure. - To emphasize Safety & Security of the students within & outside the Campus. - To take Severe Action on Violating the formulated policy and on neglecting or, harassing any student. - To prepare Year wise ranking on performace of the school, should published on public portal of Education Dept. as well as in Medias of Local News Papers. - Severe Action for very low rating schools. - Special Grant-in-Aid/Award for best performing Schools to its management and their name should highlighetd in public media. - Policy to formulate for involvement of Parents representatives/Regd. Association to participate in Management Committee (not taking random parents as PTCC representative through lottery) - To enforce cash-less transaction (not only taking tuition fees from parents but in terms of any petty expenses / collections of the school) - Fixation of Teacher/Principal's Salary not more than Govt. Teacher/Principal's Salary. - Policy for Recruitment/ Engagement of Contractual Teacher and Any other manpower - To make policy for re-formation of management authorities/Administrative auhtorities (part-wise) in a regular interval. - Audit should made by CAG and it'ld published on respective school website (Detail year wise clear Financial Summary). - All schools should cover under RTI and sever punishment on violating to give clear information. - There should be mandatory Publication of School infrastructure, Qualified Teacher and thier remunaration,class wise Teacher-student ratio, rationalise development plan in respective school website PLEASE FORWARD TO EACH INDIVIDUAL AND OTHER WHATSAPP GROUP / Social Medias after  your Positive sign-in in this petition. To Sign-in, it will ask your password of account. If you don't have please create a account in this then sign-in plz Don't please remain silent thinking that someone is their to take care of your problem. All of we must raise our voice till the problem is resolved.

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