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Petition to Narendra Modi, Ramnath kovind, Devendra Fadnavis, Election Commissioner, prime minister office, Chief Ministers office

Change the age limit for loksabha & vidhansabha elections from 25 to 23

Change age limit for MP and MLA election to 23.  Why don't we reduce for people who contest elections from 25 to 23 years?  As most of the countries around the world have reduced the age limit for 18 years. In UK, anyone over the age of 18 years can stand for election to Parliament. 1) Don't you think that lowering the age to stand for election, might encourage young people to take part in elections? 2) Don’t you think that lowering the age for standing as a candidate, would increase the levels of trust between young people and politicians? It is imperative to build on current political scenario and inculcate in young people an appreciation of the importance of voting as they begin to assume their responsibilities as young citizens. Nearly 71% of urban youngsters showed interest in politics in 2011 as compared to 45% in 2009, according to CSDS. A youth representation (age group 25-40 years) of only 6.3 per cent in the current LOK SABHA, even though 50 % of the population lies in that age bracket, can’t be called parliamentary presence? Can it?  India is set to become the youngest country by 2020 & the average Indian will be 29 years. On the other hand, the average age of an MP is currently 63 years.  We should consider the passion with which young people are involving themselves in current political issues.  Given India's 'youth bulge', youngsters, if encouraged, could play a decisive role in the development of our country. THIS IS ROAD TO INDIA A GLOBAL POWER. It's Time For The Youth To Be The Lotus Of Indian Politics.               We expect our next Prime Minister to promise the nation if you really believe "Youth are just not the voters, they are the New Age Power”; Age to contest elections for the people will be reduced from 25 to 23 years.

Rohit Parwe
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Started 2 years ago

Petition to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Mr. Achal Kumar Joti

Derecognize political parties, All candidates should fight election as an Independent.

India has an asymmetric federal government, with elected officials at the federal, state and local levels. At the national level, the head of government, Prime Minister, is elected by members of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament of India.The elections are conducted by Election commission of India. All members of the Lok Sabha, except two who can be nominated by the President of India, are directly elected through general elections which take place every five years, in normal circumstances. There are political parties who file candidates  to contest election under the symbol approved by ECI they contesting election.Most of the times the political parties are investing a huge money for campaigning their candidates.They releases their manifesto ,Promises of work which they will do if came to power but most of the times they fail to do so.     India's literacy rate is nearly about 75%. In rural areas ,tribal areas literacy rate is quite low. Most of the political parties trying to take advantage of this. Some candidates  normally offer liquor & money for votes. Normally 60% candidates of political parties are either criminal background or less literate.most people are voted to political parties candidates not for his caliber or qualification but  by influence of their leaders who make false promises & offers.  As per my opinion & solution there should not be any political parties. ECI should Derecognize all political parties as political society. All candidates who want to contest election should contest election as an independent candidate. All political parties are now act as a society and they can campaign for the independent independent can accept fund & take support from political parties .but their electoral symbol are different from candidate to candidate. All political society account can be audited for transparency. Some foreign countries bans political parties. If all candidates contest as independent , people will analyse all candidate's caliber & qualification before casting of vote.They will not come across any influence of political parties.And their will be cost effective election.Their will no fear of any big political parties for independent candidates. This is the idea I came across, if any possibilities are their for implementation of this, then kindly do for the betterment of mother India.

Narendra Kabi
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Petition to Achal Kumar Jyoti, Om Prakash Rawat

Mandatory qualification exam for Election Candidates in INDIA.

I request all to give your 5 minutes of time for reading this description if you feel that you need better leaders in our constitution. As we all know that there is all India level exam for various posts like IAS,IPS etc., Also people need to go through a qualification(Written test) exam in all India level for getting a government job in companies like BEL,HAL,ISRO etc., When people need to go through all this additional exam to earn their job irrespective to their educational qualification, why not our MLA's,MP's,Counselors? Indian constitution do not have any such law for election candidates in terms of minimum educational qualification neither their general knowledge about our country. It is believed that  In a country like India where about a quarter of 815 million eligible voters are illiterate, it would not be prudent to deny a politically aware and socially conscious individual the election ticket just because he/she doesn’t have a minimum qualification. Setting academic criteria for contesting elections, according to the experts, would hinder people from being a politician no matter how capable administrator or a mass leader he is. When political parties choose candidates, they look for ‘winnability’ as the main criteria. This ‘winnability’ factor comes from a political vision, decision-making ability and empathy for the people. Constituencies with very high rate of illiteracy might not need academically qualified politician as much as a leader who knows their difficulties, immediate needs and demands, which can be communicated to the government. One of the reasons why the Constitution makers didn’t specify any minimum educational qualification could be the fact that India’s literacy rate was only 12 percent at the time of independence. In such circumstances, demanding a minimum academic qualification would have deprived many able leaders from joining politics.But the situation is very much different now. Having said all these, there’s a growing feeling among the electorates that aspiring politicians contesting elections should have a minimum qualification to be able to put forward his/her views effectively and contribute to the policy formulation and implementation processes.  To have a clear understanding of the functioning of democracies, constitutional provisions and role of bureaucracy, it always helps to have a certain level of literacy among the candidates. So why not make the required changes now for the betterment of the country Recently a MLA named Jaleel Khan of Andhra pradesh said in an interview and i quote "I did B.Com because of my interest in Physics and Maths" wonder when did physics was included in B.Com....This is the kind of knowledge most of our so called leaders posses. And the list of such dumb politicians goes on and on. We as citizens of the country need educated and qualified leaders to lead us rather than dumb Mass leader. So my intention is that we need some sort of qualification examination related to the constitution,Current affairs,Responsibilities,Aptitude etc., to be conducted by election commission and only after which a candidate passing the test can be allowed to participate in the elections.  Also this test must be done with high level of strictness and transparency to the public.  This Qualification exam need to be conducted for all sorts of elections be it State,Central or even local bodies. We need a special panel to conduct this examination and also design it based on the type of election for which it is being conducted.This need to be implemented as soon as possible. I request all my fellow Indians to sign this petition if you feel if this is necessary and would bring the change in the country in the right way.    

Varun Kumar
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