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Petition to Chief Election Commissioner, Ramnath Kovind, Narendra Modi

Fixing limited term of office for politicians contesting elections.

We speak high about the United States of America fixing a not more than two terms for the President of USA. In a similar manner, our political leaders also have to have a fixed term and there is an urgent need to bring rotation system in the political system to ensure the best of our countrymen for the benefit of our country.Every political party is facing serious infighting no sooner the list of candidates likely to contest elections are announced. One of the main reasons for this situation is because of the senior political leaders in all political parties dominating the elections by trying to contest continuously for the 6th, 7th 8th, 9th and maybe for the 10th time also. Another factor is that the senior leaders suddenly try to get to tickets for a newcomer (rank outsider) in the party discarding the old cadre who have struggled for the party but have been denied opportunities for many terms, thus causing serious heartburn in the junior political leaders who have given their best part of their life to the party. The people of this country are mute spectators in this political drama at the time of election and have no choice but to elect those persons who have switched from one party to another in the last minute. In order to bring in changes and to restore respectability in democratic politics it is desired by the Election Commission of India,and of the political parties to fix a limited term for a person to contest elections in the country so that an individual can also have a political life of about 30 to 40 years and not more than that in the interest of the nation. A small remedial measure is suggested here below and this needs to be widely discussed and debated and modifications for the election process has to be brought in for the political future of all politicians including the junior and senior leaders of all political parties. Draft of the suggestive changes to be brought by the Election Commission is as follows:   One Person from any recognized/ unrecognized political party or as an independent shall not be permitted to contest elections from the same constituency to the Assembly/Parliament for more than three (3) consecutive terms irrespective of winning or losing the elections. One Person from any recognized/ unrecognized political party or as an independent shall not be permitted to contest elections to the Legislative Council/RajyaSabhafor three (3) consecutive terms irrespective of winning or losing the elections. One Person can contest for the Legislative Assembly/Parliament/Legislative Council/RajyaSabha from the same constituency for not more than five (5) terms provided he/she shall compulsorily rest for a period of one term at the end of three terms. A person who is interested in getting elected to Municipal Council, he/she shall contest two terms continuously, take a rest of one term and can continue to contest for another two more terms but his/her total of contesting in Municipal Council cannot be more than four (4) terms. Assume that a person starts working for a political party actively at the age of 21 and he/she gets elected to the municipal council for 2 terms (10) years and gets elected for five terms (25 Years) for Assembly/Council/Parliament/RajyaSabha with a break of one term (5 years) he/she will be in electoral politics for 40 years. This is something close to the number of years of service a person will have in Government Service or in serving the Judiciary. Please take up this issue in the interest of building a much stronger nation. This is not aimed at curbing the growth of any political party or curbing the growth of any particular political leader either at the state level or at the national level. If these above-suggested changes are approved by the parliament it will reduce the infighting within the political parties and lot of junior politicians will get their due share of political space and party hopping will definitely get reduced. 

Pruthvik P R
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Petition to Election Commission of INDIA, Government of India, Supreme Court of India

Make NOTA more powerful

The election, a festival of democracy what people call it has been less effective. As nowadays, In spite of choosing the one who'll make things good, it has been an occasion of choosing who can make people less suffering. It's shameful for even us that we just go to polling booth and choose particular party candidate without looking at his profile.Maybe there are few who really (at least partially) want to be here to serve the country. When everyone is corrupt, no one is there whom you can choose. The candidates at ground level should not be chosen under influence of any party but the work done in that particular area.Thankfully we have an option of NOTA which allows us to not choose any. NOTA can be a powerful tool to show the public anger but it isn’t because these people won’t let it work As it may cause huge loss to them.Let's look at NOTA's current situation: “The Election Commission also clarified that even though votes cast as NOTA are counted, they are considered as invalid votes so they will not change the outcome of the election process. They are not taken into account for calculating the total valid votes and will not be considered for determining the forfeiture of deposit.”So this makes our vote holding no significance. Even if 999 out of 1000 would press NOTA and 1 would choose any candidate, that candidate would still be called a winner. So this makes NOTA ineffective. But if applied right way, NOTA can become a tool of showing our disinterest in candidates and can bring huge changes in politics. There can be such clause in election process that if NOTA gets majority it means public don't trust any of the candidates and it, in result, should cause re-election with new candidates who thereafter can look forward to know what actually is wrong rather than making promises, also there can be ban (due to huge disinterest) for some time on those candidates who stood in that particular election.Such an arrangement would make them more dedicated towards public welfare (to avoid getting banned) as no one would want to be banned. Also, people would get a representative who actually does something. And this would surely bring the change. A threatening to the local candidates who forget public welfare after getting elected. I don’t know if this can be a revolutionary thing that can happen to Indian politics or not but I find this would make at least some change in current situations. Being a people at root level, we need good Corporators, Mayers, Sarpanchs who are most close ends of government to people. We certainly don’t want to choose a ruling party (no matter how good it is) if the root level person is not eligible or good enough. We are the taxpayers and deserve service of the government. And this might teach this lesson to every politician that they really are here to serve us (Well !!!).Let’s Make NOTA public’s weapon!!!

Maulik Modi
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Petition to Election Commission of INDIA, Government of India, Chief Election Commissioner of India

Save the political identity of indigenous people, write the correct spellings of our names

We, the Boro people are one of the most beautiful tribes of India. And so our names too but when it comes to be spelled by other Non-Bodo people they however fail to go with the flow of ascent and here the mistakes begin. The days when the names are enrolled in census, the mistakes in typing our names begin and so does it in the same manner comes in VOTER IDs and many alike. A few days back, I heard a group of old men talking about mistakes in their VOTER IDs and so I went on to lead a team of few college boys in my hometown "Gohpur - a historical place" to find out the real number of victims of wrong spelling in VOTER IDs and to surprise us, about 2/3 of the citizens (The Boro People) are the victims of wrong spellings in their VOTER IDs. This is a serious issue as only the concerned families will run for the correction of the wrong spellings, but majority of the innocent common man who are farmers and illiterate have no idea how to correct the same and even if they come, they're often not cared and just harassed by being demanded a number of proof certificate to validate their correct names. There are number of incidents when even after correction, the mistakes continues. e.g: Correct Name: KHWRWMDAO, Wrongly Spelled: KWRWMDAO or KURUMDAO or KARAMDAO Correct Name: JWNGSAR, Wrongly Spelled: JONGSAR or JUNGSAR or JUNGSIR What am looking forward is that there be a special appointee in regions when made data entry during census and so, the appointee be a Boro person so that there be no mistakes or negligible even if so. Let the data collection and entry of the Boro villages be done by Boro people itself. This is really a big problem for illiterate villagers because the banks and such other organizations deny to accept the wrong spellings. So, there comes huge waste of time and money in running for affidavit to show that the spelling has been wrongly typed by the data entry person etc. They take advantage and victimize the innocent common man. Why? The answer will lead to the reasons why we call ourselves politically deprived since independence. The question that arise here is why do we need to run for affidavit to prove the validity of our names just for the mistakes done by the data entry person. Our names are unique and have beautiful meaning, altering even a single letter results in different meanings of our names and I believe we have the right to live with dignity with the names given by our parents. Even if average 1/3 of total Boro population across state is facing this problem then the number of victims is about 12-15 lacs. Therefore for the rights of these 12-15 lacs of citizens (currently) and for the upcoming generations of Boro community; to be known by their correct names, there be some arrangements made regarding the same by the "Election Commission of India" Therefore I request you all to kindly sign the petition for the sake of these victimized citizens and upcoming generations of Boro community. We, too have the right to be known by the correct spellings of our names!

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